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2014 Horoscopes       Maggie Kerr AAT        www.universalastrology.com.au

These insights are just for the Sun signs so make sure to read your Moon and Ascendant signs for a deeper understanding of your 2014 potential. If you don’t know them it’s time to get in touch with me!

Aries                                    In case you have been on another planet a quick reminder that your life has been in a major renovation phase since 2011 so you’ll be pleased to hear that 2014 fires you up into brand new territory…at last! Until July your focus and growth involves home, bizz and personal partnerships and career. The common theme requires seeking co-operative solutions that allow everyone to get their needs met. If you do the ‘my way or the highway’ approach you may lose valuable support, so remember to assert for your individual needs rather than attack others because you’re in defensive mode. Allow folks to move on or out of your world if necessary and bless and thank them for their contribution to your life.  If you haven’t already moved house then late April may trigger an upgrade or renovation to enhance home base comfort and room for an expanding family…ah yes marriages, homecomings and births may feature here. From Jan to mid-year you’re in excellent promotion mode with April 23/24 the time to launch a PR drive to sell an existing business or make a change in your career department. By late May you may be signing contracts in your favour and then by July you step forward into an innovative creative genius phase till mid-2014. You are the pioneering entrepreneurs who are meant to open new paths in our changing world so it’s time to use your brave energy to do exactly this! 

Taurus                                In these times of evolutionary upgrade it is so important who we choose to hang out with…both personally and professionally. So if you’re wondering why you’ve been culling some mates and bizz connections lately it’s simply that they don’t match your new enhanced value systems! This also creates space to invite fresh conscious folks to help you grow and prosper and by May your timings are fab for new deals and partnerships. Expansionary Jupiter has been in your communications sector since last July, growing your knowledge base, increasing networks and teaching you how to use the power of your mind to open fresh horizons. So you have until July to write that best seller and head off o/s for life changing journeys. Mars spends the first half of the year activating your daily work/health zone. He’s the dude who requires we open new territory or pioneer something and with PR and promotions a theme make the best of this unusually long period of activity. The tricky bit may be your urge to do things your way versus the need for other people’s input so curb impatience, take a breath and make like a peaceful warrior. From July Jupiter heads into your home/family area till mid-2015, always an excellent period to make the best of your lovin herd! Houses are sold or renovated, babies arrive, and new levels of emotional safety are the gift of this time.

Gemini                                Since mid-2013 you’ve been in one of the best business cycles you’ve known in ages, and yes I hear you say “I’ve also been working harder than in ages”! The result by June will be totally worth your while. Jupiter’s once in 12 year foray through your values sector is increasing your earning power, but initially there may be more $ going out to invest in your future than coming in right now, so fret not and trust your creative instincts. Another feature here is ‘sharing resources’ both financial and intellectual, so best time to seek a loan is late April and ideally avoid traditional banks. In the new bizz model we need to source ‘conscious venture capital’ i.e. individuals who are seeking smart innovative new bizz to invest in. Activator Mars spend Jan through June in your ‘creativity zone’ to get your mojo cooking up fun interesting new developments, which coincides nicely with other features mentioned. This is a fun placement, highly sociable, brings out the kid in you, and make the most of creative time with your own kids. From July till June 2015 Jupiter enhances your favourite activity… learning and communication. Time to up-skill, or teach your own material, or head off for big plane rides. As the ‘mind and mouth’ people of the Zodiac it’s your job to model and teach the world the correct use of ‘Unity Consciousness’…synchronizing our logical right brain with our intuitive right brain. So go for it people.

Cancer                                Congratulations to all you crab people who have been making the most of fabulous Jupiter in your sign since mid-2013…full on isn’t it? All systems go means you’re probably a bit pooped as 2014 dawns so take a big breath and go for it till mid-2014 while this once in 12 year cycle is growing your life. The purpose is to enjoy strengthening the security for your beloved home and family so great times for changing properties or renovations, and be happy about duties and responsibility for your kids as this is the best investment you can ever make.  Just beware taking on too much or over extending yourself physically and financially as Jupiter doesn’t know when to say no, so don’t promise more than you can deliver. Career areas are also in fine form if you’re making sure that innovation is your new favourite word, and be aware there’s a big move on 23/24 April containing challenge, action, opportunity and change. Wish I was psychic so I could tell you what exactly but life is meant to be a surprise. The power is in knowing your cycle timings so you can take advantage. Ah must mention as you’re a feelin kind of person, your other huge evolution this year is a big upshift in your intuition so trust this from now on!  From mid-year expansive Jupiter enters your financial zone so it will be reaping time from current hard work. Late Sept is bravo for a big new career move that takes you to a whole new level.

Leo                                      If you’ve been feeling a bit off the boil take heart as life is all about cycles and you’re in an ebb tide working out some growth behind the scenes since mid-2013 until mid-2014. It’s called getting happy with yourself, finding inner peace and balance and enjoying personal time and space. It’s also called cooking up your future, preparing the soil for a splendid new tree and all sorts of metaphors along those lines! Just don’t buy into fears that you’ll never be exciting again ‘cause you will. The lion is just resting in the shade before the next hunting expedition. You’re also in a responsible phase re the mob at home so undertake to be there for family and friends in an attitude of love as you also reap the benefits of other people sometimes being more important than wonderful you. Until mid-year Mars in your communication zone requires your courage to network, write and teach by adding a fresh ingredient to your repertoire…probably a techno IT kind of thing. This is also great timing to set up travels and adventures for second half 2014, when Jupiter enters your sign for the first time in 12 years and you’re ready to rock and roll. The lion will roar once more! Our world is in a revolutionary phase that requires conscious leaders to do their thing and inspire folks to believe they can grow and thrive in a new era, if willing to let go of old style ‘programming’ that limits and controls us. And you’re just the kid to do it!

Virgo                                   Ah we love you sensible people. When the world gets nuts you just keep on keepin on showing us all that new lives unfold with simple practical organization. Jupiter in your society sector since mid-2013 has been growing your relationship to your community, your sense of belonging, and humanitarian values. This is also the cycle in your evolution that opens your mind to the new ideas and options required to prepare the ground for late-2015, when you begin a new 12 year cycle. So accept invitations, hang out with cool interesting people who may network you and dare to dream way beyond your current world view. Regardless of your more conventional appeal of a stable life it’s essential to realize our unfolding new world means we have to think and be different, so here’s where your challenge lies in 2014. This can be a great time to study or develop new professional goals. Money areas are highly active until mid-year so get your buns in gear kids and get mobilized to make hay while the sun shines. Mind you be a tad cautious re current or planned investments especially around April 23/24. If something is too good to be true then it is, but if you run your ever practical eyes over an offer that is both innovative and feels good then this can be a windfall moment. From mid-year you move into a quieter phase as you head into a psycho/spiritual growth cycle to get in touch with your inner guru and intuitive development. 

Libra                                    2014 opens with Mars in your sign until July setting the stage for high octane exposure of your wondrous talents and skills. Yes I’m talking you up for good reason as this is your chance to put your message out there through a fab PR marketing process. Just be aware that you’ll be kinda fiery as you do this, which just could attract a little reaction from peeps who either resent your open display of courage, or use the mirror you hold up for them to highlight their own fear of flying. Needless to say do not react! Just keep being your gracious elegant self and do it anyway. Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and luck, has brought a major growth spurt to your career area since mid-2013 so you have till mid-year to continue this advancement phase. Yes the balancing act between your career goals and meeting family’s needs is keeping you on your toes so keep on dancing and remember to give yourself a pat on the back for juggling so many balls so well. You’ve been juggling the financial balls for the past year also as you tidy up debt and get organised, so good news here by late May when planets align to send $ rewards and/or set up a career coup to build on previous efforts. From July you head into a splendid 12 months getting out in the world to expand your group/team networks. Fortunate Jupiter in your ‘house of hopes and wishes fulfilled’ is simply great. This is also when we must tap into the ‘realm of idea’ to channel in fresh inspiration for future goals, and commit to our highest outcomes arising when we serve our global community.

Scorpio                               Once every 28 years we all get our turn to grow up and find what we’re made of as Saturn comes calling to our sign. Since late 2011 it’s been your turn…lucky you…ha…as he’s been testing you big time, straightening out any kinks in your ability to apply yourself with focus and dedication to your personal growth and evolution. Saturn on your Sun says ‘Am I in full self-responsibility – what is my true identity – do I really believe in myself – if not what am I afraid of about becoming who I really am?’ You have all of 2014 to sort this out and restructure whatever you need to make your life more conscious and streamlined. ‘It’s safe for me to make it’ is your mantra. Ably assisting this growth process is wonderful Jupiter in your ‘house of higher learning’ since mid-2013 urging your exploration of new information to empower your life. If you don’t know yet how to use your own mind and consciousness to become a true creator of your life Jan to June is your grand opportunity dear eagle people.  Also a great travel cycle with excellent outcomes for publishing or getting your message out there. From July it’s all about stepping your career up another notch via a once in 12 year advancement phase…ab fab. This can bring authority type promotions and/or a leadership role. Remember you are the ‘transformers’ of the Zodiac in a box seat position to be lead us from the old world view to the new paradigm in these revolutionary times.

Sagittarius                         You’ve been in inner world spaces rather than outer world action since mid-2013 plunging deeply into territory you tend to resist dear Archers…your feelings! The thing is when we step up or re-boot our conscious ‘program’ we must learn to use the power of our feelings in a whole new way, so you’ve been  doing the big deep dive into old stored emotional crap so you can let it go and move on…eh viola. Until we let go of old toxic emotions like guilt and rage and fear we can’t access the ‘positive feelings’ like joy and passion and love. The result by mid-year is a whole new level of emotional safety so you can step into your power after July. This psycho-spiritual growth phase also offers correct use of your intuition and a deeper relationship with incoming inspiration i.e. your soul…for a major new life phase in 2015. Meanwhile Jan to June is not all quiet reflection with a touch of loneliness at times! Dynamic Mars in Libra throws up some major social exposure and opens global networks and group connections. This is much more to your liking and will keep you pretty busy so it’s a big yes from you when invitations hit the in-box as you’re wide open to setting up situations for sharing your knowledge and skills. This can have ‘political’ implications in the sense that 2014 will be an era of social activism, and as Archers see the big picture need for major global reform it may be time to walk your talk! From July your ruler Jupiter heads into your travel zone so maybe those invitations require a plane ticket!

Capricorn                           Whoosh guys your new year begins with quite a blast as the new moon in your sign launches you forward into the most dynamic year of your life…ever! From Jan to June action planet Mars sets up career moves to offer you either a bold new direction that contains your true vocation rather than old “I should do xxxxx versus I really want to do what I’m passionate about”. The other scenario on offer releases an old business situation that is well past its use by date, so remember not to sell yourself short when it comes to reaping hard earned rewards. Since mid-2013 until July partnerships are in focus and for some a new supportive situation is on offer, while for others the opportunity is a surprise exit of someone who no longer resonates with the new improved you. Generally make sure to enjoy the social scene and happy times with interesting people and events. On April 23/24 three planets conspire to bring dynamic shifts to home, partner and career areas so jot this in your diary and see what’s forming up into April. You goats are the dudes who must take responsibility for building new corporate systems to replace the old broken ones, so it’s time to step into your power and get on with it! The world will change hugely this year and is ripe for clever ambitious people like you to do your thing. From mid-year you head into quieter waters as planets come off center stage. It’s time to build your emotional closeness with others and there may be a settlement or inheritance on the way. Have a great year.

Aquarius                            You’ve been hammering away like a Trojan building your career and public profile since late 2011, and yes you’re pretty over it but no you can’ stop just yet. Why waste such a fabulous cycle as it only happens every 28 years. The thing is you really need to deal with any old resistance buried deep in your DNA that keeps holding you back from your real potential. It’s really challenging being a ‘seed planter’, seeing the big picture, the need for change, daring to be different even when feelings of rejection make it seem it’s not worth your efforts. You guys are the social revolutionaries who carry the torch for a better humanity where we live in a safe and equitable world. As 2014 is the year when the old order will crumble then your time has come dear water carriers. Time to pour down the ‘waters of knowledge’, bring in your daring new ideas and inventions, speak up and out without fear of reprisal.  Miraculous things will unfold this year in the form of peaceful resistance forcing the old order to change their tune, and amazing techno solutions to global problems. It’s all very exciting! Keep 23/24 April in your sights for a launch date for projects or activating a possible international connection to advance your goals. More exciting news as good fortune comes calling into your relationship sector from July till mid-2014. You can enjoy fresh progressive incoming partners… personal and business, as well as a fab PR and marketing phase. So hang in there kids and keep working hard to establish your reputation as the dude who has always been ahead of your time because the world is finally catching up!

Pisces                                  Hey fish people have you been enjoying the sweet connection between planets in water signs since mid-2013? Your pond has been revitalised with beautiful spiritual waters to feed your vision and inspire you to trust your flow into fresh new beginnings. No longer a ‘victim without power’ you now know that your compassionate nature is a source of strength to yourself and others…the whole point of your existence after all. These are deeply creative waters where your artistry and imagination have free reign to make your movies and paint your pictures to channel in the zeitgeist…or spirit of our times. Our material world rarely values your contribution in our competitive culture, so you have to keep believing that your peaceful presence anchors and brings heaven down to earth to assist the shift from an unconscious word to a conscious one. Since late 2011 until late 2014 Saturn has been triggering your learning/teaching/writing sector to deepen your knowledge base and life purpose. Meanwhile expansive Jupiter in your ‘house of creativity’ from mid-2013 until July is a gift to grow your ‘inner child’ creativity and offers sweet times with kids. July brings him into your daily work and health zone, so get set for a once in 12 year practical growth phase to take you forward toward into 2015 when you can realize career outcomes of major significance. Go fishy ones.

Enjoy your 2014 people! If you’d like further insight into your personal journey and evolutionary outcomes, drop me a line at maggiekerr@universalastrology.com.au leave a comment, or ring 61755 945959 to book a session.


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