August 2017 Astro Report AND Maggie’s Sept USA Tour Details

maggie fb page headerGreetings friends! Lots to share re: August Eclipses after my exciting post about my USA September Tour details…I am more than a little excited to be joining me tribe over in a country I know and love.

I’m on my way to the fabulous US of A!! “The Astrology of the 2017 Revolution & Beyond – Changing Our World from the Inside Out”   Why is 2017 such a “game changer” and how do we work WITH these wildcard energies to innovate our lives and step into “conscious co-creation”? What do “the stars” have in store for us in 2018 and how do we align our energies to take advantage of the next wave of evolutionary possibilities?

Join Maggie as she shares her 35+ years’ experience tracking the big picture of human affairs PLUS her life changing healing tools, in a series of 2 hour small groups in Burank, CA – San Juan Capistrano, CA – Las Vegas, NV -New York City – Red Bank, NJ and Long Island, NY! There will also be Q & A time so you can ‘pick Maggie’s brain’ PLUS bring your details: date, time and place of birth  in case you are chosen for a personal reading. (For more information on what the event covers go to my homepage Book your tickets now because these groups range from 40-75 people only! Tickets are $75 each and the event is 2 hours without an intermission.






LONG ISLAND, NY Friday, September 22, 2017 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS When purchasing tickets please be sure to click on the link under the event you want to attend as it will bring you Paypal to purchase that ticket.

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Solar Eclipse Aug 21 2017 USA



“The Great American Eclipse”

Well folks the most interesting 2 months of 2017 is on the way & I’m excited. August brings us the 2nd Solar Eclipse of 2017, & it’s a BIGGIE, popularly christened ‘The Great American Eclipse’, as its  path crosses the  USA from West to East. So get set for some big shifts & major developments on lots of levels in the USA, Globally & personally.

Then in September we’re up for the final connection between Jupiter & Uranus…the underpinning frequency since Nov 2016 that has brought our crazy revolutionary process to a peak… All I can say is it’s fabulous & fascinating to watch the unfolding drama as we step between the old world & the new, over these tumultuous few years. It’s time to shed our old skins & embrace our lion heart and dare to shine people!!

The talk on the street is all over this Solar Eclipse, as Astrologers have been going nuts with this one! There are so many bold energies about to be unleashed, and as ever we can choose to go into this process with a glass half full…or half empty…attitude.

Yes the possible outcomes offer a pretty high degree of chaos & drama on the global stage to move things forward BUT can also open doors for startling breakthroughs, & expanding horizons that may include travel & adventures…physically and mentally! FABO

With Sun + Mars in Leo until August 22nd we are in the 5th stage of our natural year free to expand our creative process! Leo is the big fire sign that ignites our passions, is generous & proud & dares to shine & lead others by motivating them to dare to shine! The spiritual process of Leo brings us the ‘purifying fires’ for our lower ego to take us from the ‘selfish desires & will’ to the HIGHER EGO of selflessness & the desire to illuminate & bring light & love to the world around us.

In Leo we meet the innocence and joy of our ‘Free Inner Child’ at 5 years old, full of the excitement of life and the courage & inquisitiveness to try new things & be delighted with so many possibilities. If kids are given healthy recognition and approval they will always carry this spirit, so your process now to connect with this and let your spirit soar!! Your mantra is “I am brave and free to be who I really am”!!

The first 9 days of August may be a tad challenging but after this it’s all systems go for full Leo awesomeness ok? The tricky stuff comes from the final Jupiter square Pluto (first pass Nov 2016…yes Trump arrives…2nd pass late March) PLUS the Lunar Eclipse on the 7th (more on this below). So the Jupiter Pluto combo amps up ambitions & we can achieve heaps BUT we can also provoke conflict & easily offend others (sometimes quite innocently) in our quest to make things happen. Thus take any struggles in your stride, apologize if you need to, and smile as you deal with admin details…got it?

As Mars travels with the Sun in Leo this month we have high octane action stations to ignite fresh fire & passion! Be proactive & focus all your energy on the next phase of your creative growth to make the most of this game changing August & September.

Never has it been more important to keep a level head and not buy into drama and separation than over this next 2 months. To help us do this we have Messenger planet Mercury in practical Virgo to keep mind & mouth focused, practical and steady…thank goodness. Yes and it also spends extra time in Virgo due to his retrograde phase between August 12th & Sept 6th.

Tricky Mercury is famous for techno glitches & re-routing plans when he’s retro BUT this time he can be very helpful inclining us to THINK before we ACT and deal with the details. Back up computers & all that stuff & try to have travel/publishing plans in place before the 12th…& generally stay fluid & adaptable. Just a reminder that Virgo is the sign of SERVICE so our self-reflection is to ask “How can I serve”. This is the highest purpose for our Soul.

Venus in Cancer brings us another very supportive energy in August as she keeps us in touch with our true feelings so we can use these to help us navigate the turbulent fiery Eclipses! The planet of love & attraction is so happy in Cancer as she basks in the love of her families & tribes…as this is what she truly values.

We’ve just had a pretty intense Cancer time with Sun & Mars doing their thing with Pluto…all a bit deep and ‘Dark night of the Soul’  for many (and me!), as we’ve confronted our deepest fears & insecurities so we may HEAL our core safety stuff.

I mean this is the whole point of this year so far, as we’ve had to witness & feel  our confusion & uncertainty about whether we really can do the ‘Phoenix Rising From the Ashes’ thing as the world around us is in meltdown… Yes we are in a collective healing crisis so we must heal our own safety issues to make our selves and our world a safer place. (I’m going to be talking this one up on my Sept USA Trip!)

So on with the show as they say and there’s nothing like some eclipses in Leo to bring us a brand new opening night! First we have our Lunar Eclipse on August 7th with Sun @ 15 degrees Leo opposite Moon in Aquarius. This is part of the same cycle as the Solar Eclipse on the way on August 21st…so she heralds the collective (Aquarius) creative (Leo) doorway for the next 6 months.

As Eclipses are PORTALs that ignite new 19 year phases within larger cycles, I’m hearing descriptions like “LION GATE Activation” calling this a major cosmic trigger in the larger evolutionary cycles of our times! Love it…bring it on…as goodness knows we can’t continue on this bizarre trajectory  too much longer…or maybe we can who knows? One thing’s for sure things are about to come to a head.

Personally we can use this Lunar Eclipse to release our Leo creativity into Aquarian group & team projects, & with energizer Mars joining the Sun in Leo we’re compelled to activate something! We also have Jupiter in Libra in fab connection doing his expanding purpose dare to grow thing. So something is ready to come out from behind our fears and simply wants/needs to take action and make things grow and happen.

Full Moons and especially Eclipsed ones, are highly charged emotionally so personal & global reactions may be pretty full on as August unfolds. Rejection & alienation are downside Aquarian themes so we need to stay VERY OBJECTIVE if someone says they don’t want to play with us because we are weird or different! Who cares?! The point is we have to get on with being original thinking innovators who dare to be ‘change agents’ regardless of whether the status quo gets us or not…lol

SO let’s get to this Solar eclipse on August 21st @ 28 degrees Leo. This is ‘trending’ big time even in mainstream media such as this Newsweek article – worth a look as video explains eclipses + opinions from several Astrologers about the Trump situation…would you believe!

It’s very exciting for folks in the USA as it is rare to witness the ‘light of the Sun being eclipsed by the Moon” & no doubt the USA will all but grind to a halt while everyone stops to observe this awesome natural phenomena. Ancient people were in awe of this as indeed they experienced significant events within days/weeks of the ‘light going out’. We have masses of historical data to support the premise that they signify major phases of life ending and new ones beginning.

Yes it will be a game changer on a global level and also for you personally if you are a Leo or Aquarius or Taurus or Scorpio with birthdays mid month to 20th of your sign. If so look back to 1998/9 and 1979/80 for signals of big shifts…and another one over the next few months.

It is highly charged from an exact connection with maverick Uranus in Aries…@ 28 degrees…plus Saturn in Sagittarius.  Eclipses repeat every 19 years in the same cycle & historically this series brings us major goodies such as the1999 impeachment of President Bill Clinton, 1981 attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan, 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, 1945 atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki & death of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt -1927 attempted assassination of President William Taft.

So it’s no surprise that Astrologers are on high alert as this eclipse may also bring violence or sudden change to leadership positions. Especially as this time we have the Uranus & Saturn connections AND the path crossing the USA AND lighting up Donald Trump’s Horoscope.

The 28 Degree Leo Eclipse falls on Trump’s Mars & Ascendant in Leo. (Born 14th June 1946 @ 10.54am Queens NY) thus igniting his warrior spirit for better or worse! This re-opens the whole discussion of who is this guy and what is his true role in this extraordinary year. Is he a champion of the revolution to upset the existing status quo and de-stabilize the current system?

Or is he just a narcissistic dude playing out his delusions of power & grandeur? I mean you couldn’t write a script for reality TV better than this! (I’m sure they are working on it!…lol). Sadly his words & actions thus far do not incline me to view him as The Hero…more like The Fool. But we can hope for miracles and I’d love to be wrong on this one. Be a conscious Hero please dude!!

The concern here arises from the fact that Trump’s Sun + Uranus in Gemini are conjunct the USA Mars in Gemini, which goes a long way to explaining why he has been such a polarizing figure since he took office, inciting extreme positions & reactions. It’s like the planetary evolutionary forces called in Trump to embody the archetype of disruptive change! But this is also a ‘war signature’ so whether it plays out as Trump going to battle with the system or a much risker scenario involving military moves remains to be seen.

The massive 2017 scenario is all about dissent and polarization…“funny about that” say Jupiter & Uranus…”yes that’s what we had in mind. Let’s finally wake people up to the BIG Game.” Until a much greater number of people WAKE UP to the hideous system that is running our world it can never change. Both parties are invested in the globalization agenda and we desperately need a champion to bust the stranglehold of the military industrial complex that continues to tell us we must have wars, & consume things we do not need in an endless cycle of greed..

The other thing we Astrologers look for are horoscopes of countries & institutions with the Eclipse degrees highlighted. In this case North Korea with Saturn @ 28 Leo – Israel with Mars @ 28 Leo plus Israeli PM Netanyahu also with Mars @ 28 Leo – Palestine also with Mars @ 28 Leo ( no surprise the 2 countries have been at war endlessly) – Iraq with Sun @ 29 Leo – Vatican City with Saturn @ 28 Sag – Venezuela with Saturn @ 26 Leo. So there’s plenty of action on the way & I’m interested to see how the Vatican situation will unfold with senior Cardinal George Pell currently facing charges in Australia for historical sexual misconduct.

And another big connection is to the Moon in the horoscope of the USA @ 27 degrees Aquarius, which signifies the original Soul intention of the formation of this country for the free rights of the individual. So we also won’t be surprised when the needs of the people (Moon in Aquarius) are powerfully expressed over coming months.

The Eclipse is also conjunct the Royal Star Regulus @ 29 Leo highlighting Royalty in general. Once again no surprise that Trump likes gold & has aspired for the King job. He’s sure in for an interesting ride over coming months & the question remains, will he fall off his throne or suddenly become the voice of peace and reconciliation as global hot spots get very hot in the near future.

One thing is for sure! We all need to send our Leo hearts & Aquarian minds to empower PEACEFUL co-operative actions and solutions as we also jump on the next wave of evolutionary change! Always remember we are not victims!! We are infinitely powerful when we know that nothing can limit and control our creative individual expression. except ourselves.

Live long & prosper my friends and I’m so looking forward to meeting my American Tribe in September. Go back to top left of this letter for event dates & bookings!!
Cheers and blessings to you all Maggie!

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