April Astro Report – Aries Season & Jupiter meets Neptune in Pisces

Peace DoveApril opens with a bold New Moon in Aries on the 1st driven by Mars in Aquarius for fresh ideas and connections.
With communication planet Mercury in Aries joining the NMoon our mind & mouth is fired up, which is great for brave ideas and words but a big caution here to pick battles wisely and resist sending anger & frustration to others OK?

Now if you’re NOT feeling the urge for exciting new beginnings right now don’t be dismayed folks, as we still have a very big dose of Pisces energy floating about during April, so I suspect it will not be until the big expansive guy Jupiter enters Aries on May 11th that we will feel the urge to action, adventure and enterprise.
The other major event brings us the meeting of Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces awakening a Spiritual upgrade for humanity as it did back in 1856 at the height of the Romantic era artists & musicians whose work celebrated individualism; spontaneity; freedom from rules; the beliefs that imagination is superior to reason; devotion to beauty; love of and worship of nature.
Venus enters Pisces on April 6th followed by Mars into Pisces on April 16th relaxing the pressure on the ‘sudden unexpected chaos’ theme of Aquarius, and adding another dose of all things Piscean to our story until May. Dream big – believe in Magic – go with the flow – connect with the Divine!
Love & blessings to you all from Maggie

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March 2022 Astro Update – Pisces Season + Ukraine

Pisces fishSo we are now in Pisces time completing our natural year until March 21st when we open the call to adventure as the Sun enters Aries to begin our new natural cycle.

My heart is very heavy as I greet you this month as the people of Ukraine fight for their freedom.
I have been talking about the whole Venus + Mars + Pluto in Capricorn meeting for the last few months, so here we have the worst of the heavy hard line story unfolding, as the invasion began when Mars hit 22 deg Capricorn triggering the “highly charged” Saturn/Pluto conjunction from January 2020.
But I am inspired by the planets unfolding in March so hang in there folks as the situation is far from over…indeed it may just be beginning as I will highlight as you read on.
And there is an unexpected hero emerging – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. I made his chart and low and behold he is an Aquarian Sun opposite Mars in Leo (Moon and Saturn also in Leo) so here is the freedom fighter risking his life for his country. I have included my comments on his chart + Putin + Russia + Ukraine in the main section.
In an astounding contrast to the heavy Capricorn story we have our rare and wondrous New Moon @ 12 degrees Pisces on March 2nd – seen bright and clear in the 2nd zone of the chart above.
Rare because both the rulers of Pisces Jupiter & Neptune are with the Sun & Moon for a once in 164 year meeting!
Read on for more insights about how to use this amazing Pisces period PLUS charts for Russia Ukraine Putin and Zelenskyy

Feb 2022 Update – All About Aquarius + 2022 Global Report

Tiger 2022 2The New Moon in Aquarius each year launches the Chinese New Year – in this case the Water Tiger on Feb 1st
This makes sense of the Chinese system to me, as Aquarius signals new & changed conditions!

The Tiger is very powerful and characterized as being tough when facing adversity, with a strong sense of justice and a commitment to the greater good. So adding the WATER element we have an exciting year where we must be strong & courageous in embracing new ideas and networks that improve both our own lives & the greater good…and doing this from a place of kindness and compassion.
The return of any Animal to the same element happens every 60 years. The last Tiger Water year was 1962.  This launched the mid 1960s revolution changes in attitudes, so this new 60 year cycle launches the next wave of the conscious revolution. If we are open to it this can be a year of profound change, but if still stuck in old models/rut then can be very hard. People who want to change how this planet operates can be very powerful as we now move into this fresh wave of energy!
The New Moon itself is conjunct Saturn and square Uranus – highlights freedom v restriction – breakdown to break though – what do you need to let go of & do differently – re-inventing things and release old stuck territory – opens door for change – wake up – trigger point for our 2022 year.
So things get moving from the New Moon & then Messenger planet Mercury turns direct direct on Feb 4th, (and what a very annoying retro it has been!) – but does not head back into Aquarius until Feb 15th – and finally out of ‘shadow on Feb 24th. So it is not really until late Feb that we get some real fresh traction.
There is a fab connection with Mars to Jupiter on the 4th then Uranus on 8th – lots of fresh creative ingredients that unite visionary inspiration with practical solutions.
We also have Venus direct in early Feb and she continues her process of reviewing our relationships and core values all month, until she meets Mars & Pluto in early March.

So we have ALL PLANETS DIRECT for Feb, March, April and May, another indicator that we are almost done with the heavy stuck energies since January!
Just a reminder that we still have bountiful Jupiter diving deep in Pisces to inspire fresh dreams & inspiration so check my Podcast on this for insights on how to Up Your Vibration!
A fantastic Full Moon on the 16th with Sun in Aqua & Moon in Leo @ 27 degrees brings an exciting turning point – powerful passionate – glorious lion power for fresh creativity – give the wheel of fortune a spin!

2022 Global Astrology ReportFree 2022 Global Astrology Report
This years global insights cover the main events of 2022 as we head into the year of the Big 2’s & Chinese Year of the Tiger.
We dive deep into Jupiter in Pisces and his once in a lifetime meeting with Neptune, and then Jupiter in Aries – Saturn’s final year in Aquarius – Pluto’s final year in Capricorn before heading into Aquarius in 2023 – Mars in Gemini & his retrograde – the Eclipses and Mercury Retro phases for the year – and the USA Pluto return.

Thank goodness we now have Sun in Aquarius for some fresh sparks to enliven us after dreary Capricorn times in January. Hooray! Mind you we still have to navigate more Capricorn goodies as we head through February, as activator Mars  joins Venus as they head to their crescendo meeting with Pluto in early March.
SO hang in there folks and use this force to stay focused and develop projects in preparation for all systems go when both Mars and Venus head into Aquarius on March 7th and things get way more interesting!
On a more upbeat note Sun + Mercury in Aquarius stimulates our personal and global story with snazzy upgrades & bursts of techno innovation.
Sun in Aquarius drives the essence of humanity and community as an interconnected organism with equal rights for all creatures great and small.
Aquarius brings us the ‘quirky’ eccentric progressive thinkers and inventors who are inspired to improve society, as well as the activists and change agents who dare to confront old guard entrenched systems that have ‘calcified’ and outlived their useful form. We LOVE Aquarius!!!
Aquarius is associated with political systems and the opposite sign Leo with the leaders who are meant to represent the best interests of all.

So both Aquarian New Moon & Leo Full Moon (eyes right) call us to demand our leaders & political systems be accountable and act beyond their loyalties to old guard business interests! We can expect some big news internationally re said leaders & their ‘accountability’.
They also offer a grand opportunity to ‘step outside’ the box as you dare to re-invent your life!!

Aquarian types are quirky and eccentric individuals who need freedom & independence to ‘do their own’ thing. They are the humanitarians of the Zodiac who are ‘agents of change to uplift the human condition’! Progressive thinkers who dare to bring in new ideas, they are often rejected for their trouble, so have to learn to dare to be different regardless of approval from main stream.
They are the ‘outsiders’ – the mad scientists and inventors who create the future – the ‘rebels with a cause’ and activists who buck the system and create new ones!

If you identify with any of this then hello you have a planet in Aquarius! They love people no matter the race or creed, but often have trouble being close to others because of the fear of loss of freedom, so a great mantra here is “I can be close AND be free”! The irony here is they are ‘group conscious’ and embody the ‘interconnectedness of all systems’ but often have trouble being in groups!

The evolutionary gift of Aquarius is OBJECTIVITY where we learn to observe things – to be a witness –  but not get caught up in the emotional reactions to them!
It also allows us to find the middle ground between polarized positions as we seek co-operation and cohesion as we recognize everyone has the right to their view and opinions and yet we can still work together.

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Since Sun zapped into Aquarius a few days ago have been having a fascinating time exploring the whole new world on the way via Blockchain technology & DeFi or ‘Decentralized Finance’ & the whole mind blowing advances kicking in as we leave behind the www and head into the Metaverse.
Yep I have talked about this as a feature of the Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius in 2021 opening a brand new world of technology, but it is only now I am starting to really get just how awesome this new Blockchain technology is, as it offers the opportunity to create systems beyond old banking rich control everything & data surveillance to a new world of sovereign rights…the true essence of Aquarius!!
If you are interested drop me a line and I’ll send you the link to this very cool doco series that is blowing me out.
Have a great month!

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Jan 2022 Update AND 2022 Global Report & PodCast

JewelI’m into magical images this month as everything is a tad serious right now so please enjoy my version of The Solar System this glorious Art Deco brooch…heaven!

Yes we need to keep our spirits up as January unfolds, as even though we will head into easier times in March, this current gang of planets in Capricorn make for tough going.
This is reflected in the current new Covid phase globally with constraint & restraint the order of the day…all very Capricorn.
So if you’re feeling flat & uninspired you are not alone!  Do your best to head into Jupiter in Piscesville and rest and reflect and chill out as much as possible and dream fresh dreams.

We are also in the midst of the Venus retro phase as she heads back to join the Sun in Cap on the 9th – the midpoint in her 40 day process moving from evening star to morning star.
She turns direct in late Jan but does not leave until early March, when she joins Mars in Cap AND Pluto for a maximum stress crescendo moment.
Implications here for major re-boots for business systems & governments. I discuss this in the PODCAST.
Venus in Capricorn  joins Pluto
The Goddess of love & beauty actually thrives in the practical hard working sign of Capricorn where she values people & things of high quality. She is rather reserved here and not a twittery party queen, as she prefers dinner parties with close mates to tripping the lights fantastic. She is hard working & ambitious and loves to set clear goals and strategies to achieve them.
When the Goddess of love joins power planet Pluto attractions can be deep & intense…fun for sexual goodies but watch out for power struggles & possessiveness! We are reviewing relationships and the things we value over this period to decide who we take forward because they enhance our lives…and who to release. As Venus also rules money and resources, Pluto again intensifies money matters. At best we can build power for our prosperity goals from January through to March 2022.
The Full Moon on Jan 17th also has Pluto front & center
…highlighting powerful feelings both personally & collectively. Many people are fearful and this can come out as anger, so if you tap into your own fear do some self-nurturing with lots of “I AM SAFE” messages OK? At best we can let go and regenerate at a very deep level, but take care of knee jerk spits at those you love.
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COmetComet Leonard
Discovered 3rd Jan 2021
Closest to Sun 3rd Jan 2022
80,000 year orbit around the Sun
Such a spectacular image I couldn’t resist sharing!
Historically Comets augur major changes re “King & Country”

Welcome to 2022 my friends.
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Mercury retrogradeAnother feature contributing to this go-slow January is our little friend Mercury…the Messenger God…who is currently in Aquarius and about to do his retro phase. He’s the guy whose magnetism affect all forms of communication and our thought processes. These periods are when IT and gizmos don’t work properly, messages/mail gets lost & we need to be super adaptable.

Mercury spends three weeks retrograde three times per year, but the period from when he goes retro until he returns to that same degree lasts for around 6 weeks. So it is best to wait until the full 6 week period before expecting full forward motion in Aquarius.
The retro periods are opportunities to re-do, re-evaluate, re-organize, research, review and plan.
Aquarius            Jan 14th @ 10 degrees Aquarius – goes back to 24 deg Capricorn & turns direct Feb 4th – so not out of ‘shadow zone’ & back to 10 deg Aqua until 24th Feb.
Mercury in Aqua uber stimulates fab new ideas and information but can create anxiety and is hard on the nervous system.  Social discourse can be distracting and disturbing. As Mercury is conjunct Saturn and square Uranus on Jan 14th it makes for a hard reality check or sudden shifts. Take a ‘time-out’ to rethink and regroup as you also develop new ideas to re-invent your life.

Sending love and light to you & seasons greetings.
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August Leo Update – Here Comes the Sun!

Aker Lions 2My Leo rising has a huge soft spot for lions so say hello to the Aker Lions from Egyptian mythology.
One is facing the past and the other the future.
So as our Sun heads through Leo where he is at his most lion hearted, set your intention to dare to shine your light & stay optimistic in these turbulent world changing times!
Your mantra is “I am fabulous and fearless – I am LOVE in action”…
Leo season is book ended by TWO full Moons this year – the first was July 24th @ 1 degree & the next lights up August 22nd right at the end of Leo.
This is a true BLUE MOON folks and with Moon in Aquarius TWICE the theme of individual freedom is front and center, along with radical science and tech advances & space cowboys!

In the middle comes the NEW MOON on Aug 8th @ 16 degrees – the annual new beginning for our creative process. Normally this augurs lots of passion, fun, and joy, but with Saturn in Aquarius opposite me thinks this may also involve certain restraints or at least a reality check.
Upside requires not buying into the heavy FEAR process of our times. You can use Saturn to create fresh plans and strategies – set fresh goals – and with Uranus also squaring up to this New Moon Aquarian goodies involve re-invention, clever new ideas and daring to be different.
Big time fixed energy here is great for stamina but also sets up stubborn resistance so not so great for harmony! Smile & let things slide if people get difficult & make sure to dance & have fun.

Read on… https://bit.ly/3eS0Tba

June 2021 Gemini Season – Eclipses & Mercury Retro & Jupiter in Pisces – It’s all going on in June!

GeminiWelcome to an extra special Gemini Season until June 21st – the 3rd phase of the ‘natural year’ when we add stimulating ideas & connections to drive our creative process onward.
Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury – who is also in Gemini & about to do his retro thing on May 28th until late June. So the usual checklist here – backup data – be prepared for sudden shifts in plans & incoming info – and generally use June to re-consider and re-organize your ‘mind & mouth’!
We are also in ECLIPSE SEASON starting with the Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 26th – also with Sun in Gemini opposite Moon in Sagittarius @ 5 degrees.
And here’s where things get ‘special’ as we have a bright new ingredient in play with this eclipse courtesy of bountiful Jupiter now briefly in Pisces…playing a big part in this eclipse story.
At best this adds a sensitive & compassionate note to the flow of information – downside increases confusion & wondering who & what to trust especially when it comes to media!
The opportunity from Jupiter in Pisces involves trusting our intuition & tapping into higher quantum source for incoming inspiration, and then linking with left brain Gemini mind.
Mind you…excuse the pun…with this much ‘mutable’ energy there will be days you’ll have trouble organizing your shopping list!
So stay very fluid folks and open to sudden fab eureka moments with great clarity for the road ahead.
Resist the urge to jump online & rant at stupid ideas people and with Mercury also retro use this period to re-negotiate your social & digital connections. More on this in the main section…
Eclipses are called ‘destiny portals’ and can bring life changing shifts, but it is wise to wait some weeks before making important decisions, although sometimes things just happen seemingly beyond our control.
Check your chart for planets/points @ 5 degrees & also for the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini @ 19 degrees on June 10th.
New Moon Eclipses are indeed new beginnings collectively – so here’s to healthy new conversations that bring unity and cohesion between us all personally & on the world stage. In this age of information technology expect the release of fab new solutions toward this….such as:
Experience this groundbreaking documentary and meet the people and inventions that have the power to transform life for all of us. thriveon.com/free21

Eclipses have 19 year cycles so think back to May/June 2002 for echoes on this one. Here’s the reading for this cycle – “A very unusual series involving sudden flashes of ideas that seem to have a psychic or unconscious flavor to them. Hunches, visions, prophetic dreams that can be acted upon. A truly creative series which should leave the individual enriched.

OK let’s wrap this with a final biggie – as Saturn is also turning retro late May & lines up for his 2nd hard connection with Uranus in Taurus for all of June as they enact the struggle between the traditional past & the innovative future. Expect further financial tension so take not to get caught up in crazy speculation as things are coming to a head.

Jupiter in PiscesJupiter is now in Pisces until late July to give us a brief taste of 2022 when he’ll spend most of the year in the sign of all things visionary and idealistic. (He then heads back into Aquarius for the rest of 2021.) Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, so he is very happy & strong here as he brings his quest for truth to guide us toward our higher nature, hence the association with spiritual and religious beliefs. Call it God or simply faith and trust in our higher nature to guide us as we tap into “The Stream of Consciousness” beyond the rational mind & ego.
Personally I am really ready for couple of months of relief especially as we’ve been in such high air energy so far this year with Jupiter in Aquarius, and over the last few months also Mars in Gemini so it’s been very busy and electric with so much info and high octane nervous energy.
So I am looking forward to things slowing down – I need some relief! Let’s relax and take the pressure off – let’s flow a little bit – let’s move into some compassion and being kinder to each other – and I think we all need a few months of this and then hopefully a nice big dose once we get into 2022.
Let’s just all go into trust and flow and allowing for a little while and I think a really important idea in terms of where we are all at right now in these covid times.

I mean we all knew that something big was on the way in 2020 from the huge Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn – this massive new 500 year cycle was coming in and so this whole process of the virus has been extraordinarily testing on so many levels.

Right at the beginning I said OK Mother Nature is popping in here as we won’t listen to her – we’ve had decades to deal with starting to take care of her and she is pissed off – she’s going to start dealing with it herself! And indeed the whole implication of the changes and shifts in our environment and ecosystems since covid has been enormous – in a good way…

And I also get this Piscean theme as I look back on the whole Neptune in Pisces time since 2012 and he’ll be here until 2026 right – the great Dane Rudhyar called Neptune the ‘universal solvent’ such a cool term.  So Neptune at home in his home sign has been dissolving everything and now Jupiter in Pisces is going to increase this dissolution process where we have to be OK with being in ‘I don’t know’.
I call anything Neptune or Pisces as a transit going into ‘the void’ – ‘going into the gap’. The gap is the place between what I once was and what I am not yet. And it’s a very uncomfortable place for most people who are used to being in the world with agendas and being in control and knowing what’s next.
So we are all in the gap – all in the void as we don’t know, and we have to allow that spaciousness so the higher self-soul within each of us as individuals and also within the collective soul to allow the gradual formation of the new Zeitgeist.
So Jupiter in Pisces to me is this lovely allowing period where the dreaming can begin to emerge of a new consciousness –  a new humanity –  a new earth.
It is a time to dream big as Jupiter dreams big.

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Does Main Stream & Social Media Carry a Moral Responsibility?

The polar signs Gemini & Sagittarius involve the ‘dissemination of ideas and information’ and over recent years this has become a minefield in terms of who controls main stream and social media and their duty of care around the information they share…or censor.
Here in Australia the Murdoch empire has political affiliation with our sitting right wing government (known as the Liberal party – even though they are really Tory’s) and blatantly influences public option in favor of Govt policies despite these continuing to spend big bucks to prop up oil and gas industries and actively block  the growth of sustainable energy growth. We are now a laughing stock in global circles.
The last Eclipse in this series from May/June was in 2002 when the media began ‘disseminating’ that Iraq was stock piling nuclear weapons and this became a major factor in the decision for the allied invasion of Iraq in March 2003. This was proven to be not true and ultimately led to the subsequent War on Terror with such devastating results to this day.
So my hope is that this time we begin to see a new phase of accountability for main stream and social media! The following quote addresses this issue historically.

“Some argue that Twitter and Facebook are private companies and have no obligation to allow posts from anybody who wants to post. It’s their “platform”, they’re private and they can pick and choose who and what they allow on it.
But despite being privately owned, they operate more like news utilities: they serve a huge audience and there is no comparable competition for the services they deliver. Internet media companies arguably have a larger impact on the population than print media companies.  Much of the country gets their news from these outlets, rather than newspapers; and even those are largely privately owned.
Social responsibility lies somewhere in this mess of reporting to the public. They are all acting in concert: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. , they tell identical narratives of the Covid-19 pandemic, from inception through prevention and treatment.
Right to Print News        Nobody would say that the New York Times should be reporting only the news that they feel is useful to their corporate money-making mission. They may do that, but I don’t think most of the citizenry believes that newspapers, being privately owned, have a right to print truly fake news or to censor truth. The argument that these privately owned companies have the right to pick and choose who can post and what they can post is specious, when they are the citizens’ source of news.
This behavior began with the Hearst Empire in the late nineteenth century. The Spanish-American War was the first war that was largely promoted by propaganda. It was an outgrowth of competition between the Hearst’s and the Pulitzer’s. Dishonest journalism that influenced policy began there. Roosevelt wanted to obtain Cuba; he had a political motivation for the war but there is no doubt that the war would not have occurred were it not for the propaganda of the Hearst empire. The news Americans received was fabricated, and a war resulted. Yellow journalism was born. The word filibuster was born.
One may consider YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram as something other than journalistic platforms, but they serve the same function as Hearst’s papers and now the New York Times.  The readers may be different, but the function – dissemination of information – is the same.  And who would deny the New York Times printed fabricated news in the run-up to the Iraq War. Was that okay because they’re private?   So, yes, all these organizations are private. But there is a social contract buried somewhere that says the citizenry of a democracy must be educated with truth to make good decisions come election time.  We rely on private organizations to do this.”

May Astro Update – Taurus Season

Taurus Bull

Greetings friends as we transition from the fire of Sun in Aries & dynamic Mars in Gemini into a welcome dose of earthy Taurus & Mars in the water sign Cancer. Yes it triggered important conversations about dire issues, and now it’s time to get on with the practical solutions to start making things happen.
Taurus is considered a sacred period – a time to meditate to anchor the forces of light into our material world for healing and renewal.
Taurus season opens with a Super Full Moon on Tuesday 27th to drive the revolutionary force to HEAL OUR PLANET!
With Sun, Mercury, Venus & Uranus all having a party in Taurus, challenged by Saturn in Aquarius, we see the resistance between the old guard ‘conservatives’ and the ‘innovators’ – especially here in Oz right now where our current Govt’s agenda has embarrassed us on the world stage!
Kudos to Pres Biden for his ‘climate summit’ discussing the realities of the economic transformation required as we move from fossil fuel to renewable power ASAP!
Personally this Full Moon asks us ‘where must I innovate or step forward so I can unite my values with my power’!  And with Uranus front and center we can ‘expect the unexpected’…

Read on…

April Astro Report – Welcome to Aries as the 2021 Revolution Heats UP!

Greetings fAriesriends as we venture forth into our new natural year as our Sun now travels through the dynamic sign of new beginnings…ARIES

I hope you were able to enjoy some respite from the chaotic 2021 energies during Pisces time, so you are refreshed and ready to move forward once more.
Interesting to note that the Pisces water theme is up big time here in Oz with once in 100 year catastrophic floods embracing the entire East Coast and Red Center- I have had 20 inches of rain here on the Gold Coast & feeling so lucky to be on my quiet hill as I watch the river plain below me completely submerged!
These are drought breaking rains and remind us of the extremes as this time last year Australia was burning…devastatingly!
Also the result of the La Nina cycle this year as Mother Earth’s natural systems  replenish and regenerate.
Yep it’s been a very full 2021 on since Saturn and Jupiter opened their new cycle in Aquarius right?
The fresh wave of revolutionary impulse is loud and clear in oh so many ways!
Quick rundown for late March & into April and I’ll go into more detail in the main section…

The Full Moon in Libra on March 28th with Sun in Aries opposite Moon in Libra @ 8 degrees so check your chart to see where this falls. It reflects an emotional desire to work in balanced partnerships as we promote our individual ideas and interests. Harmonious Venus now also in Aries shines her light on on the Sun, plus Mars in Gemini adds a bright creative spark to release ideas and have confident healthy conversations. A very nice full Moon folks!
Fast-talking Mercury is speedy this month and leaps into Aries on April 4th adding another dose of confidence to words, with the caution to avoid angry retorts & channel frustration into positive forums to motivate action for change.
Then we have New Moon on April 12th @ 22 degrees Aries with Venus & Ceres challenged by Pluto in Capricorn, representing the power & control wielded by patriarchal systems and institutions. Expressed through Mars in Gemini, this is the archetypal Feminine asserting herself, speaking up & challenging the patriarchy! More about this in the main section…
Venus’ move into Taurus on April 14th brings a gentler flow but for most of the month ahead, it’s a time for all things new, courage and action…and finding your VOICE!

My childhood Aries Hero Captain Kirk just turned 90 & still going strong bless him, so here is Spock’s sign off – Live Long & Prosper!

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Aries Ingress 2021Welcome to your your quick Astrology lesson as we check out The Aries Ingress chart – the moment when Sun stepped into Aries on the “Vernal Equinox” – when day & night are of equal length as the Sun shines directly above the Equator – and the seasons turn.
This is our true New Year folks, as we begin the 12 fold process of the Zodiac round and this chart becomes the chart for the WHOLE YEAR ahead!
So Sun is up in House 11 with Venus Goddess of Love in Pisces to his right. Thus the primary creative drive for the year requires compassionate service to support  humanitarian & social justice reform and change.
This is also supported with both Jupiter AND Saturn in Aquarius – the sign of revolution and change. Indeed Jupiter is EXACTLY on the top of the 10th House bringing huge power to expand human rights, equal rights areas, the growth of grass roots movements to challenge elite systems. It also brings a year of big moves in technology innovations and advances.
OK so let’s look at Mars as he is the ‘ruler of Aries’ so drives the Sun with his force. Mars is in Gemini along with the Moon in the 12th House bringing a fresh burst of ideas, information and conversations to stimulate these changes.
The strong Pisces theme in this chart (Venus & Neptune & Mercury in Pisces) + Mars & Moon in 12th House (ruled by Pisces) impels us to integrate our logical mind with our intuitive mind and learn to ‘go with the flow’ rather than push and shove to get ahead.
We need to be curious, reflective, and versatile and aware that the insights and ideas we share are seeds we sow that must contribute to improving and empowering our community…both locally and globally.
While we are eager for fresh starts and new ground to explore this year, it is wise to review our goals, analyze plans and strategies, and consider and assimilate information gained.
Keep an open mind, consider different points of view, and stay flexible and adaptable as you engage in new endeavors.

Our 2021 Revolution is heating up!
I my January letter I introduced the 2 main players who will forge a brand new era in global evolution – Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Here’s some quotes from my article before I move on to talk about how indeed this huge revolutionary force is already giving us dividends!

Jupiter joins Saturn In Aquarius-Change is in the AIR!
Within weeks of the final meeting in of Pluto, Jupiter ,and Saturn in Capricorn in December 2020 both Jupiter & Saturn change sign into Aquarius and meet together on December 21st on the Vernal Equinox. This announces a brand new 20-year Jupiter/Saturn cycle, in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius to move us forward to the next stage of personal and planetary evolution.

Jupiter and Saturn meet every 20 years, but this time is uber rare as they are moving into a fresh cycle of their story in AIR signs (previous cycle was 1226), and over the coming decades will lead us to the true dawning of The Age of Aquarius! Thus in 2021 we are poised between the past and the future, as we farewell a 220 year period of their meetings in the EARTH signs, which has driven the intrinsic urge for owning and possessing and controlling material world goodies. It’s all been about business and commerce and making money right?

Aquarius opens a completely new ‘magnetic field’ energy, where the instinctive urge for freedom and liberation will drive us to reject old models and systems…and invent new ones. It’s the new order emerging from the old order breaking down. Our keywords are inclusiveness, cohesion, co-operation & co-creation.

AIR rules communication, networking, technologies, breath, group connections, debate, ideas, and the flow & spread of information. We’re moving in to a startling era where new technologies and revolutionary ideas will bring warp speed changes so we must be willing to step up and embrace change as we let go of the past. It is time to awaken your urge to invent, innovate, experiment, be original and unique. It is a year when we are ready ‘for the ideas whose time has come’!!!

Aquarius is ruled by the modern planet Uranus -the God of Chaos who ‘gives birth to new archetypes’ to stimulate the constant process of creation as old Saturn forms and structures outlive their usefulness. Thus his process brings us revolutions and periods of upheaval as the old order resists the Aquarian impulse.

Jupiter PLUS Saturn heading into Aquarius will launch a new phase of reform and change collectively, with an increase in ‘civil disobedience’ and activism in response to the growing authoritarianism. He will bring a shift away from traditional business/government to a society that’s principled and based on sound values. It’s about freedom, people power, and grass roots movements, rather than entitlement and elite rule.

So here is Oz we are in the midst of a huge meltdown of our ruling Right Wing Government . It began with a young woman reporting she had been raped in the office of the Defence Minister – yes in our Parliament House. It was subsequently ‘covered up’ and she resigned, until gathering the courage to report the event. Her report then gave the courage to another woman to report her rape by our Attorney General (yes the highest legal office in the land) when he was 17 and she was 16. It is a very complicated situation as she has since tragically taken her own life after not receiving support from the police in the matter.

Our PM decided to believe his AG rather then the lady. The Defence Minister was reported as saying the young woman staffer was a lying cow’. Both Ministers are now on ‘mental health leave’. This week we have reports of after hours ‘sex workers’ on call to Ministers & Staffers plus a FB group who share graphic sex pics from within Minister’s offices plus a sitting Minister trolling women in his own electorate! Yes I am not kidding! And still our PM will not sack any of them or call for investigations, as his Government only holds power by ONE seat! It has become an open farce.

As a result of all the deplorable lack of unaccountability, something amazing occurred on Monday 8th March as over 100,000 women marched in all capital cities and many regional towns under the #enoughisenough banner. It was a grassroots event organized by a few women on social media in very short time and attracted the support of very high profile women from all walks of life. With approx 20,000 women and some male allies outside Parliament House our PM refused to step out and meet them.

Since then a huge groundswell is growing with thousands of women reporting their sexual and other forms of abuse stories. And it is not going away despite our government’s attempts to sweep it under the carpet. BTW this Government has an appalling record of graft and corruption. Our PM is  Hillsong Christian who became a good chum of Donald Trump…and is only in power because of Rupert Murdoch. BTW there is currently a Royal Commission underway here examining the inappropriate influence of the Murdoch Media group on our democracy. Yep it’s all going on ‘down under’ right now!

The oppression of women and minority groups is universal. It is the very foundation of Patriarchy and Empires since ancient times. We are currently experiencing a direct confrontation with this principal. HOORAH!!

I include this quote from our main anchor woman on national broadcaster ABC 7.30 Report – Leigh Sales. She is highly respected and rarely shares her personal views but recently she gave this interview.

Leigh Sales (ABC) Asks Why Powerful Who Abuse Trust Keep Getting Away With It March 2021
“We are seeing women say that they have had enough. They have had enough of people in power using the system to enshrine their power and keep women as less powerful. But I also feel that that is fitting in a broader context about awareness of power generally, because I feel like every single night when I’m hosting 7.30, that I see stories in which people in power are exploiting or taking advantage of people with less power.

“In many cases, people that they have been paid to care for, or have expressly said that they promise to serve and I see it all the time, every night on the show. I feel like I’m constantly asking myself this question ‘did something change in this country?’ Did something change, that the standard for behaviour now is not ‘I have to do the right thing’ or ‘I have to do what I promised I said I would do’, but instead ‘how much can I get away with?’
“I think that, from what I hear people say on 7.30 Australians are sick of this kind of situation.
“They’re sick of banks gouging their accounts with fees and charges while somehow missing large scale money laundering, that’s funneling millions of dollars overseas to terrorism or child exploitation.
“They’re sick of highly profitable nursing homes taking money from families, and then neglecting or abusing mum or dad.
“They’re sick of financial advisors who promise to take people’s life savings and help them pay for their retirement, knowing the entire time that they’re fleecing them.
“I think the unemployed, students, pensioners were pretty sick of being harassed by a powerful government department to repay debt that they never actually even owed in the first place.     “People are tired of private health insurance constantly upping fees, then you go to a specialist and they go ‘oh sorry it’s not covered by private health’.
“They’re sick of telecommunications companies that promised the world when you sign up for the Internet, and then when you’re having a problem with it and it won’t work, they won’t pick up their phone to answer your call in any kind of timely fashion.
“They’re sick of rich multinational companies underpaying their workers and then not even having the common courtesy to ring people when those workers are killed on the job.
“They’re sick of priests abusing children in their care, or scoutmasters. They’re sick of the priests who cover up for those kinds of priests.    “They’re sick of 59 year-old teachers who rape 15 year-old students.
“They’re sick of government after government telling people that they’ll close the gap on Indigenous life expectancy and then decade after decade it stubbornly remains at about 20 years. You deserve 20 years less life in Australia, apparently, if you’re Indigenous.
“They’re sick of politicians acting like public money is their own private fund and giving development deals to their mates or grants to their political allies and in the worst cases are taking kickbacks to line their own pockets.
“They’re sick of film producers, who have won life’s lotto and yet still treat young actors like they should be molested and manipulated.
“Even the Australian Cricket team let down the ordinary Australian fan with cheating and ball-tampering. You can’t even trust as an Australian that you won’t be made a fool of by the Australian cricket team

“I mean, this is night after night on 7.30 that we have these stories and I just think it is sickening to see this constant situation where powerful people and institutions exploit less powerful people.
“And I think from what the public says to me on the street, that they are sick of people coming on my show, when they get found out and saying, ‘oh, I’m so sorry, I had no idea this was happening – can’t take any more questions about it, because we’ve commissioned a report into it’.   And then that report, when it comes through, sits in a bottom drawer, gathering dust and the same thing happens again and then they commission another report. It’s well past time that this kind of thing needs to change

“What do a lot of these stories that I’ve mentioned have in common? Who holds the levers of power, mostly, in this country? In boardrooms? In CEO suites? In the media? In governments? In cabinet? It’s men.   “And we are not doing a good enough job in this country, as you will see, any night when you watch 7.30, of looking after the least powerful members of our society.”

Very powerful spot on statements right? Here is to this amazing new era unfolding as we directly confront the old models based on white male privilege and power at the expense of people and planet! Bring it ON!

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March 2021 Astro Update – Pisces Time Completes our Natural Year

Pisces fishI love this image of the 2 Pisces fish doing their yin/yang thing uniting heaven & earth both within and outside of our nature.
As the beautifying force of Venus now joins our Sun in Pisces, we begin to feel a softening in the ‘collective’ energy…a welcome relief after the intense electrical chaotic charge of so many planets in Aquarius in February!

Yes we are now in a new world era with huge shifts in the fabric of our sociopolitical & economic world and these will continue to unfold as Jupiter & Saturn make their way through Aquarius.
And this is so exciting as the fab advances linking ideas & technology are creating new sustainable solutions for environmental & humanitarian issues! This is the upside of the ongoing square between Saturn & Uranus this year as grassroots movements & awoke businesses lead the way.

But right now it is so important to take a break from the intensity and enjoy the gifts of Pisces as we complete our ‘natural year’, wind down, rest, reflect and gestate the seeds of our next creative journey once Sun enters Aries on March 21st. Eyes left for a more detailed explanation of the “12 Stages of a Year”.

And eyes up on Saturday night to enjoy the most beautiful & spiritual Full Moons of the year as Sun in Pisces reflects Moon in Virgo @ 8 degrees.
Pisces is the last of the 3 water signs and contains the highest level of the feeling realm as our capacity for flowing in ‘the stream of consciousness’ in a state of trust and faith that our Soul will guide us forward even if our ego/mind is foggy & unclear about what’s next!
Pisces rules our ‘higher or spiritual nature’ – our ephemeral intuitive essence that connects us to quantum or source consciousness so we can ‘download’ fresh inspiration & guidance.
Downside Pisces issues involve ‘victim consciousness’, confusion, deception & illusion so be make sure to fact check incoming info and don’t play the victim card yourself!

Action planet Mars enters Gemini on March 5th to add some more AIR to the story again! Busy Gemini rules information, communication, and networks so great for sharing & connecting and the media wars will amp up on this one.  In this ‘post truth era’ the challenge is to discern what’s real, what’s true, and what’s not. The Pisces connection asks us to use our intuition as we filter incoming data!

The Pisces New Moon on March 13th @ 23 degrees is extra magical as both Venus and Neptune join Sun & Moon to bring us a potent opportunity to release the power of loving compassion in our lives and via us out into the world. 
12 Stages of YearOne of the many awesome uses for Astrology is by using the ‘natural timing sequence’ of the 12 signs each year!

We initiate new projects on March 21st when our natural year begins with Aries

Then each month when the Sun moves to the next sign we sequentially develop our lives…and our projects

This empowers the correct use of our time and energy…we accept challenges to help things grow, and learn to  flow in due order…as follows:

  1. Aries – initiate new projects – be brave & confident
    2.   Taurus – add practical resources – deal with $
    3.   Gemini – networking & ideas to support growth
    4.  Cancer – anchor & nurture project & family
    5.  Leo – be creative have fun & enjoy kids
    6.  Virgo – organize & deal with details
    7.  Libra – time for Marketing & PR & alliances
    8.  Scorpio – empower with shared resources
    9.  Sagittarius – release projects & vision into world
    10. Capricorn – reap results & rewards
    11.  Aquarius  – ideas for next cycle
    12.  Pisces – release cycle and gestate for next

So as we are now in Pisces time we are completing our natural year until March 21st when we open the call to adventure as the Sun enters Aries to begin our new natural round.

  • Opposite to Virgo– “Inner” daily life practices to connect synergy of mind, body health
  • Own my “right to be kind to myself and others”
  • Release of current cycle keeping good seeds to take forward to next spiral…i.e. 12 month cycle
  • Quiet reflective time allows psyche to rest and create space for setting intention
  • Gestation of new ideas and intention – ideal time for holidays and down time

Pisces takes us into the void or ‘gap’ –  the ‘place between’ periods of activity so we need to give ourselves permission to ‘not know’ and be empty for a while…and not freak out about this OK?!! I have always said the whole world should have a holiday in Pisces time!

And watery Pisces brings us the best of our human nature as the capacity for kindness & compassion for the pain & suffering of the human condition as we struggle to evolve beyond fear & insecurity toward love. The great human process we take on when we incarnate in these mortal bodies!

So on Sunday March 21st as Sun enters Aries it is time for our next re-birth as we start our new natural year with courage and bravery.

This is a brief extract from my life changing ’12 System Toolkit’ Seminar Series where I also offer cool insight for our psychological health & healing and how to empower our lives during these evolving times!

May love & faith guide your lives in March my friends.

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Feb 2021 Astro Update – Aquarian Frontiers + Mercury Retrograde

The Spirit of AquariusWell Jupiter & Saturn in Revolutionary Aquarius certainly got things moving in January didn’t they?
As I noted in last month’s letter Jan 6th was destined to bring unexpected sudden events, but as ever, the Astro cycles give us heads up for ‘themes’ and then we see what comes about…in this case the storming of the Capitol building in Washington!
SO now the new admin is installed in the USA it will be interesting to see quite how the next wave of Aquarian forces will come into play as February unfolds.
Here’s the timeline on the way…

Jan 28th – Powerful Full Moon – Sun in Aquarius with Saturn & Jupiter –  opposite passionate Moon in Leo – all in challenging square to Mars & Uranus in Taurus. This opens a new wave of ‘resistance’ between the forces of the past and the demand for the social reforms of Aquarius. Major ‘activism’ from this one as it triggers a force for change, breaking free from old, entrenched ways of thinking and re-acting to spur us forward.

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