Major Astro News late May & June 2016

Jupiter + Saturn + NeptuneRare Alignment

Jupiter + Saturn + Neptune – June through September 2016

Time to let our Soul run the show!

We’re in the midst of “mutable madness” during this last week of May & early June, as Jupiter & Saturn & Neptune form provocative ‘squares’ to each other in Mutable signs. SO ALL THREE planets are in tense stand-off forming a T Square…big stuff!

To really kick start and amplify this major process we have the New Moon on 4th June (USA) 5th June (UK & Oz) @ 14 degrees Gemini with Venus – opposite Saturn in Sagittarius – square both Jupiter in Virgo & Neptune in Pisces. These are VERY tight connections & form a great big CROSS in the sky.

You may be inspired to turn off media during this time as the ‘talking heads’ will be in overdrive telling us what we need to ‘know & believe’…think Trump on steroids! Just remember that even if they ‘believe’ they know what they’re talking about they actually don’t. As the fever pitch opposition between political parties amps up big time, why is it that none of them ever mention the elephant in the room…namely the true monopolistic power behind the throne, which goes unnoticed and unprotested. The banking industry acts as if it is but a humble financial services industry, while actually it is the master system running western political systems, political, educational, environmental, agricultural, health, and legal. It hopes you never peek behind the curtain to discover who really pulls the strings!

Meanwhile we need to be adaptable and patient with self & others if minds & ideas change several times in a day! Bored & restless is another feature, so keep your humour, stay busy & stimulated, question everything you hear, don’t espouse rigid views, and DON’T take things personally!  This is a fantastic time to work with ‘mastering your mind’ so you may use it rather than be controlled by it!

OK so if you’re wondering why the last 3 months have been a tad tough & optimism seems to be hard to come by then let me introduce the culprits… Jupiter & Saturn! They are now completing their final ‘square’ in this 20 year cycle (started in 2000). This explains why things have been so bloody frustrating lately as Jupiter’s urge to expand & grow is stymied by Saturn’s restrictive, cautious, keep things grounded reality check. It can feel like driving your car with the brakes on!

They bring us a ‘re-structuring period’ personally & globally with tension between the urge to move forward and the need to find new ways to do this. The three quarter point in any cycle is known as the ‘crisis of re-orientation’ & contains a ‘reaping what we have sown’ feature. Upside is we are poised to really start bringing the fruits of past labours home into later 2016 & beyond if we remain patient & cautious now.

Since Jupiter has been in Virgo since last September we’re had lots of health/food focus & issues, and general realizations that our planetary environmental/economic/political ‘systems’ are so damaged! Jupiter does like to bring things to extreme expression after all.

Meanwhile we also have Jupiter & Neptune about to do their final three quarter square over the next 3 months…in their 36 year cycle. Downside scenario here includes the worst of the lies and deception of the old elite control mob as the unconscious system does their best to keep us in their hideous broken model.

Upside…and there is a big one! We are currently in a ‘spiritual revolution’ offering us the opportunity to step beyond our fearful limited lower nature, into our higher potential beyond ego & mind running the show. We’ve each been confronted by our own ‘Waterloo battle” recently haven’t we? So, we can stress and do ‘fearful/worry/control’, OR perhaps we can finally get the message and simply LET GO of all this and start trusting & flowing with life. This is what Neptune is trying to offer us…the gift of faith to allow our SOUL to direct operations. Re-connecting with Soul personally and globally is the evolutionary purpose of our times after all.

Jupiter in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces conducts the link between our psycho/emotional & physical health. Hence these two areas being so “up” right now. When we get sick on either level it is our Soul’s way of showing us where our old unconscious patterns are stuck/damaged. Saturn’s contribution in the mix highlights the fear that drives our old control issues i.e. powerlessness. And it can sure feel like we are powerless right now as our ‘sick system’ offers us Trump & assorted other politicians/ corporate/ banking leaders as hideous options!
But wait…that’s the illusion they want us to have and it is NOT TRUE.

The theme of my 2016 Year Ahead Report is “Truth & Belief” as Saturn in Sagittarius highlights the limitation of BELIEF versus the freedom of FAITH. “During 2016 we are confronted by the extreme polarization between the major religious & political systems that are driving the conflict and suffering in our world. Why is it that the ideal of a loving tolerant God (Neptune) that inspired the various religions has been so hard to bring to reality (Saturn)? As we are now completing the 2000 year Age of Pisces (Neptune) it’s time to resolve this polarization, into the Aquarian unified spirituality that transcends separate versions of God.”

Our global material systems have programmed us to BELIEVE that we are limited and must conform to the old world view where hierarchies are the norm with the guys at the top controlling us little guys underneath! The transition from hierarchical to circular co-operative systems will still take many decades to achieve, but this particular moment in cosmic timing is pivotal to stimulate the masses to really start questioning the control game & start demanding more conscious options! A world where SOUL runs the show & all beings in all the kingdoms of nature are venerated as part of an ORGANIC WHOLE.

I call this process making the transition from ‘worry & control to flying faith & trust airlines’! Once we’re on board we are free to finally TRUST that even when things get edgy and our ego/mind doesn’t know WTF is happening in our crazy world, we can stay in our centre where WE control manifesting our destiny as conscious co-creators.

Believe it or not this is actually an amazing exciting to be alive as we participate in the awakening of a whole new world view!! Blessings to all Maggie

Full Moon in Gemini Sat 21st May

Full Moon Gem May

Here comes a hectic Full Moon @ 1 degree Gemini/Sagittarius!

May 21st p.m. in US & UK – a.m. in Oz 22nd

Lots of interesting features on offer from Saturday night’s Gemini Full Moon with a general call to activate knowledge & ideas toward practical growth plans you have in the pipeline. We are finally moving into some fresh air energy to ignite ideas & connections thus it’s totally important to stay aware that OUR THOUGHTS CREATE OUR REALITY!

This is the first of TWO Full Moons in Gemini so the next one on June 20th is known as a BLUE MOON. We haven’t had a pair in Gemini in absolutely ages so I guess we need to learn some big Gemini evolutionary lessons!

With warrior Mars EXACTLY aligned with the Moon in Sagittarius opposite the Gemini Sun, get set for a whole lot more angry words & conflict on the political front as the bizarre game of thrones continues. With all the lies & double speak swirling these days it’s completely acceptable not to believe any of them, and herein lays our golden opportunity for independent thought & action! It’s also very smart to avoid heated discussions or to force our position on others…obviously. Stay objective & DON’T REACT!

This feels like the kind of energy to really kick off our Year of the Fire Monkey! The Monkey is the ninth sign in Chinese astrology which connects with Sagittarius, the 9th sign in Western Astrology. Monkey is associated with ambition, activity, smartness, mischief and adventure. The positive and negative qualities of  Monkey mean anything can happen and things are in flux, but much can be achieved. Monkey brings exuberance, a lightning fast pace and great motivation, increases communication, humor and wit, helping us get through stressful times with grace and ease. Business can flourish and risks tend to pan out. The Monkey’s gift is the ability to find unconventional solutions to old problems.

Make sure to enjoy Mars shining brightly up there with the full moon on Saturday night as he is at his brightest point halfway through his 2 year cycle with the Sun…& therefore opposite the Solar energy. This can be seen to be a weakened position as these two active forces come against each other. Mars is also retrograde in Sagittarius (since April 17th) and about to head back down into the underworld of Scorpio through June & July.

SO this is not a time for active forward motion but rather activating conversations/ network/ IT ingredients for future goodies, which are set to burst forward after late August! Keep working up your teachings/writings/knowledge in preparation for big launches later this year and into 2017.

Issues here involve old Gemini patterns where we may believe we have to fight to be heard & understood and to share our ideas. Mars issues involve confidence & courage. He drives us to our personal ‘Heroic’ adventures to keep becoming more of who we authentically are. So say a prayer to your own Mars warrior nature for courage to continue to forge ahead with your life under the guidance of your Moon Soul…always in perfect alignment with universal timing. Your mantra is “I am confident to expand my life with innovative knowledge & ideas…I trust my Soul to guide me…I am now heard & understood”.

But wait there’s more!! Messenger planet Mercury rules Sun in Gemini and is now in Taurus…and also turns direct at the full moon after 3 weeks in go slow mode! It’s not until 8th June that he’s in full swing again. He is in great aspect with Jupiter…who rules the Saggie Moon & both of them form a marvellous grand trine with Pluto in Capricorn. So there’s a massive earthy force supporting this full moon and this means continuing to stay grounded, practical and systematic as you bring new networks & ideas toward your goals. Think prosperous thoughts & believe you deserve success on this one.

Next week I’ll share some insights on Jupiter forming his final challenging aspect with Saturn in late May, followed by Saturn and Neptune in early June. Yes indeed the Gods are busy right now as they create the matrix for evolution…be this conscious or unconscious. Despite big signs that things are awfully UNCONSCIOUS out there right now we actually KNOW that the massive wave of awakening is accelerating toward a CONSCIOUS WORLD. This is what we must believe and speak of in the coming months.

Live long & prosper my friends

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August 27, 2016 Melbourne, VIC Australia
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Rare ‘Eclipse’ of Mercury May 9th 2016

Mercury eclipse

As both Mercury & Venus are between us (earth) and the Sun, they pass between us periodically creating ‘eclipses’. Because they are so small they don’t block the Sun’s light so are not generally noticed down here on Earth. But they are considered quite ‘rare’ and when you check the above dates of previous Mercury eclipses the historical associations are very powerful in terms of social change.

  • ‘Transit of Mercury’ – or Mercury eclipsing the Sun – always when Mercury is retrograde
  • Occurs on May 9th 2016 @ 19 degrees Taurus – takes around 7 hours to pass by the Sun
  • Always on Taurus/Scorpio axis
  • Historically carries revolutionary themes re mind/ideas/inventions
  • Previous cycles     1907  1914  1924   1927  1937  1940  1953      1957    1960    1970   1973  1986  1993  1999   2006   2016   2019
  • This one very active with Moon in Gemini (ruled by Mercury) sextile Mars in Aries

They have fascinating cycles in their ‘eclipsing’ that make them major players in global evolutionary affairs. The last Venus eclipse happened in Gemini June 2012 in the midst of the Mayan Calendar 26,000 cycle shift. Mayan cosmology refers to this period when our Sun aligns with the Galactic plane as a “doorway” through which Unity consciousness will come to dominate the mass consciousness of the Earth. The Mayans refer to this as the Return of Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent, and look to this timeframe within which the mass enlightenment of humanity will take place. And believe it or not this has been happening!!!

Mercury is also a very important player in these shifting times, especially since the late 1700s as Uranus was discovered, heralding the birth of the Aquarian Age. Uranus has been given the title of the ‘higher octave of Mercury’ as he connects us to new frequencies emanating from ‘the source’ energy that may be downloaded to feed through Mercury. Thus the science & technology age we are now experiencing with a major acceleration since the late 1800s, 1940s, 1960s and 1990s and beyond, has been using dear little Mercury to bring us this unprecedented wave of techno innovation…with so much more to come.

Mythically Mercury is the ‘God of the Crossroads‘, connecting & stimulating the trade & commerce of life plus communicating the words & ideas & people that bring forth new activity for this commerce. Traditionally Mercury rules Virgo & Gemini, the signs that bring forth ideas & then order and make them productive. In Esoteric or spiritual Astrology Mercury rules Aries i.e. action follows thought – in the beginning was the word etc. SO he is a very powerful little dude as he does his thing flitting between heaven and the underworld triggering & conveying the inspiration that drives the unseen forces of evolution.

The historical Mercury/Sun Eclipses feature many examples of revolutionary independence movements including also being a player in the French Revolution…as Uranus & Pluto were in opposition at that time.

The major factor or feature that underpins these revolutionary forces is always money & resources – i.e. Taurus/Scorpio. This eclipse cycle always occurs when Mercury is retrograde in inferior conjunction with the Sun in the axis of Taurus and Scorpio. So this cycle has great impact on collective values/money/ resources activity.

Recent previous Mercury eclipses in 1999 & 2006 brought us the introduction of the Euro, & then debt driven madness that set up the ongoing 2008 GFC.

So where are we at as this next Mercury Eclipse comes in on May 9th?

Well we are in the midst a very intense geo-political/economic phase…in case you haven’t noticed! This is the result of two major sets of planetary forces.

First we have the 90 degree square between Jupiter & Saturn in their 20 year cycle…which began in 2000…in Taurus! These 2 boys have everything to do with market forces and the ‘behind the scenes dudes’ that manipulate them. We are experiencing extremely volatile times since August last year as their square began… & this completes in late May. The next conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn comes in 2020 in the sign of Aquarius when a much more conscious phase in human affairs will begin.

Next we have another totally important ‘big global challenge’ between Saturn & Neptune as they are also in square in their 36 year cycle. Briefly this is the socio/economic cycle containing the ideologies & beliefs that drive our society. It is now at its ¾ point bringing maximum stress as the process of ‘converting ideals into practice’ or ‘preventing ideals from becoming reality’ is played out. As the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 a new era was born with the rise of a major new phase in capitalist globalization and the communist systems in Russia & China also morphed into new phases and a new era of terrorism was born to keep the global war machine rolling along…big business after all.

This current square highlights the theme of truth & lies & the whole business of what is real and what is not, and the extreme positions on offer in every stage of human affairs. Bottom line is you can’t believe any of the lies & spin the old guard continue to weave in the desperate quest to stay in control. This square brings us a crisis in faith, belief & meaning for our system & in each of our lives.

So Saturn features here also…first with Jupiter & now with Neptune. This co-incidence of their two cycles is extremely rare. The Saturn/Neptune square perfects right through from June until early September after initializing in December 2015.

Both of these 20 year & 36 year socio-economic cycles are integral in the birth, development & expression of the underlying zeitgeist or inspiration that drives our economic systems. As they are both in their ¾ phase…known as the ‘crisis of re-orientation’ in their cycles, we are witnessing the ‘result’ of the profoundly unconscious drivers of our culture, as they began their cycles in 1989 & 2000 respectively, based on fear & greed & non sustainable values. The chickens are coming home to roost…and they are not healthy chickens.

Since then we’ve also had another major set of planetary heavy weights doing their thing as Uranus & Pluto have been in square during 2011 through 2016. The 127 year Uranus/Pluto cycle is responsible for the progressive revolutionary forces unleashed when the seed of the new arises as a regenerative imperative to take us forward in our evolution. Yep it’s a whole new consciousness arising now as so many people are waking up to the broken damaged system that runs our planet by those who feather their own nests at the expense of our planet & her people.

This revolution also involves re-connecting to our spiritual values as part of the new zeitgeist, the higher potential of the Saturn Neptune cycle from 1989. And indeed this has been arising big time as the practices of compassion & love & tolerance are returning as fundamental human qualities, and we re-connect to our natural world to be honored & preserved & made sustainable once more, PLUS consciously working with invisible higher forces as source energy & inspiration.

OK so this Mercury ‘eclipse’ in this potent cyclic soup is a major player triggering a threshold moment, as historically these eclipses offer ‘revolutionary themes re mind/ideas/inventions’ that stimulate material world matters. Just keep in mind that these invisible evolutionary impulses & forces operate way below the ‘threshold of consciousness’, and yep sometimes we see immediate outer world events or shifts.

So, more big ups/down/extremes in global currency/share markets over coming weeks is a big possibility. But hey nobody knows what’s happening anymore…the global Ponzi scheme is coming to a major head and the confusing balls are all up in the air! Certainly not a time for risky speculation over coming months, but rather careful planning & strategy based on your true values. Ultimately we are in need of a whole new financial model to arise in the next few years that returns power to productivity & sustainability, not just making gazillions through speculative trading by the elite few.

Mercury assures us that ‘our thoughts create our reality’. So here’s your opportunity to transcend old limiting thoughts containing fear & insecurity. Our awakening higher consciousness allows us to manifest prosperous outcomes as we value ourselves & everything/one else in the unity consciousness of our creative life.

Blessings to us all as we move through these tremendously exciting transformational times!

You are welcome to my site @ for many free articles & resources, and/or to book an astrological session. I am a ‘Therapeutic Astrologer’ specializing in identifying our Soul’s unconscious patterns for growth & empowerment.

Reference: Greek Astrologer George-Orpheus Matsosas current issue of ISAR Journal. That’s what I love about our global astrological community as we all share our research and learn from each other along the way.

New Moon in Taurus May 7th 2016


This is quite the new moon in Taurus people!! What a yummy manifesting new beginning we have here with divine support from lucky Jupiter in Virgo and empowering Pluto in Capricorn forming a GRAND TRINE to the New Moon. Yikes this is BIG! Set your intentions to build and forge goals for what you wish to manifest in the 2nd half of 2016, with results developing in Sept & Dec.

With Saturn also in play here moving toward his final square with good old Jupiter over coming weeks, we are de-constructing the past as we re-construct the future. The question now is what brings true value & meaning to our life & what do we need to do to build realistic growth & solutions. This is not fluffy stuff…very earthy & pragmatic! With many retrograde planets be aware that it’s not about launching stuff now…just plotting & planning & inviting cool people to support our goals.

New Moon 16 degrees Taurus Fri pm US & UK Sat am OZ