Adventures in Consciousness – Indepth Life Coaching Course

Change Your Thoughts

‘Adventures in Consciousness’…

In-depth Life Coaching Course

with Maggie Kerr

6 Saturdays during 2015 commencing Saturday April 11th


The theme of our time is re-invention & finding new ways to inspire & motivate ourselves & others…so it’s time to share the primary tools and techniques I use in my daily ‘astrotherapy’ spiritual work. My goal is that each of us will create our future reality as we work together over the next 6 months!   WE ARE THE EXPERIMENT!!

In this group we will develop a practical module that you can take with you to share with your networks…or professionally. So this is a ‘journey’ for max 12 great people who are ready to deepen their knowledge and skills!! This ensures personal development time for each person.

Over the 6 weeks we will explore and apply lots of territory including…

Natural Laws & energy systems; Different types of consciousness; Body/Mind/Feeling interface

The ‘transformational process’ as we step beyond the old fear driven limited 3D reality to limitless creative freedom

Mindfulness & self-awareness; who am I?; how do I access my creative spark?

How the primary structure & the ‘shadow’ of our nature are formed in childhood; Transactional Analysis & our inner child

Psycho-synthesis & the jigsaw of the ‘many selves’; dialoguing the ‘sub-personalities’

Identifying & re-programming unconscious DNA patterns & resulting behaviors

Core issues & primary themes – fear, prosperity, rejection, power etc.

Defense mechanisms; Anger & Depression; Victim/Rescuer; Over/under responsibiity

Connecting to our Soul to invite vision & inspiration; unblocking old emotional DNA

Guided Visualization & simple meditation tools for both inner healing & ‘dreaming up our reality’

‘The Science of Mind’ – creating & building conscious thought forms

Our thoughts/words create our reality; linking rational left & intuitive right brain; communication skills

Counselling skills; listening & reflecting; using your intuition; creating ‘the contract for change’

All welcome at any level of Astrology and this program is also for non-astro people.

When:                Saturday 11th April for 6 months        10am – 4.30 pm

Where:               120 Plateau Crescent, Carrara 4211

Cost:                   $90 per session OR $500 if paid in advance. As you are committing to a ‘group development process’ if you miss a session you still pay & receive recordings. Morning tea provided; bring your own lunch & horoscope

Bookings:           Maggie   0755 945959 or

Awesome March 2015

Zap ZoneMarch 2015 opens doors to fresh horizons & possibilities…

OK people get set for the next big trigger point in our evolution as early March brings us an extraordinary set of planetary forces…plus a powerful solar eclipse just ahead of the best looking Equinox Chart for March 21st I have seen in many a year…maybe ever!! This  exciting stuff offers expanding horizons & fresh adventures if we have the guts to step up out of the past and dare to live up to our true potential in a whole new kind of way. It’s time to let go and allow the winds of change to blow into our lives.

You are welcome to book a session to enlighten & enliven your own individual journey just mail me

March brings us intense times of breakdowns & breakthroughs

Needless to say you are going to choose the breakthrough option my friends! Over the past few years a titanic struggle has been unfolding between the old limited 3D reality system and the new ‘enlightened’ consciousness that transcends fear and conflict as the operating system that runs our planet. The first few weeks of March brings us the final blast of Uranus & Pluto dancing their freedom jig WITH Jupiter in Leo to crack open the new seeds of change.

With Mars and Venus already in Aries we are feeling the ‘Universe rumbling’ with heightened conflicts, extreme weather and events, and general sense of ‘something’s gotta give’. So you can either buy into this awful stuff OR step up into a very objective place without involving your energy in any of it…both physically or emotionally…got it!!

I know this is easy for me to say when I am not digging my car out of 20 foot of snow or grieving the loss of my home after a cyclone…and my heart goes out to all who are in the midst of great challenge. But one way or another we are all challenged to build new lives and fresh foundations this year and March will bring us the forward motion to do this!

The real LIBERATION on offer from these revolutionary forces is within our own nature! After all nothing can change in the outer world until we change our inner reality. Independence of thought and action are the hallmarks of a conscious person…along with tolerance and compassion of course! So it’s totally time to be in your awesomeness and get set to take giant leaps of faith toward new creative goodies people. And just duck for cover when/if people try to send you their dramas!!

The months between March and July 2015 are a gateway between the past and the future so keep your eyes and hearts open, stay positive, nurture your ‘wobbly bits’, and be in total trust that you are heading into adventurous, prosperous, exciting times.

SO here’s the game plan for March…

First week brings us Jupiter in Leo trine Uranus in Aries – excellent for advancing your cause or projects and brings fresh optimism and a sense of hope! This is the second of three Jupiter-Uranus trines. The first took place on September 25th 2014 and the third takes place on June 22nd 2015. This is the middle one. This is the door opener so stay alert for incoming opportunities that may also involve you having to step out of your comfort zone! Just leave room for wild cards that change existing plans as you stay adaptable and cool. Expect the unexpected says Uranus and know that what can appear as lost opportunities are just rerouting you onto correct paths. So no point loosing energy with frustrating moments!

This is highlighted by the Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo on March 6th providing the ‘go with the flow’ principle, stimulating our imaginations & downloads from our higher self/Soul. Virgo also provides a reality check on what can be made real and what may just be unrealistic…very helpful. While the Sun is still in Pisces until March 21st it’s still gestation time in our yearly cycle so don’t be too dismayed if things aren’t leaping into action just yet. Stay in your center by taking at least 5 mins a few times a day to breathe light up from your base chakra up through your chakra centers up to your Soul about 40 cms above your head.

Here’s a great 15 min video to re-wire your brain to receive optimally, combined with 7 chakra balancing sound frequencies.  SIRIAN SACRED CIRCUITRY 

Then mid-month we have the final exact pass of the ‘Zap Zone’. During the 4 years between 2012 & 2016 the planets Uranus (84 year cycle) & Pluto (250 year cycle) are forming a challenging connection, creating a major shift within our collective world toward a more conscious relationship with each other & our attitude to the correct use of our planets resources. Old systems are breaking down as new healthy ideas & inventions are coming through to build a better world. This has been affectionately named ‘the zap zone’!

This is the titanic stuff I was referring to and is indeed totally difficult intense energy that also holds the breakthrough possibilities. Don’t be dismayed as the old guard political economic masters amp up their war games, and yes indeed financial systems are totally beyond control. My current position is that I am now choosing not to buy into or give my energy to whether there will be another even bigger GFC this year. I simply suggest it is wise to keep some cash at hand, don’t take on more debt and generally keep your life as simple as possible.

OK then comes a New Moon Solar eclipse just 14 hours before the March 21st Equinox. This eclipse is @ 29 degrees Pisces…the exact fine line between the very end of the 360 degrees of the Zodiac system before it starts again each year on March 21st. Pretty rare stuff! Eclipses have 18.5 year cycles so think back to 1994 to see the themes for this one in your life.

This is the first eclipse in Pisces/Virgo with more to come over next 18 months, opening a new phase in psycho/spiritual growth and breakthroughs in health, animal & earth centered affairs.

This is followed on April 4th by a total Lunar (Full Moon) @ 14deg Aries/Libra –  Fab new partnership and PR options here and/or sudden endings to limiting relationships.

Generally this first pair of 2015 eclipses offer “Sudden success in group projects – good news and happiness in love”. Eclipses are affective for 6 months until the second set in Sept 2015.

But then the real bells and whistles go off with the amazing Equinox chart on March 21st with Sun & Moon & South Node & Uranus & Mars ALL in Aries with splendid contacts to fiery Jupiter in Leo and structural Saturn in fiery Sagittarius. Yep this can be wonderful for progressive change and action BUT also of course we may experience the extremes of global issues coming to a head.

The Equinox chart is the chart for the next 12 months so this carries the theme for the year ahead until March 2016. These planetary forces encourage those of us who are lucky enough to have already apprehended the big picture of these revolutionary times to get out there and write, teach and share our knowledge….says Saturn in Sagittarius! We are about to move into a lightening ‘moment’ that will trigger masses more people to wake up to the unconscious global system and find their voice, step out of complacency and take action to start making our beautiful world a sustainable place for all. It is essential that we walk the talk of tolerance, moderation, balance, and compassion as the world around us may display the exact opposite! Remember our own individual energy defines and creates the outer world so it is up to us to be the counterpoint of positive force to the negatives! OK I’ll get off my soapbox now!!

For those who may have ben reading my little offerings along the way you will be familiar with my oft used benediction “Live long & prosper”. Well yes I was a ‘treckie’ and remember when I was 8 years old hiding in the hall peeking through the door while my father watched Star Trek…it was past my bedtime! Captain Kirk and Spock were my heroes as they epitomized the Mid 60s revolutionary times when Uranus and Pluto met for the first time in 145 years! This totally original show opened our consciousness to distant worlds and other galaxies and was formative in my life! So blessings to Leonard Nimoy…Mr Spock…live long and prosper! …and may you all be inspired to evolve toward the new inclusive consciousness that recognizes that there is a Universal Law that governs our reality…We Are All One! Blessings to you all – Maggie

Maggie’s next Saturday Astro Session

Saturday April 11th – Carrara on the Gold Coast 10am-4pm In-depth Counselling/Coaching Training over 6 Saturdays

‘Due to popular demand’ as they say…I will be sharing the primary tools & techniques I use in my daily astro-therapy counselling work over 6 x 1 day seminars. Investment is $90 per session $500 for all.

The primary focus includes; Identifying & re-programming unconscious patterns & resultant behaviors; Core issues & primary themes; Defense mechanisms; Anger & Depression; Guided Visualization; Dialoguing the ‘sub-personalities; Communication skills; & lots more interesting life changing tools.

The group will be max 12 great people who are ready to deepen their knowledge and skills!!

Diploma of Traditional and Contemporary Astrology – with Damian Rocks …combines horary astrology with modern client-centred techniques which aim to help you greatly increase your astrological skill set and expertise. The complete course is available on-line or attend in Sydney – next intake April 19th. 

I will be offering the in-depth training on psychotherapeutic technique in the 2nd year of this diploma course. Full details @

We had a great day for the ‘Astrology of 2015’ seminar and recordings are now available for $30 if you’d like to mail me & I’ll send via dropbox PLUS the 40 slides of the power point presentation.

All welcome at any level of Astrology & is also great for non-astro peeps. RIng me at 0755945959 or email click here to book. I will send you confirmation + address 10am – 4.00pm – BYO lunch.