Maggie’s 2018 Global Report & Horoscopes

Global Revamp on the Way!

2018 report imageThanks for checking out my ‘2018 Global Report & Horoscopes’. This year is a bumper edition as there is so much info to share about the many planets set to conspire for a major turning of the cosmic clock!

So we absolutely need to know what’s on the way to prepare ourselves both personally and collectively!

The cost is only US$12 as I want to get this material ‘out there’ to as many folks as possible. I also appreciate your purchase as an unofficial ‘crowd fund’ to support my time off in February to go and get my new hip! Yes I am about to become “titanium Maggie”!

There’s lots to enjoy and inspire you for your holiday reading!

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Here’s What You Receive:

  • A total of 150 pages of powerful & insightful information
  • In-depth reading for each Sign including Maggie’s unique psychological healing tools
  • Extensive overview of the impact & implications of these 2018 ‘global re-set’ forces including – Major Geo-Political Shifts – The Global Economy- Technology innovations – Our Personal Energy Systems
  • Long term overview between 2018 and 2024
  • All the data for 2018 Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde timings
  • 2018 Year of the Earth Dog insights
  • List of New & Full Moons for 2018 for your diary
  • In-depth coverage of Jupiter in Scorpio – Saturn in Capricorn – Uranus in Taurus & Mars in Aquarius

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