Insights for New Moon Aries April 2016

Insights for New Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus & square Pluto – April 7th 2016

The first new Aries Moon each year is the TRUE BEGINNING of our natural year and sets the tone for the next 12 months! With revolutionary Uranus joining the Sun & Moon in Aries we have a major dose of activation toward the next phase of individual rights coming up against the ruling elite! With Pluto in Capricorn forming a challenging dynamic to the Aries dudes we’re looking at some deep& potentially major implications to the very CORE of the current global geo/political structures & systems.

Ghandi Quote

I’ve been receiving news of groups planning events to mobilise communities to protest unsustainable corporate projects. Here’s an example from      “For many of us, that next level is direct action — participating in bold and strategic demonstrations that may involve risking arrest. From Gandhi to American civil rights to the anti-apartheid movement, we’ve seen how non-violent direct action can give citizens the power and legitimacy to create change.”

I was inspired to remember my own offerings about ‘active civil disobedience’. This is an excerpt from my 2013 Astrology Report that feels SO relevant for this current April New Moon in Aries & how it offers us really major potential to start CHANGING this awful system that runs our planet!!

“I recently attended the Thrive Solutions Summit here on the Gold Coast in Queensland. offers great info and tools for grass roots involvement for supporting global re-invention. It was very inspiring on many levels.

The opening speaker…a young guy…very easy and open and smart…he talked about the American philosopher Henry Thoreau who went to jail for not paying his taxes even though he had been living quietly in the woods for many years. He wrote a book called “On the Duty of Civil Disobedience” and had several hundred copies made, which were stored in his attic until his death.

When his family found them after his death they gave them away. One of the recipients was Mahatma Ghandi when he was a lawyer in South Africa in the early part of the 20th Century. And in turn Martin Luther King was inspired by this book, which led to his populist movement for civil rights…also in the mid 1960’s revolutionary phase.

The art of civil disobedience…peaceful resistance…this is the key to our current global impasse. It worked for Ghandi and his movement brought independence for India from Britain. It worked for King and his movement brought the beginnings of liberation for black America…with such profound metaphors for civil liberty in every aspect of humanity.

The ‘powers that be’ have created a massive police state with powers to arrest us for any old reason…especially if we stand up for our rights. But surely their private money spinning detention centres are not big enough to house millions of us! Remember the shock of the Kent State University police shootings in 1970 of students conducting a peaceful protest against the Vietnam/Cambodia War. It shocked the nation. Well we may be in for a few more shocks in the next few years as the civil rights movement continues to grow for all people of the world.

DSC03620While I was in Central America I stopped in to Cuba for a few weeks. What a blast that was. It was fascinating on many levels, not the least of which was my daily exposure to their national ‘hero’ Che Guevara. Che and Fidel were the leaders of the revolution that freed Cuba from the right wing control systems of the 1950’s…mafia and capitalist money making and all that stuff. Well these Cuban folks have a dignity that I found truly beautiful. They have very few resources, with simple lives within their communist system, especially once their Russian benefactors removed themselves in the early 1990’s. And despite living in a country that stepped off the 20th century grid in 1960, they showed me that having ‘things’ was indeed not the key to happiness. Anyway, how could I not fall for salsa on every street corner day and night!! So many amazing gifted musicians come from this special place.

Many of them shared with me that they are happy to be at peace after hundreds of years of war between the Spanish, English and Americans who have sought to control them. So I found myself wondering at the synchronicity of me hanging out with such a charismatic revolutionary icon like ‘Che’ in my journey over the past month? For inspiration? Now I’m not saying I support a communist left wing position. All systems that espouse a left or right wing ideology are missing the point as far as I am concerned, and the Cubans fell in with Soviet Russia because the Americans rejected the new government so completely.

This is such a great example of why this current global system is so incredibly flawed. It still operates as the ‘us or them mentality’, without knowing that the reality from here must contain co-operation…not separation, and that they are playing with the lives of everyday people. What inspired me was the icon of a small group of people who were willing to give their lives to be free, and who inspired the collective to a popular revolution much like those we are currently witnessing against the tyranny of financial/political fascist controllers.”

SO here’s to ‘active civil disobedience’ if that’s what it takes to mobilize our communities to take responsibility to make a difference. Uranus rules ‘the collective community – our global family – the many who are one – the consciousness that connects us all.

I was talking with a client just today in Iowa USA who is very community minded & has many skills & background in media. She needs raise money for many projects in her town as what used to be a prosperous town Is now in depression. We talked about the ‘think globally act locally’ mantra & how important it is for EACH COMMUNITY to start becoming proactive in their growth & change, so they can become healthy ‘new atoms’ contributing to the growth of a healthy new culture. Goodness knows we can’t rely on our governments to take care of us so how about we do!! They are a bunch of crooks by and large with alliances to corporate agendas and all that stuff.

I know there are also many independent folks out there who are stepping into political life in their state or community to really try and make a difference. But that’s the point. INDEPENDENCE from affiliation to major political parties. Because that is also the point here. The two party political systems of most of the western system is primarily FLAWED. It is broken. It doesn’t work because it operates on the principle of OPPOSITION.

Independence is the very principle of Uranus. Freedom & the rights of every individual in the ‘collective system’. We are in the midst of a massive shift over these vital years of the 2010s, and this new moon in Aries is a major player to ignite the next phase.

Blessings & love to all

Maggie Kerr April 13th 2016