Full Moon Eclipse Oct 18th

Full Moon Eclipse Libra/Aries Oct 18th – From ‘Conflict to Co-operation’

Friday/Saturday’s Lunar Eclipse triggers major developments in personal and global affairs over the next few months…times below. So it’s all about staying calm and positive as we release the old paradigm belief in ‘conflict’ and having to fight for things. The profound irony of our old unconscious system is the belief that we must go to war (Aries) to achieve peace (Libra). Aries says assert your will ‘cleanly’ without conflict…Libra says seek the middle ground with peaceful co-operative solutions in all matters.

This is the evolutionary upgrade on offer right now, and it’s up to each of us to achieve it personally so we can contribute to the collective global shift. This is also a fab opportunity to look at our personal ‘defence mechanisms’…how what and who makes us angry/frightened/hurt so we can ‘own our own stuff’ and stop projecting it onto other people! Check out www.12systemseminars.com to purchase my book and/or part 3 of the Seminars for info and tools for your personal upgrade!

Thus it ain’t no accident that this eclipse coincides with the deadlock in opposing forces of the US governance system, which both reflects and creates the ‘revolutionary meltdown’ to make way for new functional models from 2014.   As the dangerous clowns play out their power trips they are exposing for us all to see just how inept and broken the current system is…at our expense. OMG people yes it can feel like the world has gone mad…a feature of revolutionary times. So stay sane and continue your personal upgrade into positive new growth, as there is also plenty on offer over the next month.

Old alliances are broken and new ones formed under these forces so sort out what and who is not working in your life, discuss and negotiate how things can change for everyone’s positive benefit, and release people with a smile and thanks. Eclipses are ‘portals’ that open new 18.5 year cycles…think back to April 1995 for insight into your own story and clues for this time. Be alert for incoming offers or proposals for new PR or partnerships that offer the support you need to progress from here.

Communications/connection planet Mercury turns retrograde next Tuesday @ 18 degrees Scorpio. The general call here is to use the 3 weeks until November 11th to do all the re-words…reflect, re-organise, research, re-appraise, re-assess, re-arrange, re-consider, recuperate, re-create, re-construct, recycle, re-direct, refurbish…go on think of some more! Retrograde phases (3 per year) offer the chance to go back over things and get clear before proceeding forward after mid November. Also wise not to sign contracts or purchase cars, electrical items etc. and be prepared for travel glitches if you’re catching planes.

The next new moon on November 3rd is also an eclipse…a very significant Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. The theme is Scorpio is ‘power’ or our lack of it, so as we head through this next 2 weeks get set to watch the power brokers ‘doing their thing’! Stay tuned for my next blog to find out how to use this powerful next ‘portal’ for your evolutionary growth. Live long and prosper my friends.


L.A.                  Friday 16.28

NEW YORK      Friday 19.28

LONDON          Saturday 00.28

SYDNEY           Saturday 10.28


Some links for your interest

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Maggie’s Saturday Astro Sessions – October 26th

‘Chiron – The Key to Your Higher Self’

Everyone always seems to be fascinated by our ‘wounded healer archetype’ Chiron! So in response to many requests from you all…and as he is currently in aspect to my Moon…it is perfect timing to spend our day exploring his rich heritage, and mysterious process that unites our ‘lower animal nature’ with our ‘higher spiritual potential’. The crises of Chiron that ignite the consciousness process appear in many guises in response to our individual Soul’s process. During our day together we will encounter some of the fascinating options as we explore your natal Chiron placement and apply the implications of his current journey through Pisces.

All welcome to this informal program Just ring or email Maggie to advise your attendance. – $70 – – – 0755 945959 – 0416 155967
120 Plateau Crescent, Carrara Gold Coast 10am to 4.30pm BYO Lunch Refreshments provided of course!   
Don’t forget to go to www.12systemseminars.com to live stream the 4 parts of the Seminar or purchase the book. Check out part 2 of the Seminar to start with “Living With Your Life Cycles”. This is totally useful stuff folks so empower yourselves with this info and apply it to synchronize your life timings.


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