THE ASTROLOGY of RELATIONSHIPS Seminar Saturday April 12th 2014


Maggie Kerr (A.A.T. ) Seminar


Saturday April 12th 2014

Every time we open our mouths and transact with another person we are in relationship! They are essential if we are to grow and fulfill ourselves let alone find happiness and love.  Yet most of us have issues around relationships as they are the source of our greatest potential growth …and our greatest challenges.

In this experiential day we will:

  •  Explore the karmic themes of the rulers of the Cardinal Cross – Moon opposite Saturn & Mars opposite Venus – how we set up the territory when we are small & magnetize ‘people to play it out with’!
  • The history & mythology of ‘Romantic love’ & how this is at odds with the           individuation process currently upsetting so many traditional co-dependent             relationships. How may we heal beyond ‘freedom versus closeness’?
  • Working with the Transactional Analysis (T.A.) model to identify our defense        mechanisms and how they create the ‘games we play’ in our attempts to get our needs met in relationships + learn effective communication skills to create greater intimacy & closeness.
  • In the afternoon we will work with Synastry & Composite Charts by learning the core principles & then practicing these with group members.

This is some of the simple empowering information and tools I use in my daily practice that provide huge ‘ah ha moments’ and lead to breakthroughs for change and healing.

When:             Saturday 12th April    10am—4.30pm  ALL WELCOME

Where:            120 Plateau Crescent, Carrara 4211

Cost:                $70      BYO lunch—refreshments provided of course

RSVP:               Maggie 0755 945959

Maggie Kerr offers her unique ‘Therapeutic Astrology’ as a tool for understanding the link between our Souls’ growth and the unconscious energy systems that run our lives.

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