Full Moon Cancer/Capricorn July 19th

Full Moon Cancer19th July 2016

OK get set for some big power plays & unexpected shifts over coming weeks from Tuesday night’s Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn!

With Uranus in a starring role maverick/wildcard people & moments will feature, and with both Repub & Dem conventions in the timeframe things will be oh so interesting.

Capricorn Moon rules business/governance & Uranus inspires us to let go of outdated bizz models so we can innovate with new techno IT ideas & solutions.

Cancer Sun rules ‘emotions’, which are full tilt under any full moon and doubly so on this one, especially with Mars in Scorpio charging up our core safety & security issues. Upside here offers deep re-charging & transformation into our power to effectively set goals from a very ‘safe’ place. Downside can be pretty chaotic if coming from an ‘unsafe’ place & attempt to control or manipulate a situation! With so much deep ‘rage’ in the collective right now we must not lose sight of the highest potential of these revolutionary times, as we are birthing a whole new liberty consciousness beyond fear & confusion!

Your mantra is “It is safe for me to re-invent my world in fabulous refreshing ways!”