The Transits of the Outer Planets & The Age of Aquarius

Age of Aquarius Deco

Maggie Kerr & Tina Mews

Present a special 1 day Astrology program

The Dance of the Outer Planets &

‘The Age of Aquarius’

Wednesday 14th October 2015 @ Lillifield near Nimbin

Since the discovery of the outer planets Uranus Neptune & Pluto over the last 200 years, our world has begun to move through an accelerated process as we complete the Age of Pisces and move into the Age of Aquarius.  This also coincides with the 26,000 year Great Cycle of the Mayan Calendar ‘shifting’ our evolution from an old paradigm to a brand new one.

Uranus Neptune & Pluto are known as the ‘Evolutionary Lords’ as their magnetisms awaken dormant DNA codes in our potential to connect us to higher frequencies, and re-orientate us out toward the Galactic Field beyond our limited Solar System world view…up until now! This is all very exciting but also very challenging and we absolutely need to know how they operate, and how to use them so we can participate in our own and therefore our planet’s conscious evolution.

Our focus for the day is to explore these big ideas, and then move on to the WHAT, WHY & HOW these planets operate by TRANSIT as they connect with our natal charts.

We will also spend the morning session reviewing the recent arrival of Jupiter into Virgo for the next year PLUS Saturn moving into Sagittarius in September for the next 2 years.

When:                Wednesday 14th  October               10am – 4 pm

Where:               Lillifield Community Centre – near Nimbin 4505 Kyogle Road next to                                                                        Barkers Vale School

Cost:                   $ 80 Full price; $ 70 concession – Morning tea provided; BYO lunch

Bookings:          Tina       0266 897413 OR  0457 903957 or

Maggie 0755 945959 or

Adventures in Consciousness – Indepth Life Coaching Course

Change Your Thoughts

‘Adventures in Consciousness’…

In-depth Life Coaching Course

with Maggie Kerr

6 Saturdays during 2015 commencing Saturday April 11th


The theme of our time is re-invention & finding new ways to inspire & motivate ourselves & others…so it’s time to share the primary tools and techniques I use in my daily ‘astrotherapy’ spiritual work. My goal is that each of us will create our future reality as we work together over the next 6 months!   WE ARE THE EXPERIMENT!!

In this group we will develop a practical module that you can take with you to share with your networks…or professionally. So this is a ‘journey’ for max 12 great people who are ready to deepen their knowledge and skills!! This ensures personal development time for each person.

Over the 6 weeks we will explore and apply lots of territory including…

Natural Laws & energy systems; Different types of consciousness; Body/Mind/Feeling interface

The ‘transformational process’ as we step beyond the old fear driven limited 3D reality to limitless creative freedom

Mindfulness & self-awareness; who am I?; how do I access my creative spark?

How the primary structure & the ‘shadow’ of our nature are formed in childhood; Transactional Analysis & our inner child

Psycho-synthesis & the jigsaw of the ‘many selves’; dialoguing the ‘sub-personalities’

Identifying & re-programming unconscious DNA patterns & resulting behaviors

Core issues & primary themes – fear, prosperity, rejection, power etc.

Defense mechanisms; Anger & Depression; Victim/Rescuer; Over/under responsibiity

Connecting to our Soul to invite vision & inspiration; unblocking old emotional DNA

Guided Visualization & simple meditation tools for both inner healing & ‘dreaming up our reality’

‘The Science of Mind’ – creating & building conscious thought forms

Our thoughts/words create our reality; linking rational left & intuitive right brain; communication skills

Counselling skills; listening & reflecting; using your intuition; creating ‘the contract for change’

All welcome at any level of Astrology and this program is also for non-astro people.

When:                Saturday 11th April for 6 months        10am – 4.30 pm

Where:               120 Plateau Crescent, Carrara 4211

Cost:                   $90 per session OR $500 if paid in advance. As you are committing to a ‘group development process’ if you miss a session you still pay & receive recordings. Morning tea provided; bring your own lunch & horoscope

Bookings:           Maggie   0755 945959 or

‘The Astrology of 2015’ Seminar Feb 14th & 17th

year of sheep‘The Astrology of 2015’ with Maggie Kerr

2 x One day workshop on Saturday 14th February on the Gold Coast

AND Thursday 19th February at Lillifield near Nimbin


It’s always a great idea to empower ourselves at the beginning of a year!! So please join me for my traditional new-year seminar, as I present in depth ideas and info for the ‘big picture’ of what 2015 has in store from our astrological cycles in the Chinese Year of the Sheep/Goat.

We will have a good look at Saturn in Sagittarius between 2015-17 and how this will affect our global story, plus your life personally…so bring you chart details with you! How does Jupiter in Leo and then moving into Virgo mid-year fit in the complex jigsaw puzzle of the ongoing Uranus Pluto transformational ‘zap zone’?

So please join me for a fascinating fun day so you can get inspired about your growth & opportunities over the next year.

All welcome at any level of Astrology as this program is also great for non-astro peeps. You may order recordings of the workshop if you cannot attend.

As Saturday 14th is ALSO MY 60th BIRTHDAY we will be popping bubbles after the seminar here in Carrara!! 

When:                Saturday 14th Feb         10am – 4 pm      registration 9.30 am

Where:               120 Plateau Crescent, Carrara 4211

Cost:                   $ 80; $ 70 concession – Morning tea provided; bring your own lunch & horoscope

Bookings:          Maggie 0755 945959 or


When:                Thursday 19th February            10am – 4 pm      registration 9.30 am

Where:               At Lillifield Community Center near Nimbin – on the Kyogle Road

Bookings:          Tina       0457 903 957 or


Neptune & the Quest for Transcendence Thursday 27th Nov 2014

DSC01025Neptune & the Quest for Transcendence

Thursday November 27th 2014 @ Lillifield near Nimbin

Please join Maggie & Tina for this experiential day exploring the divine, sublime and ecstatic realm of Neptune, Pisces & the 12th house.

  • How does his journey through Pisces between 2012 & 2026 offer us the next stage in our evolutionary potential to re-union with our psycho-spiritual nature?
  • What is our personal Neptunian myth about ourselves & how is this setting up our outer reality?
  • We will discover the many pitfalls that arise as we instinctively seek union with our higher nature – like co-dependency, substance abuse, escapism and victim consciousness. How do we heal these issues and transcend our ‘lower nature’ so we may connect with pure intuition and use his magic to step from confusion to clarity and inspiration?
  • And what of Neptune and the mysterious fine line between the brilliance & ‘madness’ of the artist and poet? We will also discuss the various psychoses that spring from his depths and the workings of our psycho-emotional health.
  • Maggie will discuss the history & implications of Romantic Love as our search for the divine beloved in human form, and the disillusion and confusion when the perfect lover turns out to be merely mortal.
  • Tina will offer the fascinating mythic themes of Neptune as the spiritual redeemer and saviour.

“If you can’t dream it you can’t have it” says Neptune. So come and learn how to empower your dreams coming true as we venture into the fascinating invisible realms of Neptune.

When:    Thursday 27th November 2014      10am – 4 pm      registration 9.30 am

Where:    Lillifield Community Centre – near Nimbin 4505 Kyogle Road next to Barkers Vale School

Cost:        $ 80 Full price; $ 70 concession – Morning tea provided; bring your own lunch

Bookings:     Tina       0457 903 957 or

Maggie 0755 945959 or

Jupiter in Leo Workshop Thursday 11th Sept

Jupiter in Leo 2014After so much deep introspection over this past year as Jupiter did time in Cancer, I am totally ready for a fun exhilarating day…how about you? So please come and play with Tina Mews & I as we welcome…

Jupiter in Leo – LIgniting the Fires of Consciousness’

So who is this big guy in the sky and how is he meant to offer us our “greatest karmic potential”?

We will explore the archetypes & psychological themes of both Jupiter & Leo.

Then have a brief look at the history of his previous times in Leo, plus the fascinating Jupiter/Saturn 20 year cycle and how Jupiter in Leo may affect financial & global activity.

After lunch it’s all about YOU as we explore his position in your charts + enjoy some ‘Astro Drama’ so you can meet him via the actors who will play him for you! Very enlightening stuff kids and lots of fun so you can get inspired about your growth & opportunities over the next year.

Thursday September 11th – 10am to 4pm – BYO lunch – yummy refreshments provided of course.

Lillifield Community Centre – near Nimbin – on the Kyogle Road via Murwillumbah.

Phone me on 0755945959 & to organize shared transport from Brisbane/Gold Coast.

OR Tina 0266897413 to book your spot.

Saturday June 14th ‘The Moon, the Ascendant and the Lunar Nodes’

The Moon, the Ascendant and the Lunar Nodes’

Soul Astrology and the ‘path of destiny’

…based on some core ideas from Esoteric or soul centered astrology. 

A one day workshop on Saturday June 14th

In Carrara on the Gold Coast

with Gold Coast astrologer Maggie Kerr and NGT Starloom columnist Tina Mews

Maggie will be exploring how the Soul (Moon) and the Personality (Ascendant) are meant to work together in a practical way via your horoscopes!

Our Soul makes its’ entrance into incarnation through the “Eastern Gate” at our birth as we depart the ‘pregnancy’ of the 12th house and pass through the birth canal of the Ascendant. By examining the Ascendant’s sign, rulers and aspects we can describe the actual birth experience and how this created our “birth script” – our primary unconscious belief about how we will affect the world throughout our life.

We then analyse the Moon’s sign/house/aspects for information about our Soul’s purpose, and what we may need to heal or integrate this lifetime to allow the Soul full expression via the Ascendant or “personality” – which is ultimately the ‘Soul’s Vehicle for doing its’ work in the world’.

Tina will enlighten us about the Lunar Nodes and how they reveal our ‘path of destiny’. The North Lunar Node is the place where cosmic energy enters, while the Lunar South Node represents the point where energy exits, indicating possible energy ‘leaks’.

The South Lunar Node has long been associated with our ‘Karma’ and spiritual, emotional or/and physical inheritance, while the North Lunar Node represents what we can achieve with this life, our ‘Dharma’.

So please join Maggie & Tina for a fascinating day that will connect us to our Souls for fresh inspiration during 2014!

When:                Saturday 14th  June           10am – 4 pm      registration 9.30 am

Where:               120 Plateau Crescent, Carrara 4211

Cost:                   $ 80 Full price; $ 70 concession – Morning tea provided; BYO lunch

Bookings:          Maggie                0755 945959



I’ve been loving my Saturday sessions as different folks from all sorts of eras turn

up along with lots of new ‘like minded’ members so please join us in May or June…or both!!

Blessings to all as ever


Saturday May 10th ‘Interpreting the Birthchart’

For my May 10th Saturday Session I will share by step by step approach to

‘Interpreting the Birth Chart’ …including:

  • my introduction to clients
  • how I integrate Astrology and Psychotherapy
  • working with the Sun & Moon – unlocking the Soul’s Code
  • healing core themes of the other planets

Saturday 10th May – 120 Plateau Crescent, Carrara

To book email OR 0755 945959

All welcome – BYO lunch               $70

Saturday October 26th ‘Chiron – Key to Your Higher Self’

Maggie’s Saturday Astro Sessions
Saturday October 26th

‘Chiron – The Key to Your Higher Self’

Everyone always seems to be fascinated by our ‘wounded healer archetype’ Chiron! So in response to many requests from you all…and as he is currently in aspect to my Moon…it is perfect timing to spend our day exploring his rich heritage, and mysterious process that unites our ‘lower animal nature’ with our ‘higher spiritual potential’. The crises of Chiron that ignite the consciousness process appear in many guises in response to our individual Soul’s process. During our day together we will encounter some of the fascinating options as we explore your natal Chiron placement and apply the implications of his current journey through Pisces.

All welcome to this informal program Just ring or email Maggie to advise your attendance. – $70 – – – 0755 945959 – 0416 155967
120 Plateau Crescent, Carrara Gold Coast 10am to 4.30pm BYO Lunch Refreshments provided of course!   
Don’t forget to go to to live stream the 4 parts of the Seminar or purchase the book. Check out part 2 of the Seminar to start with “Living With Your Life Cycles”. This is totally useful stuff folks so empower yourselves with this info and apply it to synchronize your life timings.