April Astro Report – Welcome to Aries as the 2021 Revolution Heats UP!

Greetings fAriesriends as we venture forth into our new natural year as our Sun now travels through the dynamic sign of new beginnings…ARIES

I hope you were able to enjoy some respite from the chaotic 2021 energies during Pisces time, so you are refreshed and ready to move forward once more.
Interesting to note that the Pisces water theme is up big time here in Oz with once in 100 year catastrophic floods embracing the entire East Coast and Red Center- I have had 20 inches of rain here on the Gold Coast & feeling so lucky to be on my quiet hill as I watch the river plain below me completely submerged!
These are drought breaking rains and remind us of the extremes as this time last year Australia was burning…devastatingly!
Also the result of the La Nina cycle this year as Mother Earth’s natural systems  replenish and regenerate.
Yep it’s been a very full 2021 on since Saturn and Jupiter opened their new cycle in Aquarius right?
The fresh wave of revolutionary impulse is loud and clear in oh so many ways!
Quick rundown for late March & into April and I’ll go into more detail in the main section…

The Full Moon in Libra on March 28th with Sun in Aries opposite Moon in Libra @ 8 degrees so check your chart to see where this falls. It reflects an emotional desire to work in balanced partnerships as we promote our individual ideas and interests. Harmonious Venus now also in Aries shines her light on on the Sun, plus Mars in Gemini adds a bright creative spark to release ideas and have confident healthy conversations. A very nice full Moon folks!
Fast-talking Mercury is speedy this month and leaps into Aries on April 4th adding another dose of confidence to words, with the caution to avoid angry retorts & channel frustration into positive forums to motivate action for change.
Then we have New Moon on April 12th @ 22 degrees Aries with Venus & Ceres challenged by Pluto in Capricorn, representing the power & control wielded by patriarchal systems and institutions. Expressed through Mars in Gemini, this is the archetypal Feminine asserting herself, speaking up & challenging the patriarchy! More about this in the main section…
Venus’ move into Taurus on April 14th brings a gentler flow but for most of the month ahead, it’s a time for all things new, courage and action…and finding your VOICE!

My childhood Aries Hero Captain Kirk just turned 90 & still going strong bless him, so here is Spock’s sign off – Live Long & Prosper!

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Aries Ingress 2021Welcome to your your quick Astrology lesson as we check out The Aries Ingress chart – the moment when Sun stepped into Aries on the “Vernal Equinox” – when day & night are of equal length as the Sun shines directly above the Equator – and the seasons turn.
This is our true New Year folks, as we begin the 12 fold process of the Zodiac round and this chart becomes the chart for the WHOLE YEAR ahead!
So Sun is up in House 11 with Venus Goddess of Love in Pisces to his right. Thus the primary creative drive for the year requires compassionate service to support  humanitarian & social justice reform and change.
This is also supported with both Jupiter AND Saturn in Aquarius – the sign of revolution and change. Indeed Jupiter is EXACTLY on the top of the 10th House bringing huge power to expand human rights, equal rights areas, the growth of grass roots movements to challenge elite systems. It also brings a year of big moves in technology innovations and advances.
OK so let’s look at Mars as he is the ‘ruler of Aries’ so drives the Sun with his force. Mars is in Gemini along with the Moon in the 12th House bringing a fresh burst of ideas, information and conversations to stimulate these changes.
The strong Pisces theme in this chart (Venus & Neptune & Mercury in Pisces) + Mars & Moon in 12th House (ruled by Pisces) impels us to integrate our logical mind with our intuitive mind and learn to ‘go with the flow’ rather than push and shove to get ahead.
We need to be curious, reflective, and versatile and aware that the insights and ideas we share are seeds we sow that must contribute to improving and empowering our community…both locally and globally.
While we are eager for fresh starts and new ground to explore this year, it is wise to review our goals, analyze plans and strategies, and consider and assimilate information gained.
Keep an open mind, consider different points of view, and stay flexible and adaptable as you engage in new endeavors.

Our 2021 Revolution is heating up!
I my January letter I introduced the 2 main players who will forge a brand new era in global evolution – Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Here’s some quotes from my article before I move on to talk about how indeed this huge revolutionary force is already giving us dividends!

Jupiter joins Saturn In Aquarius-Change is in the AIR!
Within weeks of the final meeting in of Pluto, Jupiter ,and Saturn in Capricorn in December 2020 both Jupiter & Saturn change sign into Aquarius and meet together on December 21st on the Vernal Equinox. This announces a brand new 20-year Jupiter/Saturn cycle, in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius to move us forward to the next stage of personal and planetary evolution.

Jupiter and Saturn meet every 20 years, but this time is uber rare as they are moving into a fresh cycle of their story in AIR signs (previous cycle was 1226), and over the coming decades will lead us to the true dawning of The Age of Aquarius! Thus in 2021 we are poised between the past and the future, as we farewell a 220 year period of their meetings in the EARTH signs, which has driven the intrinsic urge for owning and possessing and controlling material world goodies. It’s all been about business and commerce and making money right?

Aquarius opens a completely new ‘magnetic field’ energy, where the instinctive urge for freedom and liberation will drive us to reject old models and systems…and invent new ones. It’s the new order emerging from the old order breaking down. Our keywords are inclusiveness, cohesion, co-operation & co-creation.

AIR rules communication, networking, technologies, breath, group connections, debate, ideas, and the flow & spread of information. We’re moving in to a startling era where new technologies and revolutionary ideas will bring warp speed changes so we must be willing to step up and embrace change as we let go of the past. It is time to awaken your urge to invent, innovate, experiment, be original and unique. It is a year when we are ready ‘for the ideas whose time has come’!!!

Aquarius is ruled by the modern planet Uranus -the God of Chaos who ‘gives birth to new archetypes’ to stimulate the constant process of creation as old Saturn forms and structures outlive their usefulness. Thus his process brings us revolutions and periods of upheaval as the old order resists the Aquarian impulse.

Jupiter PLUS Saturn heading into Aquarius will launch a new phase of reform and change collectively, with an increase in ‘civil disobedience’ and activism in response to the growing authoritarianism. He will bring a shift away from traditional business/government to a society that’s principled and based on sound values. It’s about freedom, people power, and grass roots movements, rather than entitlement and elite rule.

So here is Oz we are in the midst of a huge meltdown of our ruling Right Wing Government . It began with a young woman reporting she had been raped in the office of the Defence Minister – yes in our Parliament House. It was subsequently ‘covered up’ and she resigned, until gathering the courage to report the event. Her report then gave the courage to another woman to report her rape by our Attorney General (yes the highest legal office in the land) when he was 17 and she was 16. It is a very complicated situation as she has since tragically taken her own life after not receiving support from the police in the matter.

Our PM decided to believe his AG rather then the lady. The Defence Minister was reported as saying the young woman staffer was a lying cow’. Both Ministers are now on ‘mental health leave’. This week we have reports of after hours ‘sex workers’ on call to Ministers & Staffers plus a FB group who share graphic sex pics from within Minister’s offices plus a sitting Minister trolling women in his own electorate! Yes I am not kidding! And still our PM will not sack any of them or call for investigations, as his Government only holds power by ONE seat! It has become an open farce.

As a result of all the deplorable lack of unaccountability, something amazing occurred on Monday 8th March as over 100,000 women marched in all capital cities and many regional towns under the #enoughisenough banner. It was a grassroots event organized by a few women on social media in very short time and attracted the support of very high profile women from all walks of life. With approx 20,000 women and some male allies outside Parliament House our PM refused to step out and meet them.

Since then a huge groundswell is growing with thousands of women reporting their sexual and other forms of abuse stories. And it is not going away despite our government’s attempts to sweep it under the carpet. BTW this Government has an appalling record of graft and corruption. Our PM is  Hillsong Christian who became a good chum of Donald Trump…and is only in power because of Rupert Murdoch. BTW there is currently a Royal Commission underway here examining the inappropriate influence of the Murdoch Media group on our democracy. Yep it’s all going on ‘down under’ right now!

The oppression of women and minority groups is universal. It is the very foundation of Patriarchy and Empires since ancient times. We are currently experiencing a direct confrontation with this principal. HOORAH!!

I include this quote from our main anchor woman on national broadcaster ABC 7.30 Report – Leigh Sales. She is highly respected and rarely shares her personal views but recently she gave this interview.

Leigh Sales (ABC) Asks Why Powerful Who Abuse Trust Keep Getting Away With It March 2021
“We are seeing women say that they have had enough. They have had enough of people in power using the system to enshrine their power and keep women as less powerful. But I also feel that that is fitting in a broader context about awareness of power generally, because I feel like every single night when I’m hosting 7.30, that I see stories in which people in power are exploiting or taking advantage of people with less power.

“In many cases, people that they have been paid to care for, or have expressly said that they promise to serve and I see it all the time, every night on the show. I feel like I’m constantly asking myself this question ‘did something change in this country?’ Did something change, that the standard for behaviour now is not ‘I have to do the right thing’ or ‘I have to do what I promised I said I would do’, but instead ‘how much can I get away with?’
“I think that, from what I hear people say on 7.30 Australians are sick of this kind of situation.
“They’re sick of banks gouging their accounts with fees and charges while somehow missing large scale money laundering, that’s funneling millions of dollars overseas to terrorism or child exploitation.
“They’re sick of highly profitable nursing homes taking money from families, and then neglecting or abusing mum or dad.
“They’re sick of financial advisors who promise to take people’s life savings and help them pay for their retirement, knowing the entire time that they’re fleecing them.
“I think the unemployed, students, pensioners were pretty sick of being harassed by a powerful government department to repay debt that they never actually even owed in the first place.     “People are tired of private health insurance constantly upping fees, then you go to a specialist and they go ‘oh sorry it’s not covered by private health’.
“They’re sick of telecommunications companies that promised the world when you sign up for the Internet, and then when you’re having a problem with it and it won’t work, they won’t pick up their phone to answer your call in any kind of timely fashion.
“They’re sick of rich multinational companies underpaying their workers and then not even having the common courtesy to ring people when those workers are killed on the job.
“They’re sick of priests abusing children in their care, or scoutmasters. They’re sick of the priests who cover up for those kinds of priests.    “They’re sick of 59 year-old teachers who rape 15 year-old students.
“They’re sick of government after government telling people that they’ll close the gap on Indigenous life expectancy and then decade after decade it stubbornly remains at about 20 years. You deserve 20 years less life in Australia, apparently, if you’re Indigenous.
“They’re sick of politicians acting like public money is their own private fund and giving development deals to their mates or grants to their political allies and in the worst cases are taking kickbacks to line their own pockets.
“They’re sick of film producers, who have won life’s lotto and yet still treat young actors like they should be molested and manipulated.
“Even the Australian Cricket team let down the ordinary Australian fan with cheating and ball-tampering. You can’t even trust as an Australian that you won’t be made a fool of by the Australian cricket team

“I mean, this is night after night on 7.30 that we have these stories and I just think it is sickening to see this constant situation where powerful people and institutions exploit less powerful people.
“And I think from what the public says to me on the street, that they are sick of people coming on my show, when they get found out and saying, ‘oh, I’m so sorry, I had no idea this was happening – can’t take any more questions about it, because we’ve commissioned a report into it’.   And then that report, when it comes through, sits in a bottom drawer, gathering dust and the same thing happens again and then they commission another report. It’s well past time that this kind of thing needs to change

“What do a lot of these stories that I’ve mentioned have in common? Who holds the levers of power, mostly, in this country? In boardrooms? In CEO suites? In the media? In governments? In cabinet? It’s men.   “And we are not doing a good enough job in this country, as you will see, any night when you watch 7.30, of looking after the least powerful members of our society.”

Very powerful spot on statements right? Here is to this amazing new era unfolding as we directly confront the old models based on white male privilege and power at the expense of people and planet! Bring it ON!

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March 2021 Astro Update – Pisces Time Completes our Natural Year

Pisces fishI love this image of the 2 Pisces fish doing their yin/yang thing uniting heaven & earth both within and outside of our nature.
As the beautifying force of Venus now joins our Sun in Pisces, we begin to feel a softening in the ‘collective’ energy…a welcome relief after the intense electrical chaotic charge of so many planets in Aquarius in February!

Yes we are now in a new world era with huge shifts in the fabric of our sociopolitical & economic world and these will continue to unfold as Jupiter & Saturn make their way through Aquarius.
And this is so exciting as the fab advances linking ideas & technology are creating new sustainable solutions for environmental & humanitarian issues! This is the upside of the ongoing square between Saturn & Uranus this year as grassroots movements & awoke businesses lead the way.

But right now it is so important to take a break from the intensity and enjoy the gifts of Pisces as we complete our ‘natural year’, wind down, rest, reflect and gestate the seeds of our next creative journey once Sun enters Aries on March 21st. Eyes left for a more detailed explanation of the “12 Stages of a Year”.

And eyes up on Saturday night to enjoy the most beautiful & spiritual Full Moons of the year as Sun in Pisces reflects Moon in Virgo @ 8 degrees.
Pisces is the last of the 3 water signs and contains the highest level of the feeling realm as our capacity for flowing in ‘the stream of consciousness’ in a state of trust and faith that our Soul will guide us forward even if our ego/mind is foggy & unclear about what’s next!
Pisces rules our ‘higher or spiritual nature’ – our ephemeral intuitive essence that connects us to quantum or source consciousness so we can ‘download’ fresh inspiration & guidance.
Downside Pisces issues involve ‘victim consciousness’, confusion, deception & illusion so be make sure to fact check incoming info and don’t play the victim card yourself!

Action planet Mars enters Gemini on March 5th to add some more AIR to the story again! Busy Gemini rules information, communication, and networks so great for sharing & connecting and the media wars will amp up on this one.  In this ‘post truth era’ the challenge is to discern what’s real, what’s true, and what’s not. The Pisces connection asks us to use our intuition as we filter incoming data!

The Pisces New Moon on March 13th @ 23 degrees is extra magical as both Venus and Neptune join Sun & Moon to bring us a potent opportunity to release the power of loving compassion in our lives and via us out into the world. 
12 Stages of YearOne of the many awesome uses for Astrology is by using the ‘natural timing sequence’ of the 12 signs each year!

We initiate new projects on March 21st when our natural year begins with Aries

Then each month when the Sun moves to the next sign we sequentially develop our lives…and our projects

This empowers the correct use of our time and energy…we accept challenges to help things grow, and learn to  flow in due order…as follows:

  1. Aries – initiate new projects – be brave & confident
    2.   Taurus – add practical resources – deal with $
    3.   Gemini – networking & ideas to support growth
    4.  Cancer – anchor & nurture project & family
    5.  Leo – be creative have fun & enjoy kids
    6.  Virgo – organize & deal with details
    7.  Libra – time for Marketing & PR & alliances
    8.  Scorpio – empower with shared resources
    9.  Sagittarius – release projects & vision into world
    10. Capricorn – reap results & rewards
    11.  Aquarius  – ideas for next cycle
    12.  Pisces – release cycle and gestate for next

So as we are now in Pisces time we are completing our natural year until March 21st when we open the call to adventure as the Sun enters Aries to begin our new natural round.

  • Opposite to Virgo– “Inner” daily life practices to connect synergy of mind, body health
  • Own my “right to be kind to myself and others”
  • Release of current cycle keeping good seeds to take forward to next spiral…i.e. 12 month cycle
  • Quiet reflective time allows psyche to rest and create space for setting intention
  • Gestation of new ideas and intention – ideal time for holidays and down time

Pisces takes us into the void or ‘gap’ –  the ‘place between’ periods of activity so we need to give ourselves permission to ‘not know’ and be empty for a while…and not freak out about this OK?!! I have always said the whole world should have a holiday in Pisces time!

And watery Pisces brings us the best of our human nature as the capacity for kindness & compassion for the pain & suffering of the human condition as we struggle to evolve beyond fear & insecurity toward love. The great human process we take on when we incarnate in these mortal bodies!

So on Sunday March 21st as Sun enters Aries it is time for our next re-birth as we start our new natural year with courage and bravery.

This is a brief extract from my life changing ’12 System Toolkit’ Seminar Series where I also offer cool insight for our psychological health & healing and how to empower our lives during these evolving times!

May love & faith guide your lives in March my friends.

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Feb 2021 Astro Update – Aquarian Frontiers + Mercury Retrograde

The Spirit of AquariusWell Jupiter & Saturn in Revolutionary Aquarius certainly got things moving in January didn’t they?
As I noted in last month’s letter Jan 6th was destined to bring unexpected sudden events, but as ever, the Astro cycles give us heads up for ‘themes’ and then we see what comes about…in this case the storming of the Capitol building in Washington!
SO now the new admin is installed in the USA it will be interesting to see quite how the next wave of Aquarian forces will come into play as February unfolds.
Here’s the timeline on the way…

Jan 28th – Powerful Full Moon – Sun in Aquarius with Saturn & Jupiter –  opposite passionate Moon in Leo – all in challenging square to Mars & Uranus in Taurus. This opens a new wave of ‘resistance’ between the forces of the past and the demand for the social reforms of Aquarius. Major ‘activism’ from this one as it triggers a force for change, breaking free from old, entrenched ways of thinking and re-acting to spur us forward.

Read on… https://bit.ly/3iOYwGK

Jan 2021 Report – Our New Aquarian Era + 2021 Podcast & Horoscopes

Welcome to 2021 my friends!
Here are your Free Horoscopes
I hope this guidance helps you navigate and empower your lives

I have another gift for you…this Podcast with a great business lady from Melbourne Anne Wicking where we talk up the whole 2021 story.

Greetings friends I’m sending my best wishes to you for a wonderful 2021 on the way for your life and those you love…and for our dear Planet Earth and her creatures great and small.
My takeout from the whole 2020 drama has been learning to really live in the moment as I witness the swirling chaos of the global Covid crisis and the high tension in the USA political process…and so many other issues right? And as I can’t make any plans to go places anyway then hey it really is ‘be here now’ and find contentment in the small things.
And I know so many are really doing it tough right now so to you I say please don’t give up and lose hope, as this new era does indeed contain the seeds of liberation from the past as the old order is passing and a new conscious force is striving to be born.

This is what is on offer from the meeting of Jupiter with Saturn in Aquarius to open a new 200 year cycle of their meetings in AIR signs = ‘Change is in the AIR”.
Here isJupiter & Saturn in Aquarius 2021 my Jupiter Saturn in Aquarius article

So no matter how nuts things get ‘out there’ just remember that personally January contains ‘freedom’ to move forward, a time to act fast, get things moving and line up new plans and ideas.
Best dates here are on the 11th and 29th when lucky Jupiter is activated.
We also have ‘mind & mouth’ planet Mercury heading into Aquarius on Jan 8th and he is here right through until mid-March as he turns retro on the 30th so get your forward motion stuff done by then OK?

On Jan 17th expansive Jupiter connects with change agent Uranus – a lively combo to say the least! At best  this excites the urge for adventure and freedom so risks will pay off now if you’re ready to take a leap of faith. Just ensure you can be flexible & adaptable too.
Activator planet Mars has just spent 6 months in his sign Aries and exited with a blast as he triggered Trump’s Mars in Leo and then entered Taurus on Jan 6th…a day that will live in history with the storming of the Capitol Building by Trump supporters.

In ‘normal times’ this would be a nice change for his high octane force as his focus in Taurus is about stability and security…however…yes you knew I was going to say that…he makes three challenging aspects with the planets in Aquarius as follows:

Mars square Saturn in Aquarius on the 14th & 15th
Mars square Uranus in Taurus on the 20th & 21st
Mars square Jupiter In Aquarius on the 22nd & 23rd
Without unpacking this individually let’s just say these are highly volatile and unpredictable trigger points between the 14th and 23rd.
They also offer a grand opportunity to ‘step outside’ the box as you dare to re-invent your life!!
Especially as the Sun also enters Aquarius on Jan 20th and connects with all of the above during the rest of January.

As these timings are ‘Universal’ i.e. they apply to our whole planet this is not just about the potential for civil unrest in the USA, although this is a distinct possibility. (Note…I wrote this last week as I have been waiting for the link to the Podcast hence delay in my sending this January letter.)
As usual I will do my positive take on things and simply say January will bring us the beginning of the Aquarian revolution beginning in 2021.
Let it be a PEACEFUL REVOLUTION as we all take responsibility for healing our personal and global relations and our beautiful Mother Earth.
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Many thanks and I send love for a peaceful prosperous 2021.

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Dec 2020 Update – Eclipses signal bye bye 2020 & HELLO 2021!

Bye bye 2020Sagittarius season is particularly exciting this year with a Lunar Eclipse on Nov 30th paving the way for the amazing finale to this crazy unforgettable year as December opens.
It falls at 8 deg Sag/Gemini – right on USA Uranus – yep change is on the way!
After the heavy EARTH energies of the past 3 years who isn’t ready for a blast of exuberant Sagittarius FIRE to re-ignite our passion & excitement for the new era on the way!
PLUS our little trickster mental master Mercury is finally completing his 8 weeks in deep dark Scorpio where his ‘depression’ feature has been so very challenging!!
He joins the Sun in Sag on Dec 2nd to uplift our thoughts and words with optimism & expansive ideas, and as we are heading into an Aquarian future then nothing is too ingenious or unconventional. Your craziest idea could be the safest…lol.
We also have Mars moving forward in Aries at last after 10 long weeks in holding pattern, and he is in excellent aspect to the Solar Eclipse on Dec 14th  @ 23 deg Sag. Thus things will move forward quickly after mid-Dec both personally & collectively. Interesting that this coincides with the USA Electoral college announcement.
Eclipses are ‘portals’ between life phases so if you are a Sag, Gemini, Virgo or Pisces this eclipse cycle is big for you and may open sudden new pathways.
It is wise to avoid big decisions until a few weeks after but hey sometimes the Universe makes them for you right?
Generally this Solar Eclipse activates large scale ‘dissemination’…of knowledge or information at an international level. Maybe this fits with the Vaccine distribution process beginning, and definitely involves the geo-political chess game shifts on the way under the new USA admin by late January.
BTW the previous Solar Eclipse in this series was December 2001…after which the world changed in oh so many ways.
At best this is archetypal explorer into new horizons territory. Indeed a precursor for the radical Aquarian forces on the way as we reach the Dec 21st Solstice point…when both JUPITER and SATURN meet @ ZERO degrees Aquarius!
Bells & whistles & drum rolls people!
This meeting opens not only a new 20 year cycle for these 2 rulers of the social order – they always meet in even number decades – but also a whole new cycle in Aquarius for the next 200 years! The last time on this huge cycle was in 1226!
Stay tuned for my Jan 2021 letter where I’ll cover the massive implications on this one, but in a nutshell it kicks us forward another notch into the 2000 year Age of Aquarius – & your horoscopes for how this impacts you.
SO yes my friends December is bye bye to the heavy tough Capricorn 2020 story & hello to the year of re-invention in 2021.

SagSagittarius Season Ignites Fresh Purpose &  Direction for 2021!
So where are you inspired to fire your arrows?

After a month in the deep dark transformative waters of Scorpio it’s time to head back out into the world freshly empowered and ready to jump on our trusty horse and own our heroic nature.
Sag is the 9th sign of the Zodiac round, igniting the intrinsic human force that drives us forward into unknown futures in full faith & trust that we will prosper if we stay true to our belief that our purpose is to serve our world…and not just ourselves!
The Hero is the most primitive motif in all cultures…brave and fearless…but also innocent and trusting that somehow the Grail or Golden Fleece is worth the effort to redeem something that has been lost and broken.
Never have we needed our Heroic nature more than right now! So find yourself a Hero in myth or pop culture to inspire you and say the mantra “I am a Hero who has faith I will grow and prosper”.
Sag rules all manner of territory associated with ‘higher learning, truth, dissemination of knowledge, and beliefs’. Thus the media, publishing, education,writing, teaching plus travel and adventure, as this is the sign of seeking!!
Sag is ruled by the fab planet Jupiter – the planet of luck and optimism and enthusiasm. Always seeing the glass half full and that the world is a wonderful place full of opportunity and serendipity.
I LOVE SAG and yes I have Saggie Moon Soul – sometimes accused of being a hopeless optimist but hey what’s the alternative?
On a more serious note the issue of TRUTH and LIES has been front and center in recent times and never more so than right now as these eclipses bring home the essence of the power of media and propaganda to influence our thoughts and decisions.
When we combine this with the Sag BELIEFS territory we must take time & be critical thinkers to examine our own beliefs and just how much they are motivated by mass media and a ‘party line’, or influenced by an ‘us & them’  right or wrong story.
Jupiter & Sag makes things BIG and blows things out of proportion with ‘intolerance’ a major downside.
Personally I strive to remain ‘objective’ as I witness unfolding events and narratives and check in with my heart as to what feels true to my Aquarian ideals. Does an idea or person contribute to making the world a better place for all the kingdoms of nature? The keynote of the Aquarian era from Jan 2021 is driven by conscious co-operation, cohesion and restoring balance and harmony via peaceful solutions.

Love and blessings to you all from Maggie

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September Astro Guidance – Practical Virgo tips for Managing Turbulent Times

Sky over TasmaniaThis pic of a cloud formation in Tasmania a few days ago really captured my imagination, as it is not a dangerous storm just a phenomena…and I feel this sums things up as we head into September.

Yes things can look & feel very foreboding but just think of it as maximum stress…things coming to a head…but also containing a grand opportunity to start to do things differently as we head into 2021!
Yes we are in some maxed out turbulence as Mars in Aries squares up to Saturn all month, so we need our wits about us and skill in navigating our little boat through the chop.
Read on…

August 2020 Sun in Leo meets Mars in Aries!

GreetiSun in Leongs friends as we continue to venture onward in this Global Re-set Year that requires us to be the best that we can be in the midst of the meltdown!
After four months of feeling like we are in some kind of infernal loop courtesy of Venus in Gemini since April + long term Mercury in Cancer + the Capricorn team grinding away in Capricorn, August brings an opening of fresh energy and action…and hopefully some clarity after endless confusion & uncertainty.
Things get moving with the Full Moon on the 3rd with Sun in Leo opposite Moon in Aquarius with ‘change agent’ Uranus to bring sudden shifts re ‘leaders’ & politics…and another dose of social activism. Personally it’s about innovation, stepping out of the box and trying new pathways!
Read on…   https://mailchi.mp/4cbdfa972212/tmw5xzg9bs-4545872


July Astro Guidance – here comes Mars in Aries

297I took this pic in Glastonbury of ‘Divine Mother’ so here she is to nurture & protect us as we venture through Cancer time during July…the sign of home & family.
This is the first quarter point in our natural year, which opened March 21st when the Sun entered Aries and we waved goodbye to the world as we’ve known it and said hello to a brand new reality…whether we like it or not right?
So now it’s time to ANCHOR our lives, manage our feelings of fear frustration & uncertainty, and stay strong in the knowledge that this massive global crisis offers us the transformation into a more just and equitable world as we head into 2021. It is up to us people!
Both Sun & Mercury in Cancer bring us another changeling month as they meet the ‘Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn global re-set’ forces, so it is wise to be patient and continue to ‘stay at home’ or lie low until mid-August.
The global protests in June for ‘Black Lives Matter’ are both the symbol of, and precursor to an incredible wave of activism against ‘the old guard’ entrenched values that drive corporate profit at the expense of human rights! The 99% is rising up against the old Saturn/Pluto system. A revolution is on the way folks.
As Mars in Aries  now comes into play in the global drama we may expect the next 6 months to bring many areas toward a climax by November when the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto team meet up in Capricorn for the first since 1284…yes that long ago! Perfectly timed for the US Elections! I mean who writes this cosmic script for goodness sake?

OK so let’s check the July planets…
Mercury is also in Cancer with the Sun, and he’s in retro backwards motion so keep revising reworking reorganizing and all the re words until July 12th when he turns direct. But even then he’s low key until early August when he heads into Leo and our thoughts & words are re-energized with a fresh creative hit!
Venus completes her 4 months dance through Gemini and she’s in full swing after her retro time in June. So don’t miss this final blast of ‘versatile adaptable quick clever ideas & connections’ as you co-create your re-invention process. She has also heightened the 2 polarized positions – right/left etc, plus the way the crisis has driven many into great hardship, whilst others have been flourishing in the midst of the chaos.
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse July 5th – Sun @ 13 Cancer opposite Moon Capricorn (final from the cycle from June). Another rather tense & restrictive period on the way from this one. This is on the Sun of the USA Horoscope so another tough month on the way.
New Moon @ 28 deg Cancer on July 20th brings us our final ‘hard’ hit from Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto opposite in Capricorn = a last blast of major restrictions before some relief arrives with the next
Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius with Uranus in Taurus on August 3rd = surprising unexpected fresh shifts financially & politically!

I welcome you to book a session if you need or would like any support as we pass through this challenging 2020 process

And if you missed my big 150 page 2020 Global Report here it is

Read on for for Mars in Aries & your Horoscopes…

Mars in Aries - Retrograde 2020This is a big deal for us all as has not happened since 1988 – 32 years ago! This was the activism lead up to the 1989 Berlin Wall watershed shift. When the Lord of a sign is home in his sign he is EXTRA powerful in his drive to initiate and pioneer new frontiers. At best he is a proactive force who drives us individually and collectively as a brave and confident ingredient for the second half of 2020. And yes, his downside isn’t so great as he unleashes anger and aggression so we can expect a bit of both when he gets involved in the fresh wave of ‘activism’ on the way.
We are challenged to master our Mars by creating ‘healthy assertiveness’ and if you’re still using your anger to control people then give it up! Our whole world is angry right now… justifiably as the system stinks…but allowing anger and thoughtless impulsiveness to drive us is dangerous both psychically and emotionally…and just feeds the negative forces.
He makes three major ‘challenging’ aspects to the Jupiter + Saturn + Pluto in Capricorn team, and these are very significant as they will be trigger points for the major government & business restructures on the way in 2020.

First we have Mars in Aries square Jupiter in Cap twice – in early August, then 18th to 24th October. This is an ‘adventurous explorer’ visionary combo containing loads of successful energetic activity, with an optimistic expansive drive toward future goals.  The caution as ever with Mars and especially in Aries not to act impulsively without taking all factors into consideration. And don’t get infected with unjustified optimism that ‘everything will turn to gold’. Yes this is a ‘lucky’ transit but in Capricorn still requires we keep our feet on the ground and be careful of our ego drive as Mars plus Aries can be a tad selfish, so keep the balance of other people’s needs in consideration, and also the reality that we need others to support our progress.

Next comes Mars in Aries square Saturn in Cap twice – from late August through to late September so a month in total on this one. This Mars/Saturn combo is the exact opposite to the goodies described with Jupiter, as Saturn brings constraint and limitation to our energy and drives, so just chill during September as attempts to strike forward may be met with resistance. The upside can be very productive if you’re willing to work hard says Saturn! This can be an irritating and frustrating period where authority figures block us, or if you are an authority figure resist the urge to be hard and unbending. Fear is a factor here – fear of failure – fear of not being up to task. So just feel the fear and breathe through it until mid-October when Jupiter kicks back in!
Finally, we have Mars in Aries square Pluto three times – mid August,  then 8th to 11th October & finally during Xmas week! At best this is a powerfully transforming force energizing us at a very deep level in our ambitions and desire to get ahead – at worst a time of fierce power struggles and disagreements so can be very destructive. So, tread softly on these timings as underhanded tactics will backfire badly on this one!  Avoid dangerous people and places as you work toward your goals with determination and clean assertiveness! Collectively these will probably be hard-line authority periods.

Stay positive and confident to get the best out of Mars over the next 6 months!

Mars spends the rest of 2020 in Aries – he turns retrograde @ 28 degrees on 10th September – he stations at 15 deg November 14th – then full speed ahead through to the end of the year & into Jan 2021.
Here’s quick overview for each sign
Aries                         This is a big deal for Rams as when the Lord of his own sign is home in that sign, he is EXTRA powerful in his drive to initiate and pioneer new frontiers. Good luck trying to hold this one ‘back on the farm’ when he urges you toward your bravest nature until early 2021. Courage and confidence our your best assets, with a caution to look before you leap, stay practical and invite co-operative support…and avoid conflict!
Taurus                    Mars is now in your 12th House, thus behind the scenes for the rest of 2020 offering a period of retreat so you can gestate fresh dreams for your 2021 future. This is the zone of your life that inspires your spiritual and psychological growth through study and reflection in these areas.
Gemini                   Mars in Aries suits Twin people perfectly as he will now stimulate heaps of social connections via your 11th house of ‘community, groups & society’ to widen your horizons and bring you into contact with stimulating people & ideas…your favorite territory. Just remember to be pro-active in your contacts rather than reactive.
Cancer                   As Mars is now in your 10th house of career you’ll feel an escalation in your drive and ambition to achieve in worldly areas, and indeed you can do some major pioneering in the second half of 2020. Just be aware that Mars in Aries likes to ‘do his own thing’ as an independent agent as isn’t very patient with authority or control from others, so the big warning here is to avoid conflict and tread lightly so you don’t arouse opposition from others.
Leo                        Mars in Aries is a fab force for Leos as his fire drive for fresh action is now heading through your 9th house of ‘higher learning writing & teaching’. So this brings an exciting phase to expand your horizons both locally and internationally. The caution here is to avoid preaching or judging others views. We all have the right to free speech!
Virgo                    So how do our earthy Virgos make the most of Mars in Aries for the next 6 months when he is lying low in your 8th house of ‘shared resources’? By investing your energy in lots of research and investigation of subjects close to your heart, as you also take action to re-organize your financial world. Also great for release old models that no longer serve you both physically and emotionally.
Libra                    Mars in Aries will be front and center in your 7th house ‘relationship zone’ for the second half of the year, and will stimulate…to say the least…your need to free up old stale relating patterns…and partners for that matter! At best he offers action for PR & marketing of your goals and projects as he brings confidence and enthusiasm to drive you forward into fresh territory.
Scorpio              Mars in Aries directs your focus and drive into your 6th house of ‘daily work service and health’ for the rest of the year so excellent timing to initiate new territory in these areas. Mars is an independent drive and asks you to be pro-active in your own right rather than waiting for others to implement fresh solutions, models and systems.
Sagittarius       As you are the third fire sign you will love Mars in Aries as he brings a splendid fresh force to your 5th house of ‘creativity, motivation and leadership’! As we are in urgent need of wise teachings and teachers you will spend the rest of 2020 expanding our world in these areas as a positive force for co-operative re-invention.
Capricorn         This Mars period is especially important as he’s in your 4th  House of ‘home and family’ so it’s all about ‘foundations’. At best Mars brings energy & activity so you can get heaps accomplished on the home front or you may be on the move into a new home completely. But as Mars likes to do things his way you may be challenged to manage family members who resist your agenda, or they may have theirs and you aren’t too pleased about it.
Aquarius           Mars in Aries brings a much needed fresh impulse to your 3rd house of ‘communication & networking’ so this is an excellent synergy for the ‘seed planters’ of the Zodiac…yes you! Never has it been more vital for us to embrace the co-operative community essence of Aquarius, and for sharing your progressive inventive ideas!
Pisces                Fish people now have the next 6 months to revitalize and activate your 2nd house of ‘resources, money & values’ and as Mars in Aries requires being a self starter rather than your more natural passive self then ‘fortune favors the brave’ right now. This is also about building & developing the resources you need to grow your life into 2021.

Stay positive dear people and keep your hearts and eyes open and clear!
Blessings and love from Maggie

Astrology is the master tool for understanding ourselves and our world! Please join me to study the best subject of all…
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June Astro – Eclipses + Mercury & Venus Retrograde

Solar EclipseGreetings fellow travelers as we head into a complex & challenging June with our bi-annual Eclipses, Mercury retro in Cancer, and Jupiter joining Pluto again in Capricorn in late June.

Wish I could say this will bring clarity and calm in the midst of the storm but alas we have Mr Neptune in Pisces joined by Mars challenging Sun & Venus in Gemini. This combo continues to bring confusing words & ideas until late July at least. So stay positive and patient and…BE HERE NOW in the words of the great Ram Das.
We are also seeing the classic 2 sides of Gemini with growing polarization between the ‘masks on and masks off’ positions, and in the USA this is also playing out with increasing civil unrest after the murder of an unarmed black man by the police. The Venus retro period (eyes left!) has activated Trump’s Sun/Uranus that ‘triggers’ the USA Mars in Gemini so rather than bringing people together the war on words has moved into the streets.
This is also amplified with Saturn in Aquarius since late March as the ‘chaos’ of the Covid economic meltdown highlighting the great divide between the rich/poor and black/white racial division, and increasing loss of civil liberties. This reflecting the very nature of the struggle between the old ‘separatist consciousness’ and the incoming Aquarian essence of the ‘unity consciousness’ world view.
Meanwhile we are all upping the ‘how do I re-invent myself’ ideas amidst the sudden arrival of our new world! Yet again I will simply remind you that ‘our Gemini thoughts create our reality’ so we must control our negative fear based mind and be very agile and adaptable to changing circumstances.
These shifting times call for radical solutions and hold the promise of wonderful fresh pathways as we now have the opportunity to re-write our personal and global story. Things are not going to go back to ‘normal’…indeed normal was a world of over consumption based on greed and abuse of people and planet. As we get set for Jupiter and Saturn heading into Aquarius in 2021 paving the way for our social revolution  we must stay positive, as we are also aware that huge shifts into 2021 will be coming to our financial & business systems as we head into this new unpredictable era.
Mercury is in Cancer as June opens and turns retro on June 18th – then direct on July 12th – but doesn’t head into Leo until August 5th.
Cancer brings our thoughts  & words’ to family matters & it’s great to focus on ‘anchoring your emotional energy’ with lots of “I am safe” messages to self!  Upside we can openly talk about our feelings & needs in a healthy nurturing way – downside resist the impulse to speak from fear based feelings. Use Merc Retro for the ‘re’ things – re-think re-organize.

Eclipse Season begins on June 5th with a Lunar Eclipse @ 15 degrees – Sun in Gemini opposite Moon in Sagittarius brings extreme expression of ideas so make sure yours are WISE and TOLERANT. Also highlights international affairs.
And the we have a big daddy Solar Eclipse with Sun & Moon @ Zero Cancer on the Solstice on June 21st as the Sun enters Cancer until July 22nd. This is one of the ‘Cardinal world degrees’ so packs a major punch for collective global affairs, with a 19 year echo back to June 2001.
June completes with Jupiter joining Pluto again – first pass was late March – final pass November. This is the visionary force driving opportunities as the old world is dying, so keep working up your visionary projects!
And finally we have big news as Mars charges into Aries on June 29th until the end of the year. Lots more on this in the July letter.

And if you missed my big 150 page 2020 Global Report here it is

Venus MandalaThis mandala shows the relationship between Venus and the Sun from the Earth (measured 2000 times, every 5 days, starting June 12, 1882).
The ‘Venus Star’ – Divine Geometry indeed!

She is now retro in Gemini in her 8 year cycle since June 2012. This was the trigger for the end and new beginning of 26,000 year Mayan Calendar cycle of 2012.
Her 40 day retro cycle brings us the profound symbology of the  descent into the underworld during the first 20 days when she is ‘the evening star’. She then meets the Sun in Gemini on June 4th followed by the Lunar Eclipse the day after!
When the divine feminine aligns with the divine masculine, there is the potential for loving heart-centered connection to the innermost core of ourselves and to all others. We can then take this forward with us as she then begins to step out into the world again as the ‘morning star’! So focus on this Mandada on June 4th my friends.
Historically her cycle in Gemini brings us big time IT & techno developments e.g. Facebook launch in 2004, so this time we have Elon Musk & his Space X launch on May 30th – with Saturn in Aquarius launching our new Space Economy.
Along with Saturn & Mars in Aquarius she has revolutionized our digital social & business interactions. She turns retro on 13th May and then direct on June 25th, but stays in Gemini until August 8th. Her gift here is adaptability, learning new skills & embracing ideas and conversations, and the birth of brand new social networks, communities and apps.

Here’s an extract from my Mayan Calendar Article from 2012. that epitomizes the Venus in Gemini principle.
“For our current planetary evolution we must give up being ‘polarized’ with attachment to right and wrong, good and bad, pleasure and pain, and all manner of participating in systems of polarized parties or people.
What we need is the ‘place in the middle’…the point of harmony & balance where we create a relationship with our own center…our ‘be here now-ness’.
Once we achieve this we can move into the ‘flow’ of our own creative process and become part of the change rather than at the mercy of it! The keyword in all of this is synthesis.
It is time to link our ‘higher nature’ with our ‘lower nature’ by practicing the art of nurturing our fears and insecurities when they arise…but not feeding them… and standing alone as an individual but not separate from others.
This is “Unity Consciousness” and requires thinking inclusively…we are all one. We live in a global village and we all have responsibility to be a creative part of the process as our old world passes away and new one is being born.”

Astrology is the master tool for understanding ourselves and our world! Please join me to study the best subject of all…
Universal Astrology Certificate e-Course

I welcome you to book a session if you need or would like any support as we pass through this challenging 2020 process

So why are eclipses so important?   Eclipses happen twice a year when the sun moon & earth align on the Nodal Axis. The North & South Nodes are the points where the Moon crosses the ecliptic (the path of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun) every 6 months.

Eclipses have a 19 year cycle, so any eclipse does not have a relationship with a 6 month previous or later eclipse, but rather with the eclipse from 19 years before!!  So if you are looking for insight into previous themes of this eclipse go back 19 years to June 2001 and search your memory for what happened then! The Nodes are considered karmic destiny points so these 19 year cycles open major karmic relationships and events that move us forward toward destiny if they trigger our personal horoscope.

The Lunar Eclipse on July 5th is not visible from North America; the timing favors Africa, Asia, and Australia. If you have planets/points around 15 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius or Virgo/Pisces then this Lunar eclipse is significant for you.

The Solar Eclipse on June 21st crosses Africa, the Saudi Peninsula, and southern Asia. Historically eclipses can trigger major earth shifts & changes…quakes etc. plus big shifts in cultural & political activity in the regions under the path of the eclipse over the earth. If you have planets/points around Zero degrees Cancer/Capricorn or Aries/Libra then it’s the Solar Eclipse that’s a game changer in your world.

Eclipse families are called Saros Cycles that have themes or features. The Cancer Solar Eclipse on June 21st is from Saros Cycle 4 North – “This is a a difficult Saros cycle – can bring restraint that blocks activity – may misjudge our strengths or a situation so best to wait till eclipse passes before taking any real action”. The previous eclipse in this cycle was June 2001. As Eclipses hold energy for a 6 month period until the next one in December, here we see the historical significance from the September 11th 2001 ‘attack on America’, with repercussions that indeed echo to this day.

Eclipses can have a wildcard effect that that we don’t see coming that shift us from one state to another very quickly for our evolution. They can provide whatever it is we need to get moving even if it is something challenging! They bring new life events that can change us in major ways, such as people leaving our lives or new ones entering.

Try not to take major decisions, action or make announcements around the eclipse time but rather wait at least a few weeks to see what events unfold & more information develops. Stay open to sudden developments that take you to unexpected outcomes…i.e. not what you have intended but what your destiny really has in store.

Ancient tradition offers the idea that eclipses offer a periodic ‘pathway to the gods’ as cosmic safety valves, which periodically allow evil forces to escape into the Cosmos, where they will be of no harm to mankind.  According to certain occult theories, the shadow lane of the solar eclipse permitted initiated priests to communicate with the higher gods, and to put to them questions of profound importance.  Some scholars maintain that this was the underlying reason why the ancients built the mysterious stone circles still scattered through parts of Northern Europe.

So as close as you can to the times listed below make like your own priest/ess and set intentions and visualize yourself opening new doors as you invite innovation for your life and let go of the past. It could just be life changing!!!
Here’s a recap of Eclipse magic…

  • Likened to a supercharged New or Full Moon – strong reactions
  • Fated events or destiny points – wildcards that shake us up & move us forward very rapidly – provide us with what we need to get us moving i.e. rival/critic/benefactor – pieces of puzzle revealed
  • “Outside” events beyond our control with lasting outcomes
  • Big news you long remember – buy/sell homes – start/finish business – new partners/endings – babies – inheritances/loss of income source – new pet/lose one – health issues – surprises/shocks
  • Cross bridge to ‘new land’ with no going back – ready for new phase
  • Consider proposals & decisions but don’t act 2 weeks either side – wait for more info & let dust settle – don’t make empty threats
  • Compress ‘time’ & speed things up – timetables change
  • Show us capabilities & strengths that may surprise us – face fears etc.
  • If on Birthday particularly important shifts/changes/open new 19 yrs.
  • Note all news & signals as can foretell big changes on the way

Lunar Eclipse June 5th
LA 11.14am  NY 2.14pm  UK 7.14pm  OZ 7.14am on June 6th
Solar Eclipse June 21st
LA 10.43pm June 20th)  NY 1.43am   UK 6.43am  OZ 4.43pm

Stay positive and shine your light my friends
Blessings and love from Maggie