Astro Report for Sept 2015

cat-at-home4There’s lots of Cosmic news for September including:

Sun in Virgo with JupiterThe Solar & Lunar Eclipses Mercury retrograde in Libra  – Saturn finally enters Sag Venus in Leo turns direct –  Equinox Sept 21st

As our theme for the month is so very Virgo, and we’re all in need of some humor in these rather turbulent times I thought the pic of puss doing the cleaning is a nice way to start proceedings! I need to keep things ‘in brief’ this month as I’m busy helping care for my gorgeous grandson so not much time for deep & meaningful conversations with an active 3 year old around. Here is the link to my big Jupiter in Virgo Article & Horoscopes to get things started

The first 3 weeks of September is for ‘VISIONARY DREAMING’ PLANNING & PREPARATION as Sun & Jupiter in Virgo help us set the stage for October & beyond…  

As the seasons turn we in southern climes put away our woolies & do our Virgo spring clean in preparation for the heat to come, and you guys up north of the equator reap your crops & chop the wood so you’re all set for the long winter months. Astrology is such a simple model for relating to what’s next in the natural order of our lives isn’t it? For a full run down of all the goodies on offer for Virgo scroll up and have a read of the Jupiter In Virgo article… 

I’d like to start by mentioning that there are some heavy predictions going around about Gamma Rays & massive earth events for late Sept stirring up lots of fear etc…we’ve heard it all before so PLEASE don’t buy into this stuff. Yes I did have a big rave in my last letter that the global financial Ponzi scheme is in huge stress, and indeed we have seen some big hick ups during late August in this area. But I choose not to give my energy to contributing to creating a ‘meltdown’ or ‘the next great depression’. Just be aware that messages from the Media that all is well are just spin, as indeed all is not well ,so it is wise to ‘protect & prepare yourself’ from exposure to global market shifts. ‘Be prepared’ is indeed the theme of this month’s letter, and my ongoing message is to remember that we are in a massive shift  from the old  unconscious paradigm to a new world view, thus old systems are breaking so they can be replaced by new conscious ones! So keep re-inventing yourselves people & step beyond old models and systems!

September opens with Venus & Mars together in Leo driving a final yummy dose of creative mojo, so use this first week to energize your projects & loving relationships as you also deal with the fiddly details needed to bring new elements into play. When the ‘lovers’ of the Zodiac cosy up together they motivate or open both personal and bizz relationships, & we can make the decision to fully engage with life. Your mantra is “I love life & life loves me!  

magicAnother big player during early September is Neptune in Pisces being opposed by Sun & Jupiter. He’s the dude that can either clarify & illuminate a situation or cloud our judgment i.e. is this real or an idealized projection or illusion!  So double check details in all situations and take off the rose colored glasses if the savior lover appears! The highest potential here is our conscious connection with our power to use our imagination & intuitive creativity to bring our dreams into form…hence we are all “Practical Magicians”.

Venus then turns direct  on  Sept 6th after her ’40 days in the wilderness’! When a planet is retrograde it gives us time to review & re-organize things; in this case partnerships & creative ideas (and to be very patient). SO now things will begin to move forward although it really isn’t until early October when she completes her run through Leo that we’ll start getting some results. Hold the vision is the key here and positive Neptune will help us do this!

Mars in Leo until Sept 25th also keeps creative fires highly charged and makes a fab connection to Uranus in Aries on Sept 9th. Keywords here are freedom and innovation, sudden & unexpected shifts. & highly original ideas & solutions. Downside can be new developments in the middle east war & cyber wars as nations & corporations spend alarming amounts of money spying on each other…unbelievable!!  For full details on both Venus retrograde in Leo and Mars in Leo pop back to my July & August newsletters on the blog.

September is also the second eclipse season for the year. Eclipses are an incredibly important feature of any solar year as these alignments between moon/sun/ earth, activate links between soul/creative ego/worldly expression…in 19 year groups. So every solar or lunar eclipse is actually part of a ‘family’ that only repeats every 19 years. Destiny calls on these cycles as we release the past and welcome the new. Check your chart and see if you have planets close to these degrees. If so then these parts of your life will experience the beginning of a new 19 year cycle. Check back to what happened last time for clues and themes for this one.

Sept 13th is a Partial Solar eclipse @ 20 Virgo. The Virgo story here highlights diet and mind/body health  – may involve healing crises that lead to greater awareness. This one hits the Moon in Australia’s chart so $ matters will be front and center and it will be interesting to see if our Govt. starts hassling foreign companies to start paying tax or try to increase our GST (which as introduced the last time the Taurus Moon was activated in 2000). That’s a no brainer I’d say as it’s much easier to tax the 99% some more than upset the 1% multinationals! Sept 28th is a Total Lunar eclipse @ 4 Aries/Libra. Great for PR and marketing & new alliances but must also keep your autonomy & independence – spreading knowledge and info.

Mercury in Libra does his retrograde thing from Sept 17th until Oct 9th. The usual cautions here to review and re-appraise all the systems and communications in your world during this period. Good to avoid signing contracts etc. and yes annoying techno and travel blips. You’ve heard it all before so this is the 3rd  & final Merc. retro phase for our year and can be very helpful if we deal with the details yet again. With Libra in focus then relationships & PR moves are the focus.

Sept 18th sees Saturn finally moving out  of Scorpio into Sagittarius. This isn’t exactly a HOORAH moment as whichever sign Saturn chooses to grace is always fraught with the classic restriction and constraint for which he is famous! At least we will be done with all this deep dark Scorpio territory and I for one am happy about this!! Mind you the ‘dark agenda’ has been very busy ramping up surveillance systems and further eroding individual rights over the past 3 months! I will talk more about this in future letters so for now here’s the link to my 2015 Year Ahead Report & you can scroll down to Page 4 for insights on this major new Saturn in Sagittarius cycle.

Sept 21st is the Vernal Equinox when day & night are of equal length and we hit the half way point of our natural year as Sun enters Libra. After 6 months of birthing & developing our lives since March 21st when Sun entered Aries, we are now ready to take things ‘out into the world’ to sell or promote our projects & creative visions. Thus the theme of co-operative partnership becomes the theme of late Sept & October.

OK friends that’s it from me for now and I wish you inspiration, ongoing awakening & enlightenment and clear passage for the month ahead!! If you are inclined to make a small donation for these letters that would be fab as I do these for my own commitment to my need to ‘spread a little awareness’, as I actually earn my $ from client and teaching work. Here’s the link if you are inspired to do a paypal deposit to my account…many thanks!!

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