Solstice Celebrations as Sun Enters Cancer + free ebook ‘Depression – Finding the Light in the Dark’


Solstice greetings as our Sun heads into Cancer on June 21st marking the longest day for you kids up north and for us down in Southern climes…the shortest! The thing is it doesn’t matter if you are north or south, the principles of the Sign of Cancer apply for us all as the time each year when we must nurture our lives and celebrate the love and joy of family and friends.

Cancer is the sign of feeling and needs and emotional safety. The recent tragic celebrity suicides has opened a new round of conversations into the high incidence of ‘Depression’ in our culture. So I was inspired to create an e-book “Depression – Finding the Light in the Darkness” where I link ideas from Astrology and Psychotherapy. As varying degrees of depression are part of our human condition I trust  you may find this material  insightful. Here is the link to my free gift to you.

We have such a sharp contrast of planetary forces in operation over the next few months as this bizarre year continues to unfold so let’s check what the planets have in store for us in late June and into July.

I’ve been sitting here for ages trying to get this letter started as things are so complex right now it is hard to know where to start! The word fiasco keeps springing to mind as I observe the crazy mechanizations of our broken system in these tumultuous times. So the questions become how do we stay sane and healthy and positive in this complex world and how can we USE these radical change signals to upgrade our own lives? 

Well it helps to know that we are in a ‘dark dream phase’ of personal and global activity and that as life is cyclical this will be followed by a fresh ‘light dream’ new phase in due course. I talk all about this in my free e-book “Depression – Finding the Light in the Darkness”. We must not surrender to ‘victim consciousness’ and use our thoughts and words and actions from our ‘safe power’ and compassion, but also be willing to fight for social justice and not just complain about the actions of our so called political and business ‘leaders’.

So we have the interweaving forces of two main sets of planetary players at work as we head into late June and the July “Eclipse Season”. First there is Jupiter in Scorpio as he continues his dance with Neptune in Pisces offering us deep healing and transformation if we are willing to let go of old insecure feelings and fears. Their process since late 2017 has revealed the abuse and misuse of power via the Harry Weinstein trigger giving rise to movements such as #metoo beginning to empower women & marginalized groups and completely calling out the white male supremacy system.

As this Jupiter/Neptune combo makes us extremely sensitive energetically it becomes imperative to really nurture and protect our ‘personal space’ from negative influences! This is also how we stay sane and well lol. So here’s your checklist – avoid negative people, don’t worry…about people and events, lots of sleep and rest whenever possible, EAT WELL and give up processed foods and sugars, turn off your devices and WIFI at night, research natural remedies to research pharmaceutical drug treatments, be silly and laugh as much as possible!!   

Then we have Mars in Aquarius in his challenging standoff with Uranus in Taurus since mid-May offering us “Impulsive and restless energies with the urge to revolt against restrictive authority…sudden expression of anger…explosive change. On the upside, it awakens fabulous new freedom to take action into brand new directions allowing us to break free of the past and invent marvelous new realities.”

Aquarius rules political systems and the opposite sign Leo brings us the leaders that run this system and we can expect lots of sudden reversals of fortune for these people during the next 5 months. We’ve already seen lots of unexpected Aquarian type events morphing global shifts since mid-May!

The Trump Kim meeting brought together arguably the two most archetypal characters of our time as extreme unconscious capitalist meets and praises extreme unconscious dictator – Trump & Sessions initiating the “Zero Tolerance’ process separating families during deportation creating a massive backlash from all sides – Trump’s trade tariff announcements & insults to their closest neighbor and supposedly closest ally Trudeau, plus accelerating the ‘trade wars’ with China –  The G7 Meeting & “A war of words erupting between the US and its G7 allies, hours after the group had put on an apparent show of unity at the end of a tense summit.” – and today the news of US withdrawal from the U.N. Human Rights Council.

G7 Meeting

Love this pic!! Please remember that during periods of chaotic evolutionary morphs our collective unconscious ‘throws up’ a maverick change agent to disrupt existing systems. So I am quite open to the idea that Trump is calling out the status quo. Trouble is he is driven by such uninformed impulsive words and actions that he alienates rather than includes and his “it’s all about the deal” regardless of outcomes for people and environment make it hard to see him in a positive light.

There was another highly significant meeting over the same 2 days as the G7 as The Bilderberg World Economic Forum convened for their annual summit at Davos Switzerland. This little publicized group actually sets major global policy and yet we hear so little about them, and minutes and policy decisions are not made public. I have included the Horoscope for the group and some links for your interest at the end of this little narrative.

So back to our personal outcomes. You have until June 27th to activate fresh ingredients in your world before Mars begins his retrograde phase in the sign of Aquarius right through until mid-Sept. During this 10 week period things will feel less frantic… which is great. Use this time to work on developing practical steps and systems, and don’t be dismayed if you feel less motivated as this is simply the time between the initial fresh burst of activity and the right time to release fresh projects…after mid-September.

As we have seen Mr. Mars can arouse anger and conflict on the downside and in his positive expression offers great courage and the confidence to do our own thing in the inventive sign of Aquarius. So be very aware of the tendency for ruptures between polarized positions and pick your battles wisely right through into November when he leaves Aquarius and heads into Pisces. Staying objective and non-reactive is essential as we focus on our own need to adapt to change and re-invent our lives.

I have christened this Mars Aquarius with Uranus in Taurus period “freedom from attachment” as it opens a major process essential to the liberation and freedom beyond our current material world paradigm where so many people remain debt slaves to our commercial system. It asks us to begin to question our ‘values’ and need to possess and control objects and people so we can feel safe. I will talk more about this over coming months so for now just ponder this idea ok?

OK so let’s explore the deeper implications of this rare Mars in Aquarius retrograde phase. The last time he was here and in this connection with Uranus in Taurus was 1939. Any bells and whistles going off yet? Here’s where I encourage you to stay very objective as I share this information as I state yet again that my politics is “peace” and I am merely an Astrologer who uses historical cycles for insight into current cycles and their potential. In other words “don’t shoot the messenger” lol.

Here is the 1939 timeline of Mars retro in Aquarius with Uranus in Taurus.

  • May  Jupiter into Aries (where Chiron now) – Mars entered Aquarius – Rome-Berlin Axis – Hitler proclaims he wants to move into Poland
  • June   Pluto into Leo – Test flight of 1st rocket – Jewish refugees denied entry into USA – 1st African American female judge
  • July  Saturn into Taurus (where Uranus now) NB. Hitler’s Sun is O deg Taurus  – Mars retro into Cap
  • Aug  Sat square Pluto – NNode 0 Scorp – Hitler “T4 Euthanasia Program” – Holland & Poland mobilize
  • Sept  Mars in Cap Retrograde– Hitler invades Poland & 1st WWII begins – Soviet Union invades Eastern Poland –  Mars re-enters Aquarius
  • Oct  Mars Aquarius opposition Pluto Leo –  Hitler deports Jews –  Einstein informs FDR of potential of atomic bomb – First animal conceived by artificial insemination
  • Nov    Exact square to Uranus Taurus 20 degrees Nov 4th and 5th – Nazis begin mass murder of Warsaw Jews –

I know this is heavy stuff and I’m certainly not calling that this current phase will open another major war although the Iran situation is a concern…but some of the echoes are rather chilling. We are now in the midst of cyber wars, currency wars and the crypto currency revolution, massive control of populations via data mining, biological wars. Yep it’s all happening. But to what end? When are we finally going to transcend the ages old paradigm of control through polarization and the belief that war is normal? Well it is up to us to heal this within our own nature so we can accelerate the global Aquarian shift that honors co-operation and unity to use our global resources consciously for the benefit of all…not just the global elite.

Astrological cycles are so rich in insight. If only our human species would learn from the mistakes of the past and get on with evolving into ‘conscious co-operation’. We see both the powerful political events of 1939 that would eventually lead to a complete re-organization of the global power structures at the end of WWII. Also the genesis of the technologies that would give rise to atomic power, radar, sonar, first generation computers and rockets. I’ve included another link about the ‘new experiment’ happening right now in the Middle-East to create the first e-hub and in Estonia to create the first e-country. Yikes!

OK so moving right along. Two days after Mars turns retrograde we have our Full Moon with Sun @ 6 degrees Cancer opposite Moon in Capricorn on June 28th. Wish I could say this is a fun story but with Saturn joining the Moon in Capricorn it’s very business like and a tad serious…sorry! But it’s also very productive and great for dealing with family situations that need to be reviewed or released. There is a yummy connection with Jupiter in Scorpio offering excellent support from other people’s resources to empower your current re-invention goals.

This Full Moon is the preparation for the dramatic eclipses, three of them, in July and August. We have two “Eclipse Seasons” each year six months apart  and if a particular eclipse triggers one of your natal planets then major evolutionary shifts are on offer. Time to check in for a session with me?

The first in this series is a Solar Eclipse on July 13th @ 20 degrees Cancer.  So this is a New Moon with Sun and Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn. Powerful stuff with deep transformational outcomes within family systems and your own emotional world. This doesn’t have to be awful if you accept that situations are morphing into new phases and it will all be OK for all concerned! The potential here involves really empowering and nurturing your goals and outcomes!

This 19 year cycle takes us back to July/August 1999 that brought us the ‘Grand Fixed Cross Eclipse’ as we headed toward the Millennium 2000 and the Nostradamus end of world predictions were in full swing, and the ‘Millennium Bug’ was going to take down computer networks…remember? What was happening in your life then as here lie clues for current possibilities.

This one has a big history in Mr. Trump’s life with previous 19 year cycles bringing him great loss and also great gains. It’s always tricky to ‘predict’ outcomes, all we can say is that major shifts are on the way for his worldly outcomes and his family.

I will explore the next Lunar Eclipse of July 27th and an extra Solar Eclipse on August 11th in my next letter. I am pooped for now as this has all taken lots of research and putting it all together!!

My warmest wishes to you all. Stay inspired and positive. All is well within the greater scheme of creation!

Here is the link to the Bilderberg Meeting guest list and the Horoscope below for those who enjoy this tool.

Capture Bilderberg + June 7th 2018

Here’s the link to my extensive 150 page 2018 Global Report & Horoscopes if you missed it.

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All about the Nodes + the Eclipse Season July Aug 2018

Saturday 28th July 2018

The relationship between the ‘destiny points’ that arise from the Nodes of the Moon and the twice-yearly Eclipse Seasons create major evolutionary portals. Covering the North and South Nodes meaning in each sign PLUS the Eclipses on the way in July and August.

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Uranus Enters Taurus Opening New 84 Year Cycle + Mars Enters Aquarius Horoscopes!

Uranus in Taurus 2018 to 2025

Please join me in welcoming an unprecedented new era on May 16th as revolutionary Uranus enters Taurus for the first time since 1934 on the New Moon in Taurus… whoosh quite a synchronization of new beginnings! Sky God Uranus is famed for his maverick rule breaking eccentricities…he actually lies on his side at 90 degrees in the Solar System!

So as we enter this new 7 year period we have Sky coming down to EARTH in Taurus to upset and energize our financial and environmental models into startling and exciting new dimensions.

Plus we have an amazing ‘not only but also’ addition to the global re-set of 2018 as activator Mars zooms into the sign of revolution & change…Aquarius…also on May 16th! This is particularly significant as he will spend SIX months in Aquarius until November due to his retrograde phase this year!

So when we add these ingredients together we get a picture forming of a host of sudden and unexpected shifts and developments coming into play from mid May. These forces offer the radical solutions needed to begin to heal our Earth with a completely new set of values underpinning our relationship to HER. So read on for a deeper coverage of this MAJOR global gear change PLUS your Horoscopes for Mars in Aquarius!

Here’s the link to my extensive 150 page 2018 Global Report & Horoscopes if you missed it. With all the changes on the way it’s a great time to book a session!

Uranus in Taurus is challenged by Mars in Aquarius as they both enter their new signs on 16th/17th  May, and again in late July/early August and finally in mid to late September 2018. This brings Impulsive and restless energies with the urge to revolt against restrictive authority…sudden expression of anger…explosive change. On the upside, it awakens fabulous new freedom to take action into brand new directions allowing us to break free of the past and invent marvelous new realities. I am going for this option!

These dates will bring highly volatile activity with shocks and surprises at every level with the usual caution to expect the unexpected. We’ve already seen just how quickly situations can change with the recent sudden North/South Korea Détente, so these shocks don’t have to be a bad thing!  As Aquarius rules ‘politics & leaders’ get set for instant about faces & re-alignments of parties & alliances.

Uranus AND Mars also connect exactly with Chiron freshly in Aries for his new 50 year cycle bringing onto the scene HEROIC new characters who represent the true will of ‘the people’ who are thoroughly disillusioned with and OVER the refusal of current leaders to create a sustainable plan to deal with the issues that confront us as a collective! I wish we could clone the wonderful New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern…young and fresh and brave and getting on with major social improvement in only a few short months.

Mars in Aquarius highlights ‘activism’ as a keynote & with Taurus associations involving money we could be in for a wild ride with global financial markets and the next phase of the Crypto revolution that will completely transform our financial world over the next 7 years!  On a positive note we have just had a Royal Commission into the ‘Banking Sector’ in Oz, with stunning revelations of financial services irregularities in all 4 major banks and big insurance companies.

This accords with Saturn in Capricorn this year bringing the need for accountability and healthy regulation of our global Ponzi scheme banking model. It will be interesting to see what punishments will come to pass lol. After the 2008 GFC not a single individual was ever charged or jailed!! This highlights the essence of current corporate culture requiring profit at the expense of moral obligation to clients and the health of our world.

Sudden changes also for Taurean environmental systems are on the cards here and I’m heartened by the re-cycling issue coming onto the front burner in just the past week here in Oz, and announcement from major plastics manufacturers to commit to greater re-cycling of their products. Even though our rivers and oceans have been drowning in plastic for decades it’s like people are finally starting to wake up!

Ask yourself how would you operate without plastic in your life & then start implementing easy changes…like BYO cloth bags to buy your vegies (don’t buy the ones in plastic) that you place straight into your fridge!  Uranus in Aries over the past 7 years has brought the techno revolution loaded with all the inventions and solutions we need to deal with the decimation of our earth. Uranus in Taurus now demands practical implantation into ACTION.

Meanwhile let’s not forget ‘bountiful lucky Jupiter’ sliding through Scorpio since late 2017 expanding our relationship to the ‘feminine’ to counteract the “toxic” masculine power & control that has been ‘normal’ for thousands of years! These feminine qualities are often in short supply in our political discourse, religious institutions and even our most intimate relationships — including mercy, wisdom, and deep compassion and other capacities, which we need to reclaim personally and collectively. In our fast-paced, media-centric culture, we’re increasingly disconnected from our life force…We’re losing touch with this vital connection — the very source that can heal our bodies, balance our emotions and awaken our consciousness. By bringing our attention inwards and trusting our energies, we’re able to recalibrate our bodies, our minds, our emotions and our Spirit.

So how do we manage these fast paced evolutionary forces? Enjoy the excitement of your urge to upgrade into fresh possibilities. Stay open to rad ideas knowing that things won’t feel clearer until June…and that’s OK.  Until then keep healing your ‘fear voice’ with safe messages that it’s ok to risk new options or you will simply remain stale and uninspired…and that’s no fun at all. Stay very flexible when sudden shifts upset your old systems and constructs.

Uranus is a smart i.e. intelligent feature so stay alert for sudden flashes of insight or ideas that spin you into fab new possibilities that may be right out of the box from your old view of your potential. Then use Saturn in Capricorn for a reality check and create a ‘plan’! If we are aware of the need for innovation and change this allows ‘the Universe’ to support our growth, whereas if we resist this our unconscious mind will create it anyway…sometimes in the form of upsetting things whether we like them or not!

As Uranus asks us to break free of past conditions our core self-worth needs to be in very good condition, so whenever you get a bit wobbly as things start morphing in your life or the outer world close your eyes and say “I am safe and secure as I grow and change”. “I am prosperous!”

Here are your Mars in Aquarius Horoscopes for each sign. If you’d like an in-depth overview of Uranus in Taurus including a rundown on the unfolding Petro$ war AND Crypto currency revolution AND the possible scenarios around financial meltdown here is my 150 Page 2018 Global Report & Horoscopes for US$12  Make sure to read your Sun sign + Moon & Ascendant signs. If you don’t know these just book in for a session to learn how to work with the many ingredients that make you tick!

Aries      In May your ruler Mars charges into Aquarius until November to activate and energize your friendships and groups, along with progressive ideas and all things inventive. The upside here brings a fabulous host of dynamic new people and ideas to stimulate your options and connections. Ideally we are talking about your ‘like-minded group or tribe’ who share your vision and urge for humanitarian reform, or at least are ready to think and do things differently. So reach out to new people, groups and organizations and at best you can work with a progressive team project as long as you’re not invested in ‘your way or the highway’, as this requires co-operation. The downside can bring reactive interactions with existing friends and setting up rejection by others…or you doing the rejecting! This is a provocative time with heaps of stimulus and the urge to break free of stale situations so your sense of rebellion may be high. Just don’t be the ‘rebel without a cause’.

Taurus  A BIG feature for you this year arrives as activator Mars ignites your 10th House of Career from mid-May until November, bringing an exciting period where you can make real progress toward your current goals or bring fresh innovations, or in some cases a brand new career path. Your competitive urge is strong here and ideally Mars likes to be free to take decisions and actions and do his own thing. Just be aware that your urge for freedom from old systems may mean you aren’t very tolerant of other people’s authority so avoid challenging anyone too directly. Then they may indeed provide valuable support. Perhaps you have a sudden revelation that you can’t do the same old thing anymore, or have a brilliant idea that is destined to change your life focus. This combo is future orientated so just hold the charge on any knee jerk reactions that may upset things unnecessarily.

Gemini                 Mars in Aquarius zooms into your zone of ‘expanded horizons’ from mid-May until November, so you’re off and away for journeys both intellectually and physically and in some cases these can happen suddenly and take you to unexpected shores. You will be hungry for fresh stimulating people and knowledge beyond the old models that have outworn their time. Mars will trigger your urge for rebellion and calling out stupid ideas and beliefs, but this is not a time for extreme views and words or you just become part of the problem energetically…if you know what I mean. Never has it been more essential for intelligent conversations about how we can constructively adapt and plan for greater social justice and solutions to big global problems. As the conversation people of the Zodiac you now get to start making a difference!

Cancer                 From May your focus is drawn to all things financial as Mars in Aquarius zooms into your sector of “shared resources, inheritances and investments” until mid-November. So use this excellent phase to explore innovative options for financial freedom for the future, as this can stir up your urge to take action for positive financial upgrades if you are frustrated by current scenarios, or begin to realize that the game is changing and you need to smarten up. The caution is to be careful of his impulsive tendency to get excited about a brand new idea and make sudden changes without care and consideration. And, whatever you do avoid making decisions without consulting your partners or those with whom you share resources as this can create resistance or resentment…got it? Another excellent feature here brings a zap to your libido and general sense of empowerment. Enjoy!

Leo        Get ready for some sizzle and highly charged shifts and changes in your partnerships when Mr Mars in Aquarius comes calling for an extended tour of your ‘relationship’ zone in mid-May until November. The upside brings exciting new people into your sphere with clever ideas that provoke your quest for new ingredients in your life. Be aware this can also upset exciting situations or trigger conflict with others who may feel threatened if you come on too strong with your Leo passion, so avoiding drama is a great idea. At best your confidence and courage light up your life and the world! The general call here is your need for greater autonomy or individuation in both your business and personal partnerships, and the trick is to not ‘unconsciously invite’ them to resist your need for freedom by making you the bad guy/gal. “I can be close AND be free” is your mantra, and simply explaining that you need more space to explore your potential right now, and this does not threaten them. Indeed if they let you individuate and be free to be you, they will get a better-improved version!

Virgo                    Activator Mars in Aquarius heads into your zone of “daily work and service and routines” from mid-May through to November. He’s the trail blazing energizer planet so get set for some exciting and possibly sudden developments in your regular work routines, with a key theme here involving your need for freedom to initialize new projects or bring in cutting ideas or technology to your work place. Ideally, it is great to work independently if possible and if not, let people know you would appreciate more space and time to ‘think tank’ and develop your ideas. As this is also your “health house” Mars inspires you to implement a new health plan and/or to do the doctor/dentist thing and make sure all systems are in good shape, especially your diet as your gut is very sensitive. Mars can also activate acute inflammatory conditions, or cause us to have accidents if we are angry or frustrated and not dealing with this. If you are cranky about anything just stamp your feet and get it out of your system OK?

Libra                     Things are about to get very busy as Mars heads into Aquarius from mid-May right through until November bringing his original maverick energy to play in your zone of “creativity passion and joy”. So here comes a big burst of “hey I want to be me” fired up to express who you are with all your passion! Your “Free Child” wants to come out to play. In terms of using this fab electric energy ‘creatively’ it’s all about innovative ideas and actions and this may involve connecting with new groups or community activity, or perhaps getting involved with your children’s school projects, as kids are a feature during this six month period. As this Aquarian energy is designed to build strength to be ‘different’ and not conform, then yes the word ‘rebellion’ may apply to your kids PLUS your own “inner child” as you are also individuating!

Scorpio                A big up-shift on the home front arrives from mid-May through to November as activator Mars zooms into Aquarius and your “home and family” sector to free-up existing family structures. This can bring sudden and ‘unexpected’ events into play, things might just ‘happen’ and you need to respond to changing conditions…with calm poise…got it! If a family member wants to fly the coop let them go. If you get a fabulous opportunity and you need to ask your family to let you accept it and be more self-reliant for a while then just ask them. Get the idea? Mars is very impulsive and just says “hey let’s make a change”…sell the house or whatever. So take note of what arises from mid-May and be careful not to do knee jerk reactions from late June to mid-August. This timing is best for planning and exploring options, or to ‘work on things’, so this can be great for a home renovation and getting rid of old stuff. The Aquarian feature is also cool for upgrading sustainable technology in your home such as solar power and water re-cycling.  After mid-September you are free to move forward with major changes like selling or moving.

Sagittarius          Mars is the dynamic God of action who is about to spend 6 months in the stimulating sign of Aquarius stirring things up in your “mind & mouth” sector between mid-May and November. This picks up the pace of daily life big time with ‘short distance journeys’ so planes and cars will feature, along with a fab activation of your social and techno ‘networks’ so I’m sure your gypsy heart is pleased to hear this! This is a splendid time to explore the latest cutting edge knowledge and inventions, and connecting with stimulating people and info through your networks, or perhaps your progressive ‘seed planting’ info is finally ready to be heard. So Mars can give you the courage to do your ‘disseminating’ thing and write/teach or publish your ‘ideas whose time has come’, with best results after October 9th.  Mars can be aggressive in his approach to both gathering and sharing ideas, so be aware that you may come on a bit strong here and there in your excitement. As Sag tends to be a bit over the top at the best of times just take care not to incite arguments if other people don’t get what you’re on about.

Capricorn            What you value and how you spend and invest your money come onto the front burner from mid-May until November when pioneering Mars in Aquarius zooms into your “money” sector, bringing his impulse to start doing things differently. Mars is in hyper inventive, innovative and progressive mode so it’s time to free up any old beliefs that ‘you are what you own’. Caps are typically very security conscious and work hard to gather resources and wealth so you can ‘feel safe’. And this is fine as long as you’re not too attached to ‘things’ and believe these make you valuable! Between mid-May and late June you’re enthusiastic to set fresh goals that liberate your values and financial world, then until mid-August it’s great to do your think tanking and research for fresh options. This can also be a time of frustration and delays around income or bring sudden outgoings, so just stay cool and remember that the new balls aren’t all lined up just yet. Delays will clear and you are free to move forward with new plans after September 11th through to mid-November.

Aquarius             A brilliant cycle arrives as Mars zooms into Aquarius from mid-May until November to light up your independent free spirit with an extra charge of action and adventure. This is fab news and is very congruent with progressive Jupiter in busy career mode growth. This period brings fast- paced progress with confidence and excitement, and daring to use your determination to make some things happen beyond your comfort zone. Some lively like-minded innovative people and ideas are on the way hoorah! You will have plenty of energy and can get lots done, with a caution to be aware of other people’s needs as you also feel like being incredibly selfish! Aquarius is independence personified at the best of times and Mars now drives your freedom to be who you are even more, so this is a great period to do your own thing with complete confidence that your nuts ideas and world-view have been genius all along!

Pisces                   As activator Mars energizes Aquarius from mid-May until November 2018 he lights up your ‘psychological and spiritual’ inner spaces to switch on new levels of faith and trust in the future. Mars impels us to take action and pioneer new levels of our potential so get set for genius ideas to arrive in your meditation and ‘daydreams’ as you’ll be craving time away from the madding crowd! Great for films and docos and good quality e-time, or you may be inspired to release your inner artist, as you guys are the ‘downloaders’ of visionary images of the future after all. This is also great timing to release any old compulsive anger patterns as you are by nature sensitive souls who practice “passive rage” rather than owning and dealing with your frustrations. So it’s time to start practicing “healthy assertiveness”, by simply saying how you feel and what you need…ok? It is also time to give up the classic Pisces victim/martyr issues, where you are busy rescuing people…or needing to be rescued. What a fabulous opportunity to get clear about old behavior patterns that have been limiting your psychological wellness!

SO set your intentions on May 16th on the Taurus New Moon to be open to exciting change and innovation for your life! Blessings and love to you all Maggie

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In-depth with Uranus in Taurus “Heaven Down to Earth”  One day Seminar Saturday 26th May 2018

The God of Change is the most exciting dude of all…in my opinion but I’m an Aquarian so that’s a no-brainer! He operates through the Pineal Gland to connect us to the ‘higher mind’ to access ideas & inventions that innovate our world hence his renegade, outsider, ‘dare to be different’ feature. So let’s spend a day with this exciting chaos agent. He is just wonderful!

  • 84 year Uranus cycle & duration in each sign or ‘generational Uranus’
  • The Uranus Archetype personally & collectively
  • Overview of Uranus in Aries from 2011 to May 2018
  • The larger impact of Uranus in Taurus for the next 7 years

Reply to this email OR contact me to book in. is the International Society for Astrological Research – the only global group that is open to all no matter your level of astro interest. Check it out! I am the Ozzie rep so feel free to contact me for further details.

Action Stations as Sun Enters Aries & New Natural Year Begins!

Sun in Aries March 21st opensour new Natural Year!

Greetings friends as I return from my sojourn in ‘Piscesville’ full of gratitude on so many levels! Yes I am now Titanium Maggie with my new hip & what a fab opportunity to practice ‘being here now’ & doing the big surrender to the place of non-action. Such an interesting process & it does indeed sum up the whole Pisces journey.

I love the way synchronicity arrives as just what we need to hear so I am recommending ‘The Dalai Lama’s Cat’ to EVERYONE as a charming & powerful gift to yourself for a reminder of Buddhist basics…& it is written by the cat!

OK so off I/we go into our new Solar Round on Weds 21st March at the Vernal Equinox with an excellent kick from Sunday’s New Moon in Pisces to complete our old year. This was the last NM with Chiron in Pisces over the last 7 years, so was loaded with in-depth insights & healing & compassion. Chiron moves into Aries in April…more on this in the main section…

This Aries Ingress is charged up with Mars freshly in Capricorn at his ambitious most productive best…until mid-May. Mars challenges us to be brave & enterprising beyond old models & also keep things steady!

Get set also for a Mercury retro period between March 22nd & mid-April. He is also  in Aries so use this time to develop the zappy startling new concepts zinging around as you also curb the urge to impulsive or angry words.

Here’s the link to my extensive 150 page 2018 Global Report & Horoscopes if you missed it.

The most important thing we can do to support our lives is WORK WITH the Natural Year from March 21st & add each ingredient month by month!

12 System










When are they finally going to start teaching this powerful stuff in Schools? The main reason why our world is so out of balance is because we got ‘disconnected’ from nature by the Gregorian Calendar 400 years ago!! Just use this guide & put the dates & actions to take for each ‘natural month’ in your diary ok? You will be stunned how amazing it is to be in synch with the true creative flow of our year! If you’d like the in-depth program from my ’12 System Toolkit’ including details of this monthly process it’s right here!!

As Aries is the beginning of the 12-fold Zodiac process we are impelled to take action & initiate new territory for our creative journey for the year ahead.  Action & adventure, along with risks & challenges motivate this feature in all of us to dare to leave behind the past & open new pathways. Your mantra is “It’s safe for me to open new doors for fresh adventures. I am brave & I love life!”

As Saturn & Mars in Capricorn are midwifing this new Aries beginning the message is have a plan, take full responsibility for your independent activity & dare to set strategic goals that are also realistic. Mars catches up with Saturn on April 1st & 2nd bringing a frustrating few days when it’s best to just focus on your goals & tasks and duck when incoming idiots are strutting their stuff. There could be big bizz/govt actions of seriously heavy war like proportions, so once again don’t go off just wait until the dust settles ok?

We have a much lighter ingredient courtesy of beautiful Venus in her home sign Taurus from April 1st to 24th so enjoy her desire for pleasure & music & gardens to uplift your spirit & focus on your ‘self-worth’ as the keystone of your future successes!!

Chiron is our ‘wounded healer’ centaur whose entrance into Aries on April 17th begins a new 50 year cycle!! Here’s a quick overview from my 2018 Report…

Chiron is the newest member of our Solar System, discovered in 1977 and cycling between Saturn and Uranus with a 50-year cycle. When a new planet becomes visible to us, it activates a new archetype in our collective psyche that demands recognition as an ingredient in our evolutionary process.

The astronomers named him Chiron (no they don’t ask Astrologers they just use whatever name is next on the list of Gods/esses). Then low and behold, the attributes of the mythological God mysteriously correlate with the unfolding narrative of our Global process. Big time synchronicity here, as with so many other Astro phenomena! In Greek mythology he was held to be the superlative centaur, as he was called as the “wisest and justest of all the centaurs”.

His myth contains rising above the pain of his abandonment and rejection to become a wise healer and teacher to many of the great Greek heroes, and mythically the Centaur horse-man symbolically unites our mortal and immortal nature. The horse is considered to be the bridge between the world of form and the world of the unseen. His position between the ‘known boundaries’ of Saturn and the higher consciousness of Uranus gives rise to his “rainbow bridge” title, and his process that brings crisis forcing us to confront our Saturn fears and limitations that keep us stuck in our lower nature.

So he’s the link between our lower and higher nature, which has been available to us since his sighting in 1977.  Yes the Uranus Neptune & Pluto ingredients have been with us over the last few hundred years paving the way for the incoming Age of Aquarius, but it wasn’t until Chiron brought his shaman healing process into the story that we’ve been confronted with the reality of our disconnect from nature and wholeness of a healthy world.

1977 is the year when our Sun began his 72-year passage to align with the Galactic Plane so yes another fascinating timing correlation! So Chiron connects us to Galactic Consciousness! (BTW the mid-point of this was 21.12.12 the end/beginning date for the Mayan Calendar 26,000 cycle.) OK so on with Chiron in Aries. He was last here between May 1968 until May 1977, so we haven’t experienced a Chiron in Aries transit since he was discovered, which was in November 1977.

Yes, the planets are still there even if we don’t know about them, but we experience their magnetisms intuitively or in a non-rational mode. Once they are in our objective awareness they become a much more active force.

As Aries is the beginning of the Zodiac round….or the ‘World Degree’, our wounded healer enters a pioneering period on May 18th 2018 that completes in May 2068 after his 50 year cycle passage! So when a major player like Chiron triggers this degree it brings about an ‘Initiation’ or new beginning – a psychological re-birth that challenges us to transform our concept of reality!

The Aries process contains our confident ‘healthy will’ so we can be brave and courageous and say yes to new adventures into the future. At best, it is the questing spirit in us that dares to risk letting go of the familiar, even if this familiar isn’t too great! And as recent times on the third rock from the Sun have shown, we have a major issue with this ‘healthy will’ business, as the ‘damaged will’ brings us aggression and anger and all the defenses and overcompensations that arise when we don’t feel safe or that we have the ‘right to exist’.

Thus, Chiron’s job over the next NINE years is to reveal this crisis clearly, so we can sort out this primary component in our human makeup! Goddess knows this is essential if we are to ever build a peaceful world. Functional Aries (and Mars who rules Aries) brings us “healthy assertiveness” where we feel safe enough to assert ourselves in the world, and communicate to ask for our needs to be met, without fear of retribution or judgment or rejection or being made wrong.  The trouble is that most folks aren’t safe enough to do this and are stuck in the “passive aggressive split”!

They either believe they have no power to act OR are over-reactive and defiant with a determination to defeat apparent opposition and are unable to co-operate to invite support. This can also mean they please and comply and put up with stuff (and seethe) in their attempts to get loved, and safe, and to ‘belong’. Then when this doesn’t work, they get aggressive and angry and destructive, and end up with the very outcomes they are trying to avoid! Classic stuff.

So the SAFE outcome here requires we have a good look at our compliance or aggression patterns and make the decision to change them, and let go of our defensive behaviors. If you’re relating to this or have friends/family members who may benefit, here’s your re-programming message. “It is safe for me to assert myself – to be authentic – to be brave – to belong – to matter”. Just say this to yourself many times a day as you hold your hand over your belly, the seat of our emotions.

Aries is about our ‘identity in the world’, so it will be no surprise that millions of folks are about to have a little ‘identity crisis’…lol.  Who am I? Why am I here? And this is not just a superficial matter at this time on planet earth as millions of folks spend their day stuck in jobs they don’t like, to earn money to stay on the treadmill existence of our material world construct. And they aren’t happy!  Which isn’t to say this applies to everyone as lots of folks have done the work to become authentic and are living meaningful happy lives. But lots more aren’t!

The outcome once we’ve faced our fear of flying as an independent creative agent is a whole new level of action, so over the next 9 years we’re about to experience some fabulous people doing some fabulously brave edgy things, daring to be catalysts leading the way for the healing and renewal process on our planet.

And a final note on Aries as the WARRIOR archetype. Conscious warriors are not impulsive or driven by knee jerk reaction. They understand the reality that we need discipline to empower and use our will wisely! Enter Saturn in Capricorn, who makes a challenging connection with Chiron in Aries in July, August and  September 2018, bringing us the classic confrontation between the emerging new consciousness and the old guard resistance to allowing innovation and change. I cover this in detail in the Saturn section, when we also bring Uranus into the story. OK so moving right along…to Mars in Aquarius.”

I’ll be introducing Mars in Aquarius AND Uranus in Taurus in my next letter as they both step into their new signs bringing the next major ingredients in our 2018 unfolding story!

Upcoming Workshops & Trainings

An in-depth Day with Chiron…as he enters Aries!’ One day Seminar Saturday 28th April 2018

One of the major players in our “global re-set” year of 2018 is Chiron entering Aries for the first time since 1968…50 years ago.

So I’m inspired to spend a day with our favourite ‘wounded healer’, so rich in his gifts to us on so many levels. As our world plunges ever deeper into the complexes of the collective anger buried so deep within our culture, how may his process in Aries bring us to a more enlightened outcome over the next 8 years? How can we work with this in our own lives? We will cover:

  • 50 year Chiron cycle & duration in each sign or ‘generational Chiron’
  • The timing of his discovery in 1977 & why he is known as ‘the rainbow bridge’
  • The psychopathology of Chiron including ‘defenses’ & healing opportunities
  • Overview of Chiron in Pisces from February 2011 to April 2018
  • The larger impact of Chiron in Aries as he begins his new 50 year cycle

Reply to this email OR contact me to book in.

Live long & prosper… & here’s the link to my 2018 Global Report & Horoscopes if you missed it.  Maggie




Feb 2018 Astroscape –  2 Awesome Exciting Eclipses open Chinese New Year of the DOG

Our big news for Feb actually comes a day early on Jan 31st as we celebrate an awesome “Full Blood Super Moon Eclipse”…quite the mouthful & yes it promises to be quite the event!

This is followed 2 weeks later by a fab New Moon Solar Eclipse on Feb 16th to open Chinese New Year of the Dog. As both of these profound events are in Aquarius & Leo, it’s all about FREEDOM to open new creative dimensions in our lives.

And personally I’m thrilled that Mars is now free to expand our horizons as he ventures through Sagittarius during Feb, after all the deep intense ‘stuff’ of these past few months in Scorpio…hooray! We also have all planets in DIRECT motion all month allowing the free flow of their various functions, so you can think and act and grow your world without limitations…excellent.

Messenger Mercury is in fine form also in Aquarius, where he delights in the stimulus of mad and progressive ideas & solutions, to say nothing of the interesting innovative people who bring them to us. On that note it’s great for GROUPS & team gatherings such as my 2018 Astro workshop on Feb 3rd…please join us if you are here on the Gold Coast Oz. So now read on for a good look at these 2 Eclipses as we need to know how to handle these intense forces and make the best of them…

Here’s the link to my extensive 150 page 2018 Global Report & Horoscopes if you missed it.

So why are eclipses so important? Eclipses happen twice a year when the sun moon & earth align on the Nodal Axis and they ‘occult’ or block the light of Sun (Solar eclipse) or Moon (Lunar eclipse). They have a 19 year cycle, so any eclipse does not have a relationship with a 6 month previous or later eclipse, but rather with the eclipse from 19 years before!!  So  for insight into previous themes of this eclipse go back 19 years to Feb 1999 and search your memory for unfolding events over the following 6 months.

The Nodes are considered karmic destiny points so these 19 year cycles trigger destiny & open major karmic relationships and events, especially when they trigger our personal chart. As this set is in Aquarius & Leo then you guys are affected, along with Taurus & Scorpios…all the fixed signs.

Historically eclipses can trigger major earth shifts & changes…quakes etc. plus big shifts in cultural & political activity in the regions under the path of the eclipse over the earth…remember the Aug 2017 Great American Total Eclipse last August & the extreme weather events shortly after?! Good news is our Feb eclipses are only Partial so don’t contain such extreme tension.

Eclipse families are called Saros Cycles & they have themes or features. This one is “concerned with ideas and their enthusiastic expression. If it affects your chart you will be flooded with ideas or options that bring positive outcomes.” LOVE IT! This is one of the best Eclipse sets in AGES.

  • Eclipses can have a wildcard effect that that we don’t see coming that shift us from one state to another very quickly for our evolution. They can provide whatever it is we need to get moving even if it is something challenging! They bring new life events that can change us in major ways, such as people leaving our lives or new ones entering.
  • Try not to take major decisions, action or make announcements around the eclipse time but rather wait at least a few weeks to see what events unfold & more information develops. Stay open to sudden developments that take you to unexpected outcomes…i.e. not what you have intended but what your destiny really has in store.

Ancient tradition offers the idea that eclipses offer a periodic ‘pathway to the gods’ as cosmic safety valves, which periodically allow evil forces to escape into the Cosmos, where they will be of no harm to mankind.  According to certain occult theories, the shadow lane of the solar eclipse permitted initiated priests to communicate with the higher gods, and to put to them questions of profound importance.  Some scholars maintain that this was the underlying reason why the ancients built the mysterious stone circles which are still scattered through parts of Northern Europe!

So as close as you can to the times listed below make like your own priest/ess and communicate with your ‘higher gods’ with your own questions and write down the info you receive. It could just be life changing!!!

Lunar Eclipse Weds Jan 31st or Feb 1st depending on your time zone…

Well, it’s a marvelous night for a moondance  With the stars up above in your eyes… Van Morrison

Yes it’s time to bathe in the wondrous magnetisms of this yummy Full Moon Eclipse on Weds night as rarely has a couple of hours been more auspicious!! Take time to create a sacred space & visualize & ‘dream up’ the creative freedom you desire as an individual who dares to shine!

It is a SUPER Moon as she is closer to us than usual so appears 14 % brighter BUT despite the hooha being publisized she is not a Blue Moon as this is when there are 2 Full Moons in the SAME sign. We will see a red shadow during the eclipse hence the added description of this being a BLOOD Moon.

FULL MOON ECLIPSE @11 Aquarius/LEO LA Wed Jan 31st – 5.27AM  NY Jan 31st 8.27am UK Jan 31st 1.27pm  OZ Thurs Feb 1st  0.27am We are SO LUCKY here in Oz as we get to see it, but no matter where you are take time to do your little ceremony & invite your future!

As we are in Aquarian time during Feb we are meant to invite the innovative  ideas & solutions we’re going to need to activate our lives in 2018…so we can initialize our activities when Sun enters Aries…and in between gestate and nurture these ideas in Pisces time…got it?

OK let’s unpack this…as they say these days. So right now our focus needs to be on this Aquarian ideas thing as we also say yes to change even if it makes us a little uncomfortable. For many this change urge is massive hence the chaotic unpredictable features ‘out there’, so yes we all need to re-invent ourselves over the next year and take some risks to do this. And we have great support from Saturn in Capricorn to stay steady & practical as we do this. Here we see the great synchronization with the Chinese Year of the Earth Dog.

Remember that woven into our current social fabric is fear and uncertainty! Indeed this is the essence of the old 3D Reality program, and right now these carefully orchestrated events are amplifying this to peak expression!! I see this as a time bringing things to a crescendo – like an ultimate opportunity to really get this  limiting old ‘control tape’. So what happens if we’re not frightened? Liberation. This is the true essence of Aquarius my friends, where we are free to tap into unlimited Mind and become a conduit for fab and rad new solutions that will fuel the true renaissance unfolding in these chaotic times.

Aquarius offers us the highest point of the humanitarian, collective, we are all one, principle.  So it’s not surprising that the immigration/refugee issues are front and center, albeit still being woefully misunderstood, or responsibility taken for why we live in a bounteous world where so many have so little, and suffer from the actions of war makers.

Aquarius rules politics and global systems and we expect a lot of our politicians. They are meant to have ready answers to the very problems they have created. I’ve been very open over the years in sharing the belief that there is a rather nefarious global elite group who set policy behind the scenes and then use political and media and banking systems toward an end goal of ‘global domination’.  So right now I encourage you all to keep a very open mind and objective position as we watch this latest installment of the chess game.

So how do we use this personally I hear you ask? OK so eclipses are portals that energetically align SUN MOON EARTH to upgrade the Matrix to create new levels of consciousness. This one is cool as it stimulates our urge for change and innovation…Aquarius. It also offers direct stimulation to get thoughts & ideas moving but at the same time it’s wise to wait for a few weeks after the eclipse to actually take action. Ideally we open new activity after the Sun moves into Aries on March 21st – this is launch date or our new natural year.

Lunar eclipses are very emotionally reactive at the best of times but never more so than when in Aqua/Leo! Yep it’s cool to avoid direct confrontation and drama kings & queens over coming weeks, and don’t be one yourself even if you are really angry about current events. Instead we can use these forces to give yourself permission to open new directions and invite wonderful partners to join us as Jupiter in Scorpio is the main active planet in these eclipses.. Expect the unexpected! If you have planets in fixed signs…Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/ Aquarius your life is about to open a new era….and it’s very exciting. Moon in Leo can bring new levels of acknowledgement and Sun in Aqua allows us to affect society for positive conscious change!

This is part of the same cycle as the Solar Eclipse on the way on Feb 16th…so she heralds the collective (Aquarius) creative (Leo) doorway for the next 6 months.  Full Moons and especially Eclipsed ones, are highly charged emotionally so personal & global reactions may be pretty full on as February unfolds. Rejection & alienation are downside Aquarian themes so we need to stay VERY OBJECTIVE if someone says they don’t want to play with us because we are weird or different! Who cares?! The point is we have to get on with being original thinking innovators who dare to be ‘change agents’ regardless of whether the status quo gets us or not…lol

Solar Eclipse Feb 16 & New Year of the DogSO let’s get to this Solar eclipse on February 16th @ 26 deg Aquarius. It is very unusual for an eclipse to coincide so exactly with the Chinese New year!  I’m excited by this one as it is on my birthday! So I am looking forward to this next 6 months opening a fresh creative phase in my world, and I send this good wish to you all! New Moons are the time to set your intensions & we have already covered the Aquarian themes so you know what to do!

The other thing we Astrologers look for are horoscopes of countries & institutions with the Eclipse degrees highlighted. In this case…yes you guessed it good old Donald yet again… right on his Mars in Leo & Ascendant. We can assume there will be more high drama as he goes about the business of disrupting just about everything. I encourage you to be objective about this strange man and simply see him as a ‘disruptor archetype’ as America heads toward their next revolution. Right now he is riding high on the growth of the US economy & stock markets & will be interesting to see what he has to say in his state of the union address on the Lunar Eclipse. No matter which way you dice it the rich are getting richer at the expensive of a living wage for workers…and it’s not OK!

And another big connection is the Solar Eclipse is EXACT to the Moon in the horoscope of the USA @ 27 degrees Aquarius, which signifies the original Soul intention of the formation of this country for the free rights of the individual. So we also won’t be surprised when the needs of the people (Moon in Aquarius) are powerfully expressed over coming months. One thing is for sure! We all need to send our Leo hearts & Aquarian minds to empower PEACEFUL co-operative actions and solutions as we also jump on the next wave of evolutionary change! Always remember we are not victims!! We are infinitely powerful when we know that nothing can limit and control our creative individual expression. except ourselves.

Things will settle somewhat once the Sun enters Pisces on Feb 19th and we slide into the quiet zone of our natural year, where we must nurture and gestate the ideas springing forth until then! Sending love & inspiration to you all & here’s the link to my 2018 Global Report & Horoscopes if you missed it. Maggie

Dec 2017 Astro Update – Mercury Retro joins Saturn!

Mercury Retro

Greetings friends as we wave goodbye to 2017 and get set for some big shifts in 2018! And our tumultuous 2017 isn’t going out with a whimper,as time God Saturn completes his epic run through Sagittarius is joined by messenger Mercury on The Galactic Center…sounds big and it is!.

Yes it’s Mercury retro time from Dec 3rd till 24th and I’ve got some great tips for this in the main section… …along with a quick overview this month as I’m knee deep in writing my 2018 Report & Horoscopes and oh boy have I got some fascinating research to share with you on January 1st!

  • Jupiter tine Neptune 11 deg – 1st week
  • Saturn joins Galactic Center @ 27 deg Sagittarius – 1st week
  • Sagittarius Full Moon 4th @ 12 deg Sag/Gemini
  • Mercury Retrograde 4th
  • Sagittarius New Moon 18th @ 26 deg joins Saturn!
  • Sun into Capricorn 21st
  • Saturn enters Capricorn 21st also!

2018 Session Gift Certificates  I will mail or post this to you – scroll to the end of this letter for a pic! With such a game changing 2018 on the way it’s a cool way to support your friends and family.

Use the yummy connection of Jupiter with Neptune for the first week of December as an inner cushion of calm faith and trust in the midst of some other pretty intense energies folks, as Saturn and Mercury are in serious thinking and messages mode, so don’t buy into gloomy thoughts and seeing ‘through a glass darkly’ ok?

Yes the world is very tense right now as war drums are beating and people are bewildered by economic and political uncertainty, so that’s why it’s up to us to stay in positive ‘thought forms’ and knowing that we have the power to create our own reality no matter what’s going on ‘out there’!

So let’s talk Mercury Retrograde from the 4th until 24th as this is by far the most significant retro period he’s done in many a year…or for many to come. As he joins both Saturn AND the Galactic Centre we have a remarkable opportunity to align our MIND with inspiration for fresh purpose into the future.

The GC is the Centre of our Galaxy – the black hole located @ 27 degrees of Sagittarius that emanates the magnetisms for our whole Galaxy & Solar System. The Mayans called the GC ‘Hunab Ku’. ‘Hunab’ means ‘one state of being’ and ‘Ku’ means ‘God’ so the direct translation would be One State of Being God. When our planets align with the GC historically we are activated with new levels of KNOWLEDGE that progress our species. It’s so interesting that it’s position in Sagittarius underpins the whole nature of our human nature…the belief systems that drive our evolutionary growth!

This is a significant point in Saturn’s cycle as the last time he was here was 1988…the prelude to the massive events of 1989 – fall of Berlin Wall & the arrival of Russia & China into the globalization systems. So are we also currently poised for some really big global re-arrangements from next year when Uranus enters Taurus & Saturn enters Capricorn? You bet and you’ll be reading all about it in my 2018 Report.

On a practical level this Mercury/Saturn combo in incredibly useful for some deep introspection and getting to the bottom of your old limiting thoughts and beliefs so you can liberate them! Great also for intellectual precision that requires dealing with practical plans, details and projects as you also stay aware of being too rigid and en-bending in your views…or opinions of others.

This isn’t an easy light weight chatty time and we may be a bit defensive or believe that others are being critical of us, and sure not a time to pick a fight! Anyway you get the idea – no negative thinking or words and don’t buy into other peoples. And if folks are taking it all a bit too seriously get out your joke book! And the usual cautions apply with Mercury retro as not the best time to sign contracts & purchase tech stuff and stay flexible with travel and connection plans.

Sagittarius Full Moon 4th @ 12 deg Sag/Gemini – on the same day as Mercury retro! Full Moons heighten emotional reactions so needless to say it’s a great idea to keep your mouth closed before you say something you may regret over these few days. On the upside a great moment to share knowledge or info with your networks. Sagittarius offers us one of life’s greatest lessons as the wisdom to give up EXTREME positions by practicing moderation, tolerance and objectivity even when this is in short supply. Indeed it may be on this Full Moon, and with the added Neptune ingredient here, info is confusing or down right lies. We must stay positive, optimistic & wise over the coming month as we keep believing in our dreams and the power of the new consciousness beyond conflict & separation!!

Sagittarius New Moon 18th @ 26 deg joins Saturn! – all that stuff I wrote above about Saturn & Galactic Centre is ignited on this NMoon. We can expect big news/messages/conversations through the media and social networks and some eureka moments in our own insights and vision as inventive Uranus is in fab aspect to the NMoon.

Sun into Capricorn 21st as Saturn also enters Capricorn – The 2017 December 21st Solstice happens each year when our Sun enters Capricorn marking the 3/4 point in his seasonal round…mid-winter for northern hemisphere and mid-summer for those of us down south of the equator.

So is it a big deal that the planet that rules Capricorn… Saturn ‘lord of order & form’, joins the Sun as he also now heads into his own sign for the next 3 years? Yes indeed as this is a once in 29 year cycle that sets the stage for the next great wave of global re-structuring, with echoes back to 1989/92, 1959/62 & 1929/32.

So get set for a host of new memes and daily phrases that contain the words accountability, responsibility, transparency, regulation, watchdog, re-form, legislation, ethical standards… All the words and actions that come into play when Saturn steps onto center stage, as he is now in Capricorn (the sign he rules!) for the first time in 29 years between 2018 to 2021.

Personally, we’re also set to reap rewards for that we have sewn as the Lord of Karma comes calling, and much can be achieved under his auspices if we’re up for some concerted effort toward our goals. Yes doesn’t sound like heaps of fun and indeed Saturn is not a cheery guy BUT he’s super productive and has his own wry sense of humour as he goes about the business of getting results.

A planet in his own sign is ‘dignified’ thus at its most potent force, so as Saturn steps into Capricorn he’s at his earthy practical best on the one hand, and on the other can bring us the harshest measure of his restrictive controlling influence! This is a little excerpt from my 2018 Report which is loaded with fascinating and important info about the implications…and how to use…the global game changing times on the way from Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus also changing into Taurus AND Chiron entering Aries.

Be sure to open my next letter on Jan 1st. I send my warmest wishes and love to you all for a beautiful festive season and make sure to invite people to your table who may not have the good fortune that you do. Stay inspired – stay in your heart – stay positive – and remember that we’re all in this together. Maggie


Nov 2017 Brings Us Generous Planets in Scorpio


Greetings friends as we now venture through November with Scorpio action front & center! We have some yummy alignments this month & I trust you’re already feeling the positive vibes after way too long!

And yes as I mentioned in my Jupiter in Scorpio article “With a bit of luck good old Jupiter will have a fine time digging up all manner of secrets and lies” and so it is coming to pass as the Sun joined the big guy in late October, with plenty more on the way over coming weeks. Yes karma has a funny way of coming to bight those who have things to hide, but can bring wonderful gifts to those who’ve been in integrity!!

Get your diary and note these dates!!

  • Taurus Full Supermoon on 4th @ 11 degrees Scorpio/Taurus – magickal
  • Mercury into Sagittarius on 6th – positive thoughts & words
  • Saturn trine Uranus 6th to 13th  – stable change
  • Venus joins Jupiter on 13th – lucky & positive
  • Venus sextile Pluto on 21st – fab for $
  • Venus trine Neptune 17th – inspiration
  • Scorpio New Moon on 18th @ 25 degrees Scorpio – empowering
  • Mars square Pluto 19th – release
  • Sun enters Sagittarius 23rd  – goodie!
  • Jupiter trine Neptune late Nov – unfoldment!
  • Saturn joins Galactic Center @ 27 deg Sagittarius

The Magic of Scorpio is completely amplified under November’s alignments with a very yummy Full Moon on the 4th lighting up a splendid Venus/Jupiter alignment on the 13th! Together these bountiful forces bring a surge of optimism and the desire to enhance all things beautiful in our lives.

Taurus Moon highlights our values & prosperity consciousness so good for fresh ideas re $ and investments, and generally a very earthy time to stabilize your energies after recent stressful times! Spend some time in the garden or walking in the bush or cruising an art gallery.

Then on the 13th please join me just before dawn to witness a celestial light show as the 2 brightest most benefic planets Venus & Jupiter join forces to illuminate the dawn with a fresh era in our lives. It’s a powerful thing to bask under the rays of these ‘stars’ & their effect is felt for many days!! Paint a picture or get some new cushions or pamper yourself with good food & company…there’s intense sensual goodies here too!!

Using our power with Scorpio… Scorpio is the power to seed the life we wish to create from deep within us. We’ve been studying to be ‘metaphysicians’ for a while now folks, so we’re meant to have ‘got it’ that our energy creates & magnetizes our outcomes…right? Once we know that it is only our Ego/Mind keeping us in our fears and confusions, and that our Soul knows the way we open the magical flow known as the ‘stream of consciousness’ and step into our flow. Fabulous!!

Butterfly from Heidi

Scorpio is the invisible source essence in our nature containing generative power, and the secret lies in knowing that we are ‘magnetic’. SO what do we want/need to magnetize becomes the question! We can then feed the stream by setting our intention for what kind of butterfly we want to be once we hatch from our cocoon…in late November.

Jupiter is enhancing these forces now…this is a once in 12 year opportunity my friends so we’re talking major league energetic creative power! And to get to our safe power we can also use the Scorpio process to just let go…of old shitty feelings and whatevers…of the belief that we have to control…old defenses we use to protect our true feelings…the belief that softness and vulnerability isn’t safe! Yep it’s re-birth time!

I’ve been feeling a real sense of purposeful unfoldment and flow over the past few days and I’m loving the incoming connection between Sun/Jupiter with Neptune in Pisces. Mind you I still have to my manage the daily inner dialogue with my other ‘voices’ who keep doing their thing with bits of old insecurities and rejection tapes and all that!! Yes I practice what I preach with my work supporting people to ‘manage’ their daily stuff!

But right now my ‘positive voices’ are in good form even though I don’t have large scale plans in place for 2018 or a major goal. I just know that I’ll keep attracting the people and opportunities my Soul needs to keep my life in purpose and prosperity. It’s taken a lot of therapy and surrender to Soul to get here so please join me in this wonderful spirit of safe creative growth and opportunities on offer this month!

Here’s an extract from my Jupiter in Scorpio article of great relevance… Jupiter makes very few major aspects with other planets over the next year, so his positive trine connection with Neptune in Pisces is very important me thinks! Neptune as God of the Seas rules over the sign of Pisces where he has been travelling since 2012 through to 2026, heightening the spiritualizing process at work in our Zeitgeist over these years, as we struggle toward a more enlightened world view beyond the greed and insecurities that run our material world.

Jupiter trine Neptune offers a sublime mystical and spiritual alignment to open our quest toward higher and more idealistic expression of the best of our human nature. After the intense events of recent times we may feel overwhelmed by the negativity and lack of inspiration and optimism, so please use this excellent opportunity to chillax a little and go within to seek fresh inspiration and re-engage your imaginations and ideals.

You see we are in a hiatus period in the 12 fold process, containing the seeds of re-birth just around the corner from late 2018 when Jupiter re-emerges from the underworld and strides into Sagittarius. Then we can jump on our trusty horse and head forward into our Heroic journey freshly empowered after releasing all our old unwanted emotional baggage!! This doesn’t mean that we do nothing until then…just that our doing is about learning how to be a being!!

This highly idealistic combo of Jupiter with Neptune may prompt us to study spiritual and hidden matters, find our inner poet and artist and muse, heighten our intuition and compassion and to enjoy our erotic and sensual pleasure nature.  As Scorpio and Pisces are both healing signs we will experience a fresh phase in the healing arts and sciences that synthesize the scientific and the metaphysical, as the reality that our psychological health has everything to do with our physical health, finally comes through into wider recognition during 2018.

We are in the realm of the Sacred Feminine mysteries in Scorpio where we have access to powers beyond our rational capacities. Here we learn that we are not just our psychical bodies and how to use the untapped power of the mind to heal it-self!  When we become metaphysicians we penetrate the mystery of energy systems to allow tapping into our own power to heal once we learn how to move energy! Fabulous stuff and your mission is to enroll in a Metaphysics or Shaman course or whatever takes your fancy in this territory. I may have just the thing for you! My ‘12System Toolkit’ covers all of this! 

Have a magic month with lots of hugs and warm times! Blessings to all Maggie

Upcoming Workshops & Trainings

Please join me for my Annual one day overview of the year ahead 2018   Saturday 3rd February 2018   …and we have SO MUCH to talk about my friends with a number of planets changing sign next year as we head into a very different set of energies & possibilities!

  • Jupiter diving into the waters of Scorpio – last time 2006
  • Saturn enters his own sign of Capricorn – first time since 1989
  • Chiron enters Aries – first time in 50 years!
  • Uranus enters Taurus – first time since 1934!

Yes we have a major shift from the dynamic fire and air energies of the past 7 years, as we transition to planets in water & earth combos – a very different signature reflecting major changes in the values that drive our culture. As ever this will be an opportunity for the gathering of our tribe to share mutual insights and lots of laughs as we prepare ourselves to make the most of the healing earthy energies on the way in 2018!

Put it in your new diary NOW and reply to this email OR contact me to book in.

120 Plateau Crescent, Carrara 4211 10am-4pm  

$80 Recordings available if you can’t join us in person

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Jupiter into Scorpio for the next year! Time to love & embrace our Dragons!

Jupiter in ScorpioGreetings Friends!! Well the traveler returns after her amazing USA adventure where I met so many wonderful people! It was a very challenging time to be there in the midst of hurricanes & the horrendous Las Vegas shootings, and my heart is with my ‘Merican mates as you manage your feelings & support each other during such adversity…

Thank you to all who came to my events and sessions. I simply hope/trust that my ‘seed planting’ Aquarian ideas and insights were supportive for understanding the BIG process that is unfolding in our world right now. The final Jupiter/Uranus showdown sure brought upheaval to so many – Mexico Cuba Bangladesh Myanmar Somalia – here’s to geo & political tensions easing as we head into Jupiter in Scorpio & many othet shifts into 2018.

Apologies for missing my usual monthly update…but I’ve been a tad busy, and even though I still feel jetlagged big time I really wanted/needed to get my Jupiter in Scorpio & Horoscopes out to you. I’m excited about Jupiter in Scorpio as must admit I have a big investment in this sign of transformation & re-newal. Read on for a short extract…

Poor old Scorpio is definitely one of the most misunderstood of the 12 Zodiac signs, with many a bad rap for tail stinging & obsessive controlling behaviors. If only people really understood the wonderful features of this fixed water sign, where we meet the most intense and sensitive levels of our feeling nature with such a capacity for vulnerable intimate connection both within and outside of our selves.

And this is of course why Scorp types are so very secretive and protective of their true nature, after all it’s dangerous to let ‘them’ see these qualities in our hard nosed world, so I’l just protect myself with distance and control them…lol. And if I let them get close and they betray my trust then watch out!! Scorp is the second of the water signs, the first being Cancer where we meet the instinctive urge for emotional safety & security. So if we are  not ‘emotionally safe’ it’s a tall order to feel safe in our power in Scorpio. Hence the power & control themes that offer such a wide range of territory in our personal & global experience.

So as Jupiter plunges into the deep waters of Scorpio over the next year we have an amazing opportunity for healing & renewal by re-connecting with our feminine source energy that gives birth to inspiration & imagination.

Mother of DragonsI have always loved dragons so I really connected with the ‘Mother of Dragons’ in Game of Thrones, and as dragons are associated with the deepest contents of our unconscious I guess this has lots to do with why I’m so attracted to depth psychology and the processes of death & re-birth…

In the human psyche dragons symbolize a meeting ground in the imaginable world of the unlimited power and possibilities of the Creation Magic of which universes are born, together with the need to overcome, individually and collectively, the lower aspects of our nature while developing high moral character, integrity, honor, and nobility of motive.

Read on for in-depth insights into your ‘transformational process’ AND YOUR HOROSCOPES! Cheers and blessings to you all Maggie!

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Please join me for my Annual one day overview of the year ahead 2018

Saturday 3rd February 2018   …and we have SO MUCH to talk about my friends with a number of planets changing sign next year as we head into a very different set of energies & possibilities!

  • Jupiter diving into the waters of Scorpio – last time 2006
  • Saturn enters his own sign of Capricorn – first time since 1989
  • Chiron enters Aries – first time in 50 years!
  • Uranus enters Taurus – first time since 1934!

Yes we have a major shift from the dynamic fire and air energies of the past 7 years, as we transition to planets in water & earth combos – a very different signature reflecting major changes in the values that drive our culture. As ever this will be an opportunity for the gathering of our tribe to share mutual insights and lots of laughs as we prepare ourselves to make the most of the healing earthy energies on the way in 2018! Put it in your new diary NOW and reply to this email OR contact me to book in.

120 Plateau Crescent, Carrara 4211 10am-4pm   $80 Recordings available if you can’t join us in person

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September 2017 Astro Report! Jupiter & Uranus Front & Centre…

Jupiter opposite Uranus

Greetings friends just a quickie this month as I’m days away from departure to the USA for my tour. If you’re stateside & haven’t booked yet please do!! Scroll to end for bookings… Well after these many months of  things feeling stalled as the strangeness swirls around us events are about to kick forward big time.

Yes the Aug 21st “The Great American Eclipse”  brought together this divided nation with cheers and expressions of awe for nature’s magic. But tragically it has also brought people together to rescue & support the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Historically major tectonic & weather events often occur in regions that have recently been ‘eclipsed’.   As eclipses alter time/space and direct fresh waves of information into our collective intelligence here’s to the birth of a whole new level of cohesiveness & unity. Ironic isn’t it that disasters tend to do this! An amazing Astro correlation here as it was also Aug 26th 2005 that Katrina made landfall…so this is an exact 12 year Jupiter cycle, the last time he was in Libra.

Sun is now in Virgo until Sept 22nd, joining trickster Mercury who has been doing his retro thing here since mid-August & goes back into Leo. So we’re in super organizing, dealing with details mode, and also great for enhancing your health with good food & daily ‘stay calm’ messages to self!

Mercury turns direct @ 28 degrees Leo on Sept 5th, right on the degree of the Solar Eclipse. So the high octane forces are still in full swing for the first 10 days of Sept, hopefully in a good way! Trump will be under enormous pressure as this lingers on his Mars & Ascendant in Leo, and the North Korea situation may come to a head. So we need to join hearts & intentions to soothe these troubled times.

Venus enjoys her time in Leo until Sept 21st so make the most of her love of fun & glamming up to enjoy social connections.

New Moon in Virgo on Sept 20th @ 27 degrees, OK with Saturn  in challenging connection PLUS Jupiter & Uranus within days of their final opposition this will be a much feistier Virgo New Moon than usual. As Virgo rules ‘systems’ expect some big shifts & changes in the systems that run our world! Read on for details of the Jupiter/Uranus story!

The big news is the final opposition of Jupiter in Libra to Uranus in Aries from 27th to 30th September. We had first pass late Dec 16, then the retro pass early March so this will finally complete the process.

The classic reading here is the desire to break free of restricting conditions and people to liberate your life if you’ve been feeling constricted. There can be sudden beaks that bring an enormous feeling of relief & release the tensions that have been building up. I’m wondering if you’re thinking this may be a sudden Trump departure moment? Could be… Read on for some extra info from earlier posts.

Here’s a quick overview from my 2017 Report “Watch these dates for major changes (in some cases unexpected) to current global relationships and the rise of populist people’s ‘liberty movements’. Jupiter/Uranus combos bring us brave new explorer archetypes & large scale revolutionary activity, so these are great timings for expanding & initiating new territory in your world, or having a ‘freedom outbreak’!!  Innovation is the key”

And this from my Dec 2016 letter “Jupiter now steps into the fray of the Uranus/Pluto Zap Zone as he opposes Uranus from the 23rd Dec till the end of the year. This is the first of 3 passes of this major alignment and they remain in tight connection right through Jan Feb & March 2017 with a final pass in late September. This is the half way or full point in their 12 year cycle which began in 2011. This combo ups the urge for freedom and innovation big time and can bring sudden bolts of change either from you toward current people & situations OR at you from work situations & partners who have outlived their role in your life. The big caution here is to make sure you don’t throw out the baby with the bath water as you seek to revolutionize your life and create space for exciting new people and adventures to unfold in 2017.”

And this from my March 2017 letter “March opened with a bang as Mars joined Uranus to oppose Jupiter for the second time and the highly conflicted global story amped up another notch. Their first opposition was in late December 2016 & their final ‘hit’ will be in late September, after which we should see the tensions ease, albeit heaven only knows what’s in store between now and then! So yes things are uber intense right now & we are all managing lots of things & energies & difficult people et al. So PLEEZE hold your center with lots of positive messages to self & others remembering that we are also working to build new goodies in our lives that will be marvelous!!

In years to come you’ll be able to say you lived through the most exciting & dynamic phase of modern history! Yes the Depression & dictators of the 1930s, McCarthy & communism in the 1950s, Kennedy & King assassinations in the 1960s, Nixon & Watergate in the 1970s were watershed events in their eras. And yep ours will no doubt be remembered as the ‘Trump Year/s’! The trouble is that when you’re in the midst of the chaos it’s hard to keep the perspective that is only available after the events. This is why I’m always reminding any who will listen to stay OBJECTIVE and simply be aware that we are witnessing a grand battle between forces of which we everyday folks have little true understanding.

I gave a talk last week about the Astrology of 2017 and was asked “what’s going to happen with all this political stuff?”. My answer was “I don’t know!” All I really know is that In terms of the big picture timings of the unfolding cycles of conscious evolution, the battle is really between the unsustainable practices of the old 3D reality program and the birth of the new paradigm sustainable future.  And in this big picture “battle” it sure is the case that 2017 contains all the big ticket global issues “in extremis”… politics/economics/weather…yep Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries aren’t mucking around as they amplify the extreme polarization in every level of human & Gaia affairs.

So when we apply psychological principles here we have fruitful territory for our personal growth & evolution. We must own our own inner stress between the part of us who wants to stay attached to the past versus the part of us that is willing to take responsibility for the need to innovate & change…and this can be risky!  Our current social revolution isn’t just about amazing new technologies and robots and faster & better internet speeds. It’s about a global awakening way beyond that!!

I recently had an fascinating chat with one of my yummy ‘daughters’ who informed me she believes that it won’t be long before people will ‘be over’ all this techno stuff, and just want to start writing & learning & interacting with others without all the complexity that makes people so anxious and overwhelmed and socially dysfunctional. Isn’t that interesting, as this 34 year old lady is realizing that life is so much richer without COMPLEXITY. Yes I know we can’t turn back the clock but maybe she has a point. SIMPLICITY! I’m reminded of the old T.S. Elliot quote that “we shall never cease from exploration until we return from whence we started and know it for the first time”.

Anyway that’s my little rave for this month! Stay in your heart my friends as you keep building your positive lives inspired by being part of our current social revolution toward a conscious world. Stay in gratitude…be kind to self & others…get excited…be aware that wonderful opportunities are right there for the seizing!!

Live long & prosper my friends and I’m so looking forward to meeting my American Tribe in September. Go back to top left of this letter for event dates & bookings!!

Cheers and blessings to you all Maggie!

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LOTS more info & insights re these major shifts in my 2017 Global Report & Horoscopes…

 maggie fb page header
I’m on my way to the fabulous USA in September, & very much looking forward to meeting my American ‘Soul Pod’! “The Astrology of the 2017 Revolution & Beyond – Changing Our World from the Inside Out”

Why is 2017 such a “game changer” and how do we work WITH these wildcard energies to innovate our lives and step into “conscious co-creation”? What do “the stars” have in store for us in 2018 and how do we align our energies to take advantage of the next wave of evolutionary possibilities?

Join Maggie as she shares her 35+ years’ experience tracking the big picture of human affairs PLUS her life changing healing tools, in a series of 2 hour small groups in Burank, CA – San Juan Capistrano, CA – Las Vegas, NV -New York City – Red Bank, NJ and Long Island, NY!

There will also be Q & A time so you can ‘pick Maggie’s brain’ PLUS bring your details: date, time and place of birth  in case you are chosen for a personal reading. (For more information on what the event covers go to my homepage Book your tickets now because these groups range from 40-75 people only! Tickets are $75 each and the event is 2 hours without an intermission.







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August 2017 Astro Report AND Maggie’s Sept USA Tour Details

maggie fb page headerGreetings friends! Lots to share re: August Eclipses after my exciting post about my USA September Tour details…I am more than a little excited to be joining me tribe over in a country I know and love.

I’m on my way to the fabulous US of A!! “The Astrology of the 2017 Revolution & Beyond – Changing Our World from the Inside Out”   Why is 2017 such a “game changer” and how do we work WITH these wildcard energies to innovate our lives and step into “conscious co-creation”? What do “the stars” have in store for us in 2018 and how do we align our energies to take advantage of the next wave of evolutionary possibilities?

Join Maggie as she shares her 35+ years’ experience tracking the big picture of human affairs PLUS her life changing healing tools, in a series of 2 hour small groups in Burank, CA – San Juan Capistrano, CA – Las Vegas, NV -New York City – Red Bank, NJ and Long Island, NY! There will also be Q & A time so you can ‘pick Maggie’s brain’ PLUS bring your details: date, time and place of birth  in case you are chosen for a personal reading. (For more information on what the event covers go to my homepage Book your tickets now because these groups range from 40-75 people only! Tickets are $75 each and the event is 2 hours without an intermission.






LONG ISLAND, NY Friday, September 22, 2017 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS When purchasing tickets please be sure to click on the link under the event you want to attend as it will bring you Paypal to purchase that ticket.

Please share this info with your mates in the USA!!

Solar Eclipse Aug 21 2017 USA



“The Great American Eclipse”

Well folks the most interesting 2 months of 2017 is on the way & I’m excited. August brings us the 2nd Solar Eclipse of 2017, & it’s a BIGGIE, popularly christened ‘The Great American Eclipse’, as its  path crosses the  USA from West to East. So get set for some big shifts & major developments on lots of levels in the USA, Globally & personally.

Then in September we’re up for the final connection between Jupiter & Uranus…the underpinning frequency since Nov 2016 that has brought our crazy revolutionary process to a peak… All I can say is it’s fabulous & fascinating to watch the unfolding drama as we step between the old world & the new, over these tumultuous few years. It’s time to shed our old skins & embrace our lion heart and dare to shine people!!

The talk on the street is all over this Solar Eclipse, as Astrologers have been going nuts with this one! There are so many bold energies about to be unleashed, and as ever we can choose to go into this process with a glass half full…or half empty…attitude.

Yes the possible outcomes offer a pretty high degree of chaos & drama on the global stage to move things forward BUT can also open doors for startling breakthroughs, & expanding horizons that may include travel & adventures…physically and mentally! FABO

With Sun + Mars in Leo until August 22nd we are in the 5th stage of our natural year free to expand our creative process! Leo is the big fire sign that ignites our passions, is generous & proud & dares to shine & lead others by motivating them to dare to shine! The spiritual process of Leo brings us the ‘purifying fires’ for our lower ego to take us from the ‘selfish desires & will’ to the HIGHER EGO of selflessness & the desire to illuminate & bring light & love to the world around us.

In Leo we meet the innocence and joy of our ‘Free Inner Child’ at 5 years old, full of the excitement of life and the courage & inquisitiveness to try new things & be delighted with so many possibilities. If kids are given healthy recognition and approval they will always carry this spirit, so your process now to connect with this and let your spirit soar!! Your mantra is “I am brave and free to be who I really am”!!

The first 9 days of August may be a tad challenging but after this it’s all systems go for full Leo awesomeness ok? The tricky stuff comes from the final Jupiter square Pluto (first pass Nov 2016…yes Trump arrives…2nd pass late March) PLUS the Lunar Eclipse on the 7th (more on this below). So the Jupiter Pluto combo amps up ambitions & we can achieve heaps BUT we can also provoke conflict & easily offend others (sometimes quite innocently) in our quest to make things happen. Thus take any struggles in your stride, apologize if you need to, and smile as you deal with admin details…got it?

As Mars travels with the Sun in Leo this month we have high octane action stations to ignite fresh fire & passion! Be proactive & focus all your energy on the next phase of your creative growth to make the most of this game changing August & September.

Never has it been more important to keep a level head and not buy into drama and separation than over this next 2 months. To help us do this we have Messenger planet Mercury in practical Virgo to keep mind & mouth focused, practical and steady…thank goodness. Yes and it also spends extra time in Virgo due to his retrograde phase between August 12th & Sept 6th.

Tricky Mercury is famous for techno glitches & re-routing plans when he’s retro BUT this time he can be very helpful inclining us to THINK before we ACT and deal with the details. Back up computers & all that stuff & try to have travel/publishing plans in place before the 12th…& generally stay fluid & adaptable. Just a reminder that Virgo is the sign of SERVICE so our self-reflection is to ask “How can I serve”. This is the highest purpose for our Soul.

Venus in Cancer brings us another very supportive energy in August as she keeps us in touch with our true feelings so we can use these to help us navigate the turbulent fiery Eclipses! The planet of love & attraction is so happy in Cancer as she basks in the love of her families & tribes…as this is what she truly values.

We’ve just had a pretty intense Cancer time with Sun & Mars doing their thing with Pluto…all a bit deep and ‘Dark night of the Soul’  for many (and me!), as we’ve confronted our deepest fears & insecurities so we may HEAL our core safety stuff.

I mean this is the whole point of this year so far, as we’ve had to witness & feel  our confusion & uncertainty about whether we really can do the ‘Phoenix Rising From the Ashes’ thing as the world around us is in meltdown… Yes we are in a collective healing crisis so we must heal our own safety issues to make our selves and our world a safer place. (I’m going to be talking this one up on my Sept USA Trip!)

So on with the show as they say and there’s nothing like some eclipses in Leo to bring us a brand new opening night! First we have our Lunar Eclipse on August 7th with Sun @ 15 degrees Leo opposite Moon in Aquarius. This is part of the same cycle as the Solar Eclipse on the way on August 21st…so she heralds the collective (Aquarius) creative (Leo) doorway for the next 6 months.

As Eclipses are PORTALs that ignite new 19 year phases within larger cycles, I’m hearing descriptions like “LION GATE Activation” calling this a major cosmic trigger in the larger evolutionary cycles of our times! Love it…bring it on…as goodness knows we can’t continue on this bizarre trajectory  too much longer…or maybe we can who knows? One thing’s for sure things are about to come to a head.

Personally we can use this Lunar Eclipse to release our Leo creativity into Aquarian group & team projects, & with energizer Mars joining the Sun in Leo we’re compelled to activate something! We also have Jupiter in Libra in fab connection doing his expanding purpose dare to grow thing. So something is ready to come out from behind our fears and simply wants/needs to take action and make things grow and happen.

Full Moons and especially Eclipsed ones, are highly charged emotionally so personal & global reactions may be pretty full on as August unfolds. Rejection & alienation are downside Aquarian themes so we need to stay VERY OBJECTIVE if someone says they don’t want to play with us because we are weird or different! Who cares?! The point is we have to get on with being original thinking innovators who dare to be ‘change agents’ regardless of whether the status quo gets us or not…lol

SO let’s get to this Solar eclipse on August 21st @ 28 degrees Leo. This is ‘trending’ big time even in mainstream media such as this Newsweek article – worth a look as video explains eclipses + opinions from several Astrologers about the Trump situation…would you believe!

It’s very exciting for folks in the USA as it is rare to witness the ‘light of the Sun being eclipsed by the Moon” & no doubt the USA will all but grind to a halt while everyone stops to observe this awesome natural phenomena. Ancient people were in awe of this as indeed they experienced significant events within days/weeks of the ‘light going out’. We have masses of historical data to support the premise that they signify major phases of life ending and new ones beginning.

Yes it will be a game changer on a global level and also for you personally if you are a Leo or Aquarius or Taurus or Scorpio with birthdays mid month to 20th of your sign. If so look back to 1998/9 and 1979/80 for signals of big shifts…and another one over the next few months.

It is highly charged from an exact connection with maverick Uranus in Aries…@ 28 degrees…plus Saturn in Sagittarius.  Eclipses repeat every 19 years in the same cycle & historically this series brings us major goodies such as the1999 impeachment of President Bill Clinton, 1981 attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan, 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, 1945 atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki & death of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt -1927 attempted assassination of President William Taft.

So it’s no surprise that Astrologers are on high alert as this eclipse may also bring violence or sudden change to leadership positions. Especially as this time we have the Uranus & Saturn connections AND the path crossing the USA AND lighting up Donald Trump’s Horoscope.

The 28 Degree Leo Eclipse falls on Trump’s Mars & Ascendant in Leo. (Born 14th June 1946 @ 10.54am Queens NY) thus igniting his warrior spirit for better or worse! This re-opens the whole discussion of who is this guy and what is his true role in this extraordinary year. Is he a champion of the revolution to upset the existing status quo and de-stabilize the current system?

Or is he just a narcissistic dude playing out his delusions of power & grandeur? I mean you couldn’t write a script for reality TV better than this! (I’m sure they are working on it!…lol). Sadly his words & actions thus far do not incline me to view him as The Hero…more like The Fool. But we can hope for miracles and I’d love to be wrong on this one. Be a conscious Hero please dude!!

The concern here arises from the fact that Trump’s Sun + Uranus in Gemini are conjunct the USA Mars in Gemini, which goes a long way to explaining why he has been such a polarizing figure since he took office, inciting extreme positions & reactions. It’s like the planetary evolutionary forces called in Trump to embody the archetype of disruptive change! But this is also a ‘war signature’ so whether it plays out as Trump going to battle with the system or a much risker scenario involving military moves remains to be seen.

The massive 2017 scenario is all about dissent and polarization…“funny about that” say Jupiter & Uranus…”yes that’s what we had in mind. Let’s finally wake people up to the BIG Game.” Until a much greater number of people WAKE UP to the hideous system that is running our world it can never change. Both parties are invested in the globalization agenda and we desperately need a champion to bust the stranglehold of the military industrial complex that continues to tell us we must have wars, & consume things we do not need in an endless cycle of greed..

The other thing we Astrologers look for are horoscopes of countries & institutions with the Eclipse degrees highlighted. In this case North Korea with Saturn @ 28 Leo – Israel with Mars @ 28 Leo plus Israeli PM Netanyahu also with Mars @ 28 Leo – Palestine also with Mars @ 28 Leo ( no surprise the 2 countries have been at war endlessly) – Iraq with Sun @ 29 Leo – Vatican City with Saturn @ 28 Sag – Venezuela with Saturn @ 26 Leo. So there’s plenty of action on the way & I’m interested to see how the Vatican situation will unfold with senior Cardinal George Pell currently facing charges in Australia for historical sexual misconduct.

And another big connection is to the Moon in the horoscope of the USA @ 27 degrees Aquarius, which signifies the original Soul intention of the formation of this country for the free rights of the individual. So we also won’t be surprised when the needs of the people (Moon in Aquarius) are powerfully expressed over coming months.

The Eclipse is also conjunct the Royal Star Regulus @ 29 Leo highlighting Royalty in general. Once again no surprise that Trump likes gold & has aspired for the King job. He’s sure in for an interesting ride over coming months & the question remains, will he fall off his throne or suddenly become the voice of peace and reconciliation as global hot spots get very hot in the near future.

One thing is for sure! We all need to send our Leo hearts & Aquarian minds to empower PEACEFUL co-operative actions and solutions as we also jump on the next wave of evolutionary change! Always remember we are not victims!! We are infinitely powerful when we know that nothing can limit and control our creative individual expression. except ourselves.

Live long & prosper my friends and I’m so looking forward to meeting my American Tribe in September. Go back to top left of this letter for event dates & bookings!!
Cheers and blessings to you all Maggie!

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LOTS more info & insights re these major shifts in my 2017 Global Report & Horoscopes…


July 2017 Astro Update – Big Full Moon July 9th!

Full Moon Cancer

Well folks there’s some pretty intense energy flying around as we head toward the power packed Full Moon in Cancer next Sunday July 9th! Yes if we can keep our cool over the next few weeks it will be Leo time…hoorah…and we can get on with being fabulous again after doing our little personal death/rebirth thing!

Yep it’s easy to feel a bit beaten down with all the doom & gloom out there so our job is to NOT BUY INTO IT! Yes we are in times of radical shifts & as it’s Cancer time our core safety issues are right up! Please join me for a few insights into the ongoing drama of this tumultuous year…and how to use these extraordinary energies to let go of the past and say yes…GULP…to the unknown future!

You are welcome to book a personal session & please click like on Universal Astro FB page for updates between these letters!
Well early July has already brought us some major power themes, as the star players of 2017 are in one of their peak periods of their challenging stand off scenarios… Yes Mars in Cancer is triggering the Zietgeist revolution zone until July 21st, so the themes of power & control are writ large personally & globally. 

Ah and let’s not forget Happy Birthday America! I send my love to all my friends in my much loved US of A. I’ve lived there & some of my besties live there. My prayer is that the essential essence of what made America the first great experiment in freedom at the last revolution, will be re-born over these coming years, as you pass through the drama of the dissolution of the current power systems and await your next re-birth in the 2020s when Pluto returns to where he started in 1776.

OK so on with the show! This Full Moon @ 17 degrees is totally powerful with Sun in Cancer with Mars OPPOSITE Moon in Capricorn…with Pluto!!  Then we add the fact that they are all forming challenging connections with Uranus in Aries OPPOSITE Jupiter in Libra and we have the whole box and dice for the power themes of this year.

So is it any wonder that the G20 meeting is happening over this period? Ah Trump will get to hang out with Putin and who knows what’s on the way? I mean really…just get that anything can happen this year – we are beyond the norm people. I have included an excerpt from a clever article below re this G20 game…scroll to end it’s funny and insightful…

In my Jupiter in Libra Article I clearly showed the history of BIG international deals/negotiations happening on this cycle. Here’s the previous cycles 1933/4 1945/6 1957/8 1969/70 1980/81 1992/3 2004/5. In 1933/4 Hitler became Chancellor of Germany & the rest as they say is history. 1945/6 saw the creation of the “Iron Curtain” USSR Eastern Bloc, as they were carving up Europe & the Middle East & China’s civil war between the Communists & Republicans paved the way for Mao. In 1957 The Civil Rights Act was introduced  kick-starting the political movement, plus the EU was formed. So if we can get past the hype and fake news (good luck with that) rest assured there’s some pretty major deal brokering happening @ this Full Moon, as China & Russia are buddying up for massive $ infrastructure deals and the supposed democratic western system is in chaos!

Fascinating stuff my friends and as ever I suggest we just stay in ‘objectivity’ as we witness our geo-political & economic systems starting to morph into a whole new phase. Personally we may be navigating some tricky territory in terms of feeling effective!  Mars/Pluto combinations are renowned for anger/control/resistance/ruthlessness & when we add Mars to the Sun in Cancer then watch out kids as emotional reactions will be pretty full on as we head into next week. Suggestion! Duck for cover and if you do need to defend or act on behalf of home or family pick your battles.

OMG we need some positives here don’t we? And yes we have peace-maker Venus now enjoying her time in Gemini until July 31st PLUS Mercury (ruler of Gemini) in passionate Leo. These two are the magic ingredients to activate & motivate our minds & ideas into fresh possibilities, as we are breaking free of old limiting beliefs that we can’t be successful & powerful!  

So if you’re feeling frustrated & blocked just do lots of deep breathing and repeat after me “It’s safe for me to release the past & say I can have it all”! And ask yourself: “How do I change my way of thinking to break down the barriers?”, as you also make the best of some fun and social connections from Venus/Mercury over coming weeks. Stay LIGHT as much as possible…even if you have to talk yourself into it!

There’s also a yummy trine from Neptune in Pisces in the mix and we need to give this lots of power to trust Universal Flow and timing. It’s easy to succumb to survival/safety stuff right now, so remember the upside of the challenging Full Moon energies contains breakthroughs and great career developments if we’ve been good hard working kids OR you’ll know if it’s time to let go of a scenario & move on.

You’ll really feel a huge shift when Sun strides into Leo and is joined by Moon for our New Moon in Leo @ 0 degrees on Sunday July 23rd! Once again activator Mars is in on the show…and I do mean show as Leo is all about drama & performances! This sets the stage for the much heralded Solar Eclipse on August 21st – this will be the SECOND Leo New Moon and has all sorts of bells & whistles for dramatic leadership goodies. Much more about this big enchilada in my August letter!!

Mars with Sun in Leo is high octane action stations to ignite fresh fire & passion! Be proactive & focus all your energy on the next phase of your creative growth to make the most of this one in late July & August! Cheers and blessings to you all Maggie!

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Blog from Port Phillip Publishing – July 3rd 2017 – Dear Reader, Oh to have a miniature drone that can fly from Australia to northern Germany!  We’ll need it to have a good signal too, and speak a few languages.  Mission: gather intel on what’s said behind closed doors.

The G20 meeting is on this week. We need our drone on the wall, or inside the flowers somewhere. Putin and Trump are meeting up for the first time since the US Prez was elected. That should be spicy enough. Now we have the US rattling China by sending in a Navy destroyer into its neighbourhood .

Who knows what agendas are at work? Not me, but I’ll take a guess. Admittedly, I’ve not followed geopolitical stuff too closely lately. All that hoohah about Russia fiddling in the US election looks like BS to me. Somebody wants Russia to look like a threat.  Why the fuss then?

NATO surrounds Russia…

I’ve told you about economist Michael Hudson before. I believe his take on this before anyone else’s. He said back in April there wasn’t a shred of evidence that Russia was part of this. Hudson pins it all on propaganda from the war hawks keen to take on Russia.

At the very least, the military industrial complex needs an excuse to park all the weapons it produces (and bills to the US government) somewhere. Hudson said encircling Russia and China was the logical place. Check out this map from The Independent in the UK a few months back…

Source: The Independent

Apparently NATO now has the biggest military build-up in eastern Europe since the Cold War. Now imagine this with a Russian mindest — after being invaded multiple times last century.  The funny thing is Trump did seem for real when he tried to tone down the belligerant stance toward Russia when he came on the scene early on. He was a genuine wildcard ­— that’s why most of the Republican establishment didn’t like him, or want him to run.

Now I see in The Wall Street Journal that the US Parliament is about to vote into law a bill to stop Trump from easing any sanctions on Russia.  The paper reports…

The bill cleared the Senate last month by a 98-2 vote, a rare show of bipartisan unity in favor of legislation that would slap Russia with new sanctions partly because of the U.S. intelligence community’s assessment that Russia interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Yeah. Maybe. Here’s what we know about US intelligence services ­­­­— thanks to Edward Snowden. They interfere in anything and everything.  Here’s what we know about US intelligent services from history: they fabricate events and stories all the time for their own ends.  They’ll also destabilise any country, too.

Read this book now

All this is becomes incredibly clear and intriguing if you pick up a copy of George Friedman’s book The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century. He wrote it in 2009. It’s quite spooky to see how accurate he’s been since. I’m not sure I’ll get to see the rest of the 90 years play out, which is a bummer. However, Friedman had 2015-2020 pegged as the period when the United States would once again become ‘obsessed’ with Russia.

Friedman forecast both countries would manoeuvere around the world to weaken or discredit the other. Russia would be pushing its borders out everywhere to build out a strategic buffer. The US will intervene wherever it can to disrupt any alliances or powerful blocs forming. If Friedman’s right, and it looks like he will be, this US versus Russia dyanamic is going to get worse before it gets better. It may truly escalate into somehting like the Cold War 2.0.  In the book US power ultimately prevails. Friedman has Russia collapsing in 2020 as demographics and other factors work against it. Remember, this is based off a forecast he made eight years ago, but we’re watching it play out in real time. One of the tenets of the book is that the US is happy as long as every else is in chaos. That’s partly how it projects and holds global power. A bigger component is the US Navy and the USA’s total control of the world’s sea lanes. Where it goes from here in the short-term, I have no idea, but we can’t take it for granted that world peace will hold out.

LOTS more info & insights re these major shifts in my 2017 Global Report & Horoscopes…