July 2015 Astro Report

Cancer full moon

The claws of Cancer the Crab draws us to safety & embodies the urge to nurture & protect those we love. The ‘ Divine Mother’ Moon rules Cancer

  • Our emotional safety is the key to creating meaningful & lasting results
  • Your mantra for July is “I am safe”!

The Heavens give us a rare treat to open July…

In the midst of our crazy world take time to enjoy the glorious full moon shining her light on the sublime beauty of Venus & Jupiter in the early evening  western sky! Known as the ‘benefics’, they only meet once every 12 years in the sign of Leo, signaling very positive expansive opportunities for relationships, creative expression, heart opening, joy and passion. They will pass each other twice more on August 4th & Oct 25th.
This fiery combo also ignites the Full Moon on July 2nd 

With Sun in Cancer joined by warrior Mars, opposite Moon in Capricorn joined by transformer Pluto. The result? Well astrology can show us the territory but the events remain a surprise! 

As Cancer rules the ‘homeland’ and Mars will attack or defend this I’m wondering if this little combo may set some cats amongst pigeons, as we have already seen an escalation in the terrorist activity in several countries over the past 10 days since Sun entered Cancer. When we add the Pluto factor, themes of control & revenge leap out of boxes!  As all of this falls on the Sun of the USA chart, we won’t be surprised to see plenty of action in government/banking systems over the coming weeks as the farce that is the US political system kicks into high gear with election propaganda. The simple call no matter where we live is vote for independents who don’t tow party lines, as both parties serve the same masters…the banks. Remember our governments are meant to serve us!

On the upside this tense encounter can herald a major activation to the awakening population via the positive dynamic energies of Venus & Jupiter in Leo, as they also connect with revolutionary Uranus in Aries. It is so profoundly obvious that the global system is broken, so this first week of July offers a stunning line in the sand as the old models begin to give way to new ones and the wave of change accelerates!

Just this week there is news that the coal industry is loosing its power to attract infrastructure investment…yay! Electricity companies are also being forced to change their models to solar & alternate options or they will go broke. A great example of the techno advances of late now finally offers the Tesla Battery storage for solar that has been so heavily blocked by the goal/gas corps…up until now!! Also major news from the US as the Supreme Court rules for same-sex marriage. This is massive progress for the movement that began in the mid 60’s during the Uranus & Pluto conjunction for gay & lesbian rights (and civil & women’s for that matter). Remember we have been experiencing their 90 degree square since 2011 through to next year, so here we see the development of their revolutionary transformational 145 year cycle.

Here then is the upside of these very challenging times as people power demands human rights agendas. Now all we have to do is enlighten & transform the banking & big pharma & munitions & media & dirty energy cartels and things will be heading toward the conscious equitable future we all deserve. On that note a number of financial analysts are talking up the high risk of another banking crisis in second half 2015. The simple call as ever is make sure to have some gold/silver and cash stashed just in case. Thrive Movement Global Financial Update

So how do we use all of this personally? Wisely!! Areas of life up for grab here are classic cardinal sign territory. Cancer = home & family security Capricorn = career & social status Aries = action & enterprise Libra = personal & professional relationships  The urge to break free from constricting old situations in any of these areas will be intense! Changes of home base and career developments can bring much needed ‘refreshing’, as can dumping old limiting relationships and aligning with progressive new people. Sometimes under these kind of dynamic goodies we may have change foisted upon us, but of course our psyche is just acting on our behalf if we are frightened to let go!! The trick is to avoid angry controlling people, assert with courage into new areas without being aggressive or attacking to defend your turf, empowering your career goals and ambition, and nurturing & protecting yourself and others as you go. Easy!!

Full Moon on July 16th @ 23 degrees Cancer New Moons are all about new beginnings thus the home/family/security/roots/foundations Cancer themes are triggered for fresh developments. As Cancer rules our’ emotional body’…the seat of feeling, we need to be aware of our old unconscious patterns stored on our DNA hard drive we instinctively tap into, because these feed our conscious thoughts and actions. This new moon offers a huge opportunity to become aware of and actively transform these as Mercury also joins Mars in Cancer and both are opposite Pluto in Capricorn. We can liberate ourselves from family and ancestral stuff here! Just because Mum or Dad & their forebears had unsafe emotional material doesn’t mean we have to drag this with us into our future. Freedom rules!!!!!!!!!

The Mars Pluto factor also amplifies the general anger in global populations at the ongoing betrayal of our government systems as they tighten their grip on sovereign rights and resources. Most people don’t even realize this is what they are actually angry about as it is not generally acceptable to be angry so everyone carries on ‘putting up’ with the global mess. Then they buy guns or do road or family rage…very sad. So please learn to own your anger/frustration and express it in healthy ways by having your say or protesting assertively.

Venus enters Virgo briefly on 18th July…then retrogrades back into Leo for all of August & September! This is a rerun of last month’s post just in case you missed it. When Venus…the goddess of love beauty and pleasure, comes calling to Leo…the sign of passion and creativity, it ushers in a splendid opportunity for some fun and romance and partying after these recent hard working times!! Venus usually speeds through a sign in ONE month BUT this time she will do a retrograde period between late July and early September – that’s 6 weeks total – then she finally leaves Leo in early October. Venus has an 8 YEAR retrograde cycle back to any sign, so think back to mid 2007 for the last time she was here. What were you doing and was this a positive prosperous time?

Leo rules all things creative and procreative so kids and your inner child will all be a source of pleasure, and creative mojo will be riding high, especially as she is joining bountiful Jupiter also in Leo. Your mantra is “I am totally free to have fun and joy in my life and be passionate about my creativity!”. As Leo rules leaders, entertainers and royalty these will come into the spotlight, and with the other positive features in the mix this month I’m hoping we may actually see some new conscious leaders with true creative vision coming forward at last…god knows we need some!! We are all leaders as we model our lives for others or ‘walk our talk’, so make sure you give people positive approval as you motivate them to dare to unleash their…and your own creativity.

Sun enters Leo on July 23rd As ever I am delighted by the contrast as we move from one sign to the next and as I happen to love anything Leo…well the good bits anyway…I’m always happy when Mr Sun opens his arms into the passion and creative fire of Leo. He joins both Venus and Jupiter already in Leo and opens the door for a totally action packed August after the rather tense but progressive July period. Mars also enters Leo in August bringing bells and whistles to ignite our forward motion.

Saturn continues retrograde back in Scorpio during July A little touch of seriousness on this one, as we do need to keep in mind that he is stepping back into Scorpio until Sept 19th for his completion in this sign before finally moving into Sagittarius. Saturn in Scorp brought us those awful few years between 2012/14 as our personal and global systems were stretched to the max and it became all too obvious that the corptocracy that runs the planet is totally out of control. During this time they implemented greater controls and limits on civil and personal rights (because of the war on terrorism) to keep everyone/thing under control, and pushed global debt to unprecedented levels. So don’t be at all surprised when there is another round of this over the next few months as global share markets are riding high on unsustainable debt…not good! Use this next few months personally to clear and release any old unconscious blockages and limiting beliefs about your right to be powerful or the need to ‘stay in control’ of others in the mistaken belief that this will keep you safe!

July promises to be a volatile but amazingly progressive month my friends so stay chilled and in your center as you ride the powerful waves of exciting change with an open and loving heart! Blessings to all Maggie

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