New Moon in Leo with Jupiter!

Spain Portugal 07 221New Moon in Leo 27th July
Igniting the ‘Fires of Consciousness’ 

This awesome New Moon contains the ingredients for fabulous new beginnings in our lives as the Sun & Moon are closely joined by Jupiter who has not been in Leo for 12 years!  With both Jupiter & Mars along for the ride we are challenged to expand our world view and step forward into fresh territory at last after all the deep soul searching of recent months. We are now inspired to revision our core identity and ask the big questions…who am I really, what do I want from here, what is my purpose and do I have the guts to dare to shine? Well you’re about to find out my friends as this epic astro landscape holds the promise of bright new horizons.

Jupiter amplifies & brings things to extreme…all or nothing is his tendency. So it’s incredibly important to ‘hold the charge’ as your urge for growth & change may have you reacting rather than responding to opportunities & desires. Only by staying centered can we be receptive to ideas & direction from our inner guidance.  Get excited BUT SAY COOL in the fiery times on the way. Avoid promising more than you can deliver, buying into other people’s dramas & generally going over the top…but by all means party to your heart’s content…you deserve it!

Not since July 1967 have we had a new Moon with Jupiter in Leo + Mars in Scorpio! This was a pivotal moment in 20thC history as the mid-60s revolution was in full swing. In the following year an amazing list of events unfolded including the assassinations of Robert Kennedy & Martin Luther King; race riots & the resulting civil rights act in the US; massive demonstrations against the Vietnam war and in France & Greece that overthrew both governments; the 6 Day War between Israel & Egypt; the IMF reforming the world money system, & gold reaching all time highs as a bill was passed to disconnect from $US value  The rock’n’roll revolution brought us amazing liberation from the old world view (scroll to end for list of remarkable artists).

This was the beginning or the 140 year Uranus/Pluto cycle that has been in a challenging connection since 2012 with 2 more years to come. So may we expect a year ahead of further radical shifts and changes that bring us fabulous reforms and cultural liberation PLUS dramatic shifts in  geo-political outcomes? Remember Leo rules cultural & political leaders and the dramatic arts. Ah yes Leo does love a bit of drama. With current renewed conflict between Israel & Palestine & the destruction of MH17 bringing Anglo/Russian tensions into ever sharper focus the stage is set for the east/west game of thrones to ratchet up another notch.

The good news is that this Jupiter Leo phase also lights a fresh spark of the revolutionary wave of change that is finally waking up so many people from ‘the big sleep’ where the powers that be play their games of lies & deceit. When Jupiter in Leo connects with Uranus in Aries in late September & early March 2015 exciting new features in global activism will arise promising breakthroughs for human rights & individual freedom against the mindless stupidity of our war mongering system…yeah!

Here is my Jupiter in Leo article I trust it inspires you.

Psychologically the Sun & Leo is ‘my right to be me’.

As kids we need positive regard, respect and approval to create a healthy ‘ego’ so we can grow up into an adult who uses our creative ego as a tool rather than the master! If we are deprived of these messages the worst of Leo will arise as the narcissistic self important overinflated Sun/Leo. I was amused to hear recently that Narcissism has now been added to the official list of personality disorders! Coinciding as this does with the advent of the ‘selfie’ is it any surprise that the billion $ cosmetic surgery industry is flying high, and set to take off to new levels in the year ahead. ‘Notice me I’m special’ behaviors & gestures are defenses against low self esteem.

So here is your mantra! “I am free to be me. I am an autonomous individual who releases my creativity on behalf of humanity with passion & joy & power.” Close your eyes & say this with all your heart & soul over the day of the new moon…times below.

The gift of Leo is the best of who we are as positive confident people who generate warmth and passion for our chosen vocation or avocation and know how to have fun on the way. When we adopt this attitude we magnetize and manifest positive people & situations…simple! We then also motivate others to be their best by giving praise & approval of their efforts and excitement in their & our own achievements. This is the true nature of what a Leo leader is meant to be!!

Spiritually the Sun & Leo is about our Consciousness

Our Solar System is an atom! The Sun is the nucleus & the orbiting planets are the electrons, and when we consider there are gazillions of solar systems in the universe it is mind boggling to consider the concept that our universe is a massive energetic structure. So let’s keep going here and apply the idea that there is a governing ‘consciousness’ that drives this energy…oh yes some people call this God!  Ancient teachings call the heart of the Universe the Solar Logos, so our own Sun is the Heart/Spirit/Solar Logos in our solar system & in our individual system…the source of consciousness.

Over the past few years Saturn in Scorpio has been taking us deep into the transformational process so we can empower our ego/consciousness. To do this we have to confront the demons and dragons of our own fears & limitations so we can let them go! Spiritualizing our ego is the goal of this process so we can take the evolutionary step from believing that life is ‘all about me’…to realization that the purpose of our creative ego is actually to serve the world in some way. Many benefits arise from this point as our lower ego is freed from seeking personal praise & approval, and we can step up into our power safely free from fear of limitation & control by others/the world. Eh viola! Magical things begin to happen to us as life opens the doors to exciting possibilities.

Our unconscious ego usually resists this upgrade as it fears it may not get what it wants…happiness, fun, success & joy. And here’s the irony. Once we reorient our values our ego gets what it wanted in the first place as we feel good about our lives & our decisions about where we send our energy/will. The highest aspect of consciousness is LOVE…of self…of others…of the world around us. Love is the opposite of fear. So as Jupiter spends the year ahead in Leo from this new moon get set for a much needed big consciousness upgrade. If you’d like to join my ‘Adventures in Consciousness’ webinars book your spot!

A Quick Overview of the Planets in August

Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11th. Ideas, ideals, inventions & technology feature here and as Aquarius is also about politics & groups we may experience some changes/shifts in leaders & their parties. Please can we have some enlightened leaders?

Mercury is the planet of connections & communication. He enters Leo on August 1st joining the Sun & Jupiter to fire up our minds & mouths with our creative inspiration. The result? Passionate thoughts & words bring excitement & drama into play…so avoid the drama and enjoy the fun, go to the theatre & play with your kids lots. He enters Virgo on the 16th signaling time for organization, planning, doing your book keeping…all very necessary in the greater scheme of things. Avoid worry & fret!!

Venus is the relationship planet & governs our values and self worth. She is in Cancer on August 1st a day that triggers Uranus to change or freedom in family structures…let go if needs be. She then enters Leo on the 13th joining the Leo party. Highly social and full of her creative spark she reminds you that a positive attitude and confidence will bring exciting new possibilities into your world. Fab hair & style are her hallmarks but downside may be lots of peeps who are pretty pleased with themselves…not you of course!

Mars is our will to take action and after 8 long months in Libra he now finally moves into Scorpio till mid-September, where he takes on his deep and powerful potential. He is the traditional ruler of Scorpio so is quite happy in this sign (he is the modern ruler of Aries). Intense encounters of the intimate and sexual kind may feature here, along with displays of insecurity aka possessive control for those who are not safe in their true power. Watch the signs in all encounters and say yes to’ I am safe in my power and don’t need to control anyone’!

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Enjoy the buzz of this new moon may you all be inspired to think globally and act locally…We Are All One!   Blessings Maggie

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New Moon @ 3 degrees Leo

LA Sat 27th 3.42pm | NY Sat 27th 6.42pm
London Sat 27th 11.42pm | Sydney Sunday 28th 8.42am

Here’s the list of rock & pop legends who were at their height when Jupiter was in Leo in 1967/68.
Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Gladys Knight, Barbra Streisand, Aretha Franklin, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, Simon & Garfunkle, Elvis Presley. The musical HAIR & movie Mission Impossible…quite the list!