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Professional Astrologer & Therapist Maggie Kerr distills her 30 years’ experience
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Welcome to the Remarkable Profound Life Changing World of Astrology!

Astrology is the ultimate ‘model’ as it interweaves the SCIENCE of energy with the PHILOSOPHY that there is an inherent ORDER that drives the CONSCIOUSNESS of creation.  It reveals that everything is INTERCONNECTED and driven by CYCLES. 

It offers us a tool for accessing the history of our Soul, and the purpose for our coming here in the first place. The Natal Birth Chart or “HOROSCOPE” contains this knowledge plus…

  •      The complete story of how your Ego and personality are driven by your Soul, and
  •        The Psychological Themes that drive your Beliefs and Behaviours, natural creative gifts and potentials, and our life challenges, and
  •        Primary Soul evolutionary patterns so we can heal issues blocking our power.

What You'll Receive in this Program:

The course consists of FOUR MODULES that follow each other in a natural progression from beginners to advanced level.

  • Module 1: Primary Components
    Metaphysics, Psychology, History, Elements,                             Qualities, The 12 Houses, The 12 Signs
  • Module 2: The Planets 
    The Path to Consciousness
  • Advanced Modules 3 & 4
    - “Putting it all Together”! Therapeutic Astrology – Planets in Aspect, Chart Interpretation & Presentation
    - Timing Systems - Transits, Progressions, PLUS  The Astrology of Relationships & Mundane Astrology
  • Membership area
    There is a full membership area online for class members where all students have access to classes and resources.  All classes and online resources are available for you to view online or download to your computer for easy access.

In Module ONE you also receive an additional 250 page -Book of “The Planets in The Houses”…fondly known as the cookbook…so you can look up any planet in any sign or house. This incorporates psychology & emotional healing models right from the start.

Each Module also includes links to Chart Calculation services PLUS hundreds of hours of relevant recordings from Maggie’s files of workshops and seminars.

You are welcome to enjoy Modules 1 & 2 for a fantastic introduction to Astrology but
must complete ALL FOUR Modules to receive the Certificate

The Adventure begins with Modules 1 and 2 where we cover the core ingredients of this ancient science at an 'in-depth' level.

There are 12 weekly classes in each Module1 AND Module 2 and available on you membership site platform…so 24 classes over a SIX month process. 

There are links to recordings of Maggie’s workshops where relevant to each topic & links to the Book Depository site to purchase books for your recommended reading should you wish to.

At the end of each class there are questions focusing on YOUR chart so you gradually gain insight about YOU week by week.

There is no ‘expectation of your performance’ or essays for marking, as Modules 1 & 2 are for your pleasure & enlightenment.

You may also attend a monthly webinar with Maggie where she summarizes the previous 4 classes & you may ask questions & gain feedback!

Cost for each Modules 1 @ 2 

A$497  paid in full for Module ONE                                     

A$497 paid in full for Module TWO                            

The Adventure continues with Modules 3 and 4 for those who are smitten and want to get more serious and start “Putting it all Together” and achieve the Certificate Course!

                   - There are 9 Classes in Module 3, delivered over a THREE month period AND
                   - 10 Classes in Module 4 delivered over a THREE month period - 19 Classes
                   -  There are many more links to recordings from Maggie's extensive library of workshops in these TWO modules.
                   -  There are fascinating essay questions to complete and send to Maggie for marking. You will also receive links to previous essay                                  questions from the Federation of Australian Astrology Exam answers.
                   -  PLUS TWO hours in each Module for personal one on one 'Supervision' time with Maggie as you learn to analyse and discuss                                      charts you are working on. You may also book extra tutorial time with Maggie whenever you wish at her hourly rate.
                   - You do not need to complete Modules 3 & 4 in the SIX month period as by this stage you may need extra time to complete essays                             and fulfill your 'supervision time'. So you have an extra SIX months to complete the Certificate over an 18month period.

At the completion of ALL FOUR MODULES, you achieve the "Universal Astrology Course Certificate". Maggie is able to offer this Certificate as she is one of the few A.A.T or Accredited Astrology Teachers through the FAA Federation of Australian Astrologers & was on their Exam Board for 10 Years.

Cost for each Modules 3 @ 4 

A$992 paid in full for Module Three                                  

A$992 paid in full for Module Four                              

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Module 1 & 2  Content


Class 1                        Astrology, Psychology and Metaphysics      

Class 2                        The Anatomy of the Chart     

Class 3                        The Elements             Principles of Energy  

Class 4                        The Qualities              Types of Energy                                

Class 5                        The 12 Houses           Fields of Life Experience                   

Class 6                        The Zodiac as a Model for Evolution            

Class 7                        The Signs                    Aries and Libra                                  

Class 8                        The Signs                    Taurus and Scorpio                           

Class 9                        The Signs                    Gemini and Sagittarius                                  

Class 10                      The Signs                    Cancer and Capricorn                       

Class 11                      The Signs                    Leo and Aquarius                              

Class 12                      The Signs                    Virgo and Pisces 

Class 13                      The 13th Sign.        Orphicus - this is added to your Class 12

MODULE 2   THE LIGHTS & THE PLANETS – The Journey to Consciousness

Class 14          The Lunation Cycle                            The Breath of Life                  

Class 15          The Planetary Cycles                         The Growth of Life                             

Class 16          The Cardinal Axis                               The Ascendant/Descendant                          

Class 17          The Planets                                        The Lights - The Sun & Moon                       

Class 18          The Personal Planets                         Mercury, Venus & Mars                     

Class 19          The Bridging Planets                          Jupiter & Saturn                                 

Class 20          The Outer Planets                              Chiron & Uranus                                            

Class 21          The Outer Planets                              Neptune & Pluto

Class 22          The Asteroids                                     Ceres, Juno, Pallas Athena & Vesta 

Class 23          Retrograde Planets & The Moon’s Nodes                           

Class 24          The Wonders and Workings Of Eclipses

Class 25          Rulership in the Horoscope

Module 3 & 4  Content


Class 26          The Aspects - Divine Geometry Core Concepts & Aspect Theory                         

Class 27          Types of Aspects & How to Find Them – Elements & Qualities                              

Class 28          Aspect Patterns – Talents & Challenges                  

Class 29          Delineation - Introducing Therapeutic Concepts

Class 30          Delineation – The Synthesis Process & Example Horoscope

Class 31          Delineation – Worksheets: Theoretical, Psycho-Emotional, Spiritual, Worldly Results, Health

Class 32          Basic Counselling Tools and Techniques for Change & Healing

Class 33          Therapeutic Themes of the Planets – Including Planets in Aspect

Class 34          Putting it all Together

MODULE  4                          ADVANCED CERTIFICATE

Class 35          Predictive Timing Techniques – Planets in Transit – Cycles of Becoming
                             How we attract the events & developments in our lives                                   

Class 36          Planets in Transit – The Outer Planets & Evolutionary Processes

Class 37          Predictive Timing Techniques - Secondary Progressions
                             Deep internal processes of synchronization          

Class 38          Secondary Progressions – Progressed Moon – The Soul’s Unfolding Process

Class 39          Predictive Timing Techniques – Putting it All Together!

Class 40          The Astrology of Relationships - Synastry and The Composite Chart

Class 41          Synastry and The Composite Chart – Putting it All Together!                      

Class 42          Mundane Astrology - The Astrology of the Collective
                             The Outer Planets & their Cycles in History – Underpinning Collective Evolution

Class 43          Horoscopes of Nations & Corporations

Class 44          Electional Astrology - Choosing dates for life events

What Current Students Are Saying:

“I can highly recommend Maggie's Astrology training course.  I have known Maggie for many years and her knowledge and application of Astrology is astounding.  She teaches from a Soul-centered, psychological viewpoint, which is as eerily accurate as it is in-depth and insightful. If you want to learn Astrology - learn from one of the best - Maggie Kerr.” 

Julie Chapman

Current Student / Australia

“Maggie Kerr’s Universal Astrology program has been life changing for me. Maggie has simplified the complexities of astrology in easy to understand weekly lessons. I’ve loved learning about the zodiac signs and planets. It’s been enlightening for me! Learning the intricacies of astrology in relation to my own natal chart has given me a tremendous sense of self-understanding. It has allowed me to fully stand in my power by owning my strengths. It has also allowed me to be more compassionate with others, because I now realize that we each incarnate with a particular set of challenges that we may need to work through. This program has changed my life. I’m eternally grateful to learn from such a knowledgeable teacher. Thank you Maggie!”

Brandi Khan

Former Student (now fully certified) / USA

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More Success Stories from Maggie's Students


I have been a client, student and colleague of Maggie’s for many years and I cannot speak too highly of Maggie and her work.  As a teacher Maggie has the ability to bring astrology to life with her wonderful enthusiasm and to impart a great depth of understanding.  As a counsellor I have seen Maggie work miracles using her knowledge, empathy and sensitivity, and as an author her Astrology training will set you towards gaining that same knowledge and understanding.  As a speaker, where one is often very limited with time, Maggie’s lectures are always packed with usable information and they are also fun.

Gillian Ayers



Maggie Kerr is one of the most insightful and talented people I have met.  Her astounding knowledge of Astrology, Humanities and Mythology combine to weave an insightful, powerful and helpful story around ones’ life. Maggie's humour, love and care shine through in all that she does. She is a leading light in the world of astrology and beyond."      

Jilly Gabrielson
Evolve Communications  Sydney  


Maggie is an expert Aussie astrologer with very impressive credentials. What Maggie doesn’t know about astrology isn’t worth knowing! She inspires her students and is an absolutely lovely lady with whom I’ve fallen in love.” Caitlin Foster Toowoomba


 Caitlin Foster
/ Toowoomba

Maggie Kerr Bio (AAT. APA. Dip. Couns.) is a leading Australian Astrologer who has offered her services as a Counsellor, Teacher, Author and Presenter for the past 30 + years.

She is an accredited teacher with the FAA, APA member, past member of the FAA exam board and the Australian Vice-President for ISAR.

Maggie has trained in the fields of Metaphysics, Philosophy, Astrology, Humanism, Ancient Teachings, Psychology and Psychotherapy. Her unique blend of these subjects offers in-depth understanding of our life purpose and challenges to our empowerment.

Maggie has been a pioneer in developing tools and techniques to identify and change limiting unconscious patterns, so we may heal and connect with our Soul’s purpose.

In her ‘spare time’ she researches historical global and cosmic cycles to offer her insights as a social commentator in regular articles and blogs at where you may also book personal sessions and sign up for her free newsletters.

Her earlier career in Computing & Corporate Marketing and Advertising & Tourism ensures an understanding of business cultures and procedures, and has led to her interest in offering concepts and training toward a more 'Conscious and Ethical Corporate World'.

She lives on the Gold Coast in Australia

Still have questions or not quite sure if this course is right for you? Click HERE to contact Maggie directly