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Maggie's 2017 Global Astrology Report & Horoscopes Get excited & inspired as 2017 brings massive change!    

Astrology Private Consultations

Private Consultations

Consultations & Ongoing Coaching
Personal / Family / Partnerships
Children / Business/ Overseas & interstate
consultations available via Skype
Empower your life with conscious timing.

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Astrology Seminars / Webinars

Seminars / Webinars

The Astrology of Relationships
14th & 21st January 2017

The Astrology of 2017
Sat 18th February 2017
@ Carrara on the Gold Coast

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Adventures in Consciousness

Adventures in Consciousness

In her new life changing 4 Part presentation Maggie shares the result of her 40 year journey to unlock the secrets of consciousness!
Gold Coast Jan 2016 - BALI March 2015

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Universal Astrology Workbooks

Maggie’s comprehensive Astrology Course.
Widely used by both students & teachers!
5 workbooks with 72 mp3's
Maggie is an accredited teacher & member of
the FAA Exam Board.

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John Edward

Maggie Kerr is an amazing astrologer, teacher, intuitive and psychologist.

Her therapeutic approach to astrology makes her a healing instrument whether it be in person, over the phone, through her 12 System book, or workshops. Doors are not unlocked but knocked down as she magically helps you to learn why we are experiencing life's many adventures."

John Edward - `Psychic Medium

The 12 System


Maggie’s ’12 System’ book & 4 part seminars explain why we are
in a global revolutionary shift in consciousness & how to equip
ourselves to make the most of it!

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Astology Business Profiling


Companies or Businesses have ‘psyches’ and inherent tests and potentials so can also be psychologically profiled...just like people.

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