Astrology for June 2015

Gemini Erte 4‘Heavens Above’ astro insights for June 2015 – A Little Touch of Gemini!

Said with ‘tongue in cheek’ as we actually have a major dose of Gemini this month and this makes little me very happy! Also pleased to report that June finally has some goodies on offer we have been patiently awaiting for many months. Mental and verbal gymnastics abound under these quicksilver planets so it’s all about USING your mind & mouth proactively and productively to get the best out of this excellent month ahead. Our thoughts create our reality after all…remember?  Mail me if you’d like a session to enlighten & enliven your own individual journey

Gemini Offers Us Mastery Of Our MInd – here’s a few tips!  

  • Your mind is a tool… not the master!
  • Give yourself permission to let go of your working rational mind for a while each day so your intuitive mind can download ideas & insights
  • This creates ‘Whole Brain’ thinking
  • Set your intentions & visualize the outcomes using your mind each day!
  • Let yourself be clever & inventive

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There’s plenty to get excited about in June, as Air and Fire planets sizzle with bold new direction!  We have lots of busy planets in Gemini, Venus entering Leo, and expansionary Jupiter aligning with inventive Uranus. So finally some fun and adventures are on the way.

With Sun + Mercury + Mars all in Gemini our focus on things mental and verbal continues unabated this month, as the sign of the twins brings us the third ingredient in our natural year. On March 21st our true year begins as we give birth to our new creative seeds in Aries time – then nourish them in Taurus time – then ‘spread the word’ in Gemini time! Thus writing, teaching, networking, technology, travel and communications are all associated with this sign. At best Gemini is great at multi-tasking, clever and fab at keeping lots of balls…ideas…in the air. At worst we have scatterbrained, superficial and great at wasting mental and verbal energy…but that’s not you is it!!

The planet that rules Gemini is Mercury, a clever fellow who conveyed messages between the Gods and we mortals. Thus by developing our intuition we can connect with the Gods…our higher self…to receive messages & guidance and connect these with our rational mind skills. Hence the DUAL nature of this sign offers us the synthesis of our left and right brain, which is indeed a major feature of our current evolutionary process.

Busy little Mercury has been going backwards or retrograde since mid May (this happens 3 times each year), and he begins to move forward once more from mid June. So until then continue to learn new stuff, write and organize your projects to use this time wisely, rather than feel dismayed that things are blocked or people aren’t getting back to you with commitments etc. Use your Mind to focus clearly on your dreams and goals and intentions!! Great time for strategic planning my friends and staying alert for incoming info and clues and guidance to add to your story. Then get set to launch fresh ideas and get high on the excitement of things falling into place as the month progresses.  So here’s the list of goodies on the way – jot them in your diary to get the best out of these timings!!

Venus enters Leo on 5th June…yay! When Venus…the goddess of love beauty and pleasure, comes calling to Leo…the sign of passion and creativity, it ushers in a splendid opportunity for some fun and romance and partying after these recent hard working times!! Venus usually speeds through a sign in ONE month BUT this time she will do a retrograde period between late July and early September – that’s 6 weeks total – then she finally leaves Leo in early October. Venus has an 8 YEAR retrograde cycle back to any sign, so think back to mid 2007 for the last time she was here. What were you doing and was this a positive prosperous time?

Leo rules all things creative and procreative so kids and your inner child will all be a source of pleasure, and creative mojo will be riding high, especially as she is joining bountiful Jupiter also in Leo. Your mantra is “I am totally free to have fun and joy in my life and be passionate about my creativity!”. As Leo rules leaders, entertainers and royalty these will come into the spotlight, and with the other positive features in the mix this month I’m hoping we may actually see some new conscious leaders with true creative vision coming forward at last…god knows we need some!! We are all leaders as we model our lives for others or ‘walk our talk’, so make sure you give people positive approval as you motivate them to dare to unleash their…and your own creativity.

Full Moon @ 11 degrees Gemini & Sagittarius on 2nd June  I’m lovin this next full moon as it offers the release of energy out toward our vision and life purpose and sets the stage for major openings and opportunities. This is about big words and ideas so there will be major international type announcements and revelations. A great example here is the release of comedian Russell Brand’s new doco/movie “The Emporer’s New Clothes”, an expose of the global financial scam. About time someone brave and clever stepped up to the plate to spread the truth about what’s really going on with government/ banking/ media/corporate agendas!! Go Russell you are my hero and a superb example of clever quick Mercury and Gemini. After I wrote this I actually looked up his details and made his chart – low and behold he is a Gemini with Moon in Aries & this new moon is on his sun!! So dare to think/speak/connect/dream and act big in the 2 weeks from the 2nd through until the…

New Moon on 16th June @ 25 degrees Gemini. This one is bright and sparking with energy…once again it’s all about the Gemini stuff I’ve already outlined BUT this is the new beginning that finally unleashes some action, as activator Mars joins the Sun and Moon. It’s important to remember that we are in a collective revolution right now taking us from an old world view to a new conscious renaissance, so this Gemini time offers us the spread of the truth about the way our culture is programmed with words and ideas to keep us stuck and limited by fear and insecurity! So it’s vitally important that we BUY OUT of the old programs and BUY INTO the new ones that offer freedom and change and learn to use our Minds consciously. There will be info flying all over the shop so be very careful what you buy into or believe, and make sure you are totally clear in your own communications. So your mantra on this one is “I am heard and understood’! This new moon also coincides with…

Jupiter in Leo trine Uranus in Aries in mid-June This is a very fortuitous connection that smacks of lucky breaks, unexpected windfalls and generally breaking free of past limiting conditions…yay! Jupiter urges us to expand and reach toward distant horizons with faith and optimism that we are free to be creative and bold in all things. Uranus is the lord of revolution and change, loves a bit of chaos to stir up old structures so we can also break free. What a terrific team we have coming into play here so be aware that whatever presents itself mid-month has bells and whistles to your life progress from here.

Then it is Solstice time on June 21st as the Sun enters Cancer The Solstice marks the change of seasons when the Sun is directly over the equator and day and night are of equal length – mid-summer for you guys up north and mid-winter for we antipods down under! This is the quarter point in our natural year (beginning on March 21st), where we must nurture our lives and projects and attend to home and family matters. More on this in the July newsletter.

Saturn retrograde heads back into Scorpio on June 16th A little touch of seriousness on this one, as we do need to keep in mind that he is stepping back into Scorpio until Sept 19th for his completion in this sign before finally moving into Sagittarius. Saturn in Scorp brought us those awful few years between 2012/14 as our personal and global systems were stretched to the max and it became all too obvious that the corptocracy that runs the planet is totally out of control. During this time they implemented greater controls and limits on civil and personal rights (because of the war on terrorism) to keep everyone/thing under control, and pushed global debt to unprecedented levels. So don’t be at all surprised when there is another round of this over the next few months as global share markets are riding high on unsustainable debt…not good! The upside is another round of whistleblowers and revelations of corruption in high places – like the arrests this week of CEOs of the FIFA Soccer Union + ongoing accountability re the dodgy financial advisers from major Banks. So use this next few months personally to clear and release any old unconscious blockages and limiting beliefs about your right to be powerful or the need to ‘stay in control’ of others in the mistaken belief that this will keep you safe!

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Have a prosperous exciting month and make sure you have as much fun as often as your possibly can!!! Cheers to all Maggie