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Greetings dear horoscope visitors.

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New Moon Review


Greetings Star-People


Welcome to the final New Moon Review for 2010. While on the one hand, it has been a tumultuous year of change for some, on the other it has been relatively harmonious, all things considered. Despite major astrological forces that peaked mid-way through 2010, we have managed to get thus far along without too much tragedy and mayhem. We think “The Gods” are more or less happy with our general progress to date, and are refraining from taking cataclysmic action. The end of the world may not be nigh. Have we collectively turned the corner somehow and earned ourselves a galactic reprieve??


This month, the silly season gets off to a sobering start. The Sun and Moon sextile Saturn, which spells rigour, austerity and self-control. According to Ebertin, this might trigger feelings of isolation or loneliness, inner inhibitions, separations from community and difficulties in relationships with the opposite sex.. HMMMM.. The obvious underlying Christmas message here is to perhaps take note of those around who are not so blessed with X-mass cheer by doing something to include the outcast or ostracized. Charity, as always, begins at home, so do your bit to make others feel loved and welcome. What’s more, Saturn sits right on the horizon along the east coast of Australia at midnight New Years Eve. Beware the stern arm of the law, avoid excess spending and don’t mind so much if you end up having a quiet night at home. Sometimes a little restraint is actually quite refreshing.


The Sun and Moon also quintile Neptune, a creative and mystical synergy that points to lofty spiritual and transcendental preoccupations. December is golden for artistic types as the practical realities of Saturn (plus the odd hour or two sitting around feeling morbid) combine with the inspirational flow of Neptune. Let grand visions seize you and take you in their hold. Any bright ideas springing forth between the 6th and 21st should be welcomed with glee. They have the ring of genius about them. As the New Moon falls in Sagittarius, visions of holidays, get-rich-quick schemes and far-flung adventures are especially enhanced. Munkasey says this energy is ideal for dreaming about the options open to you for redirecting your plans. Do so wildly.


In other planetary happenings, Mercury yet again goes retrograde. Consider the period from Dec 10-31st to be officially “Wacko-Time”. Let your hair down then. Mercury goes all scatter-brain in Sagittarius, so don’t be surprised if nobody seems to be on the ball when it comes to follow-through or detail. Unfortunately, disrupted travel plans and computer glitches also seem to happen frequently during Mercury’s retrograde phase. Be patient if you find yourself thus embroiled. The people who can stay Zen in the midst of apparent chaos and thwarted plans seem to be the ones most adept at avoiding Mercury’s annoying little ways. Practice deep breathing, become a little more Dalai Lama-like and shake off the inevitable (but easily forgotten) frustrations. A similar thing occurred around New Year last year. Think back to see if you were deep in organizational strife at that time. 


From December 7th, free-wheeling Uranus goes direct. In the next few months, he blasts through all that is left of Piscean delusions before making a spectacular entrance into the militant sign of Aries. Note that the Wiki-Leaks now exposing the halls of international diplomacy hit the headlines when Mercury was flicking a collective switch (Nov 28/29) and contacting Uranus, Neptune and Chiron. News comes thick and fast between now and March 2011 as Uranus completes his sojourn through Pisces. There is every likelihood that at least one big bank will fall. Also worth noting is the weekend of the 5th/6th December with Mercury and Pluto combined.


The Wiki-leak slogan is “We Open Governments”, and this group couldn’t be better posited to continue the work of global unravelling that began when Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008. Let the expose begin!


Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful start to your year. It’s been a pleasure Star-Tripping with you.



Merry Christmas Ram-Rods. When December really begins with the New Moon, you’re alert and ready to act. For most of this month, and half of the next, your ruler Mars heads up a team of useful bridge-builders gathered in the sign of Capricorn. You love being here, when practical smarts combine with sheer GnD for unusually successful results. Worth noting is Dec 13-15 when Mars marches up to meet with Pluto. Long-term ambitions are launched now, and some see significant rewards for all efforts made. Think big, brave and powerful thoughts. For Ariens born late March and early April, Saturn has you in his sights.  You are not deeply dysfunctional. It is just a very good time to take stock and rest. Next month, Aries rock! This Christmas, your cosmically-sanctioned gift is - diplomacy, cooperation and peaceableness.




Merry Christmas Comfort-Cows. How flushing are your meadows, now that Venus has left Libra, your sister sign? Did you take advantage of the November deluge of positive energies and expectations to plant nourishing seeds in fertile soil, or did you wallow in procrastination, stubbornly refusing to budge? However it is, December brings the reality cheque home. Venus is now back in Scorpio tidying up the bits you left behind. All December, make “Them” a priority in your life. Relationship matters demand your attention. Consider a generous splash of love and lust. At the same time, conditions for material growth look good, with Venus sextile to Pluto and the North Node of the Moon. Take cow-sized steps in the direction of future growth and, as always, share the good fortune that comes. Your cosmically-ordained Christmas gift this year - the ability to change, smile and let go.




Merry Christmas Twinkle-Twins. As action planet Mars finishes his face-off with your sign, you earn a month or two of reprieve. You’ve been at battle stations all last month, working hard to secure your own interests. While the emotional intensity backs of for you a bit, the campaigning does not. A New Moon in Sagittarius is about your relationship to the people in your life. Focus-minded asteroids are also sitting in this sign, which means you should consider keeping your eye on the bottom-line. After the 10th, when Mercury goes retrograde, you might go a little nuts. But Vesta in Sagittarius implies devotion to a single-minded cause. Try to stay alert, and avoid spinning out to unforseen levels of absurdity.  Get honest with the New Moon on the 6th and give yourself the rest of the month to deal with the consequences. Your cosmically-ordained Christmas gift - the capacity to add vision and optimism to your plans





Merry Christmas Crabolas. Something volcanic your way comes. Initially, the New Moon is good for scattering. Take the first 2 weeks of December to blow off steam. Yet by December 14, an inescapable amount of pressure is built, demanding some form of release. Mars conjoins Pluto and the North Node, which points to an explosion for your sign. For some of you, the eruption will feel feel ecstatic - the tipping over point of some lingering yet pleasurable build-up. For others, the rush of unconscious forces could spell blow-ups, lava-like meltdowns and purging of the people in your life. Your best offence is defence, so employ the highest forms of emotional intelligence to the quirky little moments building up in your life. After that, it gets easier. What a good time for an end-of-year drink!

This Christmas, your cosmically-sanctioned gift is - practical efficiency and a stable emotional base  




Merry Christmas Your Royal Leonines, How are we at this time of year? The Sun and Moon in Sagittarius always suits you to a tee. The New Moon brings a flamboyant, optimistic and expansive atmosphere to the room, celestial conditions under which any

Lion  can thrive. Leos tend to enjoy the silly season, and the social opps that tends to bring. Even those of you who go all humbug have to admit that you enjoy the frisson of something exciting that could possibly be happening. A minor amount of stellar disturbance coupled with useful creative contacts to the Sun and Moon may just put you in 7th heaven for the next few weeks. Your hair is high, your outfit good and you feel like entertaining. So hang your mistletoe, put your stockings out and see who pops in down your chimney. Your cosmically-ordained Christmas gift - to feel special whilst being just one of the crowd.




Merry Christmas Vestal-Virgins. There’s something clinical about your mood at this time of year. The New Moon sees Gemini, your patron saint, digging deep between Pluto and the Moon’s North Node. Potent insights into complex scenarios allow you to strategize, prioritize and get a routine worked out. Fated encounters with institutional force tell you exactly where the boundaries are. Virgos find a pragmatic edge the the start of the Christmas month that suits their analytical needs. Come Dec 10, best laid plans go out the door as Mercury then goes retrograde. Expect scattered energies all around, and face facts about unrealizable states of perfection. Jupiter and Uranus say “Yes” to some of you, especially Virgos born around September 18-20. Unexpected opportunity falls from the sky. Don’t even bother trying to explain it. Your cosmically-ordained Christmas gift - to float with flux and find vagueness inspiring




Merry Christmas Balancing-Beams. There is something especially lovely about your current state of equipoise. Not much can ruffle your feathers as long as you keep your eye on the prize. You have been working hard all year to deliver the goods and Christmas is but a momentary distraction. Your hard work and focus is paying off and you know that festive seasons are no excuse for lack of action. Continue to work toward your holy grail as you squeeze in the odd day of two of slacking off, drink and eating. A special mention goes to those you born in the early - mid 70’s. Your cup is especially full right now, and so your downtime needs to be especially rewarding. Tell others what you really think and don’t be afraid to get messy. Being honest is about being fair, and you do this oh-so-splendidly. Enjoy the festive season and keep it up. The proof is in the pudding   

Your cosmically-ordained Christmas gift this year - assertiveness, strength and decision-making capability




Merry Christmas Creatures-of-the-Night. Something wicked your way comes, and you hope it will come quite quickly. With this New Moon the temperature builds and December looks hot and spicy. A conjunction of Pluto and Mars with the Moon’s North Node points to the kind of confrontation that you folk find so compelling. Around the middle of the month, a hotbed of news, views and salubrious possibilities floats its way across your radar. What can you do but act surprised, as well as innocent, when piquant opportunity makes its way to your front door?  Your co-ruler Mars is in Capricorn-Land and in the mood to flex some muscle. At the same time as you relax and smile, you can also get some serious work done. Use the force within to kick your goals. December need not be all about drinking. Your cosmically-ordained Christmas gift - stability, comfort and emotional well-being.




Merry Christmas Artful-Archers. Once again, its birthday time and you would like to have yours in good cheer. Make the most of the festive air and grab a moment, however small, to be at the center of everything. Jupiter is charging forward through the spiritual sign of the Fishes. Your DNA is hard-wired right now to spend time pondering upon deep and more philosophical issues. Once again, “The Meaning Of It All” raises some questions that you want answered. Not one to to be told what to do or who to believe, you’ll find out what’s right in your own way. Let the spirit of adventure inspire you to conceptualize further than  you have ever speculated before. When Mercury goes retro, things go loopy just in time for the end-of-year wind down. Let the silly season spark some soul-searching, and get way ahead of the pack. Your cosmically-ordained Christmas gift this year - to find pleasure in the details and comfort in fact.




Merry Christmas Mountain-Goats. Big challenges take big shoulders to bear them, and no ones are as broad as yours right now. With power-packed energies courtesy of Pluto and the Nodes still whomping through your sign, you know about focus, release and delivery. From the second week of this month, Mars assists by entering Capricorn, and significantly ups the ante. Despite holiday distractions, you are in focus mode and this is prime time for Cap-style achievement. Get as much done as you are able to do, while making time for long-term scheming. With Saturn involved in this New Moon, the message is don’t sweat it. You have the expertise and know-how to kick those goals, hurdle the beam and bring home the Yuletide bacon. Your cosmically-ordained Christmas gift - to find comfort through emotional closeness.




Merry Christmas Water-Wisers. Has anybody noticed how truly unique you are? Whilst other folk have been dawdling, their heads stuck in yesterday, you lot have been forward-moving, and adding a further dimension to your version of reality. With the opening of December, you take rapid steps on some slowly building plans. Suddenly what you have been dreaming of has turned up at your door. Uranus goes direct now to finish his trip through Pisces. Well-prepped Aquarians hit the mark on whatever they have been creating. Saturn in Libra lends nuts and bolts while Neptune helps with dreaming. Take a bow, you bright young thing. You are synergy in the making. Your cosmically-ordained Christmas gift this year - to finally feel happy about how special you really are.




Merry Christmas Fish-Folk. Its taken a while but finally, Pisceans are ready for graduation. The past 7 years have been exciting, and most of you have seen major changes to your foundations. New worlds and open frontiers are especially relevant now if your are born around March 18th. Yet times have been hard, and lessons have been learnt. Saturn brought you increased responsibility, contraction and limitation. Now in these final months of Uranus’ journey through your sign, you might just take a fun ride to instant liberation. From Dec 7th Uranus goes direct in your sign and fish-folk start to swim forward. Grab the currents and get a wriggle on - It’s time for a new day dawning. Jupiter continues to give the green light for expansionist plans and helps with the forward motion. Yet be aware that most of this month involves a Mercury retrograde phase, which doesn’t bode well highly focussed thinking. Your cosmically-ordained Christmas gift - to thrive through process, routine and structure.


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