Saturday October 26th ‘Chiron – Key to Your Higher Self’

Maggie’s Saturday Astro Sessions
Saturday October 26th

‘Chiron – The Key to Your Higher Self’

Everyone always seems to be fascinated by our ‘wounded healer archetype’ Chiron! So in response to many requests from you all…and as he is currently in aspect to my Moon…it is perfect timing to spend our day exploring his rich heritage, and mysterious process that unites our ‘lower animal nature’ with our ‘higher spiritual potential’. The crises of Chiron that ignite the consciousness process appear in many guises in response to our individual Soul’s process. During our day together we will encounter some of the fascinating options as we explore your natal Chiron placement and apply the implications of his current journey through Pisces.

All welcome to this informal program Just ring or email Maggie to advise your attendance. – $70 – – – 0755 945959 – 0416 155967
120 Plateau Crescent, Carrara Gold Coast 10am to 4.30pm BYO Lunch Refreshments provided of course!   
Don’t forget to go to to live stream the 4 parts of the Seminar or purchase the book. Check out part 2 of the Seminar to start with “Living With Your Life Cycles”. This is totally useful stuff folks so empower yourselves with this info and apply it to synchronize your life timings.

The third and final eclipse

The third and final eclipse of this ‘season’ arrives this Saturday (times below), but this time we have a Full Moon Gemini/Saggie story to add to this remarkable evolutionary moment in time.

Sun in Gem opposite Moon in Sag squares Neptune in Pisces, so it’s all about knowledge, information, ideas and how we use our logical and intuitive ‘Mind’. Your job is to be alert to incoming info and filter carefully, and ditto to people not in honesty and integrity. It is also time to ‘get real and clear’ within yourself, let go of old illusions and self-deceptions, tell the truth and communicate your thoughts and needs clearly! There can be huge insights and ‘enlightenment’ awakenings under these vibrations, so dare to dream and believe they can come true.
Your mantra is: “I am now clear, open and honest with myself and the world.”

Since the 2012 ‘shift’ we now have the equipment to unify our rational left brain with our intuitive right brain, and this eclipse heightens this faculty for those who are practicing consciousness awareness. Needless to say the spin doctors will be in full swing with their lies and deception to keep everybody asleep in the nightmare of our global mess! It is time to speak up people and add your voice to the revolution against global corporate tyranny, so it is great timing that will take place on May 25th all over the world!

There is much movement and speed in the air over the next week so making moves quickly is great as long as you are clear. A reminder that eclipses are portals to release old programming and implement new levels of power in your thoughts…therefore your reality! Now that we have the fresh reality of calm and centered Taurus under our belt, it’s time to take advantage of the 3rd stage of our natural year…Gemini. So add this ‘air’ component to your life and projects now in the form of IT, networking and connecting up with smart people and ideas.

LA Fri 24th 9.24pm NY Sat 25th 0.24am
London Sat 25th 5.24am Sydney Sat 25th 2.24pm

Enjoy the ride folks and feel free to connect with me for some session time to clarify and enhance your journey!

Blessings to all
Maggie Kerr (A.A.T.)
Astrologer, Counsellor, Teacher, Author