Jupiter in Leo Workshop Thursday 11th Sept

Jupiter in Leo 2014After so much deep introspection over this past year as Jupiter did time in Cancer, I am totally ready for a fun exhilarating day…how about you? So please come and play with Tina Mews & I as we welcome…

Jupiter in Leo – LIgniting the Fires of Consciousness’

So who is this big guy in the sky and how is he meant to offer us our “greatest karmic potential”?

We will explore the archetypes & psychological themes of both Jupiter & Leo.

Then have a brief look at the history of his previous times in Leo, plus the fascinating Jupiter/Saturn 20 year cycle and how Jupiter in Leo may affect financial & global activity.

After lunch it’s all about YOU as we explore his position in your charts + enjoy some ‘Astro Drama’ so you can meet him via the actors who will play him for you! Very enlightening stuff kids and lots of fun so you can get inspired about your growth & opportunities over the next year.

Thursday September 11th – 10am to 4pm – BYO lunch – yummy refreshments provided of course.

Lillifield Community Centre – near Nimbin – on the Kyogle Road via Murwillumbah.

Phone me on 0755945959 & to organize shared transport from Brisbane/Gold Coast.

OR Tina 0266897413 to book your spot.

New Moon in Cancer June 27th

IsisDivine Mother Isis……is a perfect image for us over the next month as we nurture our lives with fresh foundations! Greetings dear friends and welcome to my monthly New Moon newsletter. My purpose is to simply offer you insights into what the planetary cycles in our lives have to offer us over the coming month…and help make some sense of these challenging exciting times we are living through.

You are welcome to book a session to enlighten & enliven your own individual journey just mail me  Scroll to end for details of my next Saturday session when we welcome Jupiter into Leo & connect with some fun and passion.

New Moon in Cancer Friday 27th June…
It’s Time To Use Our Feelings In a Whole New Way People!

Friday’s New Moon @ 5deg Cancer highlights home & family areas requiring completion or shifting into new territory.  Since Jupiter has been in Cancer since mid-2013 we have been sorting & sifting physical and emotional foundations so now it’s time to let go of people, situations & old fears that have done their karmic time! Here’s my Jupiter in Cancer article if you’d like deeper insights.

With change agent Uranus opposite activator Mars in the New Moon planetary mix there can be apparently ‘unexpected’ moves…which are not really so unexpected…you’ve just been putting them off. Remember not to project any confusion or anger at others, as the whole point of this past year has been to  become aware of old limiting feelings, clear & release them, dismantle our defenses, and give ourselves permission to trust our feelings in a whole new way.

Once we master this we can tap into the beautiful connection between Cancer’s ‘emotional safety’, and Neptune in Pisces ‘Intuition & compassion’ as we step into the Universal stream or flow of consciousness. This is great for ‘setting intention’ & building your ‘thought-forms’ of what you want to create next in your life! The key here is that our emotional safety is the foundation for our prosperous outcomes in the world! So direct your heart & mind to a brand new beginning. “I am safe and supported and trust my feelings” is your mantra!

Then hey viola you’re in the right place energetically to open your arms wide as Jupiter makes his arrival into Leo on July 16th…hoorah I say. Personally I’m totally ready for some fresh action, excitement, inspiration, fun, play, and generally getting on with other things apart from home/family duty & responsibilities…as much as I love them all…ha. Here is my Jupiter in Leo article I trust it inspires you.

Cancer rules our homeland – the place where we belong – where we are meant to be safe. The most important thing in life is our ‘family’ system including those not connected by blood. There are so many unsafe homelands around our poor damaged planet, so it’s up to each of us to continue to heal our own feelings & families so we can become a healthy ‘atom’ contributing to healing our whole system. Here is a beautiful u-tube of young Iranians and the price they pay for joy in their homeland

We Are Living Through a Revolutionary Phase in Human Evolution
During the 4 years between 2012 & 2016 the planets Uranus (84 year cycle) & Pluto (250 year cycle) are forming a challenging connection, creating a major shift within our collective world toward a more conscious relationship with each other & our attitude to the correct use of our planets resources. Old systems are breaking down as new healthy ideas & inventions are coming through to build a better world. This has been affectionately named ‘the zap zone’!

The Sun in Cancer triggers the ‘Zap Zone’ of Pluto in Capricorn opposite Jupiter in Cancer, & Uranus in Aries opposite Mars in Libra over the first few weeks of July.  Thus we are challenged to take another big step toward becoming free thinking (Uranus) confident individuals (Mars) who are in our power (Pluto) and infused with purpose (Jupiter) to live the lives we dare to create and be part of global healing.
A Quick Overview of the Planet Positions in July
Mercury is the planet of connections & communication. He has been travelling retrograde (apparently moving backwards) since June7th so if you have been a tad frustrated at seeming delays, miscommunications and general IT glitches then welcome to the club! He begins to move forward in the sign of Gemini on July 2nd and returns to full speed…all systems go…by mid July. He then joins the Sun in Cancer on July 13th so your thoughts & words will be flavored by your feelings.

Venus is the relationship planet & governs our values and self worth. She is currently ‘The Morning Star’ rising in the east just before the Sun…at her most beautiful. She is in Gemini, which is fab for positive communication and sharing ideas…quite social and busy. She then enters Cancer on July 18th so will be happy to snooze around the couch and enjoy family time for the rest of the month.

Mars is our will to take action and he is in Libra until the end of the month. He has been in Libra since last December on his retrograde run, which explains why we have all been sorting out which partners & relationships we wish to take forward in our lives. This can be antagonistic if we believe we have to fight for the right for our own independence, but great if we feel comfortable with asserting ourselves whilst still maintaining situations that serve us.

Jupiter completes his passage through Cancer and moves into Leo on July 16th. Scroll up for articles on each of these placements.

A Few Links For Your Interest

With the strong water theme of the month here’s an inspiring story about one of the new technologies arriving to clean the plastic from our oceans. Ocean Plastic Pottle to Clean Shores

Here’s a great resource explaining the nature of energy & consciousness!

New Moon    LA 27th 1.10am | NY 27th 4.10am | London 27th 9.10am | Sydney 27th 6.10pm

Live long & prosper and may you all be inspired to evolve toward the new inclusive consciousness that recognizes that there is a Universal Law that governs our reality…We Are All One!
Blessings Maggie

Maggie’s  next Saturday Astro  Session

O Goodie Here Comes Jupiter in Leo!

After way too long being way too serious & emotionally deep it’s time to step out into the excitement and fresh inspiration of a good dose of Fire! So come and play with Maggie on Saturday July 19th to welcome our expansive friend & connect with our creative goodies!
Email me to book & join the fun

LA 27th 1.10am | NY 27th 4.10am | London 27th 9.10am | Sydney 27th 6.10pm