Game Changing December on the Way!

SagittariusSagittarius offers us one of life’s greatest lessons as the wisdom to give up EXTREME positions by practicing moderation, tolerance and objectivity. Unconsciously Sag brings us the polarization between the beliefs & ideals that drive our society with current terrorism events and the ‘we are at war’ reaction from the ‘victims’. We must stay positive, optimistic & wise over the coming month as we keep believing in our dreams and the power of the new consciousness beyond conflict & separation!! December is a ‘game changer’ both personally & collectively my friends. So face your fears, trust your higher guidance, stay open to exciting new opportunities, be accountable and off we go into a new 30 year cycle…yay!  Very exciting!!!!

A Quick Scorpio Re-cap… Well I for one am more than happy to see the backside of Scorpio with the deep and intense transformational process it brings to us whether we like it or not!! One of the outcomes from 7 days ‘under the ash cloud in Bali’ was my inability to access my e-tools to write the November newsletter – sorry about that but hey maybe I needed a break.  So I wonder why I took myself off to Bali for a little holiday with the volcanoes? After all Pluto ‘God of destruction’ not only rules Scorpio but also volcanoes, as these eruptive pimples on our planet are the release valves for all that stored up ‘collective’ molten force. Ah yes maybe I needed a bit of a ‘release’ myself after a challenging year including my beautiful pussycat going home to god just before I left for Bali. His passing ‘cracked me open’ into a very vulnerable place so I could access all the stored emotions I have been unconsciously burying, as I keep myself pretty centered most of the time in my role as astro-counselor-therapist. Death or betrayal are the common tools of Pluto to open us to our feelings!

Anyone relating to any of this over the last month? Hopefully my universal friends your November process has not been too dark, but whatever the ‘vehicle’ of your transformational process has been for you, it is now time to step back out of the underworld and into some fresh light in your life. The other theme of Scorpio is power or the lack of it, thus another little feature of my inability to just come home when I wanted was my feelings of powerlessness. Once again this resonates with global activity of recent weeks as extreme weather events and the mid-east, Paris & Mali terror attacks bring up this feeling globally. The question becomes how do we feel empowered in a world of economic and political chaos? The answer is simply to not buy into FEAR, practice the art of objective awareness of your thoughts & feelings, and let LOVE guide your actions.

December brings us… Sun joining Saturn in Sagittarius in a ‘hard’ aspect with Neptune in Pisces. Saturn square Neptune now becomes a central theme for 2016, and December brings us the first of 3 passes of this challenging dance between restrictive Saturn & idealistic Neptune. I’m working on an in-depth look at this for my 2016 article as this is a fascinating cycle that began in 1989 & completes in 2025…a total of 36 years.

Briefly this is the socio/economic cycle containing the ideologies & beliefs that drive our society. It is now at its ¾ point bringing maximum stress as the process of ‘converting ideals into practice’ or ‘preventing ideals from becoming reality’ is played out. As the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 a new era was born with the rise of a major new phase in capitalist globalization and the communist systems in Russia & China also morphed into new phases. The thing is that if the old ‘enemy’ of USSR was no longer a threat then the west needed a new enemy to keep the war machine rolling along, and our new era of terrorism was born. Anyway enough of all that for now.

In your daily life just stay loose when it comes to righteous ideas and positions over coming weeks and confusing messages or interactions. Don’t take things personally or be rigid…it’s not worth the effort and you may miss unexpected signals or developments that can serve you very well! It’s tricky to maneuver between conflicting ideas/ideals in these times so just don’t believe everything you hear and don’t buy into fear…as I have said. Saturn/Neptune asks us to soften any rigid plans & structures we have running in our agendas and to be very fluid and allowing of shifts and changes to how we thought things should be right now. At the same time we need to hold our dreams bright and clear and keep working to bring them into form. Neptune calls us to be compassionate to ourselves if we are running agendas that work us too hard or keep us stuck in an old rigid system…both personally and collectively. Personally I’m noticing increased intuition and amazing mystical moments as insights and literal messages from friends on the other side…loving it!

If you’ve been around for long enough to have history from 1989 look back and see who you were then and what were your goals as they may just be about to come to fruition! Personally this is when I began my work as an astrologer and I’ve worked hard (Saturn) to keep true to my goal to use my craft to uplift and awaken along the way. So I need to keep the faith (Neptune) that this goal will continue to bear fruit over this next year and that the consciousness movement to which I am so committed will break through into new levels of expression beyond the old paradigm of conflict and pain. So hang in there my friends – we are on the same page – each of us doing our thing to be part of this global shift into a world of loving tolerance. We have to keep believing this!

During December Sag calls us to continue to grow and expand into our positive potential. As this is the sign of international activity if you have options offshore this is the month to follow these up. This is the sign of writing, teaching and higher learning so use December to write up a storm and keep developing new areas either as a student or teacher. As we now have Saturn also resident in Sag for the next few years it’s time to start bringing the new paradigm teachings into the structures of our society so we may spread the word beyond the old world view of conflict and all that stuff. This is one of the positive goodies on offer from Saturn/Neptune. The downside? I can hardly bear to watch main stream media these days as I witness the superficial reporting  the media keeps running to keep people in such fear & immobilization. Saturn in Sag also highlights the conservative media systems that tow the party line and happily practice lies & deception to further the agendas of the ruling elite. The current unfolding events are the result of many decades of secretive business & government agendas that involve massive fraud of our individual civil liberties in so many ways. But we have yet to experience the revelation of TRUTH or ACCOUNTABILITY about those who have brought us to the brink of yet another global conflict. Let’s just hope Saturn/Neptune brings all sorts of skeletons out of some very secretive cupboards.

We have an annual event on the Gold Coast in Queensland called ‘Schoolies week’ when masses of school kids arrive here to celebrate their end of high school. So I see a reporter asking these ecstatic happy young kids jumping in the surf how they feel about the possibility of a terrorism event over the week of celebration. The young girl looks at him strangely and says why are you asking me this? Good question!!

The astrology of early December is highly charged with collective tension as this is the first time in 30 years the Sun has joined Saturn in Sagittarius. As I write this on Nov 25th it is a Full Moon with Sun in Sag opposite Moon in Gemini containing quick moving events that trigger international developments, and we have news of Turkey shooting down a Russian jet in Syrian airspace.  The war drums are becoming louder and the complex web of intrigue between east & west is now so confusing that it’s hard to know who to believe any more (Saturn/Neptune). As our world is brought further into Saturn ‘lock-down’ please send all your intention to inspire our leaders to keep cool heads and develop intelligent positive solutions for us all.

As I said in the intro this is also the opening of a whole new 30 year cycle, hence the tension of the birth process can feel like you’d rather stay in the womb a bit longer!! This is a threshold or gateway month so we must have the courage to let go of the past and step into new pathways…come out into the world baby it’s time to live!! Here is my full  Saturn in Sagittarius article if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet

Mars is in Libra right through December This brings relationships right back onto the front burner and offers us fab opportunity to send our energy (Mars) into healthy new partnerships that grow our lives BUT can also bring conflict if we’re still playing out old limiting situations. The key to this one is giving up projecting our frustrations onto others, and seeking healthy co-operative solutions that contain win win. This converts to the global stage as Mars triggers the long term Uranus/Pluto tensions of the past 5 years when he joins the fray between Dec 7th-12th. This is pretty serious stuff I’m sorry to say… falling as it does on the USA Saturn in Libra, so this could be more war drums. BUT ever the optimist I’m calling that this may bring us major ‘peace talks’ where some real shifts are activated toward positive solutions and change, as Mars in Libra is often a feature of peace deals and treaties, so here’s to this being the result of things coming to some kind of head.

This coincides with the New Moon @ 19 degrees Sagittarius on December 12th.  Uranus in Aries is in positive aspect to this New Moon so be aware that your own world may also head into some great new directions on this one…as long as you’re set for embracing change in your life. It may also bring all the current global shite into extreme positions.

Mercury planet of communication also enters Capricorn on this day… auguring serious words and meetings for the next 2 months as he will do his retrograde thing in Capricorn until mid-February. SO he will connect with both Uranus & Pluto several times over coming months as well. Great time for using our mind & mouth to get serious about setting up goals and ambitions into 2016.

Venus enters Scorpio on Dec 5th until month end – oh wow more Scorpio do we have to? Let’s look at this very positively as a sweet sensitizing force that can bring us much needed warmth, closeness and support in our relationships. But hey the downside needs to be mentioned… so possessiveness & control in partnerships may feature, reminding us we may need to let go of some more old insecurities if we are still not flying ‘faith & trust airlines’. This is also a great timing for entering positive new joint partnership agreements.

The Sun moves into Capricorn on December 22nd as we enter the 3/4 point in our annual year. Capricorn time is all about reaping what we have sewn since our natural year began on March 21st 2015. Thus it’s really important to keep working toward your 2016 goals into late Dec & Jan 2016 even if it officially a holiday. This is one of the negative outcomes from the bright sparks who decided that our new year begins on Jan 1st…when it is actually a major achievement period in the natural round. Yes we have been out of synch with all things natural for 400 years or so now…get it? Full

Moon in Capricorn/Cancer @ 4 degrees on Christmas Day  – Full Moons amplify feelings and whatever is happening really SO please let this new moon be a beautiful day when we commit our energy to sharing loving family time regardless of your family of origin, because as we know our family is not necessarily connected by blood! We live in a time of refugees and many who are lost and alone so maybe this is a great year to share your day to those who need love most. Onward and upwards people it’s a beautiful world full of beautiful people!! Love to all Maggie

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