Adventures in Consciousness – Indepth Life Coaching Course

Change Your Thoughts

‘Adventures in Consciousness’…

In-depth Life Coaching Course

with Maggie Kerr

6 Saturdays during 2015 commencing Saturday April 11th


The theme of our time is re-invention & finding new ways to inspire & motivate ourselves & others…so it’s time to share the primary tools and techniques I use in my daily ‘astrotherapy’ spiritual work. My goal is that each of us will create our future reality as we work together over the next 6 months!   WE ARE THE EXPERIMENT!!

In this group we will develop a practical module that you can take with you to share with your networks…or professionally. So this is a ‘journey’ for max 12 great people who are ready to deepen their knowledge and skills!! This ensures personal development time for each person.

Over the 6 weeks we will explore and apply lots of territory including…

Natural Laws & energy systems; Different types of consciousness; Body/Mind/Feeling interface

The ‘transformational process’ as we step beyond the old fear driven limited 3D reality to limitless creative freedom

Mindfulness & self-awareness; who am I?; how do I access my creative spark?

How the primary structure & the ‘shadow’ of our nature are formed in childhood; Transactional Analysis & our inner child

Psycho-synthesis & the jigsaw of the ‘many selves’; dialoguing the ‘sub-personalities’

Identifying & re-programming unconscious DNA patterns & resulting behaviors

Core issues & primary themes – fear, prosperity, rejection, power etc.

Defense mechanisms; Anger & Depression; Victim/Rescuer; Over/under responsibiity

Connecting to our Soul to invite vision & inspiration; unblocking old emotional DNA

Guided Visualization & simple meditation tools for both inner healing & ‘dreaming up our reality’

‘The Science of Mind’ – creating & building conscious thought forms

Our thoughts/words create our reality; linking rational left & intuitive right brain; communication skills

Counselling skills; listening & reflecting; using your intuition; creating ‘the contract for change’

All welcome at any level of Astrology and this program is also for non-astro people.

When:                Saturday 11th April for 6 months        10am – 4.30 pm

Where:               120 Plateau Crescent, Carrara 4211

Cost:                   $90 per session OR $500 if paid in advance. As you are committing to a ‘group development process’ if you miss a session you still pay & receive recordings. Morning tea provided; bring your own lunch & horoscope

Bookings:           Maggie   0755 945959 or

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