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‘Transformational Tours’ with Maggie

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‘Transformational Tours’ with Maggie

I have always been a traveler.

I started young in the 1970s with the Sydney to London Overland journey, then lived in the US for a few years in the 1980s, many trips to Asia & Middle East & Europe over the decades, and the amazing trip to Cuba & Mexico for the 21.12.12 Maya Celebration at Chichen Itza.


I have always been instinctively driven to visit sacred places and power points around the planet & study the religions and philosophies of these many cultures seeking Knowledge & understanding of the common threads that unite us all.

I’ve also spent the past 28 years honing my knowledge, skills, love & patience as an Astrological therapist and teacher…indeed a spiritual teacher (yes I am claiming that at last) who has sought to heal my old patterns that limited my potential to dare to be the Aquarian that I am…‘an agent of change and reform’, spreading the new paradigm consciousness that we are all responsible for our part in global human outcomes.

So it is synthesis time for me. Time to bring together the traveler/seeker/fun me, with the therapist/ healer/teacher me! It is time for adventures with like-minded friends who know how to live in the moment and trust their own Soul to take them to the right ‘cool places’ that are destined to be part of their transformational processes…with laugher and fun! As anyone who knows me knows…I know how to have fun. When you do what I do for a living it is essential to help clients see laugher and hope in their pain so they can enter into the therapeutic process in trust and inquisitiveness.

So let’s go travelling and have life changing adventures I say!!

‘Transformational Tours’ with Maggie
Transformational Tours – with Maggie Kerr
‘In The Footsteps of Heroes’ - Turkey & Greek Islands
April 2015
Fully escorted private group for special Gods…esses!
Istanbul to Athens over 19 amazing days


Suitable for gals who love to enjoy resorts & nightlife AND ‘sacred stuff’ as we visit remarkable ancient sites, for ceremonies to transform and heal into greater levels of our potential.

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Maggie’s ‘The 12 System’ book & 4 part Seminars explore our current point in human and planetary evolution, and how to use these changing times to grow & thrive. You will learn about your life cycles, psychological wholeness, and how to empower your life with a yearly planner.

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I first had the privilege of meeting Maggie Kerr about 5 years ago. It was a profound moment for myself as in Maggie I had found not only a very gifted and clever astrologer in which to learn from, but a person who walked her talk and was "real" not theorized text book - though she had the "goods" so to speak, but Maggie is relatable, understandable, deeply passionate about her craft and had the unique ability to connect with the true essence of an individual  in a  practical and grounded way. In short Maggie is Inspirational. I loved the fact that Maggie also incorporates a combination of Spirituality, Psychology, Personal Growth, along with great meaning and easy understanding to complex configurations. Maggie is one of a kind and I do not say this lightly. She is multi-skilled and talented. Her workshops that I have attended have been filled with revelation, enthusiasm, deep understanding and immense wisdom.  I have not experienced all of the above from any teacher before! She is a true teacher for the Aquarian Age.

Annie Evans - Sydney

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