Consultation Booking Form

Astrology Consultation Booking Form

IMPORTANT NOTE – please check your spam and junk folders as Maggie will email you with appointment details.

Thanks for your enquiry. I’m sorry this form is rather impersonal but you need to know the following info and I need info from you. Once we meet for our session my interaction is much more personal and friendly!

  • Please complete this form to the best of your ability and if you have any queries or further enquiries select this option and I will contact you by email a.s.a.p.
  • Just use your familiar name as formal full names are not necessary.
  • If you cannot find out your time of birth please select this option and I will email you to request further information.
  • To visit with me in person on the Gold Coast in Australia please select this option.
  • If interstate in Australia or overseas please record your place of residence for time zone purposes.
  • If you live in England or Europe your session will be in your early morning on week days.
  • If you live east coast USA your session will be around 8pm at night on week days.
  • If you live west coast USA your session will be around 6pm at night on week days.
  • If you select Option 2 you will receive a recording of your session via dropbox within 2 days.
  • If visiting in person you may ask for a paypal invoice, direct deposit into my account, or pay in cash.
  • If we are skyping you will receive a paypal invoice the day before your session.
  • You are welcome to ring me on 61 755 945959 if you’d like to chat about your options.

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