What’s In Store For 2004 – An Astrological Look At The Year Ahead.
Maggie Kerr (AAT.Dip.Couns.)

The Horoscope For 2004
To “astrologically analyse” any future period is always tricky, especially when confronted with ‘the annual horoscope’ (in this case set for midnight on January 1st 2004), whose general tenor is difficult to say the least. One of the drawbacks of prognosticating (great word!) is the wide range of associations to each planetary sign placement, and all the relationships between them. That said, I shall endeavour to remain as objective as possible, and see what unfolds. Planet Saturn has been a major player in global affairs in recent years, so let’s start by noting that he has a 28 to 30 year cycle, so the events occurring now have similar themes to 1915/17, then 1944/6, then 1974/6 – get the picture? (For an in-depth article go to www.universalastrology.com.au )

The main feature of the 2004 horoscope is the Sun in Capricorn (always is in January!) with planets Saturn in Cancer opposite, and Mars and Moon in Aries, in square aspect. Both of these aspects are considered debilitating, testing, challenging and fraught with world shaping outcomes, as Saturn is known as The Lord Of Matter, and said to ‘rule’ organisations, bureaucracies, and corporations. Well the biggest Corporation in the world is the US Government I would say, and all the affiliated business groups who are symbiotic with it. Mars in Aries contains the theme of the war in Iraqi/war on terrorism, which is up and running as the year begins.

The last time we see this configuration is in May 1945, just 3 months before the Atomic Bomb at Hiroshima, which ended the Pacific war with Japan. Yes indeed this historical parallel does feel yucky, and I’m not trying to scare anyone, but rather highlight the importance of this year in terms of planetary effects causing outcomes which will shape the next 30 years. I’m also not saying that the US is going to ‘nuke’ Iraq or anyone else for that matter. Mind you the North Korea forum will begin to also occupy US (and for that matter the rest of the free world) attention during 2004.

What I am saying, is that a major reshaping of global boundaries and politics is about to unfold, and further warfare and armed conflict, including “terrorism”, would appear to be a feature. The astrological ‘rule of thumb’ is that we must substantiate any chart findings with further evidence, usually from the country charts which are currently topical. So looking at America’s chart, the first obvious call is the Sun in Cancer, with Saturn in residence exactly on said Sun. The last time this occurred was in 1974 and the outcome was the Nixon resignation as a result of “Watergate”. What a co-incidence!! Nixon’s’ fall from grace was the result of a ‘cover-up’, and the outcome contained disenchantment for the American people, especially as it coincided with the final US withdrawal from Cambodia.

The parallel here seems incredibly obvious to me. President George W. Bush also has his Sun in Cancer, thus Saturn is sitting on top of him too! The next ingredient in this unpleasant soup is the Mars in the US chart. In a country chart Mars rules the active assertive warrior function (or how it may defend itself). During 2004 planet Pluto, currently in Sagittarius, will begin to oppose this Mars in Gemini. Pluto is the death, destruction, regenerative principle, and one of his rulerships is obviously “plutonium”, and associated atomic goodies. In fact 1931, the year Pluto was discovered, was also the year scientists ‘cracked the atom’… more coincidences?

Pluto opposes Mars for the first time in January, then again in May, and the final pass in November. So all in all things don’t look great here do they? However, again, let’s not buy into the fear component of this information, but rather be aware that the can of worms which the US opened when they invaded Iraq, is indeed a much messier affair than they arrogantly believed, and that the deeper seeds of discontent being expressed by this current conflict, go to the very heart of our global crisis, and will require major surgery before the patient starts to heal.

Pluto in Sagittarius
The great theme of Pluto passing through Sagittarius since 1993 until 2008 (he only returns to any sign every 250 years) is the conflict in religious ideologies which has been embedded into the socio/political structures of our global affairs. The first world wealthy countries are predominantly Christian, and the second and third world players are mainly Muslim (generally speaking). So it is about food and survival for many in the developing nations, who view the materialism of the west with bitter resentment. Terrorism and anarchy arise when people feel unjustly done by, and traditionally the macho western policy is simply to go in with a bigger stick and beat the ‘sufferers’ into submission. It appears to work…but it doesn’t solve the problem! Obviously we won’t experience any real progress in the war on terrorism until a whole new philosophy and approach is adopted. The question becomes, how and who is going to do this. Enlightened leaders seem to be short on the ground at this time, when it comes to this much deeper perspective.

On The Up Side Jupiter is in Virgo!
Yes there is an up side!! This is worthy of a good look, and we do so later in this article. In terms of the US and general global situation, suffice to say that Jupiter is well placed in the 2004 horoscope, and will help relieve the tension of Saturn with some very positive and practical developments. International organisations will be formed this year which are non, or a-political with a goal of offering constructive options for change. We must realise that individuals can make a difference! Many people are confused and disillusioned with current geo-politics, and a fresh call to peace, similar to the 1967 peace marches etc, will inspire individuals to form “groups” which can lobby governments for more enlightened policies!!

Australia’s horoscope
Set for (Jan 1st 1901 2.00pm Melbourne) also has the Sun in Capricorn with Saturn in opposition from October 2003 through June 2004. Some history of past cycles here is very revealing.
1915-17. WWI extracted huge sacrifices on the fledgling nation's youth. Prime Minister Billy Hughes' zealous conscription drive led to eventual expulsion from his own Labour Party.
1944-46. - height of WW2. - severe rationing, and the death of then Prime Minister John Curtin.
1974-76. - dismissal of the democratically elected Whitlam government. Each Saturn opposition Sun has challenged Australia's leadership, divided the populace, and coincided with difficult periods for the country. We will probably experience a leadership change and possibly greater international responsibility.
It seems Saturn’s 30 year cycle in Cancer brings rain. 1915, 1944, 1974 were all dates which marked the end of prolonged droughts in each case! In 1974 we had the Brisbane Floods and Cyclone Tracey! We shall see!
By way of a longer view, our horoscope reflects enormous growth and positive expansion from January 2006!

Global Corporate Matters
Corporate culture will also be deeply affected during 2004, as disenchantment creeps through the hallowed halls of traditional business philosophies. The writing ha been on the wall here for some years also, and a growing movement toward a more enlightened approach to corporate culture which has “Soul” will begin to make headway in the year ahead (for more insight here go to www.corporatesoul.com). During each of the previous cycles we have experienced major restructuring in financial and real estate industries. Also the half cycles each 14/15 years equate with “tops” in industrial markets. 1915, 1930, 1944, 1959, 1974 and 1989 were all retracement phases in the global corporate sector. Remember that everything is cyclical, so what goes up must come down. Bonds futures are already trading “up”, so interest rates will also rise. Don’t be afraid of this but rather learn to work with it!! Folks who see the trends ahead of time do very well in down turn markets!

The United Nations horoscope
Set for (Oct 24th 1945 4.45pm Washington) is also under pressure from Saturn in Cancer as it comes to sit on Mars in this chart (Sept. 2004 and Jan. and May 2005), and Pluto begins to oppose the Moon in Gemini (March, Dec. 2004 and July, Oct. 2005). The sum total here also implies a major re-structuring, in much the same way that the UN was formed in 1945 on the unworkable remains of the League of Nations from 1919! The US rebuttal of the charter of the UN when it chose to invade Iraq constituted a crisis for all member nations. A movement toward reformation must occur as a consequence.

The New York Stock Exchange horoscope
Set for (May 17th 1792 4.56pm New York) experiences positive moves from Jupiter during Dec. 2003, Jan and August 2004, (mainly in medical technologies and engineering sciences companies), but also in August Saturn begins a series of ‘hard aspects’ to the Moon, implying a re-structuring around fund managers and potentially some insider trading revelations which may lead to more companies and individuals having to clean up their act.

So How Will This Affect Us Personally?
Saturn remains in Cancer until July 2005, so we have 18 months ahead to re-shape our lives on a number of fronts. He urges us to re-evaluate and re-structure our material world, our goals and ambitions, face our fears, become more responsible (or the reverse if you are the overly responsible for everybody else Cancer/Capricorn type), honour our karmic obligations… and generally to work hard! Re-orientation of “Self” (Aries) in relation to home/family (Cancer), relationships (Libra), and career (Capricorn) is the goal and outcome of Saturn moving through Cancer. If you have been on the planet for a while then think back to the dates I have mentioned and you will find these themes are relevant! Saturn’s business is to “grow you up” as I say, or to force the reality of structure, order, discipline, responsibility, and the necessary commitment within us to bring about long term results. So keeping this in mind if you are Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libran you are in for some major restructuring over the next few years. If you are a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces (the Water signs) then you will experience a positive developmental couple of years if you are willing to put in some time and effort!

Time For A New World View
There is no such thing as an ‘insoluble’ or ‘unsolvable’ situation. Problems are merely obstacles which challenge our perception. To think in new ways is to open pathways in our mind to a new, more prosperous dimension. World events are tests for humanity to see how capable we are of problem solving!! The materialism of western culture has brought us unparalleled growth, but is built on a philosophy of greed and misuse of global resources. The vales of our culture are in crisis, as so many people spend money they haven’t got on things they don’t need, unaware they are trying to feel good…by owning things and people.

Ancient and eastern philosophies tell us that only by overcoming our “desire” nature can we find inner peace and freedom. So many folks will have to let go of their illusion that financial security will make them feel safe, if they are to ever find deeper and more sustainable values. The global tension between “east” and “west” is a metaphor for the inner tension within each of us. Peace is found by balancing the pairs of opposites within us!!

Progress is made in increments and leaps of consciousness when the time is right. The keyword here is “consciousness”. If we all begin to re-align our values and thoughts things can change for the better. No matter what is going on in the world, a clear and inspired state of mind assures us of growth and prosperity! Thus global solutions must also contain a quest for balance or the middle road between extremes.

Jupiter remains in Virgo until October 2004 and then enters Libra
Jupiter has a 12-year cycle so spends a year in each sign. His urge is to expand and grow, bring fresh vision, opportunity and growth. On the down side, he ‘over inflates’ and blows things out of proportion! He was in Virgo 1920/21, 1932/33, 1944/45, 1956/57 1967/68 1979/80 1991/92
The themes which consistently emerge in Jupiter/Virgo periods, are to do with medical and space technology, clean-ups and reconstruction, psychological health, organizations and peace movements. We may expect that these areas will be in for a major growth phase as Jupiter passes through Virgo once more. Don’t forget that whilst we will see the development and initialisation with Jupiter in Virgo, the major outcomes will only become obvious over the next few years. Since Jupiter’s passage here last time, in the early 90s, we’ve experienced a huge upsurge in the ‘technologies’ as Uranus passed through his own sign Aquarius in the 1990s, so the exponential growth about to occur now will be absolutely amazing!

A revolution in medical health will occur as the general population begins to acknowledge the relationship between our psychological/emotional health and our physical health. This will open a greater synthesis between scientific and allopathic medicine and natural medicine, as more people realise self-responsibility for their physical health by owning their emotional issues, which create their disease. The downside here is the pharmaceutical cartels imposing new controls on alternative medicines. In the 1920s they prohibited alcohol. This time we may see prohibition of natural medicines unless the drug companies themselves manufacture them!

Major advances in Surgery, Engineering, Psychics, Computing and Space sciences are on the cards. Food technology will be increasingly controversial with the argument for genetic foods being the feeding of the masses with greater efficiency. Those against this will argue the benefits of organic farming as people seek better health through chemical free foods. Mental health issues will be topical during late 2003 and 2004, as society needs to revise many old ideas and judgements, paving the way for a new wave of psychological concepts and treatment. Jupiter in Virgo will signal our chance to apply holistic ideas in a simple, practical, daily sense.
(For an in-depth article go to www.universalastrology.com.au )

On a personal note... From September 2003 till October 2004 is a great time for planning and strategy in your world. Attend to details, re-organise finances, set goals and keep a clear vision of the ‘bigger picture’ of your life. There is a need for cool, objective critique based actual outcomes. Make practical choices and avoid illusion, deception and confusion. Increase your awareness of daily diet and routines, and include time out and whatever is your pleasure when it comes to some kind of spiritual practice. Recognise that the laws of metaphysics are a constant in our lives at all times as above, so below. In other words, whatever is happening in your life at any moment, is the direct result of your thoughts and beliefs about what you believe you deserve. Virgo is a practical earth sign ruled by Mercury, so it has direct influence on the use of your mental facility. Use this year ahead to analyse your beliefs and change any which are limiting your outcomes!

Uranus continues his passage through Pisces (until 2010)
Uranus enters Pisces for the next 7 years in January 2004. His 84-year cycle has huge impact on human evolution, and his last passage in Pisces was from 1919/1927. He is the bringer of revolution and change, thus his outcome in Pisces will affect the whole image, style, collective vision and spirituality of our world. (For an in-depth article go to www.universalastrology.com.au )

By adding together the numbers in any year the result is called the ‘Universal Year’, so we see that the new year of 2004 adds up to the number 6. In the number series 1 to 9 number 6 is a year for “seeking to establish long term harmony within the physical and emotional aspects of life, securing whatever adjustments are deemed necessary”. Rather appropriate I would say and great advice.

Now read on for your Sun Sign outlook for 2004.
Remember if you know your Moon and Ascendant sign, read these also. If not, then go to www.universalastrology.com.au to book a horoscope session with Maggie.

Sun Signs For 2004

ARIES Your year takes off with a rush, as your ruling planet Mars is in your sign and galloping along at full speed. This brings dynamic energy that motivates and activates, so confidence is strong and supports courage and fresh beginnings. Meanwhile Saturn remains in your home/family sector for the year reminding you to keep your feet on the ground, continue to deal with family obligations and responsibilities, and use this year to anchor your life in practical ways. Jupiter remains in your daily work area until September, offering opportunities for expansion with scope and vision, but once again remaining practical and well organised.

TAURUS There’s potential for you to express strong idealism during 2004, which takes you beyond the known and safe especially in your career, where daring to innovate and participate in co-operative and inclusive style work place relations, can increase your worth on both an inner and outer level. These are very creative times in many ways, so learn not to take things too seriously, and to ‘play’ in positive ways regardless of what’s going on in the world around you. One thing you may take seriously is a commitment to a new learning curve, either as a student or teacher in a field that enhances your long-term goals.

GEMINI You’ll begin the year with a desire to release yourself from restrictions and obligations that you feel are limiting your life!! Especially in your career there is the chance to move ahead quickly into exciting new areas, which may require breaking with things and people who no longer serve you. Just be careful you don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater! Meanwhile Saturn’s journey through your money sector impels re-considering what is really important to you, not just materially but your psychological, spiritual and moral values. Remember, financial insecurity is just a signal that some other value in our life is out of alignment!

CANCER There is a core urge to really redesign your “self” during 2004, which may require a retreat from much external activity, and a phase of “un-learning” any old patterns and attitudes you’ve picked up in your quest to gain approval and love from others along the way. Much can be achieved here, but it is on an inner level, and prepares the ground for awareness of who you really are and what you really want out of life from here. Your plans for the future may become more expansive, your thoughts and ideas more positive and generous, your communication warmer and closer. So 2004 is a great year, as you will grow beyond old limitations!

LEO 2004 will be a year of gaining more of what you want and value in life, and learning the correct management of your resources, because they will be growing…as this is a year of success! What you will do with it becomes the question, and applying your positive optimistic spirit to larger humanitarian goals will inspire vitality and purpose. You are a leader…so lead by example…and share your motivation to inspire and invigorate the people and the world around you. Some unconventional people and events will come into your life this year, and they signal the emergence of a comfortable acceptance of these qualities within yourself.

VIRGO There’s freedom in the air in 2004! A new 12-year cycle began late 2003 opening an urge to explore new experiences and gain confidence to express your self personally and in relationships. For some of you the ‘mind and body health alignment’ that is currently surfacing in western medical philosophy, is where you can shine in the years ahead. For others, organisations and groups of people who share inventive ideas in computing, biotechnologies, engineering and the sciences. And for all of you…a re-inspiration in your potential to make a useful contribution in our changing world.

LIBRA Many of the results that unfolds in 2004 has everything to do with your actions and intent over the past 7 or 14 years, as these are reaping times and can contain great success if you have laid the ground in an ethical way! Karma is the key to every outcome so you will literally reap what you have sown. In fact many spiritual ideas like “Karma” will become more important in your life this year, and a growing sense of compassion will open you to your ability to have impact in the world in the years ahead. Your skills lie in diplomacy, public relations and the counselling fields, so now is the time to own what you are good at, and get on with it.

SCORPIO Important new friendships which enhance your growth and progress are coming into your life, and there are great times to be had, as you recognise how positive it feels to be supported and nurtured by like minded others. An important teacher may appear, or you simply gain insight into the bigger picture philosophies which you need to deepen your knowledge and understanding. For some this means journeys in the world in search of meaning, and for others higher education or religious studies will call you. You’ll be really motivated to activate fresh goodies in your working life early year, and relationships on the home scene are cruising nicely!

SAGITTARIUS This is a real get up and go year in career areas, with possible promotions or developments which signal a great sense of accomplishment and recognition. International activities are on the cards either through your work or just because you can!! The caution is to not over-inflate yourself or promise more than you can deliver, or you’ll push your luck with that great energy of yours! “Be nice to them on the way up, in case you may meet them on the way down”, as they say!! There may be big changes on the home scene…new homes or people, but you need to practice self-reliance as other people’s resources may not be available.

CAPRICORN Relationships are in sharp focus in 2004, as you are re-defining yourself in terms of other people’s needs and expectations, and if something isn’t working then you’ll either have to fix it or let it go. This is because you are ready to move out into the world after 14 years of being “good” and “responsible” and all those boring bits, and life has interesting things on offer from here. Give up guilt and blame and you’re in for a very formative time! Wide horizons call so travel is a distinct possibility, or you’ll simply be broadening your scope and vision about life and purpose. Also a great year for writing and publishing that book of yours.

AQUARIUS You’ve been laying foundations for the past few years in your world, and this year is critical in your development if you are to really move ahead after mid 2005. Attend to details and conserve your energies, put your physical and mental house in order and keep working toward your goals, whether or not others are recognising your efforts just yet! Other people and their resources are an important ingredient, so you may form a business alliance or receive a legacy or inheritance, which helps financial outcomes. This is a time of psychological maturity as you gain greater control over your thoughts and create inner balance.

PISCES 2004 is a time for applying yourself to a creative project or skill which will lead you toward new goals for the future. This may feel tricky because you may also feel restless and rebellious, so you need to free-up old patterns which are holding you back and invite new and interesting people and things into your life. You can do both you know, and the freedom you seek may just be found in a commitment to a radical new life view and approach which allows your dreams to begin to take form. Relationships will be positive and growthful, so that will help, although children may require extra nurture and support.

A general word to us all… just remember that no matter how “weird” it gets out there in the world, our own experience in 2004 can still be positive and progressive, if we simply believe IT CAN BE!!

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For personal consultation and event presentation bookings 07 55 94 5959
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