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Maggie’s Comprehensive Universal Astrology Course is widely used by both students & teachers! Maggie is an accredited astrology teacher & member of the Federation of Australian Astrologers Exam Board.

Learning the basics of Astrology is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself. This ancient master science is a model that applies to us as individuals & also the great cycles of evolution of our planet…the collective. Whether your goal is to become an Astrologer, use Astrology in some way as part of your vocational work, or simply to grow to know yourself and understand others more fully, I trust you will find the course useful, practical and empowering. I have named the kind of Astrology I practice and teach "Therapeutic Astrology", as I use the primary technical components of Astrology, and integrate these with a number of different ideas from psychotherapy, metaphysics and emotional healing models.

The 5 workbooks are structured as a self-study course using your own horoscope for the exercises at the end of each chapter.

The 72 mp3’s mp3s are the result of a series of seminars held during 2007/8 with Maggie Kerr & Alan Oken and dovetail very well with the workbooks. Once you have purchased the course you are welcome to book personal tutoring sessions with Maggie so you may learn at your own rate.

The 5 workbooks

Universal Astrology Workbooks

I have created the 5 workbooks as a complete course
 in Spiritual and Psychological Astrology for a "beginner"
 from start to finish. However, although the material is
 easy to read it is also offers deep information that will be
 useful to you if you have previously studied Astrology.

  1. Primary Components and Models - Astrology & Psychology,
    The Zodiac, Elements, Qualities, Signs, Calculations.
  2. The Planets – as a model for conscious evolution, Eclipses
  3. Putting It All Together – Aspects, Delineation, Planets in Aspect
  4. The Planets in The Houses - is the psycho-emotional "Cookbook"
  5. Timing Systems - Transits & Progressions, Synastry & Composites,
    Mundane astrology - the Astrology of the Collective

A$40 each hardcopy + post OR A$180 set of 5
A$30 each pdf or A$150 set of 5

About the Books


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Astrology Master Class
Seminar mp3’s

Astrology Master Class Seminar

Techniques of Astrological Counselling & Delineation
These mp3s are the result of a series of seminars held
during 2007/8 with Maggie & Alan Oken. The 6 classes
were held over 3 days each so there are 12 mp3s in
each set creating a total of 72 in the complete series.

  1. Alan - Preliminary Synthesis at work – Part 1
    Maggie - Field Theory – Metaphysics and Emotional Healing
  2. Alan - Preliminary Synthesis at work – Part 2.
    Maggie - Client Centered Counselling & Transactional Analysis
  3. Alan - The Geometry of the Spheres
    Maggie - Planets in Aspect & Psychotherapy.
  4. Alan - The “Essentials” of Esoteric Astrology
    Maggie - Chart Delineation – Putting it all Together.
  5. Alan - Techniques of Prognostication—Transits & Progressions
    Maggie - Psychotherapeutic Approach to Prognostication
  6. Alan - The Interpretation and Synthesis of the Natal chart
    Maggie - Relationship Astrology – Synastry & Composite charts.

A$180 for complete setwe will post you a memory stick (add postage)

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Special offer - you can purchase the 5 books @ A$180 + all mp3s $180 for a combined price of A$320 + post

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"Maggie Kerr has given the reader  the benefit of a clearly structured, profound, comprehensive, practical as well as spiritual guide to the learning of Astrology. She has carefully distilled and wisely synthesized the most important factors of this ancient art and science, adding her own decades of experience as a teacher and consultant, into an extremely useful and highly accessible series of five text books.  The best teaching guide to come along in many years! Congratulations are definitely in order to a fine teacher and author." Alan Oken.

Author Alan Okens’ Complete Astrology & Soul Centered Astrology

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