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Maggie Kerr - professional counselling Astrologe

Personal Counselling & Coaching

Ongoing coaching to support awareness and change is also available after the initial session. This ‘process work’ offers a safe and supportive environment from which to explore personal issues and concerns that honours your unique way of thinking and being. We also brainstorm, play with ideas and options, and thoroughly enjoy the process!

By working creatively with models and ideas to support conscious psychological awareness, and the emotional release of the past, a synergy may be achieved between mind, body and feelings that allows for the excitement and inspiration so necessary for the birth and development of new cycles of growth and expression.

The work itself draws from a range of techniques most appropriate for you. Within this framework we use psycho-synthesis, gestalt therapy, transactional analysis, assertiveness training, communication techniques, relationship models, family systems therapy, guided imagery, and other emotional release therapies.

The aim of this work is to unravel your unique personal jigsaw through analysis of your unconscious core beliefs and identifying your ‘child held positions’. This awareness allows ‘decisions for change’ that lead to long lasting positive change and growth, no longer held back by limiting belief systems.

Working on the reality that we can’t change our outside world until we change our inner world, this is literally life changing work. By becoming aware of and releasing all the old emotional material that we have stored in our unconscious we are free to celebrate our lives and create brand new realities.

Having specialized in spiritual guidance and ‘mind/body health’ for over 3 decades I also offer insight and tools for understanding and mobilizing various emotional ‘diseases’ such as depression. When we understand the interface between our emotions and our health we give ourselves a fascinating and awesome ability to empower ourselves in a whole new way!

During the therapeutic process you will be empowered to proceed independently, safely and effectively to consciously create your life. Indeed you will be taught how to be your own ‘therapist’ so you have access to your own source of guidance, strength, will, purpose, joy, love and wisdom so that you can increasingly function in the world with these qualities.

Coaching @ $200 per hour

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“What a special lady you are. I loved the delicacy with which you coaxed me down to the depths and up to the heights…and unpicked and re-wove the tapestry of my psyche. I feel a big weight lifted off me and a joyful enthusiasm for this life, having been heard and validated and 'summarised' so that I may observe my journey thus far and know where I stand...amidst the chaos of past and future expectations and the now. I feel much more balanced and integrated now and really appreciate you sharing your instincts with me. You truly are masterful at your art. The ease, skill and seeming simplicity of your applied technique is a marvel I've admired since I got off the phone. 'Geez she's good' I chuckle to myself as I mull over your approach and execution. Thanks for containing a safe space for me emotionally. The way you thread your meaning and guide me to awareness is just superb craftsmanship. The way you fed back what you were hearing from me and tied it into patterns in my chart illuminated my consciousness with unity and it felt great to experience peace due to internal cohesion. I feel free to breathe again. Many thanks:)”

Rebecca Hall Nowra NSW

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