Solar Eclipse @ New Moon Scorpio Oct 23rd

solar eclipse scorpioGreetings friends’!! Just a quick one this month due to other commitments… but I can’t resist sharing some info & ideas about this solar eclipse at the new moon in Scorpio on Thurs/ Friday as it is a beauty in more ways than one!. As the Sun steps into Scorpio on Thursday (Friday am in Oz) he is flanked by the Moon & Venus – the goddesses of nature and nurture…highlighting the feminine essence awakening as the Moon then passes in front of El Sol and ‘occults’ or blocks his light…an eclipse (partial in this case).

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New Moon Solar Eclipse Oct 23rd/24th

Scorpio regulates the seasonal process of death/birth and regeneration in all natural cycles hence the images of snakes shedding their skin and phoenixes rising from the ashes of the past!!  So here’s your list of DOs –  transform, rejuvenate, release, renovate, surrender, step into your power, get intimate, (Scorp rules the sexual act that makes new life), tell people you love them, tell yourself how valuable and fabulous you are & let go of old ‘stuff’ over the coming weeks…if not months… as this is an eclipse so even more potent  and long lasting than a general new moon. With Venus in the mix it’s all about death to old toxic limiting situations both within and without, and re-birth new beginnings for co-operative empowering relationships.

The reason dear od Scorpio gets so much bad press is to do with some of the meanest most unappealing behaviors that humans can play out. So here’s your list of DONT’s – Control & manipulate others because of your own fears and insecurities, be sneaky or devious or vengeful, get depressed because you’re buying into fear of the future and generally freak out if things feel out of control. Got it?

Over the next few days ‘Messenger Mercury’ turns direct so we can start moving with the ideas and plans we’ve been working on in the past weeks, and by late month & early Nov he’s full speed for PR & marketing and important conversations to grow plans for 2015. Then action planet Mars enters Capricorn on the 26th for all of November, igniting fresh energy toward our goals & ambitions.

So why are eclipses so important? Eclipses happen twice a year when the sun moon & earth align on the Nodal Axis. The North & South Nodes are the points where the Moon crosses the ecliptic (the path of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun) every 6 months.

Eclipses have a 19 year cycle, so any eclipse does not have a relationship with a 6 month previous or later eclipse, but rather with the eclipse which happened 19 years before!!  So if you are looking for insight into previous themes of this eclipse go back 19 years to October 1995 and search your memory for what happened then!

The Nodes are considered karmic destiny points so these 19 year cycles open major karmic relationships and events that move us forward toward destiny if they trigger our personal horoscope.

Historically eclipses can trigger major earth shifts & changesquakes etc. plus big shifts in cultural & political activity in the regions under the path of the eclipse over the earth…in this case the eclipse path goes from Siberia to northern & eastern Canada, the Great Lakes and the eastern US, leaving the US at the westernmost point of Florida and ending at the Yucatan after passing over the Gulf of Mexico.

Eclipse families are called Saros Cycles that have themes or features. This one ‘brings an impulsive energy to events. Socializing becomes hectic and issues emerge that motivate the individual to do with financial projects or relationship issues. Whatever the motivation, it is impulsive, passionate and exciting. Have fun, enjoy it’. (Bernadette Brady The Eagle & The Lark)

Eclipses can have a wildcard effect that that we don’t see coming that shift us from one state to another very quickly for our evolution. They can provide whatever it is we need to get moving even if it is something challenging! They bring new life events that can change us in major ways, such as people leaving our lives or new ones entering.

Try not to take major decisions, action or make announcements around the eclipse time but rather wait at least a few weeks to see what events unfold & more information develops. Stay open to sudden developments that take you to unexpected outcomes…i.e. not what you have intended but what your destiny really has in store.

Ancient tradition offers the idea that eclipses offer a periodic ‘pathway to the gods’ as cosmic safety valves, which periodically allow evil forces to escape into the Cosmos, where they will be of no harm to mankind.  According to certain occult theories, the shadow lane of the solar eclipse permitted initiated priests to communicate with the higher gods, and to put to them questions of profound importance.  Some scholars maintain that this was the underlying reason why the ancients built the mysterious stone circles which are still scattered through parts of Northern Europe.

So as close as you can to the times listed below make like your own priest/ess and communicate with your ‘higher gods’ with your own questions and write down the info you receive. It could just be life changing!!!

May the force be with you dear friends!

LA Thurs 14.57    NY  Thurs 17.57

London Thurs 22.57 Sydney Friday  1.57

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