Nov 2016 Astro Report – Halloween New Moon in Scorpio

scorpio-eagleWelcome to the most interesting November we’ve had in a very long time! Yep the strangest US election in modern history happening on Nov 8th is smack bang in the middle of Scorpio time, so thought it might be fun to post the charts of Hilary & Donald AND the USA so you can call the result…cause I’m not up for it…lol I’ll also be covering the Halloween New Moon in Scorpio PLUS Mars changing signs into Aquarius…yay PLUS Mercury into Sagittarius…yay AND the beginning of the big connection between Saturn & Uranus…yay yay! Yep lots of shifts & changes on the way IN NOVEMBER! On that note it’s time to book in for your 2017 year ahead chart

Here’s the youtube overview for Nov – scroll down for in-depth rundown!

New Moon in Scorp on October  31st @ 9 degrees setting the tone for the deep forces at work during November. This is the Halloween New Moon arising from the traditional festival known as “Samhain”. The ancient Celts believed that the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead was at its thinnest during Samhain, thereby making it a good time to communicate with the deceased and to divine the future. Samhain is Gaelic for “summer’s end’.

So here we see the connection to this Scorpio New Moon each year when the deep invisible forces are at their most intense! And even more so this year as the New Moon has a sweet connection to Neptune in Pisces, increasing the sensitivity big time! We get to FEEL things at a heightened level with a call to allow time & energy over the first few days of November to tune in to intuition for insights and downloading messages from Soul. Dream big dreams and then use your Scorpio magnetism to build the energies of creation.

But there’s another big feature at the New Moon that ain’t all soft and sensitive, and that’s action planet Mars making hard aspect with maverick Uranus. These boys bring restlessness, impulsiveness & the desire to be free of constrictions. Channeled wisely we’re talking startling insights & ideas for re-inventing career areas with an ongoing goal for creative change in your life. The message here is don’t wait until situations have become intolerable before you reform them, or you risk sudden explosive events because you’re feeling so frustrated…got it?

Scorpio is the 8th stage of our natural year  when we get to ‘rise like the phoenix’ beyond the fears & constraints of our lower nature. Poor old Scorp gets such a bad rap, as we are conditioned to resist the natural process that take us from birth through growth, fulfilment, and death…& as surely as day follows night once we confront our demons and dragons we are born again better than we were. I mean really isn’t this the essence of nature as the 4 seasons?

Scorp regulates the transformational regenerative process that helps us release the past and let go of our ego/mind control, so we may ‘penetrate the Soul mystery’ that actually sparks new purpose & meaning to arise in Sagittarius time. Very elegant system isn’t it? Scorp allows us to examine our desires for purity of intention so TRUE POWER can arise from our core center…lovely!

SO make like an eagle and release old insecurities & uncertainties that keep you locked in power struggles or situations where you feel disempowered or helpless. Are you safe enough to allow your vulnerable self to trust others? Remember downside Scorp is the jealousy & vengeance & control dramas of very unsafe people…hence the bad rap! Also a note that our world is run by behind the scene Scorp types…AKA psychopaths!

Upside Scorp brings regenerative healing & renewal, deep sensual connection & closeness, and the joy of feeling our power without having to prove a thing!!  Your mantra is “It’s safe for me to be powerful”

Mercury is also in Scorp early month inclining us to deep introspective thinking…great for research and intimate chats…what’s really going on beneath the surface of things…secrets and hidden agendas. He’s also connected with Neptune in Pisces so at best we have divine alignment with higher intuition & guidance. Take time to meditate or however you still your busy worry mind to allow calm focus and insight from guides and the other side. He heads into Sagittarius on the 13th for a blast of fresh mental stimulus and vision… widening your horizons…expanding your dreams. Suit cases, planes & cars feature big time for the second half of November…goodie!

Meanwhile Venus in Sagittarius until the 12th enhances renewed optimism especially since she has moved past dreary old Saturn in late October, so is now free to move forward with fresh purpose. She’s up for planning trips and fresh adventures into 2017 and meeting cool people at seminars & training sessions. She makes a fab connection with change agent Uranus on the 5th bringing interesting new people & possibilities. She then heads into Capricorn on the 12th to pick up where Mars has just completed energizing career goals & aspirations…yep we’ve been working hard! SO now Venus brings her social relating skills to attract partners & associates to develop goals another notch

November 8th is Election day so scroll down for charts if you’re interested. As I mention the US election it is with an objective view of the story rather than about the personalities of Trump & Clinton. Trump appeals to those affected by the global elite corporate systems (despite him having made his money through them) that have brought us globalization, trade agreements and blatant abuse of financial systems. The trouble is that whilst his maverick agenda is to stand against these things, his flawed personality does not represent a safe or healthy expression of this position. But he’s speaking of these things and lots of people are listening. They will excuse him anything for the sake of change. SO it’s him V the Hillary camp who are the very agents of global policy that rewards the corrupt bankers & corporates by promoting oil wars & terrorism that keep the massive munitions and surveillance industries so prosperous. We are seeing the chaos factor writ large over coming months so it will be totally interesting to see what’s next regardless of who wins!!

The key here is the CHANGE urge on every level. People are fed up with the NeoCon system that lies and cheats & corrupts and disenfranchises the rights of individuals and animals and our environment. These are the vital years giving birth to a new world beyond the old paradigm of fear and lack and scarcity. SO many of us have been passing through our personal ‘dark night of the Soul’ as we let go of our fears and strive to step into the ‘new consciousness’ where we are liberated from this old shite & empowered to create a positive productive useful reality.

November 9th Mars enters Aquarius until December 19th making my Aquarian heart sing as I’m looking forward to a fresh blast of fire and passion…goodness knows I need it! Mars has a 2-year cycle so last time in Aquarius was late 2014…if you can remember back that far! He can be very naughty and provocative in Aquarius as he’s free to activate rebel energy to his heart’s content. This is the sign of humanity, society, the collective and all manner of groups & causes that strive to make the world a better place. Aquarius has everything to do with politics so no surprise when weird and totally unexpected events unfold from the day after the election!! The freedom revolution energies will be wild here, thus we must stay in our healthy observer mode  as things unfold! Honestly can it get any more weird? YES!!

Personally our energies gravitate toward the future as we are energized with our own urge for freedom and change. I call Aquarius the frequency where we ‘tap into the mind of God’ as this is the sign of the inventor and innovator who bring in the ideas that propel us forward. Visualize a big circuit board up in the galaxy/universe and plug yourself in!! As long as your intentions are for uplifting and improving society then you have the power to activate your “Alchemist” self to “beam me up Scotty”! Aquarius regulates Group Consciousness so use this 6 week period to join with like minded others in teams & groups to build energy around 2017 outcomes!

Mars in Aquarius forms a splendid trine to Jupiter in Libra right at the end of the month and through the first week of December & I’m loving it! This is an extremely lucky time as strength of purpose motivates you big time and you’re able to see the big picture with greater foresight that in ages. A great time to advance your interests and you’ll find it easy to make major decisions that you’ve been treading water over. Bottom line here is EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS the true goal of these tricky challenging times we have been negotiating. Make the most of this one!!

November 14th Full Moon @ 22 degrees Scorpio/Taurus. This brings resources territory front and center as you negotiate your investments and the people you transact with for ‘joint resources’…of all kinds. There’s not a lot of other planets involved here, except good old change agent Uranus in Aries impelling us to free up stale old situations and step up your prosperity consciousness. Full Moons release the energy of the Sun…in this case Scorpio so don’t forget to enjoy the deep sensual feeling connections that this one offers. Great day for a day in the garden, then a yummy meal & wine, then who knows what?!

Jupiter in Libra (since September until Oct 2017) picks up speed throughout the month in preparation for stepping into the fray of the Uranus/Pluto Zap Zone as he connects with Uranus in December. Stay tuned for more on this next time as we get set for the big bells and whistles going off late December and welcoming in the New Year…and I’m not just talking new year fireworks. Yep 2017 is going to be a blast.

Sun moves into Sagittarius on Nov 21st  bringing us to the 9th Stage of our Natural Year when our Heroic self steps back out from the Scorpio underworld, freshly empowered and transformed, jumps on our trusty steed and heads out into the exciting future. Your November mantra is “I’m in my power & excited by my future…I’m ready to fly !” 

Election Charts & Details

usa-nov-8th-electionNote Jupiter in Libra within 2 degrees of conjunction to USA Saturn in 10th – previous cycles brought us George W Bush in 2004 and Bill Clinton in 1992.

hilary-clinton-nov-8th-electionNote Scorpio Sun + Pisces Moon on election day resonate well with Hilary’s chart as she has Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Pisces. The Sun is on her Venus considered a fortunate connection. Uranus in Aries in exact trine to her Saturn in Leo suggesting a change in her status. She has Saturn with Mars and Pluto in Leo…this is where we experience her tough combative style and leadership drive, in contrast to her strong Sun in Scorpio & Moon in Pisces water nature. This is the behind the scenes power/secretive feature..

donald-trump-nov-8th-electionNote Scorpio Sun & Pisces Moon on election day do not particularly connect with his planets. Uranus in Aries DOES trine his Moon in Sagittarius & sextile his Sun energizing the maverick wildcard feature he is renowned for. However on Jan 20th inauguration day Jupiter in Libra activates his Sun & Moon big time, so who knows what he has in store!!

OK folks that’s it from me hope you’ve enjoyed the show!! Have a fabulous month!!!!

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