Astro Guidance for February 2016


Welcome to Aquarius season & the Chinese new year of the Fire Monkey!!

Yep life starts moving forward in February after a rather slow and challenging start to 2016, as Mercury doing his retrograde thing in Capricorn allowed our Soul to download, ponder & define our goals for the year. We’ve said farewell to beloved creative icons who embodied the best of the human spirit of innovation and high originality, so let this remind us that this is the spirit of Aquarius. It’s all about breaking free of the old conventions, setting trends, daring to be an original, and being free to be who you really are!! Are you ready? IAM!!

Before we proceed to my rather long ‘rave’ about things Aquarian here’s a quick overview of February planets…

With only the Sun in Aquarius early month you’re forgiven for thinking/feeling that the serious hard working Capricorn tone is still with us…because it is! With both Mercury & Venus in Capricorn until mid-month keeping our feet firmly planted in practical matters, it’s about patience and perseverance just a bit longer…ho hum. Mind you both make fine connection with Jupiter/Node in Virgo during the second week, offering great timing for pitching work & career goodies & this is not to be missed.

Mercury & Venus then join Sun in Aquarius freeing up change & re-invention in our minds & partnerships. This will keep us on our toes to say the least with speedy & unexpected new ingredients coming into play…definitely time to think out of the box. Venus in Aquarius likes her independence & wants to magnetize interesting people to her cause, so accept invitations to weird & unusual gigs!

Meanwhile Mars in Scorpio all month doing his deep powerful dredging thing is quite a different kettle of fish. Indeed he is challenging all these freedom planets in Aquarius, as his urge is to hold & control. This may manifest as power struggles with others over joint resources, or simply for the Aquarian freedom process to step beyond confining partnerships. Best outcomes here are mighty transformational & can bring us great new alliances with individuals who  walk their talk and allow us to walk ours!

Jupiter continues his station with the North Node as they both slowly move backwards …or retrograde in Virgo. And so we continue this very fated period of cleaning up and out the physical and emotional junk from our lives. Decisions and plans unfolding now contain great opportunity as long as the words practical and realistic are the order of the day. Outcomes from current planning will arrive late June when they meet again.

Saturn continues forward progress in Sagittarius, and he forms some clever agile connections with the Aquarian team late month – great for creative presentations in groups & teams and generally networking knowledge & ideas.

New Moon @ 19 degrees Aquarius on Feb 8th aligns with the Year of the Monkey…more info below

Sun enters Pisces on 19th Feb & Full Moon @ 3 degrees Pisces/Virgo on Feb 22nd opens Pisces season for the year.

The Year of the Fire Monkey……starts from February 8th, 2016 up to January 27th, 2017. The Monkey is the ninth sign in Chinese astrology which connects with Sagittarius, the 9th sign in Western Astrology. Monkey is associated with ambition, activity, smartness, mischief and adventure. The lucky color is RED so be sure to wear your red knickers & socks for good luck this year!

After all that earthy practical Goat stuff in 2015 I for one am very much looking forward to some monkey energy to enliven and stimulate us into the creative goodies just waiting to burst through in our lives. The positive and negative qualities of Monkey 2016 offer us a year when anything can happen and things are in flux, but much can be achieved. Monkey brings exuberance, a lightning fast pace and great motivation, increases communication, humor and wit, helping us get through stressful times with grace and ease. Business can flourish and risks tend to pan out. The Monkey’s gift is the ability to find unconventional solutions to old problems. Daring to be different can lead to success.

This accords very happily with Aquarius the sign of innovation, revolution, freedom and change. As we venture further into the consciousness revolution of our times it is Aquarius who embodies the spirit of ‘the unified field’ where we are all atoms in the body of humanity whose positive hearts & minds have the power to change the world…from the inside out! 

Monkey also aligns beautifully with the very mutable or changeable energies of the Saturn/Neptune square of 2016, requiring us to examine our beliefs and change any that keep us in ‘separation’ from others through judgment, superiority or misunderstanding. We need to very lose this year…bend with the breeze, go with the flow, don’t get attached to plans, whilst staying on track with your Soul’s true calling and building the frameworks and platforms you need to launch your Monkey into all sorts of new and different trees.     

Aquarius is such a fascinating principle, embracing such diverse features in our process as the techno inventions that are igniting sustainable energy & health solutions, through to the maverick outsiders who reach beyond the conventions to dare to bring forward new options for political & economic options. Aquarius regulates the very nature of the MATRIX that unites us all…so what is the Matrix? Around your body is an energy field and around and all through that energy field is a lot of crisscross lines that look a bit like a fishing net. Every point where the lines cross is an energy point which is sparking continuously. You actually one big electrical Being vibrating at your own personal frequency…these sparking points can be related to pixels on a screen, a screen that you are looking at through your eyes and experiencing through your body. This is your reality that you are viewing and the kicker is…you created it! BUT what’s really exciting is that you can change what you see, yes you can actually change your reality. Everything is possible and we are blessed to be living in this particular time frame of discovery. Here’s a couple of fascinating links on Aquarian topics.

What is the Dark Net, and how will it shape the Future of the Digital Age?

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Panel on the Nature of Fundamental Reality moderated by Deepak Chopra

How Close is Science to Understanding Consciousness 

Saturn in Sagittarius (not since late 80’s) & Neptune in Pisces (not since 1850s!) are amplifying the whole issue of religious idealism wars, and the bottom line that justifies the ‘separation’ between east and west – sacred and secular…us and them…right and wrong…and it’s such a total b/shit…as their agenda is to just keep the war thing happening, so they can keep the armaments companies selling bombs and people hating each other. Saturn/Neptune is also bringing the vaccination issue onto the front burner as Saturn (laws/regulation) attempts to regulate enforced vaccination…Neptune rules the immune system. There is now much evidence of harmful outcomes from over/unnecessary vaccination. Please educate yourselves on this very important issue.

OK so here’s where the TRUTH theme of my astrology of 2016 overview comes in. There are still gazillions of very unconscious people out there who have absolutely no idea what the deeper agendas are BUT this year Saturn/Neptune will begin to bring through MANY whistle blowers…or truth tellers… who talk about what is really is going on. Yes we have scandals about the gambling bribery in the tennis world…the soccer world…the corruption that is the everyday reality of all aspects of our world. It’s time to expose the real corruption of our world…the big corporate money that controls our political and awful banking system,s that continue to practice a monopoly on true free trade and allowing the markets to determine what is real from what is false.

Since the GFC of 2008 the US Federal Reserve & other central banks (which are all actually owned by private banks & individuals by the way…) have been pumping up the economy with false $ that keep feeding the guys at the top and stealing from the everyday working person. And now things are coming to a head once again, but this time it isn’t  the sub-prime loans that are leading the default problem but the oil price…interesting.  This time it’s all about energy! Global markets in January had their worst losses since August 2015, as the commodities crunch is really starting to bight into confidence that the game can continue much longer.

Nobody knows what’s going on is all very Neptune… confusion… illusion… lies…end of the old dream. Fascinating. Aquarius reminds us to stay in the detached observer position as crazy stuff happens. It’s all an illusion says Neptune…we are birthing new realities says Saturn. On with the show says Maggie!

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