Discover How The 12 System offers a unique package of knowledge & tools to empower you to innovate & re-invent your life in these revolutionary times!
Professional Astrologer & Therapist Maggie Kerr distils her 30 years’ experience
into a streamlined life changing program…

The '12 System Program'

  • Helps you make sense of why the world is changing and how to use this to your full advantage.
  • Provides ‘tools’ to use your MIND & FEELINGS to create meaning & prosperity in your life.
  • Innovates & empowers your personal SHIFT from the past to an exciting future.

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What You'll Receive in this Program:

  • The 12 System Book
    163 pages, integrating the many different systems that weave the narrative of human history in our quest for enlightenment. You will receive this in 4 parts over 4 weeks.
  • 12 System Workbook
    25 Pages for your growth and self learning as you journey through each of the seminars.
  • Video Training Series 
    Weekly training videos delivered over four weeks and can be used in conjunction with the 12 System Book and Workbook.

  • Free Ebook - 12 Signs of the Zodiac
    Did you know the 12 Zodiac signs are a system? In 66 pages Maggie shares the key to understanding the 12 components that are the features of every human being.

What You'll Discover in the 4 Part Video Series:

  • The Big Picture
    Study the revolutionary times unfolding during the 2000's so you can master 'What is consciousness' and why understanding this is critical during these transforming times.
  • Connect With Your Natural Life Cycles
    Uncover the 5 cycles in your life that interweave with your development so you can synchronize your goals successfully in order gain the outcome you have always wanted.
  • Psychological Wholeness 
    Learn how to identify the 12 components of your Psyche and release limiting beliefs so you can empower your potential for success and happiness.                                                   
  • Planning Your Year for Success
    Discover the 12 development stages of each year so you'll know which ingredients to add at the right time and in exactly the right order.

There is so much change in the air isn’t there and as part of the 12 System Toolkit Special
you will receive the 201​9 Global Report & Horoscopes - FREE !!!

  • A total of 73 pages of powerful & insightful information
  • In-depth reading for each Sign to enable you to make the best of 2019’s life changing energies.
  • Extensive overview of the impact & implications of these revolutionary 2019 forces including – Earth Changes – Politics – Global Economy- Technology – Our Personal Energy System.
  • All the data for 2019 Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde timings.
  • 2019 Year of the Pig insights.
  • In-depth coverage of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto cycles.

Many people are struggling with fear and confusion in these radical times ... 

and maybe you feel a bit the same way?

So are you ready to step forward into a whole new reality system?  The 12 System represents a massive advantage for you, once you learn the simple but powerful models and techniques that will liberate your consciousness so you can take advantage of these exciting times!!

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The 12 system is able to be applied on a number of different levels; to analyse our own psyche; and also to create practical outcomes in our life just like Maria outlines below:

...the models can be used in business, it can be used in new projects that you're beginning, it can be used in relationships, so there’s a whole lot of different things or even projects that your doing around the house, buying a house or selling a house or all sorts of things that are really useful for a lot of us. I have really enjoyed the course, it is very practical and I will be able to pass on this information to friends, family and colleagues.