Saturday June 14th ‘The Moon, the Ascendant and the Lunar Nodes’

The Moon, the Ascendant and the Lunar Nodes’

Soul Astrology and the ‘path of destiny’

…based on some core ideas from Esoteric or soul centered astrology. 

A one day workshop on Saturday June 14th

In Carrara on the Gold Coast

with Gold Coast astrologer Maggie Kerr and NGT Starloom columnist Tina Mews

Maggie will be exploring how the Soul (Moon) and the Personality (Ascendant) are meant to work together in a practical way via your horoscopes!

Our Soul makes its’ entrance into incarnation through the “Eastern Gate” at our birth as we depart the ‘pregnancy’ of the 12th house and pass through the birth canal of the Ascendant. By examining the Ascendant’s sign, rulers and aspects we can describe the actual birth experience and how this created our “birth script” – our primary unconscious belief about how we will affect the world throughout our life.

We then analyse the Moon’s sign/house/aspects for information about our Soul’s purpose, and what we may need to heal or integrate this lifetime to allow the Soul full expression via the Ascendant or “personality” – which is ultimately the ‘Soul’s Vehicle for doing its’ work in the world’.

Tina will enlighten us about the Lunar Nodes and how they reveal our ‘path of destiny’. The North Lunar Node is the place where cosmic energy enters, while the Lunar South Node represents the point where energy exits, indicating possible energy ‘leaks’.

The South Lunar Node has long been associated with our ‘Karma’ and spiritual, emotional or/and physical inheritance, while the North Lunar Node represents what we can achieve with this life, our ‘Dharma’.

So please join Maggie & Tina for a fascinating day that will connect us to our Souls for fresh inspiration during 2014!

When:                Saturday 14th  June           10am – 4 pm      registration 9.30 am

Where:               120 Plateau Crescent, Carrara 4211

Cost:                   $ 80 Full price; $ 70 concession – Morning tea provided; BYO lunch

Bookings:          Maggie                0755 945959



I’ve been loving my Saturday sessions as different folks from all sorts of eras turn

up along with lots of new ‘like minded’ members so please join us in May or June…or both!!

Blessings to all as ever


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