Dynamic New Moon in Aries March 30th

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…which in my case means finally upgrading my old logo with this beautiful fresh new image! Hope you like it my friends. I have lived & loved my old one since I first became an astrologer 30 years ago so here’s to the brand new me and the next 30 years! Despite the fact that It can feel very disheartening when we see the leaders of our world continuing on their greedy destructive agenda, thanks to the power of Astrology I also know that miraculous shifts are happening in our global story as we step into the new consciousness of this new Age of Aquarius.

So onward & upward we go my friends into an amazing April to come after this remarkable new moon next Sunday… as it triggers the ‘zap zone’ of the transformative Uranus square Pluto underpinning these evolutionary times…then heads toward the Full Moon Eclipse in mid April.

Igniting ‘The Fires of Consciousness’

Aries is the beginning of the true ‘natural year’ when the instinctive urge to initiate new activity triggers all life forms. So remember to close your eyes and visualize your ‘inner Hero’ feeling excited and delighted as you set your intentions for all you want to create & manifest in the year ahead. There are fabulous opportunities in these challenging times and over this next month we must choose a new positive progressive path at this fork in the evolutionary road.

The fire of Aries is raw & brave & risky…and in its highest form offers us the courage to strike forward into new life phases as an independent individual…with ease. The downside of ‘unconscious Aries’ is aggressive, dangerous & selfish with an ‘attack & defend’ view of people and events. It truly staggers belief that our modern sophisticated world is still driven by the downside option! So unfortunately we need to be aware that this Aries New Moon is going to stir some shite on the global stage as the ‘goodies & baddies’ play their games of power and control over resources in their very unenlightened way. The key for us personally in this drama filled scenario is of course to remain objective (Aquarius), not buy into the fear machine, and get on with being fabulous!!

I can’t resist a mention that it was during Pisces time a rather large airplane went missing!  Pisces of course rules illusion, deception, mystery & confusion. It’s rather hard to believe that in these times of ultra surveillance when they know what we had for breakfast that they can lose a plane…very suss! Whether or not this is part of something yet to unfold remains a mystery.

Revolutionary Uranus joins The Sun & Moon in Aries

This new moon at 10 degrees Aries triggers Uranus in Aries opposite Mars in Libra + Jupiter in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn…now affectionately known as ‘the Zap Zone’. The history of this cycle is all about revolution so we won’t be at all surprised when people power confronts global elite systems during April, especially when they line up @ 13 degrees of their respective signs on April 22.

This alignment is smack on the Sun of the USA horoscope for the first time signaling the beginning of a massive death/rebirth process for the ‘leader of the Western World’ over the next 2 years. This portends a possible constitutional crisis because government doesn’t work anymore and/or involvement in yet another bizarre war…after all the munitions industry needs to use up some stuff. The irony is how boringly outmoded this war business is…after all cyber wars trumped guns & bullets a while back. Jeeze they are dinosaurs.

As long as we connect with this totally outmoded consciousness we remain part of the problem people. And the news is that there are now millions of people who don’t buy it anymore…hoorah!! They got away with it in Iraq so we can’t let them get away with it again. THE POWER OF CONSCIOUS THOUGHT & INTENTION EFFECT OUTCOMES…this is the new consciousness and YOU ARE IT. Make like a 1960s Hippie and think LOVE not WAR.

Meanwhile let any anger you feel at the massive injustice of the economic debt slavery machine become proactive toward stepping out of it, as April’s rollercoaster may trigger big shifts in global markets. Also use your voice to protest the increasing threat to our individual freedom of speech via government control of the internet. Check the Edward Snowden interview link below where he is joined by the inventor of the www as they call for a ‘Magna Carta’ for the internet, and OPEN GOVERNMENT & PRIVATE LIVES.

The upside of this scenario opens the new portals energetically and physically…if you are willing to step into the power zone. However it will still take a few months for things to catalyze once Jupiter enters Leo in July…and some fun and enjoyment comes back onto the radar. So be patient and know that fresh mojo arrives in April toward your longer term plans.

– This is an excellent Italian doco about 9/11 that has never been shown in Europe or the USA…have a watch…and wake up.
– And this is a marvelous resource with cutting edge material from excellent sources 200+ free documentaries to expand consciousness 
– Here is an interesting take on the financial ramifications of the Ukraine 
– You may enjoy the inspiring  ‘Venus Project’ – a straightforward approach to the redesign of a culture, in which the age-old inadequacies of war, poverty, hunger, debt, and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable, but totally unacceptable.
– If you haven’t heard of Nassim Haramein a leading edge physicist who articulates the exciting implications of Unified Theory then click here
– This interview is totally worth seeing – Edward Snowden Makes Appearance At TED: “The Biggest Revelations Are Yet To Come” click here

Lunar Eclipse April 15th

Our first pair of eclipses for the year begin with this full moon in Aries/Libra followed by the new moon solar eclipse in Taurus on April 29th. Eclipse specialist Bernadette Brady cautions that this eclipse pair may contain sudden inspiration but to take care of wasted effort in the wrong direction. This reminds me to remind you that Aries is just the beginning when we throw our seeds into the wind and see which ones land and take root. So remain adaptable, diverse, highly original and inventive as you follow your intuition and allow the flow of life to unfold. Metaphysics 101 assures us that if something is right for us and fits our true purpose it will be supported, happen with ease and become prosperous. The October eclipses are much more passionate and exciting…befitting Jupiter in Leo and The Year of The Horse.

Mars is also still going backwards in Libra…

…until late July so the process of sorting & sifting relationships also remains on the front burner. Avoid conflict even if you are totally ‘over it’ and keep owning your own need to individuate or tread the new path rather than projecting fault or blame onto others so you can dump them!! Use the positive marketing/PR opportunities he offers in Libra…sell up a storm.

Venus in Pisces during April is a welcome softening agent in the turbulent mix. She is a sweet, angelic and innocent in this sign…the beautiful romantic artistic poetic muse…why not invite her in for some kindness.

Mercury also zaps into Aries on April 8th which should get some mental and physical things moving + another indicator that warring words may ignite situations, so make sure yours don’t. Positively this is great for independent thinking and courageous words.

April is a milestone in astro cycles with massive potential for catalytic change. So my friends be a catalyst for making a difference to whichever field of human endeavor matters to you and don’t forget to have a good time on the way! Blessings to all…as ever…Maggie

LA 30th 11.43am| NY 30th 2.42pm| London 30th 7.32am| Brisbane 31st 4.43am

Maggies next Saturday Astro Session – April 14th

The Astrology of Relationships

Every time we open our mouths and transact with another person we are in relationship! They are essential if we are to grow and fulfill ourselves let alone find happiness and love.  Yet most of us have issues around relationships as they are the source of our greatest potential growth …and our greatest challenges.

In this experiential day we will:

  •  Explore the karmic themes of the rulers of the Cardinal Cross – Moon opposite Saturn & Mars opposite Venus – how we set up the territory when we are small &      magnetize ‘people to play it out with’!
  • The history & mythology of ‘Romantic love’ & how this is at odds with the individuation process currently upsetting so many traditional co-dependent      relationships. How may we heal beyond ‘freedom versus closeness’?
  • Working with the Transactional Analysis (T.A.) model to identify our defense mechanisms and how they create the ‘games we play’ in our attempts to get our needs met in relationships + learn effective communication skills to create greater      intimacy & closeness.
  • In the afternoon we will work with Synastry & Composite Charts by learning the core principles & then practicing these with group members.

This is some of the simple empowering information and tools I use in my daily practice that provide huge ‘ah ha moments’ and lead to breakthroughs for change and healing.
read more click here

All welcome at any level of Astrology or this workshop is also great for non-astro peeps. RIng me at 0755945959 or email click here to book. 10am – 4.30pm $70 or day – BYO lunch.

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