Full Moon Leo Aquarius Aug 18th

Full Moon Leo Aug 16

Full Moon @ 25 degrees Leo/Aquarius Thurs 18th August.
LA  2.25am NY  5.25am UK 10.25am OZ 7.25pm

Well I’m sure in the mood for the freedom and change on the way courtesy of this Full Moon Leo/Aquarius on Thursday! It’s also a minor Lunar Eclipse which amps up the breakthrough possibilities, as we wave goodbye to a 19 year cycle and say hello to a new one. What were you doing in 1997 as themes then are up again now?

This opens the door to the big Solar eclipse Sept 1st & Lunar eclipse Sept 17th BUT this baby is the one with revolutionary Uranus front & center. Think quantum leaps you’ve been patiently working towards…for simply ages! Mind you Uranus is fond of a touch of chaos to shake us out of stale stuck places, and he also calls us to join with like minded people & groups who resonate with ‘ideas whose time has come’. Expect much ‘protesting’ against old limiting systems and some major reforms on the way.

So tune in for Innovative and mad ideas & be amazed by your courage awakening to dare to follow your passion & be ‘free to be me’. It’s been such a testing time hasn’t it? I heard a great line that 2016 is like being in a movie directed by Quentin Tarantino…lol

We also now have Saturn In Sagittarius finally in direct motion after nearly 5 months…yay. Mars in Sag catches up and joins him Aug 24th bringing us maximum tension between initiating constructive action V fearful blocked immobilized energies. Yep there’s so much anger around as people feel so frustrated by the politicians who betray us and the technologies that we need but drive us nuts!!

So mind your mouth & manners…criticize not…perfect one’s own shite and keep a low profile people, as further fur may fly over coming weeks. You are the smart person who uses your Mars energy to confidently mobilize and dare to risk stepping off the cliff into a whole new piece of life, full of faith that you & your life are fabulous no matter what’s going on out there!!

Meanwhile planets in Virgo (also driving me to distraction!) call us to keep dealing with details and staying patient as we master and develop the systems we’re going to need as part of our forward motion. Indeed Mercury in Virgo does his backward thing Aug 29th, but more about that next time…and the big exciting news that Jupiter in Libra is just around the September corner!!

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