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Maggie Kerr - professional counselling Astrologe

Training Programs

A range of seminars introduce you and your group/staff to metaphysical concepts and ideas that underpin any healthy organism… both individual and collective. This allows members of the organisation to understand their dynamics in relation to other members of the group… so that everyone can become more consciousness of their own methodologies and how these work with or against others, and also their issues, and how they can learn to grow through conflicted situations into a healthier understanding of themselves and others.

Training in the following areas provides foundations upon which you and your team can build toward greater empowerment:


Maggie’s new ‘12 System Seminar’ is being widely applauded by participants. In one dynamic day we will explore our current point in human evolution and how it affects you PLUS you will learn 3 models that will literally change your life. The ‘12 System’ gives you a timing system so you know when to take action or step back. Reap the most from your efforts with the 12 System.

Model 1 introduces the 5 primary life cycles so you can synchronise your goals and purpose

Model 2 gives you a 12 stage psychological development system to examine and release old limiting beliefs and empower your potential for success and happiness. Your dreams and goals can then be realised by planning your life each year with this 12 stage model. The real WIN is by using these models your “inner compass” is re-aligned. This process facilitates knowing yourself, your strengths and weaknesses to get more out of life and your relationships.

Model 3 The 12 System is a tool for planning your year. It uses 12 developmental stages, so you’ll know just which ingredients to add at the right time and in exactly the right order!

  • The 12 System links ideas from science, psychology, humanism, history and philosophy
  • Gives you a unique and positive perspective in these revolutionary times
  • Is a ‘how to’ blueprint for changing consciousness essential for future prosperity
  • Offers a strategic development process that refines your daily compass so you can take responsibility for your life
  • Provides down to earth information that equips you with tools for empowerment
  • Releases old limiting beliefs and enables your potential for success and happiness
  • Can be applied personally and professionally in any walk of life

General Interest Topics

    Here you will meet Maggie as the Professional Astrologer who is well versed in this amazing psychological model for understanding human behaviour. The 12 ‘People Types’ are of course the 12 Zodiac signs – but we will meet them deeply – what are their unconscious ‘drivers’, games, beliefs, behaviour, personality styles – what do they need and when?

    We start by introducing traditional ideas of ‘open’ and ‘closed’ systems. Then we add concepts from metaphysics to understand how ‘causal reality’ creates the healthy energetic system that can be built from the synthesis of both.

  • PEOPLE SKILLS IN BUSINESS – Using the workplace to heal and grow. - 1 day
    From childhood we bring unconscious patterns that arise from our “core beliefs” with us into  our adult life, and then ‘attract’ people to play these out with! Our workplace is perfect territory to ‘dream up’ people who push our buttons, make us laugh or cry, and with whom we play our         unconscious games in our attempts to get our needs met.
    Utilising the Transactional Analysis Model (T.A.) - a simple and clever way of understanding our “Ego States”; & Gestalt Therapy – a tool for dialoguing and resolution we gain insight for deeper understanding to become more conscious in the workplace.

    By working with monthly, yearly, 2 year, 12 year, 28 year and 84 year  cycles we empower ourselves physically, emotionally and psychologically.

  • LIVING WITH THE 7 YEAR ITCH – Lecture or 1 day
    Here we work more deeply with the 28 Year cycle in your life. From birth to maturity and old age our psyche re-structures & adjusts every 7 years. By working with the 4 phases of this cycle we support our ability to create success in our lives and fulfil our greatest potential in the world.

  • THE BIG PICTURE Astrological Cycles & the 21st Century. Lecture or 1 day
    By exploring the past 4,000 years of human evolutionary history that has led to current time, we gain insight and explore ideas for the big revolutionary shifts about to unfold over the next 2decades.

  • THE NATURE OF CONSCIOUSNESS - Lecture or 1 day
    The purpose of life is to become “conscious”: i.e. to grow into our true potential for creative enterprise. The mind, body, spirit and soul must come together to achieve this. So how?

    We work with the principals involved in moving from the first level of “Survival Consciousness” to the seventh level of “Transformational Consciousness”

  • THERAPEUTIC CONCEPTS - 1 or 4 days
    Introducing Client Centred Counselling tools, concepts around healing and transformation, identifying & re-programming emotional blockages, and much more when held over 4 days.

    Concepts & tools to get the best out of them! Both personally and professionally our ability to sustain healthy relationship holds the key to success.

For further information or to book her as a presenter, please:

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Maggie’s ‘The 12 System’ book & 4 part Seminars explore our current point in human and planetary evolution, and how to use these changing times to grow & thrive. You will learn about your life cycles, psychological wholeness, and how to empower your life with a yearly planner.

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“What a special lady you are. I loved the delicacy with which you coaxed me down to the depths and up to the heights…and unpicked and re-wove the tapestry of my psyche. I feel a big weight lifted off me and a joyful enthusiasm for this life, having been heard and validated and 'summarised' so that I may observe my journey thus far and know where I stand...amidst the chaos of past and future expectations and the now. I feel much more balanced and integrated now and really appreciate you sharing your instincts with me. You truly are masterful at your art. The ease, skill and seeming simplicity of your applied technique is a marvel I've admired since I got off the phone. 'Geez she's good' I chuckle to myself as I mull over your approach and execution. Thanks for containing a safe space for me emotionally. The way you thread your meaning and guide me to awareness is just superb craftsmanship. The way you fed back what you were hearing from me and tied it into patterns in my chart illuminated my consciousness with unity and it felt great to experience peace due to internal cohesion. I feel free to breathe again. Many thanks:)”

Rebecca Hall Nowra NSW

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