August Astro Update – New Moon in Leo Ignites Creative Change

New Moon in Leo 1st Aug 2019It’s been ages since we’ve had such a splendid fresh dose of creative mojo as is on the way from our New Leo Moon @ 8 degrees!

So set your intentions on July 31 in USA, & Aug 1 in UK and OZ to fire up your passion and get things moving after the delays and frustrations of July!

Messenger Mercury also turning direct on Aug 2nd is another green light, and once he pops back into Leo on the 11th he’s free to share your ideas with passion & confidence for the rest of July. Just don’t get too cocky or expect applause ok?

Goddess of wealth & love Venus joins the New Moon in Leo bringing a much needed dose of parties and fun. We all need a break from ‘serious responsible’ sometimes so enjoy yourself! Also a great time to play with your kids and your own inner child, & both love relationships & bizz partnerships flourish under her rays. She’s in Leo until Aug 22nd when she heads into practical Virgo.

Change agent Uranus features powerfully in the NMoon Leo mix bringing both sudden flashes of inspiration & freedom to innovate & re-fresh all creative areas AND enhancing the revolutionary forces arising in response to the heavy Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn agendas. More on this in the main section below…

And to top off the Leo story action planet Mars continues trending through Leo till mid-September enhancing all of the above!!

The big caution with all things Leo is to avoid narcissists and drama kings/queens like the plague! The big heads up is to dare to shine and motivate others with conscious loving leadership!!

Time to check in for your horoscope update to empower your 2020 outcomes with 10% discount?

BTW don’t miss one of the most fortunate days of 2019 when Sun meets lucky Jupiter on August 7th!! Buy a lottery ticket – have a party – be generous & optimistic – share your LOVE – be passionate – expand your horizons –  or launch a project as I am doing for the next intake of my Astrology e-Course!!

I know it can seem hard to believe when we witness the unfolding craziness and breakdown of our current global culture and systems, BUT there is an upside!!

Astrology reveals the long term cycles of evolution, & since the 1960s we’ve been in a renaissance window between the end of the 2160 year Age of Pisces and the new Aquarian age currently unfolding. This requires a ‘shift in consciousness’ from fear driven beliefs in ‘survival of the fittest’ and a return to the natural world view that honors the reality that all beings and ecosystems are unified in a great collective process.

We humans are complex beings who have by and large been programmed by the material world view that our purpose (Jupiter) is to use our mind (Mercury) and will (Mars) selfishly to own and possess (Venus) as much as possible to ‘make it’ in our world (Saturn) and be powerful (Pluto).

Meanwhile the many religions that arose during the Piscean Age all share a common motif or belief that teaches kindness & compassion & LOVE for our fellow beings (Neptune). So how does this reconcile with the dog eat dog paradigm that drives our world? It doesn’t!! The military industrial complex that controls everything couldn’t give a shit about love and compassion. It just needs to ferment wars and division to make money…simple!

But they are starting to have a major problem. People are waking up as they are suffering in increasing numbers as the old guard banking & business systems continue to physically destroy our planet & the well being of so many. This is where the UPSIDE comes in…once again believe it or not!

As we celebrated the 50 year anniversary of the Moon landing from July 1969 it reminded me to mention a remarkable synchronistic  process that happens in our evolutionary journey. Back in the late 1800s when modern psychology was born and we began to go ‘inside’ to understand our psyche, we also invented flying machines and began to go up! This was when Neptune & Pluto met in Gemini to open a new 490 year cycle!

Then in the 1940s when Uranus was in Gemini technology took another giant leap with radar & sonar & rockets. By the mid 60s when Uranus & Pluto met for their new 145 year cycle the space program took us up another notch and off we went to the Moon. Symbolically this opened the Group Soul…ruled by the Moon to begin the re-uniting or re-awakening we must achieve to return to the feminine understanding of the natural interconnected world view. It also coincided with the flower power revolutionary movement that gave birth to the spiritual revolution that has been underway ever since.

As we step into the 2020s they are getting set to head off planet and up to the Moon and Mars and Asteroids for the next giant leap…to make money of course! This will occur once Jupiter and Saturn meet in Aquarius for their new 20 year cycle in 2021 (last time was the 1300s!) AND Pluto heads into Aquarius in 2024 for the first time since the 1780s! I mean we are talking major cycles here right?

So working with the reality that planet cycles underpin human activity then hang onto our hat from 2021 & 2024 once the Aquarian cycles kick in because the last time Pluto was in Aquarius in the 1780s the French and American revolutions kicked out the ruling elite as heads rolled & also birthed the technological age! Freedom from repression is on the way people…we don’t know what it may look like but it will change everything quickly.

Each time we go physically up and out we also head deeper into ourselves as we instinctively seek to know the highest and finest qualities of what it means to be spiritualized human beings. This is the purpose of human evolution my friends. To live from the heart with LOVE as our driving emotion and to honor the reality that all people are created equal & must live cooperatively!

Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Sun rules the HEART…and the Heart drives our consciousness!
I’m sharing a snippet from my 6 Part “Adventures in Consciousness” Life Training Program about Heart Intelligence. In Part 3 I cover the three different levels of intelligence – Mental – Emotional & Heart.

I’m planning to offer this program via webinar in October so let me know if you are interested in joining me. It’s a big course loaded with insights and training to support the consciousness revolution happening right now on planet earth!

Heart Intelligence…

Historically the heart was regarded as a source of wisdom, spiritual insight, thought, and emotion. Intriguingly, scientific research over the past decades has begun to provide evidence that this is more than metaphorical. Science has had to revise and expand its understanding of the heart and the role of this amazing organ. They have discovered the heart possesses its own intrinsic nervous system—a network of nerves so sophisticated as to earn the description of a “heart brain.”

Our heart has the ability to independently sense, process information, make decisions, and even to demonstrate a type of learning and memory. In essence, it appears that the heart is truly an intelligent system. Research has also revealed that the heart is a hormonal gland, manufacturing and secreting numerous hormones and neurotransmitters that profoundly affect brain and body function. Among the hormones the heart produces is oxytocin—well known as the “love” or “bonding hormone.”

Science has only begun to understand the effects of the electro magnetic fields produced by the heart, but there is evidence that the information contained in the heart’s powerful field may play a vital synchronizing role in the human body—and that it may affect others around us as well.
The heart is a key component of the emotional system. Scientists now understand that the heart not only responds to emotion, but that the signals generated by its rhythmic activity actually play a major part in determining the quality of our emotional experience from moment to moment. These heart signals also profoundly impact perception and cognitive function by virtue of the heart’s extensive communication network with the brain. Finally, rigorous electrophysiological studies conducted at the Institute of HeartMath have even indicated that the heart appears to play a key role in intuition. It appears that the age-old associations of the heart with thought, feeling, and insight may indeed have a basis in science.

Expanding Consciousness means increasing:

  •  energy to the body, mind, heart and spirit
  •  intelligence through non linear thinking
  •  consciousness frequency
  •  sentience and sensory abilities
  •  connectivity between body functions; physical, mental,   emotional, spiritual
  •  awareness of intelligent energy in all things
  •  the connectivity of higher spiritual bodies
  •  frequency rate of combined energetic bodies
  •  energetic synthesis which initiates dormant DNA/RNA
  •  health and well being
  •  peaceful and loving compassionate feelings
  •  energy blocks from our old unconscious programs
  •  pain, addiction and suffering
  •  decreasing deception, lies and delusions from wishful thinking

So my friends here’s to our New Leo Moon with Venus & Uranus to revolutionize our world with the POWER of LOVE! Blessings to all as ever Maggie



July 2019 – Eclipse Season & Mercury Retrograde

Solar EclipseLove this fab Solar Eclipse image from NASA looks like an iris doesn’t it!?
Indeed the ancient astronomer priests believed they are a periodic ‘pathway to the Gods’ or portals whereby we receive important information or open new karmic pathways!
So open that third eye of yours on July 2nd in US & UK and 3rd here in Oz and connect to Universal Source guidance!

It falls at 10 degrees Cancer & is followed 2 weeks later by the Lunar Eclipse @ 24 degrees Cancer/Capricorn highlighting home/family & business areas, & with Venus also hanging out in the watery realms of Cancer in July our focus requires nurturing the home fires & business areas both psychically and emotionally.

The 18.5 year eclipse cycle brings us 2001 for echoes on this one, so cast your mind back & see if this was a significant shifting time for you? This series brings ‘news that transforms a situation but avoid worry or obsessiveness, as well as forming plans or activities that can be very positive as long as we don’t get carried away’!

SO if you have planets around 10 deg or 24 deg of Cancer/Capricorn or Aries/Libra the wheel of destiny is about to turn as eclipses bring new beginnings that accelerate growth and development. If you don’t know then check in with me for a session so you can work WITH your evolutionary process!

Next cab of the rank brings us our 2nd Mercury retro season for the year from July 7th for the rest of the month…also in Cancer. As our little mate Mercury rules our ‘mind & mouth’ we’ll be thinking & talking ’emotionally’, which can be fab for honest conversations about how we are feeling and asking cleanly for our needs to be met got it? Downside can be emotionally reacting so best to sleep on it if you’re running a charge about someone or thing!

Always best to use Merc Retro for the ‘re’ things – re-think re-organize revise & in general not a time to make our impression felt & as always stay fluid as plans change or messages & IT stuff goes into melt down. Stay cool my friends.

I’ve saved the best till last as we have action planet Mars trending through Leo till mid-September bringing much needed fun & passion & courage to stimulate those Cancer home fires!     July keynote – BE KIND – AVOID DRAMA & have some fun wherever possible…
Blessings to you all my friends

Planets in AspectMy next Seminar
2 day Program
Sat August 10th AND
Sat September 7th

Planets in Aspect – The Soul’s Code Revealed

Our Soul moves through lifetimes in an evolutionary process and brings in old unresolved issues, or our ‘stuff’ contained in our DNA programming.

Our Soul then ‘downloads’ it’s ‘program’ into our psyche to set up our life’s journey, so we may heal old soul issues and ultimately release the healthy expression of our true purpose. This occurs via the ‘aspects’ or relationships between the planets in the horoscope providing the key information that links our soul & our psyche.

Please join me for both a practical and mystical 2 days together in as we explore:

  • The Aspects – Divine Geometry!
  • How the planets create the many different ‘voices’ that comprise our psychological makeup… or ‘our inner voices’!
  • Core themes and issues for each planet
  • Aspecting the chart – step by step approach to reveal how the relationship of the planets or ‘voices’ sets the tone for the many divergent energies alive and operating in a person’s psyche.  Some of these relationships are easy and positive, and some are difficult and challenging.
  • How the aspects reveal the programming that sets up our unconscious emotional patterns & links to our soul growth agenda
  • How to re-program limiting patterns so they become functional and thus heal old Soul issues
  • How we can ‘synthesize’ the many divergent components of our makeup to become a conscious individual
  • Fun techniques for working with our ‘voices’

All welcome at any level of Astrology. You may order recordings of the workshop if you cannot attend.
Mail me to book

Astro Insights & Guidance for June 2019


A dynamic New Moon @ 12 degrees Gemini on June 3rd triggers a busy stimulating 3 weeks until Sun enters Cancer on June 21st on ‘the solstice’.

So we are set for one of the funnest most exciting periods of 2019 as this Gemini New Moon is amplified with expansive Jupiter in the opposite sign of Sagittarius expanding our horizons intellectually so great for seminars & training AND journeys out and about in the world.

We must be open and in gratitude to attract and allow beautiful energies to flow into our lives as a whole new array of important connections and profound openings are writ large in these ‘stars’.

You may also have a BFO or a ‘blinding flash of the obvious’ as an idea or insight awakens you to a whole new way of freshening up your projects and plans so the signal is do it!!

Gemini is the busy, bright, curious and inquisitive feature of our nature who loves to chat and connect socially for fun & to explore ideas so we love all of this! But as with all signs there is a downside, and in Gemini we meet the superficial gossip spreading rumors & distraction to avoid deeper issues…like the many elephants in the room in our global story.

Thus we can expect lots of both Gemini dual goodies over coming weeks as we personally stay nimble and adaptable as situations can change quickly and unexpectedly!

I’m endlessly fascinated how external events reflect the theme of each sign, as since Gemini time began on May 21st the whole business of information & technology have been front and center as we grapple with the impact of big data gathering & surveillance and the continuing erosion of personal privacy. I’ve seen many reports about this in recent weeks, which is great as at least we are ‘having the conversation’ as they say, so now it’s time for us to demand that our governments & Google & Facebook et al are not free to ‘mine our data’!!!

It appears that we in the west are heading toward the Chinese Model ‘Social Credit System’ where citizens are ‘watched’ & rewarded or punished in every aspect of their lives. George Orwell prophetically gave us the term ‘big brother’ back in the early 1930s and indeed since 1984 we have been heading toward what is now unfolding!

This dovetails with the other unfolding narrative of great interest in the Gemini/Sag theme of freedom of speech…the Julian Assange prosecution. “The war on Julian Assange is now a war on all. Eighteen absurd charges including espionage send a burning message to every journalist, every publisher. The target today is Assange. Tomorrow it will be you on the New York Times, you on the BBC. Modern fascism is breaking cover. ” says respected journalist John Pilger.

“Knowledge has always flowed upwards, to bishops and kings, not down to serfs and slaves. The principle remains the same in the present era…governments dare to aspire, through their intelligence agencies, to a god-like knowledge of every one of us”.  Julian Assange

As Gemini rules ‘the mind & mouth’ we can expect high drama and extreme words spewing forth over coming weeks, as big talking Jupiter is highlighting the ‘separation’ of our times between polarized world views. And let’s not forget Neptune’s role in the New Moon mix as we are set for the 2nd pass of his challenging dance with Jupiter this month highlighting the sense of confusion & disillusionment being felt by so many in this weird & wonderful year as we seek to distinguish truth from fiction!

At best we can use this heightened Gemini period to master our own ‘mind & mouth’ to think & speak with wisdom & tolerance & compassion, as this is the gift in all the hyperflux of these evolutionary times!

So yet again I make the point that we are all releasing the past during 2019 in preparation for the beginning of a grand new EPOCH kicking in from Jan 2020! Check my 2019 Report for the heads up on just how big this is!

Mid-June things fire up another notch courtesy of Our Full Moon in Gemini and Mars in Cancer gets in on the act…more on this below for now let’s cover the Full Moon.

Monday 17th Full Moon @ 26 deg Gemini/Sag heightens the extreme themes of 2019 as words & info & fake news will go nuts, & with Neptune in hard aspect be careful what you believe! Escapism, delusion & confusion are also Neptune features so maybe we all deserve to switch off the news/social media for a few weeks and do a little escapism!

So be very selective about incoming data, verify and check facts. There’s a cool upside here as Gemini aligns our rational left brain mind/mouth with our Neptune visionary right brain, so take time to consciously align your TWO brains. Just close your eyes and do a simple exercise – visualize a bright white light in your left brain and then the same in your right brain. Then connect these with a bright white line and breathe as you say “I now link my intuition & imagination to inspire my ideas and words”.

With our King of the Solar System Jupiter conjunct the Moon the extreme theme is writ large so it’s incredibly important not to let your emotions cloud your judgement or reactions ok?! The Jupiter in Sag story brings us echoes of 2007 during his last visit here 12 years ago when stock markets were riding high…as they are now… and then boom along came the GFC of 2008. With the continuing Trade War drama between the US & China “Stock markets reacted negatively to the sudden change in the trade negotiations, to the realization that what was expected to be a huge trade deal leading to a huge increase in world trade, has now morphed into a major disappointment that could lead to a contraction –not an expansion –of the world economy.

We have twin cosmic challenges right now: the Jupiter/Neptune square and the Saturn/Pluto/Moon’s South Node conjunction in Capricorn. Jupiter in Sagittarius is the wish to expand and grow. It believes things are good and getting better.Saturn and Capricorn are the opposite: the tendency is to contract and pullback. It is not operating on a “belief,” but rather on the “reality” of what is actually happening. Each of these dynamics is reaching one of their climax points in June, particularly June 9-24. Hold on. This ride is just beginning.” Ray Merriman

At best Jupiter and Neptune are birthing the spiritual awakening necessary to inspire visionary goals for re-enchanting our world view as we head into the “global reset” from 2020! Jupiter can enhance our feeling of optimism and exuberance, which is great as we need to stay positive as we create fresh meaning & purpose for our lives. But also that nothing can go wrong and get sucked into quick get rich schemes and false information, and with Neptune spinning his web of illusion there is the chance of being misled & set up for disappointment. So we must use upside Saturn in Capricorn to stay steady and focused on longer term plans and use the Jupiter feature as fab opportunities to grow our lives with fresh knowledge and training…or to share ours!

So on to action planet Mars now in the feeling based sign of Cancer until July 1st! This brings the home and family and emotional safety territory front and center, so use this time to nurture all you hold dear and do some renovations to both physical and emotional homes. Just be careful of your ’emotional reactions’!! Great opportunity to notice your ‘defense systems’ when feeling unsafe or vulnerable. Ask for hugs and give them.

Heads up for the period between June 14th & 22nd as highly tense and volatile as Mercury joins Mars in Cancer coming up against both Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn bringing a fiery clash of wills and words. So we may expect both individuals & nations to make major power plays and “go to battle” to protect their home turf.

Needless to say it’s wise to avoid control freaks and resist the urge to control others! At best this is a powerful force for deep regeneration & transformation of existing power structures both personally & collectively!

Sun steps into Cancer on June 21st marking the 1/4 point in our natural year known as the Solstice. This is longest day for my northern hemisphere friends and shortest day down here in southern climes.  Thus late June into July is time to nurture and LOVE ourselves…and everyone really!!

Live long and prosper my friends
Much love Maggie

Moon Healing

My next Seminar
July 13th
The Moon & The Soul’s Code

After 30+ years studying and applying the many teachings from Astrology & other traditions concerning our beauteous Moon, I believe that SHE is the key to unlocking the Horoscope.

If SHE is not in ‘good condition’ and free to bestow her safe nurture then our Sun can never shine in his power, and we miss the opportunity to unlock our Soul’s code contained in our DNA.
The ‘psychological Moon’ contains our “right to have feelings & needs” & the ‘spiritual Moon’ contains the Soul’s memories including the issues we have from previous lives to heal and clear.

So, the 64 million $ question is how does the Soul program the psyche to set up the link?
The goal is to make sense of how we ‘set up’ our Soul’s growth areas and then resolve them!
All welcome at any level of Astrology. You may order recordings of the workshop if you cannot attend.
Mail me to book

Mid-year is perfect for checking in with your chart so you can USE & align with these powerful forces!
I look forward to being or service.


Astro Report for May 2019

Taurus New Moon May 5th

Well it’s been a tough few months on many levels as good old Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn joined the Karmic Nodes during April digging up so much deep old emotional material from our unconscious leaving many folks depleted and vulnerable.

It’s a crazy uncertain world out there so be kind to yourself as you let go of old feelings…it’s just our fears & insecurities we no longer need. Laugh and by silly whenever possible, connect with your positive optimistic self and have the courage to speak your truth.

We are all releasing the past during 2019 in preparation for the beginning of a grand new EPOCH kicking in from Jan 2020! Check my 2019 Report for the heads up on just how big this is!

So you’ll be pleased to know things lighten up in May as planets in Taurus flow much more happily with the Saturn/Pluto team, so your focus is on building and organizing finances and opening your prosperity consciousness. Use this yummy New Moon to visualize yourself in full abundance, trust & flow and say your mantra “I am valuable & in my power to manifest wealth in all aspects of my life”.

With Venus who rules Taurus, in the sign of Aries until mid-month we have speedy forward motion & progress on projects that may have felt blocked or stalled, and with Mars in Gemini also till mid-month it’s busy and social with fun and stimulating connections. Make the most it!

The New Moon on the 5th is also hugely stimulated by Mars in Gemini opposing Jupiter in Sagittarius, so we can anticipate yet another flurry of ‘extreme ideas & information’ AKA propaganda & what’s real and what’s not, and also lots of ‘fighting words’! This is the theme of 2019 on steroids, as media & social media is called to account for their role in society, and we are challenged to check facts & be very careful what we say and who we believe. BTW this is all over Mr Trump’s chart so he’ll be tweeting his little heart our over these days. He has made lying the new normal lol.

On the up side the Jupiter in Sag opportunity contains many ‘conversations’ about issues in our culture to bring the light of truth to the ways we’ve been lied to by our politicians and media about the horrors of war and the sinister motives behind it, what we’re doing to our ecosystem and the forces which incentivize us to play along with ecocide, racism, sexism and other forms of bigotry, the manipulations of the financial sector, money in politics, the evils of factory farming, the prison system, the evils of the pharmaceutical industry, and the structures which keep economic injustice in place. We can’t fight problems if we can’t see them clearly, so we have to turn the lights on in all of these areas. Only then can Saturn & Pluto in Cap begin the ‘reformation’ so desperately needed over coming years.

Mid-month Venus slides into Taurus to continue the manifesting theme of May, so stop and smell the flowers, enjoy your garden and green places, cruise art galleries and sing and dance your heart out! Just keep that credit card in your pocket as Venus just loves to indulge…sometimes beyond her means. The theme of our time is CONSERVATION and PRESERVATION so it’s time to learn to manage your impulsive desires. It costs nothing to go for a walk in nature and hug a tree!

Mars heads into Cancer also mid-month bringing family and home based areas into focus right through until late June when he steps into the challenging Saturn/Pluto zone…more on this next time. So for second half of May this brings the home and family and emotional safety territory front and center. He’s in Cancer right through June so use this time to nurture all you hold dear and do some renovations to both physical and emotional homes. Just be careful of your ’emotional reactions’!! Great opportunity to notice your ‘defense systems’ when feeling unsafe or vulnerable. Ask for hugs and give them.

Our Full Moon @ 27 degrees Scorpio/Taurus on the 18th connects us to the passion and intensity of the feminine realm…very yummy for empowering our life from the deepest level of our being! As these are our two money signs security themes will arise so “I am safe and secure and in my power” is your mantra. Avoid control dramas and let go another layer of old attachments so you tap into Uranus in Taurus call of our time to liberate our security fears ok? No small feat in these very insecure times on planet earth. Trust & flow my friends!

Both Sun and Mercury zoom into Gemini on May 22nd opening our 3rd stage of the natural year. Gemini rules ideas, connections and information we need to grow our projects so late month we have very busy ‘mind and mouth’ times. So if you’re feeling wanderlust or restless & general need for fresh stimulus go for it!! Spontaneous trips & meetings with remarkable minds is just what we need right now, with a good dose of some fun thrown in as goodness knows we’ve had way too much serious stuff lately! Gemini keynote is DISTRIBUTION of ideas & knowledge so if you’ve got something to say or teach get it out there. And remember to stay adaptable as the wind changes…frequently over coming weeks!!

Buddha with Cat

The Wesak Festival        Buddha’s Birthday

This is the most sacred New Moon each year as it commemorates the birth, enlightenment (Buddhahood), and death of Gautama Buddha who is universally acclaimed as one of the greatest benefactors of Humanity.

As Taurus is all about the VALUES that underpin our world I’m setting my intention for this new moon to open a MIRACLE mass collective awakening in our political & business leaders! With revolutionary Uranus now in Taurus for the next 7 years it is time to liberate our attachment to greed and unbounded abuse of our natural world!

New Moon 14 deg Taurus
LA 14.47 4th  NY 17.47 4th
UK 22.47 4th  OZ 8.47 5th

Book a session to work with Maggie for ideas & tools to re-invent your life!

Next Intake for my new Astrology Certificate e-Course on May 14th
incorporating Astrology & Soul Centered Emotional Healing Models…with webinars & recordings.

Live long and prosper my friends
Much love Maggie

Astrology Guidance for April 2019

New Moon April 5th 2019As we step into April we are still deep in Mercury retro in Pisces…hasn’t it been a doozy as we try to navigate our way through the ‘fog zone’ and confusion reigns! Say no more…Think Brexit!

So yes our New Moon on Friday is a welcome energizer, especially as it is driven by Mars freshly in Gemini for the next 6 weeks…much more fun and busy and stimulating on many levels. Just be aware energies remain a tad unclear with Venus also in Pisces! Mercury finally heads into Aries on the 18th & Venus into Aries on the 20th.

So underpinning this Aries new beginning remains the deep sensitive focus of Pisces dissolving old forms and re-inspiring fresh conversations that demand compassion in these turbulent times.

As we prepare for the ‘global reset’ on the way as Saturn & Pluto meet in Capricorn in Jan 2020 to open their new 37 year cycle we are witnessing the breakdown of the values that drive our hard right systems. So take heart my friends – stay strong & resilient & have faith that a new & better world is possible if we unite our hearts and words and say NO to the old world order!!

Mars in Gemini is just fab for speaking up and joining with healthy progressive conversations and ideas! Go for it!

Step by step Guide to April’s Astroscape…

April 5th – New Moon in Aries @ 15deg – true launch of our natural year so set your intentions for not only the month ahead but for the whole year through to March 2020! Aries is the sign of the pioneer so requires us to be brave & daring to take independent action to move our lives forward, and with Saturn strong on this NMoon our challenge is to take full responsibility and stay strong in our commitment to our goals.

So this Aries new beginning is driven by Mars in Gemini as mentioned in my intro, stimulating ideas and conversations and as ever this can swing between conscious intelligent discussions and healthy debate AND angry words and arguments projecting blame and causing further division between warring parties! Needless to say avoid trolls and use your words wisely! Can be great for sharing knowledge and creating fresh networks with interesting stimulating people.

Also as mentioned with Mercury and Venus joining Neptune in Pisces we are still swimming in confusing waters so keep using this to increase your connection to your intuitive essence! Here’s a reminder of how to use this one!
DO’s – trust your intuition, dreams & visions then take thoughtful practical steps to bring them into form. Get clear about old limiting beliefs that may be impeding your growth into next phase of life. Be compassionate, non-judgmental & honest. Have faith in yourself and trust the flow of synchronicity in your life to bring you signals on next moves. Remain as objective as possible about people & events. Let go of old toxic people and attachments. Keep your boundaries clear. Be as mellow & adaptable as possible. Practice visualizing the uniting of your left brain with your right brain & your heart in a divine triangle.
DONT’s – rescue victims, over-analyze or criticize yourself or others, worry & fret, believe everything you hear, project your need onto others to be rescued or saved, over-react & do rage, be rigid or hard on yourself or others.
Every time you have a spare few moments close your eyes and say your mantra “I feel clear and inspired about my future. I choose LOVE & COMPASSION to guide my actions”. This is because downside Pisces can bring confusion and invites us to play in ‘victim consciousness’.

Sun Aries trine lucky Jupiter on April 15th – very positive for expanding your horizons with travel plans or writing/publishing. Generally a yummy optimistic good feeling day.

The middle of April is packed full of significant astrology. Big planet Jupiter turns retrograde at 24 degrees Sagittarius on April 10th. Jupiter remains on go slow until August  11th, when it turns direct at 14 degrees Sagittarius. When the slower-moving planets are retrograde, they turn your attention inwards.

This is a brilliant retrograde phase for planning any activity linked to Sagittarius. This includes travel, study, education, learning, legal matters & publishing. Think of the next few months as a planning stage, ready to launch your trip, project, course in September.

There’s also a second Full Moon in Libra on April 19th. This follows on from the Full Moon on March 21st at 0 deg Libra, the beginning of the sign. This month’s Full Moon falls at 29 degrees Libra, the end of the sign so this is known as a ‘Blue Moon’ with 2 Full Moons in the same signs. With Moon in Libra relationships are our focus, with the need to release those that no longer serve so we may invite new ones that do! The key is to find balance between opposites, to work at compromise and create agreements that are fair and just for both sides concerned.

Sun enters Taurus on April 20th and immediately makes a conjunction with Uranus at 2 degrees Taurus on April 22nd. This is the first time in 84 years we have Sun in Taurus triggering this brand new astro signature underpinning the revolution to heal our earth over the next 7 years. I covered this last month in depth, so for now I am very heartened by the rise of voices demanding action on climate change and renewable energy sources here in Oz (at last), along with a rising wave of support to include our first nation indigenous knowledge of correct management of this fragile ecosystem known as Oz.

We can expect the unexpected as usual with Uranus, in this case the other theme of Taurus is money and resources. This taps into the heartland of the Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn story building up as 2019 progresses. Global economies are highly challenged despite political/economic spin doctors telling us all is well and dandy, and in this climate of Jupiter in Sagittarius bringing us volatile highs and lows…as in 2007 12 years ago the last time he was here…we could indeed be heading toward the Saturn accountability factor very soon.

The Big Picture

A recurring feature of the evolutionary process on offer from the cycles of the big planets brings us the best and worst of the themes of activity! So on the one hand we are experiencing the hardening of the control mechanisms from government & business systems with ever greater loss of individual freedoms. Yes this is the worst of Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn as we see blatant corruption and hard right wing strong man tactics…all very dog eat dog stuff!

And on the upside we are seeing the demand for accountability from our leaders and institutions as we average citizens are appalled by the misuse and abuse of global resources in the never ending quest for profit at the expense of Gaia and her people and natural systems. So no surprise that many millions have lost faith in political, business & religious leaders and something’s gotta give!! Upside is also bringing us the ‘next wave’ of the equal opportunities movement for women and all marginalized groups.

We are about to enter a literal epoch changing period from 2020 with echoes back to 1518 the last time Saturn & Pluto conjoined in Capricorn, the time of Henry VIII & the ‘reformation’. So this sets the stage for the CENTURIES ahead, and we must give birth to new archetypes who mirror the true essence of a tolerant cohesive society beyond fear and division so we can co-participate in our next great REFORMATION.

Since the Christchurch massacre in March we finally have an example of this healthy strong compassionate new archetype and her name is Jacinda Ardern the PM of New Zealand. She deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for exemplifying the true nature of a leader for our new age…just around the corner! Here’s her chart…yes she is a LEO!

Live long and prosper my friends
Much love Maggie

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Maggie’s Workshops
Empowering Our Lives…
…as we Countdown to 2020’

Two-day Seminar on
Sat 11th & Sun 12th May 2019

The Astrological cycles of evolution are in high octane mode as we head toward the ‘global re-set’ on the way from 2020 through 2026.
So…it’s time for endings and new beginnings!!
Please join Maggie Kerr, Tina Mews & Marie Müller to share ideas & tools so we can work constructively with this dynamic collective process. During our 2 days we will:

  • Explore the workings of the Great Astrological Cycles as a deeper Cosmic Order to provide meaning & guidance to empower our co-participation
  • Explore how to use Quantum Consciousness to create an exciting new phase for our lives
  • Connect to Archetypal Mythic themes so we can co-create new ones!
  • Learn tools to heal and integrate the many ‘voices’ that comprise our planetary family
  • Get clear what the departure from the old cycles means for each of us

Full details & Bookings

And you are welcome to book a session to empower your life for 2019

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Planets on the Move – Feb & March Astro Update

Mercury in Pisces

Don’t miss the yummy Full Moon lighting up the Sun’s entrance into Pisces on Tuesday, as with Moon in Virgo it’s totally ‘perfect’ for cleansing your psychic & physical space! Yes crystals washed and ready to be freshly charged ok?

We also have Mars now Taurus for the next 6 weeks bringing a welcome relief from his hard driving run through Aries since the new year. Been very full on hasn’t it but oh so productive as we activated our goals and projects for the year.

So we now move into a calmer less chaotic period courtesy of water & earth focus with Mars energy now directed to consolidating & ‘building form’ with a steady approach before he heads into Gemini in April when it is networking time.

Lots of other news to share including

  • Dr Chiron stepping into Aries opening his new 50 year cycle
  • The epic arrival of Uranus into Taurus on March 6th for the next 7 years
  • New Moon in Pisces also March 6th!
  • Mercury & his first retro for the year…in sensitive intuitive Pisces
  • Sun into Aries March 21st opening our new Natural Year

Here is my FREE 2019 Report & Horoscopes
I hope you find it helpful and inspiring.

Making the most of Sun & Mercury in Pisces…
From Feb 19th our heroic Sun completes his passage through the Zodiac before he initializes our new Natural year on March 21st. So Pisces time is all about completion & gestation as we prepare for fresh beginnings. I have always maintained the whole world should have a ‘holiday’ in this period lol…so we can wind down and rest as much as possible as we tune into our Soul to nurture our hearts and minds.

This year the whole Pisces thing gets a huge extra focus right through until mid April courtesy of:

  • The excellent Full Moon as Sun enters Pisces with Moon in Virgo @ Zero degrees bringing a fantastic opportunity to cleanse and heal body & mind
  • New Moon Pisces on March 6th @ 15 degrees – conjunct Neptune makes this a very visionary inspirational new beginning
  • PLUS Mercury also in Pisces for an extended stay until April 18th as he will go retro here
  • Plus Venus into Pisces on March 27th until April 17th

Pisces associations are: upside – spirituality compassion intuition dreams vision transendence psychology mental health inspiration clarity dreaming art imagination film seclusion retreat and downside brings us victims & rescuers deception lies illusion confusion escapism alcohol & drug abuse…and so much more but that will do for now! Thus guidance here as follows:

DO’s – trust your intuition, dreams & visions then take thoughtful practical steps to bring them into form. Get clear about old limiting beliefs that may be impeding your growth into next phase of life. Be compassionate, non-judgmental & honest. Have faith in yourself and trust the flow of synchronicity in your life to bring you signals on next moves. Remain as objective as possible about people & events. Let go of old toxic people and attachments. Keep your boundaries clear. Be as mellow & adaptable as possible. Practice visualizing the uniting of your left brain with your right brain & your heart in a divine triangle.

DONT’s – rescue victims, over-analyze or criticize yourself or others, worry & fret, believe everything you hear, project your need onto others to be rescued or saved, over-react & do rage, be rigid or hard on yourself or others.

Every time you have a spare few moments close your eyes and say your mantra “I feel clear and inspired about my future. I choose LOVE & COMPASSION to guide my actions”. This is because downside Pisces can bring confusion and invites us to play in ‘victim consciousness’.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces
Mercury retrogrades (apparently goes backward) three times each year. He’s the guy whose magnetisms affect all forms of communication and our thought processes. These periods are when IT and gizmos don’t work properly and messages/mail gets lost…you get the idea.So don’t buy new appliances, be aware that travel plans may change, avoid signing contracts etc., as details are often incorrect or unclear…especially in Pisces!

2019 Mercury retro periods are in WATER signs so our MENTAL and VERBAL focus is driven by feeling and intuition, so here is to a whole new level of compassion in our global dialogue and personal interactions.This is a refreshing dose of WATER for 2019 after the Mercury in FIRE focus of 2018, which brought us dramatic words and provocative ideas. The retro periods are opportunities to re-do, re-evaluate, re-organize, research, review and plan our activity.

On February 10th he stepped into Pisces where he remains until April 17th bringing us on the upside a beautiful opportunity to commune with our higher nature to work with our intuition and imagination…very artistic with a tendency to escapism from worldly concerns. Downside brings us major confusion and lack of clarity with deception and wonderment about who and what to believe!
He turns retro on 5th March to 27th March @ 29 deg Pisces – then direct on March 28th but not until 17th April for full steam ahead when he enters Aries.
The other big news for Feb & March is a major factor in the ‘Global Re-set’ as both Chiron & Uranus are changing sign for our next major evolutionary upgrade on planet earth! I have included lots of info on both as you scroll down.
Chiron steps into Aries on February 18th – until 2026! TIme to Heal our Rage & Separation.
Chiron is the newest member of our Solar System, discovered in 1977 and cycling between Saturn and Uranus with a 50-year cycle. When a new planet becomes visible to us, it activates a new archetype in our collective psyche that demands recognition as an ingredient in our evolutionary process.

The astronomers named him Chiron (no they don’t ask Astrologers they just use whatever name is next on the list of Gods/esses). Then low and behold, the attributes of the mythological God mysteriously correlate with the unfolding narrative of our Global process. Big time synchronicity here, as with so many other Astro phenomena!

In Greek mythology he was held to be the superlative centaur, as he was called as the “wisest and justest of all the centaurs”. His myth contains rising above the pain of his abandonment and rejection to become a wise healer and teacher to many of the great Greek heroes, and mythically the Centaur horse-man symbolically unites our mortal and immortal nature. The horse is considered to be the bridge between the world of form and the world of the unseen.

His position between the ‘known boundaries’ of Saturn and the higher consciousness of Uranus gives rise to his “rainbow bridge” title, and his process that brings crisis forcing us to confront our Saturn fears and limitations that keep us stuck in our lower nature.

So he’s the link between our lower and higher nature, which has been available to us since his sighting in 1977.  Yes the Uranus Neptune & Pluto ingredients have been with us over the last few hundred years paving the way for the incoming Age of Aquarius, but it wasn’t until Chiron brought his shaman healing process into the story that we’ve been confronted with the reality of our disconnect from nature and wholeness of a healthy world.

1977 is the year when our Sun began his 72-year passage to align with the Galactic Plane so yes another fascinating timing correlation! So Chiron connects us to Galactic Consciousness! (BTW the mid-point of this was 21.12.12 the end/beginning date for the Mayan Calendar 26,000 cycle.)

OK so on with Chiron in Aries. He was last here between May 1968 until May 1977, so we haven’t experienced a Chiron in Aries transit since he was discovered, which was in November 1977. Yes, the planets are still there even if we don’t know about them, but we experience their magnetisms intuitively or in a non-rational mode. Once they are in our objective awareness they become a much more active force.

As Aries is the beginning of the Zodiac round…or the ‘World Degree’, our wounded healer enters a pioneering period on February 2019 that completes in May 2068 after his 50 year cycle passage! So when a major player like Chiron triggers this degree it brings about an ‘Initiation’ or new beginning – a psychological re-birth that challenges us to transform our concept of reality!

The Aries process contains our confident ‘healthy will’ so we can be brave and courageous and say yes to new adventures into the future. At best, it is the questing spirit in us that dares to risk letting go of the familiar, even if this familiar isn’t too great!

And as recent times on the third rock from the Sun have shown, we have a major issue with this ‘healthy will’ business, as the ‘damaged will’ brings us aggression and anger and all the defenses and over-compensations that arise when we don’t feel safe or that we have the ‘right to exist’. Thus, Chiron’s job over the next NINE years is to reveal this crisis clearly, so we can sort out this primary component in our human makeup! Goddess knows this is essential if we are to ever build a peaceful world.

Functional Aries (and Mars who rules Aries) brings us “healthy assertiveness” where we feel safe enough to assert ourselves in the world, and communicate to ask for our needs to be met, without fear of retribution or judgement or rejection or being made wrong.  The trouble is that most folks aren’t safe enough to do this and are stuck in the “passive aggressive split”!

They either believe they have no power to act OR are over-reactive and defiant with a determination to defeat apparent opposition and are unable to co-operate to invite support. This can also mean they please and comply and put up with stuff (and seethe) in their attempts to get loved, and safe, and to ‘belong’. Then when this doesn’t work, they get aggressive and angry and destructive, and end up with the very outcomes they are trying to avoid! Classic stuff. So the SAFE outcome here requires we have a good look at our compliance or aggression patterns and make the decision to change them, and let go of our defensive behaviors.

If you’re relating to this or have friends/family members who may benefit, here’s your re-programming message. “It is safe for me to assert myself – to be authentic – to be brave – to belong – to matter”. Just say this to yourself many times a day as you hold your hand over your belly, the seat of our emotions.

Aries is about our ‘identity in the world’, so it will be no surprise that millions of folks are about to have a little ‘identity crisis’…lol.  Who am I? Why am I here? And this is not just a superficial matter at this time on planet earth as millions of folks spend their day stuck in jobs they don’t like, to earn money to stay on the treadmill existence of our material world construct. And they aren’t happy!  Which isn’t to say this applies to everyone as lots of folks have done the work to become authentic and are living meaningful happy lives. But lots more aren’t!

The outcome once we’ve faced our fear of flying as an independent creative agent is a whole new level of action, so over the next 9 years we’re about to experience some fabulous people doing some fabulously brave edgy things, daring to be catalysts leading the way for the healing and renewal process on our planet.

And a final note on Aries as the WARRIOR archetype. Conscious warriors are not impulsive or driven by knee jerk reaction. They understand the reality that we need discipline to empower and use our will wisely!

Uranus in Taurus for the first time since 1934 – until 2026 – TIme for a New Earth.
When this revolutionary change agent comes calling to each sign every seven years we experience an upgrade in the affairs of the sign, in this case Taurus, with far reaching implications.  His rulership over science and technology, plus human rights movements assures us of radical departures from existing conditions across the board.

As he is the key player in our unfolding revolution, his entrance into Taurus for the first time since 1934 in his 84 year cycle is hugely significant.  Our Sky God is about to come down to earth to revolutionize our ecological systems with a wave of amazing inventions and groups of people who will clean up our world over the next 7 years.  He’s also about to freshen up, to put it mildly, existing financial values and systems.

Taurean associations arise from the core principle of VALUES, hence all things to do with nature and our earth along with money and wealth distribution. Taurus is the ‘builder’ of the Zodiac who uses strength and hard work to create security and safety, which is why Taureans are so famous for their stubborn fixed qualities!

Nature and beauty and pleasure are the fruits of Taurus who revels in the earthly delights of art and wine and music and all things sensual…she is Mother Nature expressed through the Nine ‘Muses’ who have inspired artists since ancient times. So as Uranus comes calling to Taurus over the next seven years he brings his lightning bolt of creative fire to innovate and give birth to great changes in our economic and material world. Here is an interesting link The Third Industrial Revolution & the Radical New Sharing Economy

Taurus bring up our survival issues and our ability to establish foundations by being aware of and using resources effectively. What is needed relative to resources determines what is VALUED. The more self-reliance that exists the more survival is guaranteed.  We’re about to experience lots of ‘survival issues’ over the next seven years as collective population and environmental pressure will force many into new circumstances, and our IT revolution brings the end of old industries and jobs as it also gives birth to lots of new ones.

So how can we use Uranus in Taurus to uplift and liberate our lives?
The freedom and liberation of Uranus allows us to break free from old value systems that restrict or inhibit our true individual expression, so we can begin to use our resources in inventive new ways! As he’s an ‘unexpected’ trigger guy we must stay very flexible when sudden shifts upset our old systems and constructs.

Uranus is a smart i.e. intelligent feature so stay alert for sudden flashes of insight or ideas that spin you into fab new possibilities that may be right out of the box from your old view of your potential. Then use Saturn in Capricorn for a reality check and create a ‘plan’! If we are aware of the need for innovation and change this allows ‘the Universe’ to support our growth, whereas if we resist this our unconscious mind will create it anyway…sometimes in the form of upsetting things whether we like them or not!

A reminder that this is a 7 year process for our whole world, so you’ll notice the seeds of these features this year, but this doesn’t mean it’s going to happen to you immediately OK? It’s also about your personal horoscope and where Taurus falls…and Venus…and the whole picture really. So if you’re inquisitive to know more about YOU you can book a session with me.

Here is your Mantra my friends! As Uranus asks us to break free of past conditions our core self-worth needs to be in very good condition, so whenever you get a bit wobbly as things start morphing in your life or the outer world close your eyes and say “I am safe and secure as I grow and change”. “I am prosperous!”

This will be a fantastic period if we are adaptable and allow the nature of our work or source of making a living to become exciting and challenging beyond our old expectations! We all need to feel valued so it’s time to make sure you are!

Well congratulations if you have made it to the end of this little missive!!
Live long and prosper my friends
Much love Maggie

Happy 2019!! Free 70 page Astro Report and Horoscopes

The Astrology of 2019Happy 2019 to you!! May it be a prosperous and fulfilling year full of fresh adventures and a fab dose of positivity!! Here is my FREE 2019 Report & Horoscopes I hope you find it helpful and inspiring.

Officially our year began on January 1st but In terms of setting your intentions for 2019 get set for using the powerful Solar Eclipse on Saturday 6th!

It is @ 15 degrees of Capricorn sandwiched between both Saturn and Pluto so this one pulls no punches when it comes to initializing a powerful new phase in our personal career goals and aspirations. Think back to 2000 for insights & echoes in your life.

Collectively it will ignite a new phase in business and politics as Brexit comes to a head PLUS it opposes the Sun in the USA Horoscope so goodness knows what’s about to unfold there! We have Mars in Aries all month so great for activating your plans especially when he makes cool connections with Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius on the 19th through to 26th. Very positive!!

Perfect timing to release my new Astrology Certificate e-Course! With Jupiter in Sagittarius this year it’s all about expanding your learning horizons so please join me as I share the sum total of my 30+ years of knowledge incorporating Astrology & Soul Centred Emotional Healing Models…with webinars & lots of recordings. Have a fabulous month and year my friends!!

New Moon in Sagittarius Opens the Door to 2019

BrilliantNew Moon in Sagittarius

Seasons Greetings to all as we now complete this crazy momentous year of 2018! Here’s to us all uniting spiritually, All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer May PEACE & LOVE fill our hearts & minds.

Happy to say planets are in good form on the 25th with a joyous Moon in Leo full of fun…& please invite ‘orphans’ to share your table!

It is now Sagittarius time until December 22nd when Sun steps into Capricorn for the three-quarter point of our natural year…known as the Equinox…when the seasons begin to turn from deep winter in northern climes and full summer down here in Oz.

Until then we have some very busy extreme energies flying over coming weeks from our once in 12 year New Moon with Jupiter on the 7th @ 15 degrees of Sagittarius triggering new beginnings to expand your world my friends! More insights on this to follow…

To balance this dynamic fire we have beautiful deep sensitive healing energies from Venus as she completes her passage through Scorpio forming sweet connection with Mars in Pisces.

So yes managing extremes both physically & emotionally may take some mindfulness & self care + switching off phones & people whenever possible lol. Great for ‘dreaming up’ & gestating your 2019.

And good old Mercury starts moving forward on the NMoon paving the way for Jan when all planets are direct…hoorah…and we can finally move forward into fresh vibes and exciting new territory fired with optimism & purpose

In case you missed it here’s my Jupiter in Sag Nov 8th 2018 to Dec 2nd 2019

Sagittarius is the sign of all things interesting as far as I am concerned! It bring us ‘opportunity, expansion, growth, generosity, abundance, exploration, seeking, visionary, big picture, higher learning, meaning, purpose, beliefs, truth, ethics, law, morals, wisdom, religions, ideals, truth,  international affairs & trade, gambling & speculation, writing, publishing, teaching, the media, dissemination of knowledge & information, foreign travel and cultures, extreme activity’.

So how are you going to use this magic opportunity to inspire your 2019? Well Jupiter PLUS Sagittarius demands we expand our horizons in the quest for fresh meaning & purpose for our lives. So travel is high on the agenda as is learning & education to either up skill to inspire fresh purpose or share your knowledge. Write a book…teach a course…or study with me!

Check out my new unique Astrology Certificate e-Course where I share my 30+ years of experience blending Astrology and healing!  Even if you just do the first 2 Modules where I cover the ‘basics’ in my in-depth kind of way you will enrich you understanding of not only yourself but the whole human race! And then if you are smitten you can do Modules 3 & 4 and achieve the Certificate!

We have already had lots of action in international affairs leading up to the NMoon with the G20 meeting starring Trump and Xi in a ‘Mexican standoff’, the Brexit drama in high focus, David Attenborough warning of ‘Collapse Of Civilizations’ at U.N. Climate Meeting, violent riots in Paris, striking high school kids protesting for action on climate change in Oz, and a huge fall in the Dow Jones stock index in the US as the market is ‘spooked’ by trade war uncertainty! And this is all in the lead up to the NMoon…which will fire things up even more!

With Mars in Pisces in challenging aspect we get the confusion theme writ large with lots of passive/aggressive words and behaviors and no-one knowing what the hell is really going on. On the upside Mars in Pisces brings us ‘the peaceful warrior’  inspired by compassion!

So make like a sage wise Saggie archer as you say your mantra “I am clear and inspired with fresh meaning & purpose”!

After this year of deep transformation and renewal we are now set for a fabulous exciting fresh adventure in 2019!! This is the final year of the decade & the doorway to the “Great Re-Set” of 2020.

All my love and blessings to you all for a wonderful healthy loving prosperous new year.


LOS ANGELES – Thursday 23.20

NEW YORK – Friday 02.20

LONDON – Friday 07.20

SYDNEY – Friday 18.20


Here Comes Jupiter in Sagittarius to Ignite Fresh Pathways in Our Lives!

Jupiter in SagittariusAt last some good news! Here comes some fresh fire to enliven our lives with positive optimism and enthusiasm after this very testing year while he’s been in deep dark Scorpio!

As Jupiter enters Sagittarius on November 8th for the first time since 2007, the global scene has rarely been in such a state of ‘high tension’.

Sagittarius is all about the nature of TRUTH & BELIEFS & also rules International Trade & Relations & the Media & Social Media. His last visit in 2007 brought us the heights of stock markets & unrestrained spending leading to the GFC of 2008. So what are we in for this time?

So please don’t miss my coverage of these areas & so much more PLUS some tools to empower your positive forward growth into this next phase of our life creation.

Jupiter in Sag Nov 8th 2018 to Dec 2nd 2019  Time for Fresh Adventures –  Awakening Fresh Meaning & Purpose

This is just a quick connect for November as I have spent ages creating the article so the only other mention for November is Mercury doing his retro thing in Sagittarius also from Nov 17th into December SO this brings an excellent opportunity to work on your ‘meaning & purpose’ for 2019! Have a fabulous November & here’s to fresh pathways… BTW Jupiter enters Sag on the day the USA goes to their mid-term elections.

If you would like to make a donation for my work I am very grateful

Oct 2018 – Libra time + Special Venus in Scorpio Retrograde Update

Venus Star‘The Venus Star’ This divine 5 pointed star is the pattern created by Venus in her 8 year retrograde cycle! SO beautiful…

She is our focus in October as she began her retro period in Scorpio on Oct 7th…yes we’re finally out of Mars retro and now it’s Venus’ turn in the cosmic dance of evolution!

Yes the Sun is in Libra so it’s all about personal & global relationships, and as Venus rules Libra her Scorpio process highlights the whole signature of 2018…the abuse and correct use of SEX MONEY & POWER.

So if you’re feeling a tad slow & sluggish that’s ok! Don’t push right now & use this time to rest, reflect & heal by using the feminine power of Scorpio. It’s re-birth time folks & your phoenix only has a month to go before he/she rises from the ashes!

Jupiter then heads into Sagittarius on Nov 8th to bring fresh fire and optimism for 2019.  Not a moment too soon for my liking I must say! SO hang in there folks & make like a ‘white magician’ who trusts your Soul to re-birth your exciting new life just around the corner!!

Mars now continues his run through Aquarius during October & hasn’t it been a wild ride as he’s been doing his chaotic unstable maverick thing since May? His dynamic interaction with Jupiter…& now Venus in Scorpio continues to challenge the old paradigm ‘normal’ in so many kinds of revolutionary ways!

I mean wow how was that last Full Moon in Libra/Aries on Sept 25th playing out as the bizarre unfinished story of Kavanagh’s High Court appointment? Libra is all about justice & law & what’s fair right? And when we add the rising power of this next phase of the feminist movement we can expect many more bells & whistles to go off in the months ahead. Venus does not leave Scorpio until Jan 2019 so stay tuned! Scroll down to find out how to use Venus in Scorpio for optimum quantum healing & renewal…

You are welcome to book a session to brainstorm fresh ideas and solutions.

Libra 2

Libra is the sign of ‘Right Human Relationship’… so the themes of justice & the law and personal & global relationships are the focus this month.  “From conflict to co-operation” is the essence of our evolution during these shifting times. So perhaps the extreme polarization between so many features in our culture must have to occur to bring home the message that it’s time to find the middle ground where bi-partisan co-operation can arise!!

So as Sun moves thru Libra until Oct 23rd: nurture your relationships invite & give support to & from others practice healthy compromise without… giving away your power focus on PR & marketing plans negotiate fresh deals & options break out of ruts & have some fun hang out with exciting new people avoid drama & conflict make love not war! Maggie’s Workshops

Jupiter in Sagittarius Saturday 3rd November

Here comes Jupiter in Sagittarius oh goodie! Once every 12 years he returns to his own sign so extra powerful… as he will be in the driving seat of the 2019 forces. His previous cycle in 2007 brought us the heights of stock markets & unrestrained spending leading to the GFC of 2008. So what are we in for this time? Sag also rules beliefs & the search for truth, as well as the media & publishing business. Fake news in extremis on the way. What do we believe? We will check your horoscopes for insights & illumination!

Reply to this email OR contact me to book in. You can order the recordings if you can’t come! I am also speaking at the fabulous C*I*A* Celestial Secrets’ Retreat Oct 12-15 in beautiful north NSW click for details & bookings Please join us for this special event focusing on the healing power of Venus in Scorpio

Focus on Scorpio during 2018… Scorpio rules the correct use of POWER, MONEY, SEX, HIDDEN MATTERS, RESOURCES, & the deep regenerative forces that underpin creation so LIFE & DEATH.

Within days of Jupiter’s arrival into Scorpio last October the Harvey Weinstein scandal unleashed an unprecedented wave of change into our collective process I have heard described as the THIRD wave of the feminist movement. And of course it’s not just about women. It’s about equal rights for all repressed marginalized minority groups & in just ONE year the rules have changed!

Since Saturn entered Capricorn in January (for the first time since 1989) the battle lines have been well & truly drawn beyond the past and the future, as the swing to the right wing attempts to keep the old system based on greed & corruption & abuse & misuse of money, power and resources in place. But not for much longer!!

My call is that ‘things’ will come to a head in 2019/20 as Saturn joins Pluto opening a new 38 YEAR CYCLE (previous 1982/3). And then Jupiter meets Saturn beginning their new 20 YEAR CYCLE announcing a brand new AQUARIAN ‘signature’ – followed by Pluto into Aquarius in 2023. SO hang in there folks & keep the faith as we pass through the eye of the needle over these disruptive chaotic revolutionary few years!

Change Gandhi

2018 has also revealed the ugly vindictive face of politics where revenge and personal power are the name of the game. Where are our visionary leaders who inspire moral values like tolerance and caring and compassion?


Remember Scorpio is the death/rebirth process, so here’s to his journey through Sagittarius on the way in 2019 to bring them forward!! Now Venus spends the rest of 2018 in Scorpio to really bring the message home!

We meet Venus in two primary roles – in her guise as the Goddess of Love in her ruler-ship of Libra creating our relationships so we may know safe intimacy & mutual support. She also rules Taurus where we meet her as Mother Nature & the fertile building processes of life. So here she rules things of ‘value’ thus ‘wealth and worth’.

She goes retrograde on Oct 7th & this only happens every18 months and only returns to the same sign every EIGHT YEARS – so last time here in Scorpio was 2012. Check your memory for insights for this time! She began her retro on Oct 5th for 40 days until Nov 16th…a powerful period that gives rise to the biblical 40 days in the wilderness.

So If you’re feeling a bit lost over the next month fret not as the metaphor here offers the cleansing and purifying symbolism! As she is all about our relationships and self worth, use this period to release old toxic relating patterns where you are not being valued…yay!

She is known as ‘Innana the evening star’ for the first 20 days as she goes into the ‘dark’ & we no longer see her in the evening sky. So on Oct 27th she makes exact conjunction with the Sun @ 3 degrees Scorpio and this is known as her “STAR POINT”. If you have planets or Ascendant around 3 degrees then she offers important re-birth action.

She is known as ‘Innana the evening star’ for the first 20 days as she goes into the ‘dark’ & we no longer see her in the evening sky. So on Oct 27th she makes exact conjunction with the Sun @ 3 degrees Scorpio and this is known as her “STAR POINT”. If you have planets or Ascendant around 3 degrees then she offers important re-birth action.

After Oct 27th as she joins the Sun she becomes ‘Ishtar the Morning Star’ and we’ll see her gradually become visible as she comes out of the ‘underworld’ before sunrise throughout November. She then sheds her beautiful bountiful light for a positive prosperous new period, as we attract conscious supportive people to help us grow our lives.

The normal ‘rules’ apply to her when retrograde thus the whole period until mid-November is not a great time to start a love affair or buy luxury items or you may have to take them back!  Venus retro can also bring back people from the past so we can complete and heal, but usually not for happily ever afters!

Don’t waste time & energy on non-productive situations, as you also keep working to grow your creative projects & stay inspired knowing things will move forward & you’ll start reaping goodies after mid-November when she turns direct BUT it wont really be until after December 18th when she is totally free to move forward once more.

The Libran New Moon on October 7th is one again Venus ruled and carries a challenging connection to Mars in Aquarius. This can bring a welcome dose of fresh air with stimulating new people & ideas…there’s powerful attraction forces at work here!. But can also bring discord & conflict in relationships where tensions have been building and need release.

Then we have the Scorpio Full Moon on Oct 25th @ 1 degree Scorpio with both Venus and Uranus front and center! This brings a powerful urge for freedom & breaking out of ruts and rules and can bring sudden unexpected happenings in love and partnerships as there is the need for stimulating fresh experiences.

This can also open a great few weeks to work on fresh financial setups that require innovating IT or clever people to help grow your resources for 2019 as Scorpio brings ‘joint resources’ into play with a ‘win win’ approach so all parties are empowered along the way.

So for the rest of 2018 Venus in Scorpio asks us to re-evaluate the things we VALUE & where we may need to let go of things & people whose values are not aligned with ours. It is a time to dive deep into your old power & control patterns based on insecurity…and indeed others may play old games to keep you where they need you to be for them…rather than coming from a place of loving support for your needs. Me thinks many will make some stark choices and decisions over this next 40 days!!

Venus in Scorpio offers us her remarkable gift as the Shaman Wise Woman Midwife so this next 3 months is a period of enormous healing. Be very kind to yourself and nurture your deepest sensitive vulnerable ‘shadow ‘bits’ to allow them to become the source of your greatest power as this is the true essence of Scorpio power…from within.

When we truly know we are safe and secure we can become the magician who invites and magnetizes healthy safe people to join with us in our creative process! SO MOTE IT BE!

Blessings and love to you all Maggie