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2016 Horoscopes Maggie Kerr  61 755 945959 www.universalastrology.com.au  www.facebook.com/UniversalAstrology  Follow on twitter @universalmaggie          These insights are for the Sun signs so make sure you also read your Moon and Ascendant signs . If you don’t know these connect with me to organize a session! Cheers

aries-2016Another big year on the way for you guys and gals as revolutionary Uranus continues his passage through your sign in his relentless process of change and re-invention. Even now as you look back at your life since 2011 it’s clear that you ain’t the same Ram you used to be and hopefully you’ve healed old immature impulsiveness and tendencies to ‘it’s all about me’ as the big shifts for you through these years require you to learn co-operation with others! If you’re born between April 10th & 14th it’s now your turn for some pretty major new developments that will potentially spin your life in new directions and in some cases free you up from old home based situations/people/careers…in some cases whether you like it or not. You’ll be attracting clever & inventive people & ideas to feed and stimulate your evolution… indeed the wackier & more original the better as it’s all about the clever new inventions & ingredients that are creating the future over these dynamic years.

You kids are the pioneers of the Zodiac your job is to ‘start up’ the engines of change as the entrepreneurs who are brave enough to take risks and go for it as you love and need a challenge. Just make sure any new person or idea is true to values that offer results to improve our world…not just feather your own nest. Therein lays your major life lesson my friends. The big news for you over 2016 and into 2017 comes in the form of Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius triggering your ‘zone of higher learning & international affairs’.

This natural fire link amps up proceedings big time, but as Saturn is known as the taskmaster who helps us build and construct our lives the message is you must also be prepared to do some work and be a pretty responsible Ram. This ingredient also asks you to review and maybe make some changes to your core beliefs if they are too rigid or don’t allow for acceptance and allowing of other peoples view of the world. You must set an example as a conscious pioneer of the shift from the belief in war & conflict being normal…I mean really how bizarre is that…to the reality of a peaceful sustainable world! Saturn in Sag may also offer a study or teaching phase and a general call to seek and open new territory both mentally and physically.  Mustn’t leave out Mars as he’s your ruling dude and he’s also hanging out in Sagittarius for many months between April & October. So all that travel and horizon expanding stuff previously mentioned is major during these months, with a wildcard change in mid-September. Expect the unexpected.

OK so let’s talk about Jupiter and his expansive opportunities during 2016. He’s in Virgo until September doing his once in 12-year visit to teach you how to manage and plan and organize all sorts of things, and growing your daily work systems. This is great for your fire nature as it helps brings patience and attending to details. If you don’t bother then your loss kids as nothing happens without a plan! This is also great for dealing with your health by initiating smart diet & nutrition.  Jupiter then kicks into Libra from Mid-September opening your relationship sector. This is a fab phase bringing cool new partners into play to expand your life, and also a once in 12-year promotions and PR push.

taurus-2016You’ve been enjoying some pretty positive expanding energy from Jupiter since September 2015. He’s the boy with the once in 12-year cycle who opens new dimensions of our potential and he’s been playing in your ‘creativity sector’ bringing very useful and practical options into play. And I do mean ‘play’ as this sector is meant to trigger enjoyment and fun. So you’re meant to be kind of having fun doing practical creativity! Children come into the picture here so make sure to enjoy the journey with them as you encourage their creativity also.

You are the builders and preservers of the Zodiac system with tremendous power at your disposal to be agents of change toward healthy green places and the food we eat so go for it, as 2016 will be a pivotal year when nasty selfish greedy interests must be replaced with healthy sustainable practices. If you work in investment and banking sectors your job is to become part of the new money systems that are arising as positive alternate scenarios, to replace the old broken global banking nonsense that controls and enslaves people. So educate yourself to empower yourself so you don’t get left behind in the chaos of the past! A very positive year ahead for you dear bulls if you step up into ‘sustainable consciousness’.

From mid-September Jupiter heads into Libra and your daily work sector, so you can begin to bring the creative stuff you’ve been developing into application…and make some dollars and/or grow your career. Excellent! Libra also means you need others to help things grow so make sure they are in their own power and not feeding off yours! This zone also brings health matters forward for positive shifts into healthy habits and diet, and it will be totally useful to learn how your unconscious psychological patterns affect & create your physical health. You bull people tend to hold onto old ‘stuff’…you know grudges & rigid positions and all that stuff, and this can make you sick! So a great phase for letting go and turning toward the future with clean energy and positive thoughts…got it?

Saturn now moves into your ‘shared resources’ sector for the next 2 years so it’s time to sort out and re-structure investments, and as 2016 will see the global banking & debt crises continue to deepen the message is to get out of the debt machine as much as possible. This is a renovation phase to dig up and clean out old ‘stuff’ both physically and psychologically, so make sure you re-program any old ‘poverty consciousness’ fears still lurking in your unconscious patterns! Your 2016 mantra is “I am safe, secure and prosperous!”

Your ruling planet is dear Venus in her role as creator of the values that drive your creativity and the Goddess of Prosperity. She begins the year in positive optimist Sagittarius so hang onto this as your year progresses! She’s in her most positive connection in early February, May, August and late November so mark your planner for forward motion and progress in these months.

gemini-2016Relationships of all kinds are on the front burner as you enter 2016 as Saturn comes calling for his once in 28 year visit to your opposite sign of Sagittarius. Yep this is a long cycle and Saturn is a pretty serious kind of dude who offers great gifts to us if we’re willing to step up into his maturing vibe and take responsibility for our lives. This is not necessarily such an easy thing for you busy kids as your light & breezy style would often rather leave it to others to deal with the boring bits and really apply yourself to long term plans and results…yes?

Ok so that needs to change this year so you can take advantage of some fab outcomes in your fields of learning & teaching & networking ideas and information. If you’ve been writing then this is the year to publish and with Sagittarius also ruling international activity you may need to travel to distant shores to realize goals. Saturn can also take you into authority positions so maybe it’s time to teach, and for some you may commit to a learning curve to enhance your skills.

It’s also about making some decisions about exactly who you need in your life to take forward from here. Just be aware that sometimes partners & others who appear to block or limit our lives are actually offering us a mirror or excuse for why we’re not getting on with being fabulous. The message here is don’t project your fears onto others and make them the problem, and then you may allow them to help and support you to your goals. Saturn can bring important alliances and long term partners, but if you’re in a seriously not good relationship then it can be goodbye and good luck time.

Another important mention here involves Saturn helping you release any old limiting patterns you may still carry that your ideas and opinions are not valued or that you are not ‘clever or smart enough’. Saturn forces us to face our fears and do the work to use our greatest fears as fuel so they can become our greatest assets. Learning to discipline and train your mind & mouth is a very cool process for you so you learn that that thoughts and words have power so you need to be very careful what you think and say!!  Your mantra is “I am now heard and understood”.

Jupiter is in Virgo until mid-September travelling through your home/family zone bringing growth and new family members, upgrades and moves in residence, especially in March April & May. This only happens once every 12 years so please make the most of this yummy opportunity to enjoy your family and increase your emotional, psychological and physical safety. The safe foundations you create now will bear fruit in 6 years-time when Jupiter travels to the top of your chart to bring career success and outcomes.  In Mid-September Jupiter heads into Libra and your 5th house of creativity and you’re going to love this as he’s in a fellow air sign stimulating fab growth on many levels. This brings your ‘inner child out to play’ and enhances PR and marketing as well as love affairs…yay!

cancer-2016Crab people are in a pretty hard working phase as the year opens and sure this can feel very ho hum on some levels as you’re peddling the bike hard to grow your life. Yes this is Saturn in your daily work and service sector for his once in 28-year visit so please be aware that all your efforts will be totally worthwhile, as you are setting up structures and systems that underpin your outcomes for many years to come. This is a 2 year process so he’ll be here until late 2017, but don’t buy into the belief that this has to be too hard and relentless, as you’ll see improvements as the year goes by that will lighten up your attitude and help you to flow rather than push…go it? This is also an important phase to do some major health reviews and enhance your life with organic food and exercise, and if you are a Crab with eating issues then your mantra is “It’s not safe to let myself be nourished on every level.

Meanwhile expansive Jupiter in Virgo is travelling through your ‘mind & mouth’ sector until mid-September, stimulating excellent new learning curves and enhancing your networks and team building features. This is a great time to enhance the building process of Saturn, as the planning & organizational gig of Virgo is now your best friend! Streamline your systems and attend to details, but go easy on doing the ‘be perfect get it right’ tendencies so you don’t drive yourself and everyone else nuts.

Jupiter enters Libra in mid-September and heads into your home and family sector opening a yummy year of expansion & growth for the things you value most…your tribe! Ultimately this sets up a new 12 year cycle so by building safe foundations both physically and emotionally you can trust that you will achieve major career outcomes in 6 years’ time! Home renovation or down or up scaling are typical here, along with kids flying the coop or welcoming new members to your tribe, so if family members need your support you will be happy to provide it under this influence.

If you’re born 13th-17th July it is now your turn to pass through the ‘zap zone’ of the revolutionary re-invention of Uranus & transformer Pluto. Now this ain’t the easiest of energies to manage as these big evolutionary boys require that we release old unconscious limiting emotional patterns, and in some cases people. This is a death/rebirth process that will transform your life so you can move ahead from here in your true power.  Lots of old stored feelings can pop up on this one so you can let go of them…this is an empty the old glass of toxic stuff so you can begin to fill the glass with nice fresh water. You folks are meant to be nurturing souls who use their feelings positively to tune into your world through sensitivity and intuition. This is the goal dear crabs…for all of you!

leo-2016The brave heart of Leo is in top form during 2016 as you are one of the signs who benefit enormously from the current Saturn in Sagittarius timings. Saturn is the guy who helps us build form around our creative projects and this is a whole lot easier to do when he is in a sign that resonates easily with your natural fire drives. That said he still demands that we make sure our goals are grounded in reality and not just pie in the sky fantasies. He’s now travelling through your  ‘creativity zone’, and as Sag involves writing, teaching, publishing and expanding your horizons he can bring huge growth if you’re willing to step beyond your comfort zone and face any old fears you have of daring to fly big!

Saturn in Sag brings us the major theme of 2016 being all about ‘beliefs’ and how these drive us personally and collectively, and Leo is all about leadership. As leaders are actually meant to be both a model for…and a motivator of others, so your job is to now embrace the wisdom of Sagittarius by telling the truth and giving up extreme positions by practicing moderation, tolerance and objectivity.

Meanwhile there’s some very positive shifts on offer from Jupiter, now travelling through your values sector for his once in 12-year visit to grow your prosperity and wealth. If you still hold any old beliefs that limit this then it’s time to hit delete on your old operating system on this one, and begin to really value yourself so you can magnetize a whole new phase of big time prosperity in your life. This also requires some practical stuff like financial planning and getting smart about money, which does not have to curb the natural generosity of Leo but rather help you curb the spendthrift tendencies…got it? Best timings for expanding your financial and work areas are March and late June when you should definitely say yes to opportunities.

From mid-September Jupiter moves into Libra and your ‘mind & mouth sector’ and this is great news as it supports the Saturn stuff already covered. This ushers in a very successful phase involving partnerships, PR and marketing your products and services.  This can also have you booking airplane tickets to places near and far to teach and share your material or simply to have some much needed fun in the midst of a year of high achievement!

virgo-2016Well you kids are in a terrific growth era courtesy of Jupiter in your sign since September 2015. He’s the guy who brings positive opportunities and expands our life every 12 years when he visits our sign. This brings the birth of a new era out in the world after a period of preparation…it’s like the baby just arrived out of the womb who is ready to live life to the full. A positive optimistic attitude is the only way to go now if you want to really get the best of this fab energy, as this will also attract people to you in a positive feedback loop.

Virgo is not a naturally courageous or confident sign as you are usually content with supporting others and staying behind the scenes, but the news is it is time to nurture your courage and confidence so you can step out and up to new levels of your potential. The times are changing my friends and you kids are the team who are the health and healing leaders, and yes it’s finally beginning to hit home into general awareness that food is the key to health and wellbeing. It’s also your job to bring the new ‘energy technologies into main stream practice as people finally begin to realize that we have the power to heal ourselves through correct alignment of our mind & body.

As Jupiter then heads into Libra and your ‘values & money’ sector from mid-September so you can reap the benefits of your expanding creativity over the next 9 months. This brings a great earning phase and can also require you to invest funds into your projects toward longer term goals. It also means you must let go of any old beliefs that you aren’t valuable or deserve prosperity…ok?

Ok the other major player for the year is Saturn in Sagittarius doing his once in 28 year cycle, which for you falls in your home/family sector. He will be here for 2 years and during this time you’ll be creating new foundations on all sorts of levels. Saturn highlights responsibility themes so this may have you having to go the extra yards to support family members, so if things get a bit heavy or tedious just remember ‘this to will pass grasshopper’ and be a steady force for your family group.

Re-structuring both your physical & emotional foundations is the key here, so there’s the obvious possibility of changes of residence, but more importantly this is your chance to build new safe inner foundations so you can build your life over the next 14 years! Part of the family re-structuring may also involve allowing others to take responsibility for their own lives when they need to…i.e. beyond the age of 24! And finally…it will help you enormously to re-program any old issues you may have that you don’t deserve support from others! So your mantra is “It is safe for me to now find the balance between support and being supported”.

libra-2016Think of your life now as a big learning curve where you are bringing all kinds of new knowledge & skills into your repertoire to grow your life into the future. As Saturn now travels through your ‘mind & mouth’ sector until late 2017 you have a marvelous opportunity to refine both of these strategic bits of who you are! You must learn some cool new tools for understanding how to use the power of your mind & mouth to create your reality. Start with giving up old negative self-talk and repetitive unhelpful thoughts & words …I mean it’s obvious that if we say the word ‘worry’ a lot we’re going to be anxious…right? Next comes using our mind to receive insights via our imagination and visualizing our goals every day, and only using positive words about ourselves and others. It’s easy really… it just takes daily ‘mindfulness’ for life changing outcomes.

You may also commit to new study in either a school setting or through self- learning. Be very patient with yourself if you feel a tad overwhelmed at times by any or all of this, and curb the urge to get too serious about everything or buy into believing that others may be sending you critical messages, as this is just be your own’ inner critic’ projecting her fears of being not good enough! Your local neighborhood also comes into focus during this period so welcome the opportunity to get involved in community activities where you can help make a difference.

Meanwhile Jupiter in Virgo is doing a run through the part of your chart traditionally called the ‘house of seclusion’. He only returns to any sector once every 12-years and his job is to open and expand this area for growth and development. This can be a lovely period where we are happy to explore our inner psychic and spiritual nature to enhance our relationship to ‘the divine’ or higher energies that inspire us. This is also a gestative phase so you can prepare for your new life re-birth after mid-September when Jupiter enters your sign for the first time in 12 years!  So until then be patient and gentle with yourself and others so the true spiritual gift of compassion can develop for you to take with you into the exciting phase on offer from late 2016 until late 2017!

If you are born between 14th-18th October it is now your turn to pass through the ‘zap zone’ of the revolutionary re-invention of Uranus & transformer Pluto. Now this ain’t the easiest of energies to manage as these big evolutionary boys require that we release old unconscious limiting emotional patterns, and in some cases people. This is a death/rebirth process that will transform your life so you can move ahead from here in your true power.  Lots of old stored feelings can pop up on this one so you can let go of them…this is an empty the old glass of toxic stuff so you can begin to fill the glass with nice fresh water.

scorpio-2016You kids are in a very positive social phase as 2016 opens courtesy of expansive Jupiter in Virgo travelling through your ‘groups & community sector’. It’s important to understand how Jupiter’s cycle operates as he spends a year in each area of our lives opening and expanding the territory, so last year he grew your career sector and now it’s time to open new connections into the community and society. You guys are ‘the transformers’ of the Zodiac whose job it is to regenerate and empower the world, so now it’s time to say yes to doing your thing to make a difference beyond your own personal goals and needs. Another feature of this timing is about tapping into new ideas and people who are inventive and progressive so you can stimulate your life’s possibilities into the future. By nature you are deep thinking kids who love to explore the hidden mysteries of life, so make the most of this phase of quantum leaps of discovery about new energy systems both internally and in the world, as this holds the key to the future from here.

From mid-September Jupiter heads into Libra and enters the part of your chart traditionally called the ‘house of seclusion’. This can be a lovely period where we are happy to explore our inner psychic and spiritual nature to enhance your relationship to ‘the divine’ or higher energies that feed & inspire you. This is also a gestative phase so you can prepare for your new life re-birth in late 2017 enters your sign for the first time in 12 years!

Meanwhile back to our old friend Saturn who is now in Sagittarius for the next few years, opening your ‘worth and value’ zone…so we need to talk about money! Traditionally Saturn here is considered a restrictive force purely in the sense that he makes us very pragmatic and brings reality checks as to how prosperous we believe we have the right to be. This process is meant to offer us a chance to re-fine and re-structure existing earning sources, clean up debt and live within our means. This is actually a general call for our whole global financial system which is tenuous to say the least. The other feature is pragmatic investment of resources toward the development of your goals so if you need to invest in equipment then do so. The caution is not to buy into risky speculative get rich quick schemes…because you won’t. So make like a clever eagle in the year ahead and you’ll be sitting pretty!

A quick mention of Mars who is one of your ruing planets so an important guy in your story. He is in Scorpio as 2016 begins which will tend to ‘ignite’ your passions and confidence…love it. He then heads into Sagittarius and your money and values sector in March which will fire up this stuff, then he turns retrograde and back into Scorpio through June & July…then back into Sag. for August and September. So most of this year is all about increasing your confidence and prosperity consciousness!

sagittarius-2016You guys had your first taste of Saturn in your sign briefly last year and now he’s here to stay for the next 2 years, so it’s time to really start applying yourself to your goals or for some of you getting clear about them. He’s only in any sign once every 28 years so this is an opportunity not to be missed! As you guys are the writers, journalists, teachers and philosophers of the Zodiac hopefully you have been laying foundations for this next phase in your life, where you are meant to step into your authority in your chosen field. We all know that knowledge is power and if you want to keep people under control then deprive them of a good education and limit their free media. This is what the old guard model will attempt to do in ever greater measure over the next few years, so Saturn says your job is to commit to your involvement in spreading healthy new ideas and information to enable the awakening and revolution of Uranus.

Sag. is also the sign of ‘belief’ thus religions and preaching fall into your domain. Saturn here will also amp up the holy war of our time as terrorism continues to be ‘sponsored’ by the powers that be, as a great excuse for the wars they love to have. You are now called to really walk your talk as a tolerant dude/gal who honors all races and creeds and practices what you preach, and under no circumstances are you to ram your beliefs down anybody’s throats. Saturn will help you learn to speak when appropriate and only if you know what you’re talking about, and to not promise more than you can deliver or do your pattern of ‘all or nothing’…i.e. extremes! If you have any fears and insecurities about your ‘right to be a visionary teacher’ then it’s time to re-program your old ‘hard drive’.

Ah must not forget to mention Sag. also rules athletes and sporty peeps and those who strive on the big stages of life so if this is you then Saturn can take you to lofty heights if you’re willing to do the work. Saturn in your sign offers you a major phase of evolution where you must grow up and stand up for what you really believe in. He urges us to accept responsibility and apply ourselves as never before to build our life and not blame anyone else for bits of us that aren’t functional. Your natural state is to wander the world in search of fabulous possibilities but not necessarily to apply yourself to anything for too long…not all of you but many of you! His gift will be your realization that you like ‘making it’ and realizing outcomes from your goals and ambitions, and that the very freedom you seek lies in your commitment.

Such a big life for you this year as your ruling planet is lucky prosperous Jupiter, who is now in Virgo and heading through your ‘career and worldly outcomes’ zone! This is your once in 12-year opportunity to make major advances and expand your horizons into bold new frontiers! Think back to 2004 and you’ll see this was a time of similar growth. It’s interesting that your career involves the Virgo theme of ‘service’ as this can seem an unusual association with free spirited adventurous Sag. So the question becomes how do you use your innate need to quest for meaning and truth to serve others via your world work? If you don’t yet know, then use this as the basis to grow your ‘lucky career’ phase, and if you already do then it’s time to get on with it!  In mid-September Jupiter enters Libra triggering splendid new opportunities to join with others in team and community building, and to invite cool new people and ideas to trigger your growth into the future!

capricorn-2016You have been under the influence of powerful transformer Pluto in your sign since 2008 and the global meltdown began, so this has been a difficult 6 years both personally and collectively and no doubt you’ve felt the tension of the times more than many. Someone wrote the word responsibility on your birth certificate when you signed up as a Cap. and this sure has its place in your natural tendencies BUT there comes a time when stepping away from ‘I’m responsible for every bloody thing/person’ must be replaced with ‘Let them sink or swim it’s not my business’. Which is not to say you don’t keep being the practical builder who you are, but it’s time to let go of ‘Life is hard and I have to be a rigid control freak’…ha!

Your ruling planet is dear old ‘Saturn the Lord of Karma and Time’ which makes sense of why you do take life/things rather seriously. He is now in Sagittarius for the next few years and this is a very interesting zone for you as it resides in your 12th House of inner psychic spaces and spiritual life. Thus your journey now involves coming off the boil from major worldly desired outcomes and entering into communion with your psyche and intuition. As a practical soul you may think this sounds a bit airy fairy but believe me it is not. Without a proper relationship with our intuitive guidance systems, meditative practices and mind management we are not a whole person.  So make like a guru and start reading up on ‘energy psychology’ so you can empower yourself through greater self-awareness and mindfulness. Learn how to master your mind and anxieties and generally become a calmer more useful person to yourself and others. This phase is also for receiving inspiration and gestating and preparation for the major life re-launch that comes in when Saturn enters your sign in 2018.

If you are born between 14th-18th January it is now your turn to pass through the ‘zap zone’ of the revolutionary re-invention of Uranus & transformer Pluto. Now this ain’t the easiest of energies to manage as these big evolutionary boys require that we release old unconscious limiting emotional patterns, and in some cases people. This is a death/rebirth process that will transform your life so you can move ahead from here in your true power.  Lots of old stored feelings can pop up on this one so you can let go of them…this is an empty the old glass of toxic stuff so you can begin to fill the glass with nice fresh water.

This ‘make like a guru’ feature mentioned previously is further highlighted as Jupiter in Virgo is now opening your ‘higher learning and knowledge’ sector to expand your perspective of life. This once in 12-year phase is a real life changer in so many ways as it opens you to literally expand your horizons via travel to learn or teach, write or publish. By practicing tolerance in the midst of these intolerant times you can be the strong center for others in these testing times.  In mid-September Jupiter opens your career zone for the best advances in 12 years! This can bring recognition and promotion and in some cases major re-orientation of your goals…job changes etc…but all good as whatever comes into play will be for your highest good.

aquarius-2016Our Zodiac’s ‘agents of revolution and change’…yes that’s you… can expect some truly excellent progress during 2016! If you had a $ for every time in your life you’ve been called strange and ‘a bit out there’ you’d be rich right? You’ve always marched to that beat of the different drum as you are the innovators who are instinctively different, anti-establishment and tap into the ‘great mind’ to bring in the new ideas that move society forward. Have you noticed that strange and different is now becoming the new norm?

Yes kids the world is in the midst of the greatest revolutionary phase in eons. Never have the opportunities been greater for your special brand of unique ideas and techno inventions. You are the ones who understand that we are part of a ‘Universal Interconnectedness’…or group consciousness…the essence of the new Aquarian Age to come. But finding your like-minded group and a sense of inclusiveness often eludes you personally as you are such an independent thinker and lone wolf. So it’s pretty significant that Saturn is now opening up this territory over this next 2 years so you can confront your fears and clear up your ‘rejection’ stuff!

It’s time to take responsibility for your role in society as a serious player in group dynamics by stepping into your power at a very practical level. Your energy can magnetize people to work together for the revolutionary changes currently unfolding. Just hang in there for this next couple of years and focalize your energy to teach and lead groups for the awakening into new levels of conscious energy manifestation! Your mantra is “I am free to be an individual and make y meaningful contribution in the world.”

So how does lucky Jupiter weave his expansion & growth with this over the coming year? As he moves through your 8th house he opens a period of very fortunate benefit from ‘other people’s resources’ hence great business & financial alliances to grow your outcomes over the next few years. Traditional astrology speaks of  ‘inheritances & legacies’ so sometimes money comes to you in this way, and generally this is a regenerative period as you have access to deeper understanding of your own psyche so much healing is available now.  Jupiter heads into Libra in mid-September opening a very exciting phase of adventure to far places to teach and share your revolutionary knowledge.  A year of major progress and restoration is on the way!

pisces-2016So what’s in store for our visionary dreamers in 2016? How about some of these dreams coming true people if you’re willing to practice a bit of good old fashioned commitment and a bit of hard work. Saturn heading through your career zone will certainly help you to achieve this as he is the Lord of structure & form who produces results. Saturn is the dude who brings the reality that we must strive and apply ourselves to our ambitions and goals to really achieve anything, and as he reaches ‘the top’ of the mountain (or the mid heaven of your chart) you are at a threshold between the past and the future. On the one hand you will reap what you have sown over the past 14 years so this is an achievement period, whilst it is also a ‘crisis of re-orientation’ as you must also start dreaming up your future.

If you’re a smart fish you will work hard to expand your options and re-organize and re-structure your career over the next two years. By the way he hasn’t been in Sag. since 1986/7/8 so if you were out and about back then hark back to your memories of how your career options changed then for clues. Fishy careers usually involve Sagittarian options woven in with your natural artistic and mystical tendencies. You are the kids who intuitively tap into the ‘zeitgeist’ to bring in the collective themes of the spirit of the times. This is why photography and the film and visual arts industries are the domain of Pisces. What messages do you have to share? It’s time to start doing the hard work necessary to bring them into the world.

Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces so he’s a very important energy for you as wherever he is travelling is especially potent for your growth at any time.  He’s now in Virgo opening a major 12 year cycle to improve all manner of partnerships in your life and he’s here until September 2016. You’ll be in ‘attractor’ mode magnetizing the people and alliances you need to grow your life from here so make sure your own magnetic field is clear and clean so you ‘attract’ the right ones! Traditionally this is an excellent phase for marriage and/or existing setups grow more positive, but sometimes there’s the need to expand your life by letting go of situations that have done their time as Jupiter can bring opportunity disguised as loss. Public Relations and promotion action is the other major feature here to sell your brand or promote your message, so don’t miss this opportunity, and it’s worth bringing in professional support if you don’t have these skills yourself.

Jupiter then ventures into a powerful phase from mid-September as he brings excellent growth to your financial affairs through alliances with people who will support your life purpose and emotional safety. Evolution here also requires you enhance your power by understanding the psychological patterns that run your life and changing any that are blocking your freedom to be the ‘shape shifter’ who enlightens the ideals that run our world.

Mercury RetrogradeA general note to us all re Mercury and his retrograde periods in 2016. Mercury retrogrades (apparently goes backward) three times each year. As this is the planet whose magnetisms affect all forms of communication these periods are when IT and gizmos don’t work properly and messages/mail gets lost…you get the idea. So don’t buy new appliances, be aware that travel plans may change, avoid signing contracts etc. as details are often incorrect. Mind you some folks don’t experience these problems because of their horoscope makeup, so check your chart with me to support planning your year on all levels…saves so much time and mess! 2016 Mercury retro periods are in EARTH signs highlighting opportunities to re-do, re-evaluate and re-organize the systems that run your life.

Capricorn             5th to 25th January – but not till 14th Feb for full steam ahead

Taurus                  28th April to 22nd May – but not till 8th June for full steam ahead

Virgo                     30th Aug to 22nd Sept – but not till 6th Oct for full steam ahead

IMG_1978I extend my warmest good wishes to you all for a happy festive season no matter what your ‘belief system’ as we know that we are all one in the community of humanity and ultimately we all laugh & cry and love our kids and want the world to be a peaceful place! Thanks a million to all my faithful friends who have been part of my own journey through my monthly newsletters. I would not bother keepin on keepin on if it wasn’t for your messages of thanks and support as I am just a little lady doing my small part to help awaken us to the marvelous opportunity for evolution currently unfolding. If you would like to make a contribution to my unpaid work behind the scenes here’s a paypal link You can donate here if you’d like