Themes Of Creation - Working With Venus, Jupiter and Neptune Themes
Maggie Kerr (AAT.Dip.Couns.)

In my article “Themes of Depression - Working with Mars, Saturn and Pluto Themes”, I explored a few ideas around the male or animus aspect of our whole person psyche. This time I’m going to “play” in the feminine department, however, before I get to where I’m going, we need to just cover a few basic concepts. Fundamental within my view of the Planetary archetypal model, is the principle that, as metaphysics shows us, the human being is actually systems of energy which are meant to interact and interface with one another.

I have included the Planetary Tree again here - click here - (in case you missed the last article), which models the positive (yang), negative (yin) and neutral (mental) qualities…which of course arise from the Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable qualities (and therefore Crosses) respectively. The object of the exercise therefore, is to reach a point in our journey to wholeness and Selfhood, where we in some measure integrate each of theses qualities into a balanced expression. So Soul (Cardinal Cross ruled by the Moon), Ego (Fixed Cross ruled by the Sun) and the Mental aspect or Mind (Mutable Cross ruled by Mercury), each need to be developed and or healed to create the synthesis of the pyramidic three fold or Spiritual system…and come to ourselves and our creative potential.

So over these past couple of decades the Group Soul has been going through this process if you like, as the outer planets came through giving us all a sensational time (to say the least) as we all were confronted with our dragons as Pluto moved through Scorpio, and now confronting us with the true nature of our new our ideals and beliefs (or lack of them) as he slides through Sag. During the 80s we all went through “Calcinatio”… as the purifying fires of the Fixed Cross did their work and cleaned up a few egos!

This was also the era of women beginning to come into their power more gently whilst also in their strength, as there was an opening in the feminine process for us all! So as I see our Industrialised history over the past few hundred years (notice the description is not Spiritualised!), we have been playing in lots of yang and neutral or mental territory, as we hurdled headlong toward our cultural goal of success! We are masters of our universe…we can kill it, control it and out think it!!! But we still haven’t got it have we? Because getting it means we have to get Souled!!!

It is interesting when you look at the Cardinal Cross with Saturn at its’ MC, to see how the industrial machine has been running the place lately. After all we come into matter to master it. And dear Mother Moon resides at the base of this cross, denoting the Soul awareness, and subsequent journey to emotional safety, being what is truly required to bring that mastery to its’ true expression. They (the Esoterisists) say that the Souls greatest point of growth is when it becomes aware of itself! i.e. when we begin to become Soul centered instead of Ego Centered. The second step in Soul acceleration is when it influences the ego to begin to serve humanity! (Aquarius opposite Leo on the Fixed Cross).


So last time we played on the Yang side of the system, briefly exploring the nature of the dynamic planets, their relationship to each other and ultimately to the Solar force which provides the Spiritualising energy or Prana or Shakti or whatever term you care to use So the process of purifying the Ego (Sun) requires learning how to cleanly assert our will (Mars), clearing our fears and understanding our Karmic lessons (Saturn), and harnessing our power so we move beyond ‘control over’ to safe empowerment (Pluto).

So what is required to open and synthesise the feminine or Yin lineage of planetary archetypes? Well let’s have a look. With the Moon as the ‘light’ which focalises this energy system, the essence here is feeling. We cannot know the joy of the creative heart (Sun) unless we can feel it…and yet over all the years of my counselling work the issue of feeling lies at the heart of most peoples’ unhappiness. So many of us received messages when we were small telling us not to feel…it is too dangerous to feel because there’s a good chance we will have to admit to our feelings of loss and grief and despair and so on.

In the Transactional Analysis model I illustrated also with the last article - click here - we saw how the Child Ego state is ruled by the Moon. This is the part of us which feels, and has needs. So feeling and needs are inextricably interwoven in their expression…and if we got messages from our parents telling us to “think with your head not with your heart”, and “stop that sookie crying…get up and get on with it”…and so on and so on…then we not only closed down our ability to feel our grief and pain, but also we can’t feel our joy and passion and excitement! We also closed down our ability to allow ourselves to need or meet our own needs…let alone ask for them to be met by others!

From this point we obviously don’t feel very valuable and worthwhile…so our Venusian voice is undervalued, and operates dysfunctionally as unconscious obsessive compulsions (link here to Neptunian addictions), rather than free choices being made by us, based on Venus’ capacity to go our and serve the Moon by getting her needs met. In the T.A. model we saw how Venus lives also in the Child Ego State. When we were small (beginning from age 1 at the first Venus return) we began to comply and adapt within our environment to try and get our needs met.

How we learned to do this will be based on Venus sign/house/aspects. Venus is the “Adapted Child” who learned to “please them to get along around here”, and for many people they are still trying to “please them” to get stroked and loved. But guess what…it doesn’t work! And then Mars (the “Free Child” who also lives in the Child Ego state” becomes angry or frustrated because all our attempts to comply and please are not bearing fruit! So our dysfunctional Mars, Saturn and Pluto bits kick in and we try all our power and control games to get our needs met!

So an important aspect of the healing to wholeness journey requires that we become aware of our compliance patterns, and begin to learn to meet our own needs or cleanly ask (functional Mars asserting) for our needs to be met. This is obviously primary theme territory for very Libran and 7th house types. If you offer these types this simple idea you can support them quickly and easily to begin to transition to a more conscious experience of their lives.

Now the Jupiter connection here is an obvious call around themes of belief and meaning. If we don’t feel worthy enough (Venus) to be in the world safely (Moon), then we are not going to believe the world is a very safe and nurturing place. So meaning goes out the window! I have had a number of people question why I have ascribed Jupiter within the feminine line, as we are familiar with him mythically as a more Heroic archetypal function. I do not debate that within a certain level of the Greco/Roman mythic tradition he indeed fulfills a more animus orientated function. However, this tradition is primarily patriarchal and not particularly Soul Centered, so in my simple energy system he is allowed to take on a more feminine role.

Particularly when we recognise his dualistic relationship with Saturn, I can’t help but relate to these Lords of Karma as offering us Yin and Yang polarity. I believe (Sag. Moon talking here!) that the getting of Wisdom is primarily a very feminine affair, as wisdom arises from nurture and nature, not from any man made creation. It is not until we have a degree of Soul awareness that we are able to gently reassure ourselves that our Saturnine tests contain our path to wisdom. It is also from this point that we are able to ascertain the truth within the knowledge of the many paths to the Self, and not just blindly believe what it says in the book! The dissemination of knowledge is also a feminine affair, and the wise teacher nurtures the pupil who is ready, rather than inflicting their version of truth upon all and sundry whether they want it or not!

Without a sense of meaning and purpose for our Souls’ work, we cannot take the final step out to Neptune, and open to the true faith and compassion which lives in the feminine. Neptune is the connection through the Crown Chakra which invites inspiration from the Higher Mind (Uranus on the Mental level), and is the source of our relationship to the Divine. Neptune is the part of us which seeks to merge with something greater than our limited self, knowing that the very nurture which is so essential to the Self, is found within ourselves, before we can ever project outside of ourselves and find it in the world of relationship.

Neptune is also the higher octave of Venus, so when we are unconscious and/or still playing out the Venusian compulsion to “please them to get loved”, we will send Neptune out to bat, to dream up our divine lover in an attempt to create this merge which we intrinsically need. The trouble is Neptune is the master of illusion and deceit, and how many of us can relate to the sense of frustration and confusion when the “perfect” new lover turns out to be merely human, and also invested in getting us to fill them up and make them whole! “Wait a minute that was what you were supposed to do for me! Now I’m angry with you because you are not what you are supposed to be”…says our Venus. Neptune and Venus get together and participate in the Prince and Princess myths, replete with their need to be saved, or to save. Most of our western culture is still immersed in co-addictive and co-dependant relationship for this reason. So one of the tasks in healing this aspect of our Moon centered feminine, requires that we come out of this illusory energy system, and begin to live as whole people within our own right.

Neptunian emotional themes contain issues about ‘boundaries’…what is my personal myth about myself? (remember what was your favourite fairy story as a child and this will give you great insight!)…who am I when I am alone and not under the influence of someone else’s projection onto me of who they want me to be for them? Opening the door to let the light of truth on to these questions is very important, and if you are still the type of person who feels lost and lonely6 and needy when your partner is not around, and who feels like you have lost your sense of meaning,…then you have a little work to do on your Venus, Jupiter and Neptune facets of your psychological makeup!

The other area which is on offer to us once Neptunes’ higher frequency opens to us functionally is the beatific quality of our creativity. Neptune is the poet/mystic…the dreamer. Carl Jung had a beautifully simple model for qualifying the two main types of people on the planet. A Type and B Type…I love it when its’ simple! In the Toltec system or model they call these the “Stalkers” and “The Dreamers” respectively. Now stalkers are Yang folks with lots of Mars Saturn and Pluto up and running. Our western world values these types right…the movers and shakers. However, our culture does not value the Dreamers or B Types very much - they are seen as weak and not particularly contributive to society. I mean after all they are only the artists and musicians and writers and muses.

Well as I see our current point of human evolution at this Millennium time, we need to have a really good look at the things we value in our culture, and make some major decisions about re-valuing many of them. Value is a Venusian affair, and our materialistic system places value on the money which is created from misusing resources at an alarming rate! This is what provides the meaning and purpose to most folks in the “machine”. This is supposed to make our emotional Moon self safe! What a joke. Then they get their dysfunctional Neptunes out and lie to themselves and the rest of us about how the whole system does not rip off, degrade and dehumanise the masses along the way!

I feel it is very important for each of us to explore the Neptunian creative aspect of our lives, so we can rekindle (or develop perhaps for the first time) pursuits which enrich our lives and don’t require dynamic function. Art and music are the obvious arenas…anything which takes you out of your mind and ego, and simply allows you to feel inspired to generate something beautiful. Writing (Jupiter) about our experiences and feelings is a fantastic way to support our healing process…keeping dream journals…going to art, mosaic, dance, pottery classes. This is all about supporting ourselves to learn to allow and flow - the opposite of planning, organising and making things happen!

Learning about the healing arts is also positive Neptunian expression. Nurturing ourselves means being able to heal ourselves on both physical and emotional levels - so daily practice and use of the vibrational remedies and so on, is so simple and absolutely practical. If you are feeling exhausted, angry, anxious or stressed then you need to know it is time to go and have a re-birthing session, or meditate or practice your own brand of Spiritual devotion so you can connect with your Higher Self so you can make sense of why you are out of your flow. Sometimes we simply need to dig in the garden and plant some flowers to uplift our energies - Venus after all is the polar counterpoint of Mars. In so called primitive cultures they understood the value of this level of experience and honoured it as the shamanistic path. I feel it is time for us to do the same - in a simple sense - in a daily sense.

By working with awareness to develop the positive potential of your Venus, Jupiter and Neptunes’ sign/house and aspects, you are honouring your Souls’ path, and providing the nurture to your Sun, Mars, Saturn and Pluto which only you can provide. And along the way you are healing not only yourself, but supporting the Group Soul or collective vibration to come out of pain and separation, and into the sense of belonging and meaning which lives within the heart of each of us!

If you are interested in my work which I call Therapeutic Astrology, please feel free to contact me. The Universal Astrology Correspondence Course and 4 workbooks are also now available. With love Maggie email -

Maggie has been a full time counselling astrologer for 18 years, and a teacher for the past 12 years on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. She founded the School of Inner Guidance & Knowledge in 1993, which offered both 3 year astrology courses, and related healing modality subjects for growth and transformation. She is the founder and editor of “Sign of the Times” publication. She has published many articles, a tape series, and lectures in Australia & Overseas. Maggie’s studies have integrated Esoteric Astrology and Metaphysics, with Psychotherapeutic tools including T.A., Gestalt Therapy, Voice Dialogue, Client Centred Counselling and Jungian Psychology. She also incorporates Mythology, Guided Imagery and Dream Symbolism into her work, and is committed to the development of modern astrology being practiced as a healing modality. She is an FAA accredited teacher and holds the Southern Cross Education award for 2000.



N Sun
Lower ego under control of higher
Fulfill Self with ease - feelings of
excitement, joy, happiness with Self

M Moon
Will Ability to have true feelings
Ability to admit needs & ask for
them to be met - safe nurture

O Mercury

Inner link between all Planetary Voices
Effective communications Skills. Able to be heard & understood

Q Mars
Healthy assertiveness versus
anger & frustration Potency versus impotency

P Venus
Fulfilling versus unhealthy relationships Experience & creation of pleasureeeling valuable versus guilt/shame

S Saturn
Able to face fears & pass through them. Able to see Karma & challenges as OK

R Jupiter
Able to allow faith to nourish & sustain Growth & meaning through knowledge

W Chiron
Essential as key to Transpersonal
Wound which brings us to healing

T Uranus
Group participation - unique Self
Inclusiveness V Separation

V Pluto
Self control versus control dramas
Transformative versus destructive
Personal will under control of Higher Will

U Neptune
Clarity & illumination v confusion Compassionate v addictive
Ability to “Dream” inspired reality

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In the Transactional Analysis Model Eric Berne created the 3 Ego states of Parent, Adult and Child.
The planets fall within the model as follows:



Jupiter R
Saturn S
Nurturing Parent
Critical Parent


Sun N
Autonomous Individual


Moon M
Mercury O - (Little Professor)
Venus P - (Adapted Child)
Mars Q - (Free Child)
are all contained within the Child.

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