New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus April 29th

Ghandi quoteNew Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus April 29th  

It’s time to make your material world work for you!

Yes folks things are tres intense right now courtesy of this current pair of eclipses plus the grand cross alignment of Mars opposite Uranus and Jupiter opposite Pluto. We are all being stimulated to release the past and step into new modes of being and relating.

The Astrology of this Eclipse @ 8 deg.Taurus

…is actually quite benign in terms of the planets directly involved…namely Venus as the ruler of Taurus is in Pisces creating a positive trine system to Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer. This is great support for the other primary planetary feature of the Grand Cross breakdown/breakthrough mayhem. The key is to tap into your  compassion and faith that the light is greater than the darkness, and to use this to inspire your actions. Be kind to yourself & others and value your family.

These planets in water are bringing us the psycho/spiritual revolution currently upgrading our higher intuitive faculties. This offers us entrance into ‘the stream of consciousness’ where we thrive by flowing with the synchronizations that lead us where we are meant to go and trust this! It is only our own resistance to change that gets in the way!

Saturn in Scorpio is widely opposing the Sun compelling serious consideration and restructuring of our financial world…both personally and globally. Saturn has been here since late 2011 until end of 2014. This is the realm of behind the scenes deals, secrets and cover ups and there are many deals being struck in the global agenda over this few years BUT also many revelations via whistle-blowers that will continue to come to light as the year progresses. We must hold our institutions to account to practice in integrity while we commit to being part of transforming our systems.

Mars stations in Libra for all of May and finally gets moving again in June, so continue to be patient if people & projects are frustrating…just keep developing what you can and eliminating what is not working. With Mercury in Gemini and Venus in Aries we receive a refreshing dose of aspiration and energy that will lighten things up from the rather repressive stuck feelings of April, especially by later in May as we enter Gemini time.

In terms of Taurus and Mother earth it is also a historical fact that eclipses often accompany increased natural disasters and there have been a number of quakes in recent weeks that may hint at a larger geological event on the horizon. Don’t freak out folks just be prepared. Our Earth is known as Gaia. She is a sentient intelligent being and she is trying hard to manage all the damage that is being inflicted upon her. We are also under the influence of Solar activity…flares and such…and these are indeed the major factor in our changing global weather patterns of late…think ‘mini ice-age’ beginning…in case you haven’t noticed.

It is such an exciting and fascinating time to be alive…

…despite the pressure of the intense transforming energies and feelings of exhaustion and all that stuff. The message in Taurus time is to conserve your resources, continue to build firm foundations as Uranus keeps impelling us to innovate and dare to grow and change.

Taurus rules beauty and art and music and pleasure and nature and gardens. So make sure to indulge yourself in all of these in the coming weeks. Take warm baths in minerals that help release stress such as magnesium and while you are soaking count your blessings, and tell yourself how well & safe & fabulous you are!!

Taurus & Values…

The Zodiac is simply a model of the 12 ingredients of the human ‘operating system’. The 1st stage is Aries where we are meant to develop a courageous independent WILL to ACTION. Taurus is the 2nd stage in the ’12 System’ where we create the values that motivate our will. Then we can direct our thoughts and words in Gemini…stage 3.

“We each create a ‘value system’ in the course of our lives – the qualities, substances and experiences we believe are worthwhile, significant, important and useful. Our values give meaning to our lives and help shape the substance of who we are.  They are what we base our entire belief about profit and gain upon, and what price we are willing to pay for something both psychically and emotionally. They are the result of the messages we received in childhood about how ‘worthwhile’ we are & whether we are worthy to be valued at all. This sets the stage for our inner & outer security into adult life.

For thousands of years we have been instinctively following this core need to ‘get safe and secure’ but in an unconscious way.  We have been projecting our ‘desire nature’ toward gathering and amassing external security and all the trappings of the good life as an expression of what is valuable in our consumptive west.

The health of our planet’s biosphere affects our prosperity. Our planet is a finite place with finite resources and if economists assume that the world will continue to behave as it does now we remain in great danger. The whole philosophy of money and wealth must be re-defined so we can step through the global shift in consciousness.” (Excerpt from my ’12 System’ book)  click here if you’d like to purchase a copy

So personally it’s time to heal any old limiting beliefs about our right to be secure and prosperous. Your mantra is ‘I am valuable and prosperous…I am safe’! This also nurtures any fears that may be running in your life. Remember ‘fear is the mind-killer’ and the current global elite system loves to keep us afraid so they can tell us that the things they do are ‘in the national interest’…ha! When we step beyond fear we are free to become powerful and prosperous as a creative individual. This is the outcome on offer in these ‘shifting times’.

The global financial machine…is in crisis

But hey don’t worry folks they just keep printing money and shoring up a banking system that invests in unsustainable products, and make massive profits by sucking people into ever greater debt! So let’s hope this eclipse is the big awakener for heaps of people that the 1% horrible unconscious system is no longer acceptable to 99% of us. Solar Eclipses herald new beginnings so make this yours by making conscious choices about your values and where you invest them

Almost everyone has been suckered into the global debt slavery system. It has become the new normal to carry lots of debt…they call it being ‘highly leveraged’. Which is another way of saying you are stuck…often in a job you don’t like to pay for things you didn’t really need that are becoming obsolete before you have finished paying for them! I thank my dear Mum with her old fashioned values that taught me to save for my goals and make practical decisions.

Eclipses have cycles of 19 years so if we go back to 1976 this is just after the gold standard was removed and banks were free to develop the current credit system, which took off with a bang when the Reagan/Thatcher ‘globalization’ agenda was initiated in the early 1980s. This was also when Saturn was in Scorpio 29 years ago…yes he is here again now. Remember this is a solar eclipse in Taurus which rules money & resources. The next one in 1995/6 heralded the revolution and the derivatives trading products, which ensured the death of a production based capitalist model. I mean why produce something when you can package up debt into clever products and sell and trade them for massive profits without having to make a single widget!

Things have now reached a critical mass where the % of credit debt to the gdp of all nations will never be able to re repaid! So is this the new ‘normal’? Or is it time to admit that the old system must be re-made to allow people to get back to making things for a living and earning fair income from their efforts, rather than paying taxes for governments to sell assets to private corporate control that were never theirs to sell in the first place!!  The very fact that we are ‘endentured’ at birth to our government so they can use us as leverage to buy debt is so ridiculous that it beggars belief…but this is how our corporate governments are structured.

The bottom line is that our current broken capitalist system has to be re-made. And there is a growing groundswell of 99% who realize this and are beginning to offer freedom based alternatives. This is why we must educate ourselves about how to step out of the debt slavery system into new sustainable financial models that honor the correct use of resources on our beautiful planet.

Farming is ruled by Taurus…remember the gentle cows that we eat and milk? Well we’ve been milking our planet to the point of destruction as farmers fight for the right to grow food against mining companies, to whom our government gives the right to destroy priceless valuable habitat & pollute the precious water systems. Absolutely crazy folks!! Forgive me if I have a little rant here as this topic has captured my attention for all the decades I have been studying physical and metaphysical systems. I am appalled that we still give power to our governments to perpetrate these crimes against humanity and nature.

Meanwhile bankers & traders are throwing themselves off tall buildings with increasing frequency… suicide we are told despite evidence to the contrary. So what’s going on behind the scenes in the private banking system? Stock markets are overpriced making record highs for invisible profits on companies that produce nothing…like google & facebook etc. Banks run 2 sets of books to hide massive losses on debt yet still make record profits. It’s like being in a fantasy world where reality has ceased to exist!

Events in global banking & stock markets will be front & center over coming weeks. Could this be the trigger that finally pops the debt bubble or at least provoke legislators to separate the private and public banking sectors? We can also expect crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin to start become more popular as people seek alternatives to cash currencies, although there are pitfalls in these also. Meanwhile there is rising opposition growing to the U.N. backed covert globalist plan called ‘Agenda 21’, which gives power to Govts to take private property & resources under the guise of ‘sustainability’. The bottom line is that governments in their current form are seeking to limit ‘self ownership and governance’ by giving themselves limitless powers to remove our civil liberties. SO think globally, act locally and become part of the revolution!  Find out more about some of these topics in the links below.

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I will be away for the next new moon in Gemini so wish you well until I write again in mid June when I return. Let there be love in your lives my friends!!

LA 28th 11.13pm  | NY 29th 2.13am| London 29th 7.13am| Sydney 29th 4.13pm

Saturday June 14th ‘The Moon, the Ascendant and the Lunar Nodes’

The Moon, the Ascendant and the Lunar Nodes’

Soul Astrology and the ‘path of destiny’

…based on some core ideas from Esoteric or soul centered astrology. 

A one day workshop on Saturday June 14th

In Carrara on the Gold Coast

with Gold Coast astrologer Maggie Kerr and NGT Starloom columnist Tina Mews

Maggie will be exploring how the Soul (Moon) and the Personality (Ascendant) are meant to work together in a practical way via your horoscopes!

Our Soul makes its’ entrance into incarnation through the “Eastern Gate” at our birth as we depart the ‘pregnancy’ of the 12th house and pass through the birth canal of the Ascendant. By examining the Ascendant’s sign, rulers and aspects we can describe the actual birth experience and how this created our “birth script” – our primary unconscious belief about how we will affect the world throughout our life.

We then analyse the Moon’s sign/house/aspects for information about our Soul’s purpose, and what we may need to heal or integrate this lifetime to allow the Soul full expression via the Ascendant or “personality” – which is ultimately the ‘Soul’s Vehicle for doing its’ work in the world’.

Tina will enlighten us about the Lunar Nodes and how they reveal our ‘path of destiny’. The North Lunar Node is the place where cosmic energy enters, while the Lunar South Node represents the point where energy exits, indicating possible energy ‘leaks’.

The South Lunar Node has long been associated with our ‘Karma’ and spiritual, emotional or/and physical inheritance, while the North Lunar Node represents what we can achieve with this life, our ‘Dharma’.

So please join Maggie & Tina for a fascinating day that will connect us to our Souls for fresh inspiration during 2014!

When:                Saturday 14th  June           10am – 4 pm      registration 9.30 am

Where:               120 Plateau Crescent, Carrara 4211

Cost:                   $ 80 Full price; $ 70 concession – Morning tea provided; BYO lunch

Bookings:          Maggie                0755 945959



I’ve been loving my Saturday sessions as different folks from all sorts of eras turn

up along with lots of new ‘like minded’ members so please join us in May or June…or both!!

Blessings to all as ever


Saturday May 10th ‘Interpreting the Birthchart’

For my May 10th Saturday Session I will share by step by step approach to

‘Interpreting the Birth Chart’ …including:

  • my introduction to clients
  • how I integrate Astrology and Psychotherapy
  • working with the Sun & Moon – unlocking the Soul’s Code
  • healing core themes of the other planets

Saturday 10th May – 120 Plateau Crescent, Carrara

To book email OR 0755 945959

All welcome – BYO lunch               $70

Lunar Eclipse Tues April 15th

lunar-eclipse10A spectacular rare event on Tuesday 15th April at ‘moonrise’ here on east coast Oz. She will be in a total eclipse @ 25 degrees of Aries/Libra through to nearly 6.30…with Mars right next to her! Some are calling this a ‘blood moon’ and in…deed the warrior planet signals plenty of action over the coming months politically & environmentally.

So stay chilled & objective if people & events tempt you to ‘spit the dummy’, as you also prepare to release relationships that no longer serve you. Full Moon Eclipses contain endings & in 2 weeks time at the New Moon Solar Eclipse be ready for new beginnings. Eclipses have 19 year cycles, so think back to April 1995 for clues/signals in your life history. These ‘portals’ between the dimensions allow major developments on every level. Meanwhile between the lunar & solar eclipses over Easter Mars Jupiter Uranus & Pluto square off in their progressive revolutionary dance. So put your dancing shoes on kids as the party is about to hot up! Be tolerant & wise…take action with confidence…keep trusting & believing…keep evolving my friends.