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Welcome to the wonderful World of Astrology ...

I have named the kind of Astrology I practice and teach "Therapeutic Astrology", as I use the primary technical components of Astrology, and merge these with a number of different ideas from the psychotherapies, metaphysics and emotional healing models. So the idea in Therapeutic Astrology as I practice it, is that we are always in a state of growing into greater awareness of how we may heal into our own "wholeness". The point is that it is not enough to learn the technical aspect of this master science. We must also begin to "walk our talk"!

We must be willing to honestly look at the truth of our behaviours and how they effect ourselves and others, and then to change them if necessary! So the "therapeutic exchange" occurs, as we so often see our own issues reflected in the people around us and learn to feel compassion for them, and ultimately ourselves. We live in a world of mirrors, and this is a principle which assures us that we see both our best and worst aspects in the people we have relationship with, and that we have something to learn from everything and everyone!!

We have also reached a point in human evolution which requires that we begin to live more conscious lives and take responsibility for ourselves! When we learn to do this, we find that we cannot project guilt and blame onto others anymore, and that ultimately we must accept responsibility for our choices in life.

Astrology is ultimately a profoundly Spiritual Science, as it concerns the individual and our relationship to the Universal forces in which we abide. It is about the group of Souls known as Humanity and the reality that we are all part of the "One". Until we all realise this, and take responsibility for our part in this oneness, we cannot begin to live spiritually inspired lives!

I commend each of you who begin to follow this "path of discipleship"... this discipline... to believe in your selves and your capacity to heal into wholeness. We all have a purpose, however large or small, and in this sense of purpose lives the ultimate goal... LOVE.

The goal of the material in these workbooks is to encourage each of you to find your unique gifts and potentials, whilst healing parts of yourselves which limit this fulfilment. So whether your goal is to become an Astrologer... i.e. to use Astrology in some way as part of your vocational work, or simply to grow to know yourself and understand others more fully, I trust you will find the course useful, practical and empowering.

The 5 books comprise the following:

  1. Primary Components and Models

  2. The Planets

  3. Putting It All Together

  4. The Planets in The Houses - is the psycho-emotional "Cookbook"

  5. Timing Systems - Transits & Progressions, Relationship astrology -Synastry & Composites, Mundane astrology - the Astrology of the Collective

I have created them in such a way to offer them as either, a complete course in Spiritual and Psychological Astrology for a "beginner" from start to finish… OR if you have studied the basics and require more advanced material you may go straight to Workbook 3 or 5. Workbook 4 is "The Planets in the Houses" and may be purchased at any time you wish.

Learning Astrology is like baking a cake - you need to gather together all the ingredients and develop each stage of the process until you are finally ready to bake it. The baking of the cake is called "delineation" - the art of chart synthesis and regardless of how "good" or proficient you become at this, if you have studied all the material in the workbooks you will have gained plenty of knowledge along the way, and hopefully gained greater insight into your true Self, your world, your family and relationships than you had before.

May you all grow and thrive amidst these remarkable changing times!

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“What a special lady you are. I loved the delicacy with which you coaxed me down to the depths and up to the heights…and unpicked and re-wove the tapestry of my psyche. I feel a big weight lifted off me and a joyful enthusiasm for this life, having been heard and validated and 'summarised' so that I may observe my journey thus far and know where I stand...amidst the chaos of past and future expectations and the now. I feel much more balanced and integrated now and really appreciate you sharing your instincts with me. You truly are masterful at your art. The ease, skill and seeming simplicity of your applied technique is a marvel I've admired since I got off the phone. 'Geez she's good' I chuckle to myself as I mull over your approach and execution. Thanks for containing a safe space for me emotionally. The way you thread your meaning and guide me to awareness is just superb craftsmanship. The way you fed back what you were hearing from me and tied it into patterns in my chart illuminated my consciousness with unity and it felt great to experience peace due to internal cohesion. I feel free to breathe again. Many thanks:)”

Rebecca Hall Nowra NSW

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