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What People Are Saying

I first had the priviledge of meeting Maggie Kerr about 5 years ago approx ! at a meeting connected to a group of astrologers in Newcastle. It was an amazing and profound moment for myself as in Maggie I had found not only a very gifted and clever astrologer in which to learn from, but a person who walked her talk and was "real" not theorized text book - though she had the "goods" so to speak, but Maggie is relatable, understandable, deeply passionate about her craft and had the unique ability to connect with the true essence of an individuals chart in a practical and grounded way. In short Maggie is Inspirational.

My Astrology chart came alive for me on that day !!! I loved the fact that Maggie also incorporates a combination of Spirituality, Psychology, Personal Growth along with great meaning and easy understanding to complex configurations.

Maggie is one of a kind and I do not say this lightly. She is multi-skilled and talented. Her workshops that I have attended have been filled with revelation, enthusiasm, deep understanding and immense wisdom. I have not experienced all of the above from any teacher before ! She is a true teacher for the Aquarian Age.

I wish Maggie Love, Light, and an abundance of Blessings for whatever challenge that may beset her and know in my heart that those that she will have the opportunity to touch will be profoundly changed for ever.

Annie Evans

I have been a client, student and colleague of Maggies for many years and I cannot speak too highly of Maggie and her work. As a teacher Maggie has the ability to bring astrology to life with her wonderful enthusiasm and to impart a great depth of understanding. As a counsellor I have seen Maggie work miracles using her knowledge, empathy and sensitivity and as an author, her set of five books will set you towards gaining that same knowledge and understanding. As a speaker, where one is often very limited with time, Maggie’s lectures are always packed with usable information and they are also fun.

Gillian Ayers
AANSW President

"Maggie Kerr is one of the most insightful and talented people I have met.  Her astounding knowledge of Astrology, Humanities and Mythology combine to weave an insigntful, powerful and helpful story around ones life.

Maggie's humour, love and care shine through in all that she does. She is a leading light in the world of astrology and beyond."

Jilly Gabrielson

evolve communications - Sydney

Darling Maggie

The wind that blew me away (and a few other people with it) has now become a zephyr - a sweet warm one! A rare experience to see your undoubted skill and understanding in action. What happened when you described it as astrology in action would have taken a psychiatrist about five years to reveal (not necessarily a psychologist) and then not so miraculously. Wasn't it fascinating!  It gave me a sense of identity on a deeply personal level which I hadn"t had before. I've always been so grateful for the skills which the cosmos gave me for handling the material universe - and a degree of confidence - thank you Moon/Aries. But about who I was, I was never certain. There is in Italy a phrase which expresses deep revelation, an expression of wonderment. All I can say is 'Mama Mia!.

Sorry it has taken a while to say thank you. I had to come down to earth to find the words.

Much love, Margo

“What a special lady you are. I loved the delicacy with which you coaxed me down to the depths and up to the heights…and unpicked and re-wove the tapestry of my psyche. I feel a big weight lifted off me and a joyful enthusiasm for this life, having been heard and validated and 'summarised' so that I may observe my journey thus far and know where I stand...amidst the chaos of past and future expectations and the now. I feel much more balanced and integrated now and really appreciate you sharing your instincts with me. You truly are masterful at your art. The ease, skill and seeming simplicity of your applied technique is a marvel I've admired since I got off the phone. 'Geez she's good' I chuckle to myself as I mull over your approach and execution. Thanks for containing a safe space for me emotionally. The way you thread your meaning and guide me to awareness is just superb craftsmanship. The way you fed back what you were hearing from me and tied it into patterns in my chart illuminated my consciousness with unity and it felt great to experience peace due to internal cohesion. I feel free to breathe again. Many thanks:)”

Rebecca Hall Nowra NSW

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to you for your offerings of incredible wisdom, divine support and kind hospitality. It has been a transformational process that I have benefited greatly from. Thank you so much again.”

Many Blessings, Alisse Bradley - Toowoomba

“I’d like to express my gratitude for such an empowering day and the successive epiphany's. These words are small in comparison to the light that now shines from my core.   My feet have not touched the ground. It feels as though my head has been buzzing. I know how lucky I am to have experienced your teaching. Thank you, Marie Cameron - Lilyfield NSW

“I like to thank you again for your absolutely helpful insights, they really helped me to see some important things and support me in things I have sensed.”

Igor Frühauf  - Vienna

“Maggie Kerr has been my astrologer and astrology mentor since 1993 when I studied at her School of Inner Guidance and Knowledge in Burleigh Heads.  What I learned with her has helped me to see a "bigger picture" and changed my life.  I join with her in embracing our changing of the age with excitement and adventure!”

Dr. Bonnie McLean, Pensacola, Fl.

“Maggie, You know, you're a pretty powerful woman. You've made a change in me and it looked so easy from where I was sitting. In listening to the recording, I realise how many years of study and experience brought you to say things so easily. You picked up on so much.”

Marsha McGuire - Gold Coast

“Thank you!  I feel really good about the sessions we have had.  You have been an immense help for me.  I feel that the energies are in the throes of shifting now, into the Positive mode. I was feeling like a broken record, stuck on the wrong groove.”

Ruth Law - Sydney

“I wanted to thank you for our appointment the other day. You made me realise a lot about myself and gave me clarity on a lot of things. I realise now it is Okay to be ME!! I totally understand myself a whole lot more now... It’s so inspiring and great...

Thank you..:-) Teena Jeynes - New York

“My sincere thanks to you for today. It certainly helped me along my journey. The 4th of May will always remain significant for me. The birth of the new Marisa. It always feels much more rewarding when you can see the road ahead. I now know I can move forward feeling safe and nurtured whilst giving myself permission to have fun along the way knowing that I have all the support I need by trusted friends.”

With Love, Marisa Bennett - Brisbane

“Just wanted to drop a quick note to say a big thank you for all your wonderful energy and wisdom in yesterday’s workshop, which I enjoyed so much. Everything was excellent, and you totally excited me in this wonderful art of healing again. I love the fun you always bring to each class and the powerful healing work that always manifests thru the intention of healing. Pure Grace in action! Mahalo Nui loa as we say in Hawaii, and I am so grateful that you invited me along.”                  Paie Haagsma - Sydney

“Just wanted to say thank you the consultation with you today was fabulous and confirmed so much for me and given me light in the bloody dark pit I have been in! The visualisation we did was very powerful – thank you. Abundance love and joy to you”.

Eve Thomas - Gold Coast

“I have used Maggie’s services to inform my business strategy to my great benefit for many years. She is insightful, intuitive and her sense of timing is impeccable. What a great service!”

Michael Jude Colorado

“Thank you so much for the fantastic call yesterday.  I have really been thinking of ways to further myself and to focus on areas that I could stand to strengthen.  I have also taken great comfort in knowing that I should not be so worrisome and believe in my positive signs.”

Susan Fox  Houston USA

“Thank you very much for the session on Friday. You have helped me take a big step forward by understanding more about what's going on with me. I feel like it's been uphill my entire life, never occurred to me that might be the way it's meant to be for a reason...(well, actually my little voice was telling me for ages and I didn't want to listen, I kept thinking 'that can't be right', socially acceptable by the family etc). So, have stopped pushing uphill, taken a breath, turned around and walked away back down the hill-on my own...and it feels OK. Now that I'm looking to me I have to tell you my head hasn't stopped sprouting business ideas for the last two days. I am considering things I didn't think possible-now I have no doubt they are.”

Sharyn See - Sydney

“I so deeply appreciated my session with you on Wednesday and after what you have explained to me, I now understand why things aren't always going the way I would like it to be. It was a great eye opener for me and I am very grateful for your astrological knowledge and wisdom.” 

Agnes Dubost - Paris


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