Super Sept 2016 – Eclipses + Jupiter enters Libra!


Jupiter in Libra 2Super September on the Way!!

September promises us a peak point in this weird and wonderful year as the “Mutable Madness’ reaches its crescendo!!

SO how may we ‘navigate by the stars’ & respond to the cycles of evolution as Solar & Lunar Eclipses + the final pass of Saturn square Neptune + Jupiter moving into Libra come into play? Ah yes and let’s not forget Mercury retrograde! 

Here’s the link to my big Jupiter in Libra article + Horoscopes It’s a bit of an epic & loaded with historical precedents for why this next 12 months will change your lives & our world in so many ways!

Here’s the link to a short video overview of September…and yes the sound is better this time! For those who enjoy reading scroll down for a more in-depth offering!

Powerful Solar Eclipse on Sept 1st will be visible across most of Africa and parts of the Middle East.    Sun/Moon @ 9 degrees Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces and both square to Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius. Translation? Tense energies that make things happen in our psyche and in our world. As eclipses have 19 year cycles we’re talking about Sept 1997 for the last one in this series. “This Saros Series is about realism, a coming down to earth. The individual will become aware of an old situation, and see it for what it is rather than what he or she thought is was. This can be a constructive time for tackling the truth”. “Eagle & The Lark” Bernadette Brady.

This actually fits our current scenario incredibly well as sorting truth from lies in all manner of the geopolitical/economic bullshit we are being fed has reached epic proportions…lol. Never has the time been more ripe for waking up and cutting through the illusion that our leaders know what they are doing with our best interests at heart!

Historically eclipses trigger tectonic activity with many notable examples including the “grand fixed cross eclipse of August 1999” when doomsday hype was peaking, leading up to the Millennium…remember? Well the world did not end but within days a massive quake in Istanbul left 45,000 dead and a similar number injured. There’s already been quakes in Italy & Burma as Mars joined Saturn exact on March 24th. I’m not forecasting any definites here, just doing my thing and keeping you posted.

I find it interesting the Germany has just advised  its citizens to prepare for ‘emergencies’. For the first time since the Cold War, Germans are being urged to stock food, medical supplies and, significantly, cash. I wonder why? Or is it simply a reminder to us all that this is a good idea in these wild extreme times…especially the cash bit! Here’s a link to an important article by John Pilger re the real state of affairs in USA policy & escalation of the war they are creating. This exemplifies the Current Eclipse scenario.

Generally classic advice is to avoid actually reacting to events or taking major action for a few weeks after the eclipse…so that’s after September 22nd when Mercury turns direct. Eclipses can be ‘wildcards’ that we don’t see coming to shake up stuck territory and can herald big life events you may long remember. They trigger unexpected developments & offer fresh bridges to new lands if you are willing to let go of old situations! This is especially the case when they activate our personal horoscope, so if you have planets around 10 degrees of Gemini Virgo Sag or Pisces that’s you! Think back to 1997 for insights and themes!

Virgo/Pisces also highlights our physical & psychic heath so a great time to implement measures to support both! Immune system issues can arise here, so no surprise if there’s a fresh health epidemic (either natural or manufactured) & further calls for enforced vaccinations to further compromise the global immune system. Ah just remembered an article fits the bill here that I wrote in 2002 about this very issue!    By the way in 1997 booth Princess Diana & Mother Teresa within days. And here’s another article just remembered I wrote about this from way back then!   Divine mother & sacrificial princess are classic Virgo archetypes and reflect the service theme of Virgo writ large in this eclipse. “How may I serve?” is the question in our heart as we allow this new moon to open a new service phase in our lives.

Neptune opposite the NMoon Eclipse heightens our intuitive connection to Higher Self to show us the way. Mars/Saturn in Sag activate fresh purpose to  release the plans we’ve been formulating over recent months. I know many are very confused about this purpose thing right now, as we feel like we are in a waiting room for the train to arrive and not sure what platform we’ll be called to. Stay tuned for the departures board to light up this month. I’ve already had a fab signal of fresh options when Mars met Saturn on Aug 25th that calls me to step up into a brand new innovative system. It’s both exciting and scary as I notice my resistance to the very change I’ve been inviting! Perhaps some of you may relate to this?

If we are in alignment with our Soul we can step up to fresh inspiration beyond confusion…Neptune! If we are willing to confront our fears we’re free for fresh action and courage beyond fear & uncertainty…Mars/Saturn. In this very Mutable month we must stay nimble and adaptable to conditions…patient and tolerant…calm & humorous if ‘shit happens’. It’s all about evolution my friends and these forces offer some big upgrade moments to higher states of conscious connection to “Divine Mind”. Take time each day to just close your eyes and put your hand on your belly and visualize your Soul just above your head and say “show me the way”. This allows us to move beyond Virgo fret and worry and use our mind as the magnificent tool it is for conscious focus and attention.

Mars heads into clear territory as he picks up speed in Sagittarius as the month goes by triggering a much needed dose of positive optimism! Travel & adventures may call you to freshen up your mojo and have some fun…yay! Harmonious sociable Venus is in Libra until Sept 24th heralding this next phase of our natural year when the Sun then enters Libra on the 22nd. She and Mars are set for some excellent outings & social interactions so say yes to invitations to meet & greet.

Jupiter enters Libra opening a new 12-yer cycle on Sept 9th The next ingredient in the mix for September is one I am very excited about – the entrance of Jupiter into Libra! As the Lord of expansion & opportunity enters the sociable sign of Libra we’re set for a fab new phase in relationships of all kinds. I spent ages researching this one so here’s the article & horoscopes for each sign.

Final pass of Saturn in Sag challenging Neptune in Pisces all month! Ah here’s two of the major culprits in our 2016 ‘stuck energies’ and these two now spend the month completing the challenging square in their 36 year cycle. Their last cycle began in 1989 bringing us the ‘fall of the Berlin Wall’ as plans were being laid for the Euro currency, the emerging Chinese & Russian economies, & the credit expansion Ponzi scheme of the global elite. We now have some major chickens coming home to roost as we ‘reap’ the outcomes from the globalization agenda, which is a failed model! On one hand we see the ongoing force attempting to keep the broken system in place with lies & misdirection feeding fear and uncertainty. On the upside we have the tension to breakthrough all of the above into our higher nature! Expect more Wiki & Snowden leaks as they continue to criminalize (and in some cases assassinate) those with the guts to reveal the truth.  Here’s a link to an important article by John Pilger re the real state of affairs in USA policy & escalation of the war they are creating. This exemplifies the Current Eclipse scenario.

Mercury in Virgo does his retrograde thing until Sept 22nd Three times each year this little communication/networking guy spends around 3 weeks going backwards from earth’s view. Despite the cautions to avoid signing deals or buying techno goodies, and these do hold true, I’ve come to see these periods as useful breaks I proceedings so we can re-group, re-organize & review things…in this case Virgo plans & strategies. Yes there can be travel bumps and annoying stuff with messages going astray, but if you’re aware of this it’s easier to shrug your shoulders and not buy into drama.  He returns to direct motion on the 22nd when the Sun enters Libra to join Jupiter. He then also heads into Libra on Oct 7th signaling bells & whistles at last for forward motion on fresh plots and plans hatching in PR & marketing you’ve hopefully been putting into place in recent months! And let’s not forget all these fab new relationships about to arrive in our lives!

Then comes the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Sept 17th More bells and whistles to trigger much healing of body and mind as Sun in Virgo is opposite Moon in Pisces @ 24 degrees joining wounded healer Dr Chiron. Mars in Sag is also a feature here & as Full Moons amplify emotional issues and more so when it is a Lunar Eclipse, so be very aware of your urge to project your needy ‘stuff’ onto others to take care of for you and being angry if they don’t! Use your energy to be extra compassionate & kind to yourself & others. Mind you if you need to take action to release yourself from either being in ‘victim consciousness’ or a rescuer of victims then this is the eclipse to do this! Home & family areas are activated for changes on Lunar eclipses, & again the caution is not to make big decisions or changes until situations reveal themselves more fully.

The Sun enters Libra on September 22nd As we experience the Vernal Equinox bringing us to the half way point in our natural year.

When Sun joins Jupiter in Libra on September 26th it ignites the most fortunate day of the year…and indeed in 12 years…in terms of fabo lucky partner alignments & connection. Make sure to set your intentions for all of the above and have a party!!!

OK that’s it from me & here’s to us all stepping up and forward into exciting new possibilities during this powerful month of September! Blessings to all as ever Maggie

Full Moon Leo Aquarius Aug 18th

Full Moon Leo Aug 16

Full Moon @ 25 degrees Leo/Aquarius Thurs 18th August.
LA  2.25am NY  5.25am UK 10.25am OZ 7.25pm

Well I’m sure in the mood for the freedom and change on the way courtesy of this Full Moon Leo/Aquarius on Thursday! It’s also a minor Lunar Eclipse which amps up the breakthrough possibilities, as we wave goodbye to a 19 year cycle and say hello to a new one. What were you doing in 1997 as themes then are up again now?

This opens the door to the big Solar eclipse Sept 1st & Lunar eclipse Sept 17th BUT this baby is the one with revolutionary Uranus front & center. Think quantum leaps you’ve been patiently working towards…for simply ages! Mind you Uranus is fond of a touch of chaos to shake us out of stale stuck places, and he also calls us to join with like minded people & groups who resonate with ‘ideas whose time has come’. Expect much ‘protesting’ against old limiting systems and some major reforms on the way.

So tune in for Innovative and mad ideas & be amazed by your courage awakening to dare to follow your passion & be ‘free to be me’. It’s been such a testing time hasn’t it? I heard a great line that 2016 is like being in a movie directed by Quentin Tarantino…lol

We also now have Saturn In Sagittarius finally in direct motion after nearly 5 months…yay. Mars in Sag catches up and joins him Aug 24th bringing us maximum tension between initiating constructive action V fearful blocked immobilized energies. Yep there’s so much anger around as people feel so frustrated by the politicians who betray us and the technologies that we need but drive us nuts!!

So mind your mouth & manners…criticize not…perfect one’s own shite and keep a low profile people, as further fur may fly over coming weeks. You are the smart person who uses your Mars energy to confidently mobilize and dare to risk stepping off the cliff into a whole new piece of life, full of faith that you & your life are fabulous no matter what’s going on out there!!

Meanwhile planets in Virgo (also driving me to distraction!) call us to keep dealing with details and staying patient as we master and develop the systems we’re going to need as part of our forward motion. Indeed Mercury in Virgo does his backward thing Aug 29th, but more about that next time…and the big exciting news that Jupiter in Libra is just around the September corner!!

How to Use Stress from Jupiter & Uranus? Aug 10th 2016

Einstein technology

Couldn’t resist this quote as this past week has been the strangest time as so many techo issues in service industries are front & centre! I’ve got a Paypal nonsense where I can’t get my money, & we had the meltdown on the Oz Census site and accompanying denials of who is responsible. It really is such a classic expression of just how stressed the entire system is right now. We also see the upfront reality of “cyber warfare”…the real new war game in town. (What are they going to do with all those armies & munitions they love to spend money on?)

OK so I’m calling the current Jupiter (makes things big) in Virgo (systems) forming a stressful Quincunx aspect with Uranus in Aries (technology). Let’s blame that!!
We also have Mercury & Venus in Virgo doing stressful things with the Mars & Saturn in Sag team.

Upside offers restructuring the systems that aren’t working in your world & not buying into the frustration & confusion! We are in such a major re-calibration over these months, so we must use Jupiter’s opportunity & Uranus urge to freedom to move forward regardless of external shite! The September Eclipses will help us do this.
These are adventurous times if we are willing to jump on a fresh Sagittarian horse inspired to believe that we can still create a fresh positive future! Just don’t react to people reacting or if you feel frustrated…ok?!