Optimistic October on the Way!


Excellent New Moon on Oct 1st sets the stage for a Progressive Month!

Greetings friends to my quick overview for October, and I’m happy to report we now head into some much fresher territory after this rather messy challenging year thus far! Have you already noticed renewed optimism & the return of some mojo kicking in? Yep we now have Sun in Libra joining Jupiter ushering in a brand new 12 year phase in our relationships & partnerships. So get out those dancing shoes & social skills to make the most of some very significant connections over the month to come!  And we also have Mars stepping into Capricorn to activate our goals & ambitions for 2017…goodoh! On that note it’s time to book in for your 2017 year ahead chart @ discount A$225

Here’s the short youtube overview for Oct and scroll down for in-depth rundown!

Oct 1st New Moon @ 8 degrees of Libra    Excellent timing to set our intentions for the month as new moons are all about new beginnings, in this case RELATIONSHIPS of all kinds. Blessed by positive vibes from expansive Jupiter also in Libra, and supported by structural expansion from Saturn in Sag, we haven’t had such a positive new moon in simply ages! So for the first few weeks of October it’s all about marketing and PR ‘to spread the word’ after these many months of planning & organizing. Mars in Capricorn is also in on the act here amping up the business theme with a call to initialize & activate our goals, and ‘tempering’ Jupiter’s tendency to say yes to everything and go over the top! You ‘get more bees with honey’ with these energies thus you are now a master of diplomacy & negotiator extraordinaire!!

Mars is in Capricorn    for the whole month psyching us up to take some serious steps toward our ambitions for progress into 2017. His last visit to Cap was in November 2014 as he has a 2-year cycle. Chances are that some of your intentions from then will finally begin to gain traction over the next 6 weeks. Mars Cap is the signature for generals & CEO types, so isn’t it interesting that the whole US election machine will be in full swing over this next 6 weeks also! Mars is ‘exalted’ in Cap as his normally more impulsive risky qualities are well channeled to serious ‘make it happen’ energy, so don’t shy away from setting some BIG GOALS this month and really applying yourself to them.

As he heads through Cap he steps into the Uranus/Pluto ‘Zap Zone’ to stir up the ongoing revolutionary zeitgeist challenging the ‘old order’. The current US election circus lays bear the broken system where real issues are overshadowed by personality driven power games, promoting the seeds of ‘people power’ beyond the corporate systems to begin to shoot! So as Mars makes challenging contact with Jupiter in Libra on the 5th we have a wonderful opportunity to successfully expand our goals for conscious growth…both personally & collectively.

He catches up with Pluto in Cap on the 19th when you can harness some serious power…very gutsy stuff. Think regeneration at a deeply cellular level.  Downside here involves power plays & control dramas and in extreme cases violence, so your job is to own your amazing power to move mountains over these few days! Meanwhile you’re smiling sweetly but firmly at people who want to project their powerless stuff at you!

His next move forms a challenging connection to Uranus in Aries on the 29th when wildcard unexpected elements come into play, including your own feelings of restlessness and ‘what the hell I need my freedom’. Needless to say this can end up as ‘baby out with the bathwater’ if you do the rash impulsive thing! Upside here is great breakthroughs/outs that bring major advances and change if you’re brave enough to jump into new spaces, and with Uranus technology & ideas are the order of the day.

Your October mantra is “I now empower my goals with confidence. I create success by inviting excellent new partners to support me!” 

Mercury enters Libra on the 7th     for a quick visit until the 24th. Yes after what feels like way too long in Virgo doing his retro thing the little guy is set to join the fun in Libra for a quick couple of weeks. This will be a fab period as his job is stimulation of ideas and connections so don’t plan on too much time on the couch & say yes to business & personal offers…great chats great ideas flying.

Venus starts the month in Scorpio  doing her deep & sexy thing as the Goddess of Desire & Magnetism…yay! Use this for deepening your closeness & intimacy & ‘calling in’ the ingredients to fulfil your goals. Connect with your inner Shaman Alchemist on this one! She enters Sagittarius on the 18th taking us out into the world once more to expand our horizons through fresh learning/knowledge & in some cases a fab time for holidays & adventures. She’s in Sag through to Nov 13th then moves into Cap.

Oct 16th Full Moon @ 23 degrees Libra/Aries   This one is pretty potent courtesy of Uranus in Aries on the Moon opposite the Sun bringing major unexpected developments in all relating situations. If existing setups are limiting you then watch out for knee jerk reactions for freedom, as the key here is innovation or change, and if both parties get this then you can enter a whole new phase without rejection or separation. Yep it all depends on how conscious we are with this one! The urge for action into new territory is major here…bring it on!

Sun moves into Scorpio on Oct 23rd  bringing us to the 8th Stage of our Natural Year when we develop our power & unite with other people & their resources to grow our lives and projects. More on this one in Nov report.

We complete the month with another New Moon on Oct 31st this time @ 7 degrees Scorpio. There’s different opinions about whether Blue Moons are two New Moons in same sign OR 2 new moons in same month…whatever! The point is that we have New Moons right at the start and end of October so remember to set your intentions for fresh power on the 31st Oct!

For your interest    Every couple of years the traditional astronomer mob trot out this same old story about Astrologers being idiots because there are actually 13 signs not 12. Maybe you’ve come across this again lately as website Spirit Science claims NASA has spoken and it is so. Sadly this has gone viral once again and it’s time that we finally lay this to rest! Here’s an article I wrote way back in 1999 about ‘Orphiucus The Serpent Bearer’ and his place in the Zodiac System. This is fascinating mythic territory uniting the themes of healing and beliefs in our times.  Please share this in the spirit of education & truth…Link also to C*I*A* article by Mundane expert Deborah Houlding’s article. Have a fabulous month!!!!

Upcoming Workshops & Trainings

Up Close With Planets in Aspect! Saturday Oct 22nd Beyond the technical stuff how do we actually get a feel for how the planets that drive our psyche actually feel and behave? We began to play with this in our last workshop and had a great time as light bulbs started going off all over the place!

This is one of Maggie’s favorite specialties as she uses to Gestalt Therapy to ‘dialogue’ our sub-personalities & create meaningful & lasting change to unblock & heal limited issues. By the way we also cover the ‘technical stuff’ along the way with extensive notes provided! By popular request we’ll also have a look at Hilary & Donald’s charts for election day on Nov 8th. You are all welcome to join our fabulous group for our next Saturday Session on Sat 22nd Oct 2016 – Nerang G COAST

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