Astro Report for May 2015

Taurus 2‘Heavens Above’ astro insights for May 2015 – It’s Taurus time!

Yep the last few months have been OTT indeed, so if you’re a tad pooped you’ll be pleased to hear the heavy duty tensions & challenges from the ‘zap zone’ of revolutionary Uranus & transformer Pluto are done for now, although the larger implications of the breakdown/ breakthrough period of the 2010’s will keep us all on our toes for many years to come! As we venture into our ‘brave new world’ where conscious co-operation will replace selfish greed & reckless misuse of our natural world it’s clear to see we have a long way to go before the government & corporate models are re-invented! On that note onto Taurus!

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Things are about to get very busy in May!With both communicator Mercury and active Mars moving into Gemini we’ll be in bizzy mental & verbal territory, so don’t plan on too much lounge lizard time. The trick will be to use new connections, knowledge & information to your advantage, as you also integrate these toward steady growth in your business & financial world courtesy of Sun in steady hard working Taurus. Scroll down for more details on both of these features.

Full Moon @ 14 degrees Taurus/Scorpio on May 4th. is all about money & power – the 2 most important things for these two signs. Expect major global announcements and/or shifts in money & stock markets, as with both Jupiter & Pluto involved in this full moon things could get BIG. Personally take care to keep your spending in check and don’t be suckered into risky ‘investments’…like mortgaging your home to invest elsewhere. I rattle on quite a bit about global financial issues below…

New Moon @ 26 degrees Taurus on May 18th is opposite Saturn suggesting restraint and re-structuring of money matters & with Saturn in Sagittarius this becomes global. The ruler of Taurus is Venus and she is in Cancer and on the Sun in the USA chart bringing the US to the front burner in the equation. New Moons signal new beginnings so here’s to some kind of positive global financial re-set, as things are pretty crazy out there! Once again take great care not to get suckered into the current real estate bubble as this is a very risky game with interest rates so low! Re-orient your investments toward community projects & clever new inventions etc rather than playing in the old 3D reality paradigm!!

Taurus is Mother Earth… We’ve just had both a Solar & Lunar Eclipse during March & April that are effective until September & the next set of eclipses. In terms of Taurus and Mother Earth history shows eclipses often accompany increased natural disasters. In recent days there has been a devastating earthquake in the Himalayas in Nepal and massive eruption of Calcuco Volcano in the Andes of Chile. “The Himalayas and the Andes represent the spiritual axes of our earth – the Andes anchoring the Divine Feminine pole and the Himalayas anchoring the Divine Masculine pole. These events deliver yet another urgent message to humanity. The Great Mother is shaking at Her core and seeking to restore equilibrium at Her poles. Each one of us may assist by re-establishing balance within our beings. We are Her Body.” From my friend Esoteric Astrologer Phillip Lindsay

Our Earth is known as Gaia. She is a sentient intelligent being trying hard to manage all the damage that is being inflicted upon her. We are also under the influence of Solar activity…flares and such…and these are indeed the major factor in our changing global weather patterns of late…think ‘mini ice-age’ beginning…in case you haven’t noticed. Our job as the human custodians of Gaia is to nurture, protect, preserve, uplift and heal. Taurus reminds us that we had better get on with doing this!

It is such an exciting and fascinating time to be alive…

…despite the pressure of the intense transforming energies and feelings of exhaustion and all that stuff. The message in Taurus time is to conserve your resources, continue to build firm foundations on the fresh seeds opened during Aries time, and embrace Uranus to innovate and dare to grow and change. Taurus calls us to be accountable for our footprints on Mother Earth and to use our intentions, thoughts, words and actions to do this. Here is a link to a great meditation to do this ‘A true Vision for Accountability’!

Taurus rules beauty and art and music and pleasure and nature and gardens and food. So make sure to indulge yourself in the best of all of these in the coming weeks. Spend lots of time in nature, and source your local growers markets and support your own local farmers & food producers. Take warm baths in minerals that help release stress such as magnesium and while you are soaking count your blessings, and tell yourself how well & safe & fabulous you are!!

Taurus & Values…

The Zodiac is simply a model for the 12 ingredients in our human ‘operating system’. The 1st stage is Aries from March 21st where we are meant to develop a courageous independent WILL to ACTION and give birth to the seeds that we will grow and develop over the coming natural year. Taurus is the 2nd stage in the ’12 System’ where we create the values that motivate our will. Then we can direct our thoughts and words in Stage 3 Gemini. “We each create a ‘value system’ in the course of our lives – the qualities, substances and experiences we believe are worthwhile, significant, important and useful. Our values give meaning to our lives and help shape the substance of who we are.  They are what we base our entire belief about profit and gain upon, and what price we are willing to pay for something both psychically and emotionally. They are the result of the messages we received in childhood about how ‘worthwhile’ we are & whether we are worthy to be valued at all. This sets the stage for our inner & outer security into adult life.

For thousands of years we have been instinctively following this core need to ‘get safe and secure’ but in an unconscious way.  We have been projecting our ‘desire nature’ toward gathering and amassing external security and all the trappings of the good life as an expression of what is valuable in our consumptive west. The health of our planet’s biosphere affects our prosperity. Our planet is a finite place with finite resources and if economists assume that the world will continue to behave as it does now we remain in great danger.

The whole philosophy of money and wealth must be re-defined so we can step through the global shift in consciousness.” (Excerpt from my ’12 System’ book)  click here if you’d like to purchase a copy So personally it’s time to heal any old limiting beliefs about our right to be secure and prosperous. Your mantra is ‘I am valuable and prosperous…I am safe’! This also nurtures any fears that may be running in your life. Remember ‘fear is the mind-killer’ and the current global elite system loves to keep us afraid so they can tell us that the things they do are ‘in the national interest’…ha! When we step beyond fear we are free to become powerful and prosperous as a creative individual. This is the outcome on offer in these ‘shifting times’. Scroll down for my rant about Taurus and the global financial system if you are inclined as it’s time to briefly outline what our friends the planets are up to during May.

Mercury enters Gemini and gets set to do his retrograde thing… Mercury retrogrades (apparently goes backward) three times each year. As this is the planet whose magnetisms affect all forms of communication these periods are when IT and gizmos don’t work properly and messages/mail gets lost…you get the idea. So don’t buy new appliances, back up your computer, be aware that travel plans may change, avoid signing contracts etc. as details are often incorrect. 2015 Mercury retro periods are in air signs highlighting opportunities to re-do, re-evaluate, re-organize your ideas and information and set up networks. As this one is also in the sign of Gemini which he rules, multiply this times 2!

He is retro between 19th May till 12th June – but not till June 27th for full steam ahead. I’m figuring patience will be a virtue we will need during this period. There will be info flying all over the shop so be very careful what you buy into or believe, and make sure you are totally clear in your own communications. So your mantra on this one is “I am heard and understood’! This is a great period to prepare any writing projects, revise existing ones, expand your networks and use your mind to visualize your future outcomes.

An interesting ingredient in this Mercury Gemini period is when he forms an opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius early month, so issues regarding freedom of speech, personal responsibility, truth, justice and clarity between what is right and what is wrong come center stage. Saturn is associated with fear and trepidation and also rules regulations and boundaries, so we are seeing evidence of this with the enforced legislation for vaccinations being proposed, & New South Wales Supreme Court overturning NSW Govt decisions to ban fracking in northern NSW!  These are both examples of the absolutely crazy backwards moves being enforced under Saturn in Sag. This may set the stage for major growth in people waking up & beginning to use their voices to unite in peaceful opposition to the erosion of civil freedoms.

Visionary Jupiter in Leo finally gets moving Expansive Jupiter finally gets his wings on during May after 6 long months doing his retro go slow thing since early Dec last year. He has been stimulating our creative juices as he does his one year run through Leo (since July last year until Sept 2015). So keep growing your creative projects in preparation for June when he connects with change agent Uranus and positive new goodies take off.

Activator Mars also enters Gemini on May 13th …adding even more spice to the words & info stuff I’ve already outlined. The thing is with Mars he doesn’t mind a battle so be aware that when you open your mouth it does have consequences. Great timing for bringing in support for your IT and promotions networking, buzzing around to workshops & learning programs, and jumping on planes. But don’t forget that Mercury is also retro so be patient if said planes are late. Downside here can be scattering your energy in too many areas and promising more than you can deliver, and be careful not to get distracted by trivia and generally superficial gossip. Turn off your techno world for at least a few hours each day and if there’s too much info flying just stop and breathe and give your mind a break! At best this phase offers new training for using your mind in union with your intuition…more about this subject in June’s newsletter.

Harmonizing Venus enters Cancer on May 8th …giving us a heads-up on the lovin’ nurturing essence of our mid-year phase. She opposes Pluto in Capricorn on the 22nd & squares Uranus in Aries on 24th triggering the good old ‘zap zone’, so expect change around the home front that may seem pretty tense but ultimately offers release and freedoms. If you’d like more info on the ‘Zap Zone’ and full details for all of 2015 have a read of my 2015 Astrology Report   

Taurus rules money & the global financial machine is in crisis… But hey don’t worry folks they just keep printing money and shoring up a banking system that invests in unsustainable products, makes massive profits from derivatives trading and by sucking people into ever greater debt! Since the GFC of 2008 global debt has escalated by trillions of dollars, and as our governments are so closely allied with the international banking system they do absolutely nothing to reign in this non-productive & totally destructive system. It is totally essential that we all lobby our local/state/federal reps that the 1% horrible unconscious system is no longer acceptable to 99% of us!

Almost everyone has been suckered into the global debt slavery system. It has become the new normal to carry lots of debt…they call it being ‘highly leveraged’. Which is another way of saying you are stuck…often in a job you don’t like to pay for things you didn’t really need that are becoming obsolete before you have finished paying for them! The age of excess is now over my friends and conspicuous consumption is now totally embarrassing! So use this beautiful Taurus time to make conscious choices about your values and where you invest them Things have now reached a critical mass where the % of credit debt to the gdp of all nations will never be able to re repaid! So is this the new ‘normal’? Or is it time to admit that the old system must be re-made to allow people to get back to making things for a living and earning fair income from their efforts, rather than paying taxes for governments to sell assets to private corporate control that were never theirs to sell in the first place!!

The very fact that we are ‘indentured’ at birth to our government so they can use us as leverage to buy debt is so ridiculous that it beggars belief…but this is how our corporate governments are structured. The bottom line is that our current broken capitalist system has to be re-made. And there is a growing groundswell of 99% who realize this and are beginning to offer freedom based alternatives. This is why we must educate ourselves about how to step out of the debt slavery system into new sustainable financial models that honor the correct use of resources on our beautiful planet.

Farming is ruled by Taurus…remember the gentle cows that we eat and milk? Well we’ve been milking our planet to the point of destruction as farmers fight for the right to grow food against mining companies, to whom our government gives the right to destroy priceless valuable habitat & pollute the precious water systems. Absolutely crazy folks!! Forgive me if I have a little rant here as this topic has captured my attention for all the decades I have been studying physical and metaphysical systems. I am appalled that we still give power to our governments to perpetrate these crimes against humanity and nature.

Meanwhile bankers & traders are throwing themselves off tall buildings with increasing frequency… suicide we are told despite evidence to the contrary. So what’s going on behind the scenes in the private banking system? Stock markets are overpriced making record highs for invisible profits on companies that produce nothing…like google & facebook etc. Banks run 2 sets of books to hide massive losses on debt yet still make record profits. It’s like being in a fantasy world where reality has ceased to exist!  Events in global banking & stock markets will be front & center over coming weeks. Could this be the trigger that finally pops the debt bubble or at least provoke legislators to separate the private and public banking sectors? We can also expect crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin to start become more popular as people seek alternatives to cash currencies, although there are pitfalls in these also. Meanwhile there is rising opposition growing to the U.N. backed covert globalist plan called ‘Agenda 21’, which gives power to Govts to take private property & resources under the guise of ‘sustainability’. The bottom line is that governments in their current form are seeking to limit ‘self ownership and governance’ by giving themselves limitless powers to remove our civil liberties. So think globally, act locally and become part of the revolution!  Find out more about some of these topics in the links below. Beyond Left and Right — Where Do We Get Our News? 

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A few more interesting astro titbits… Dawn’s new Ceres color map reveals surface diversity There is a wonderful synchronicity that occurs when the scientific agenda gives us new info about a piece of our solar system or galaxy, as the mythic theme of the  body carries relevance for our evolutionary understanding. This first example is the landing of a probe on asteroid Ceres recently. Ceres in mythology is a Mother archetype as she was Goddess of grain. Thus we have a fresh reminder that the nature of how we grow our food and eat and nourish ourselves has everything to do with our health & wellbeing.

This piece about Pluto is from my dear friend/colleague Jeanni Monks so thought it worth her direct quote. “Throughout this year, the slow-moving planet Pluto will be opposing the fixed star, Sirius, located at close to 14° Cancer. During 2015, Pluto moves between 13° Capricorn on January 1 and 15° Capricorn on December 31. The star Sirius is connected to our galactic origins and, esoterically, to humanity’s divine destiny. The slow dance of the opposing bodies Pluto and Sirius during 2015 indicates a cycle of growth and of transformation, indeed. Pluto with his moon, Charon (the ferryman), metaphorically, are playing the guides for us out of our ego-based 3D world into our soul/spirit based trans-dimensional world. It is possible that this can come by way of some intense experiences for much of humanity this year as we are confronted with bringing light to our shadow selves. One of the images of Pluto is the phoenix rising from the ashes, so this year can be quite alchemical where we can turn base metal into gold out of the fires of transformation. Of course to do this, we need to go within and be willing to question and let go the structures, limitations, old patterns, dogmas and traditions that are not valid for our lives – and may never have been valid but we believed in them because we were told they were true.

On January 15, 2015, the New Horizons NASA spacecraft began its approach phase to Pluto, which will result in the first flyby of Pluto on July 14, 2015. Something to ponder upon, is that perhaps when we look at the photographs that will stream back to us here on Earth from New Horizons, we can also reach our own new horizons regarding our understanding of how the Light and Dark can work together in our lives. Somebody recently remarked to me that “it is maybe a year to invite your demons to tea”!

The Sun then  also enters busy Gemini on May 21st as we proceed into the 3rd sign or stage in our natural year – more on this in my next letter. Live long and prosper people!! And make sure you have as much fun as often as your possibly can!!! Cheers to all Maggie

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Full Moon Eclipse over Easter

Deco Man‘Heavens Above’ astro insights for April 2015

Late March & early April are super intense times on planet earth people, as we head toward the lunar eclipse over the Easter weekend on April 4th, which just happens to hit bang on dear old Uranus and Pluto doing their breaking down re-invention thing. Ah such fun…not!
Anything that is no longer relevant will be screaming at you to please release let me/it go, as you also discover if you really do trust and flow principle in your life!
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Once we get past Saturday’s lunar eclipse we start heading into calmer times… 

Just a quickie this month dear like-minded friends as I am bizzy writing my new ‘Adventures in Consciousness’ spiritual life caching program. This is a very exciting new development in my career as I will share key ideas and tools to ‘design out reality’! Scroll to end for details!

A lunar eclipse (2 per year) happens on this next full moon on Saturday, with Sun in Aries and full moon opposite in Libra @ 14 degrees. Aries/Libra is the ‘me and others’ partnerships axis…& full moon eclipses also play out opposite or polarized positions! So we have a double whammy on the way here and it’s all about me & my partners both personal and professional. This extreme tension may also manifest as ‘extreme events’…terrorism & weather etc. We can feel the effects of eclipses for weeks before and up to 6 months after, so if you’re already dealing with endings/separations and new beginnings with partners it is no surprise! Change agent Uranus is also in Aries with the Sun so things can happen quite suddenly and unexpectedly even though the issues may have been brewing for a while.

The theme is’ freedom to be me’ and stepping out of situations where you have not been authentic for whatever reason…usually fear of loss or rejection. The amazing upside is the excellent cool new people who will begin to arrive over the next 6 months who offer a wonderful new mirror. Part of the conscious shift means it’s time for partnerships where everyone is equally in their power. This eclipse also signals new PR and promotions opportunities.
The ‘blood red’ lunar eclipse is exact on east coast OZ from 8.16pm but it will only be total for 5 mins around 10pm. So take those chairs & blankies to the garden to enjoy this rare phenomena, and while you’re there set your intention to “bye bye old things/people/patterns that no longer resonate with who I am, and hello new fab conscious ingredients in my life!” Honestly folks this is the pivotal moment in these ‘shifting times’ as we cross the bridge between the past and the future.

The old unconscious systems of or world are in total lockdown as the inescapable urge for change & re-invention are hammering on their door, so be aware that people are stretched to the max over the next week or so. Your job is to stay calm as you sit in your protected bubble deflecting in-coming shite. At the risk of sounding like a stuck record I’ll say again…the theme of this tumultuous period is stepping into new original ways of re-inventing ourselves. Anything that is part of old stuck patterns has to go. Struggle and powerlessness are part of old 3D reality programming and totally not part of designing our conscious reality from here!

The theme of Easter deserves a mention here as this is the penultimate death/resurrection symbol in our calendar. How appropriate that this lunar eclipse blast of energy accompanies the final pass of the Uranus Pluto square of this past 3 years…also known as the zap zone. So here’s to death and release of the old ‘suffering based’ systems that run our planet and the re-birth into higher sustainable equitable conscious times for us all. When you’re enjoying that easter egg close your eyes and connect with your own  new life cracking out of the shell…we are brand new from this point!

Amidst the challenging stressful stuff are seeds of ideas and insights that will change your life…just stay open to them. You have had many clues over the past few years that are leading you toward your true authentic self…new possible collaborations…networks…training…whatever. The key in all of this is to finally get our ego and mind under control and start really working with our Soul…she knows the way. This is true freedom…when we surrender to our Soul everything else begins to fall into place and the magic starts to happen. There is so magic in the air right now!

Visionary Jupiter in Leo
…brings us this magic as he aligns beautifully with the eclipse offering us new opportunities and the courage to take advantage of them. He is in excellent aspect with Uranus in Aries who is on the Sun with this eclipse, offering a very exciting change/freedom ingredient!  We really have to believe in our power as individuals who are united with other conscious  individuals in our intention to heal and change our world. This is a time to unleash our passion and creativity in totally new ways. Jupiter has been doing his retrograde thing for the past 5 months which explains why you may feel the treading water thing, and frustrated by slow motion.

So hoorah Jupiter also turns direct on April 7th a few days after the solar eclipse releasing the brakes from the train. It will still take a few weeks to get things moving so by May lots of action begins to unfold. June is fabulous…but more on that in future newsletters.

Mars in Taurus
The general atmosphere begins to calm after April 10th as the dust settles and we will start to really notice and be able to work with Mars in Taurus. Mars is where we are meant to be directing our energy and in Taurus he says ‘let’s get practical and deal with the reality of setting things up.’ He will be here until May 12th so make like a steady bull and put the effort into developing the territory that has been unlocked while he has been in Aries.  Your mantra for Mars in Taurus is “I am  worth it!”

Venus in Gemini
Venus also changes sign on April 11th as she enters Gemini until May 7th opening a fab 3 weeks for expanding your networks and partnerships to new levels. This is all very social and chatty and busy with a lighter fun flavor than in ages, and also excellent for throwing around knowledge and ideas. Go for it!!

New Moon in Aries
OK then we have the next new moon on April 18th @ 28 degrees of Aries. This is the last blast of ‘let’s go what’s next Aries’. This is a fresh start, new beginnings new moon as it is blessedly not stirred up by any other planets!!! This is incredibly dynamic and powerful if you set your intentions from a positive place and are willing to initiate a new phase in your life. Yay!!

The Sun then enters sensuous generous Taurus on April 21st as we enter the 2nd sign or stage in our natural year – more on this in my next letter.
Make the most of this breakthrough lunar eclipse over the next week!

Cheers to all Maggie

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