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Working with your Horoscope is the most exciting and empowering gift you can ever give yourself! This is your master tool ‘life map’ to connect with your Soul’s purpose, gifts and challenges, and also enables working consciously with your life cycles, shifts and evolution. Over the past 30 years I have fashioned my own unique approach to this fabulous science, by integrating practical tools from psychotherapy to ‘re-program’ any old unconscious patterns that are limiting your true potential. The goal of my work is ‘psychological wholeness’ and the process I share is fascinating and fun and can indeed be life changing. I call it ‘Therapeutic Astrology’

In person OR via skype for interstate & international clients.

Initial Session

Who am I? Am I free to be me?
What is my life purpose?
What is my unconscious ‘program’
for life & is it working?
What are my challenges & how
can I use them positively?
Maggie’ unique blend of Astrology
& psychotherapy unlocks our
jigsaw & re-programs our fears
& limitations.

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Ongoing sessions support
awareness & change.
This ‘process work’ offers a safe
& supportive space to explore
issues+ tools for re-programming
our DNA.
We also ‘think tank’, play with
ideas & options & thoroughly
enjoy the process!

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We ‘attract’ people into our lives
to bring us our lessons & tests. Even
difficult relationships are gifts once
we ‘own our own stuff’.
Explore the potential gifts, growth
issues & soul connections between
you & key people in your life.
Maggie’s extensive background
as a relationship counsellor
supports individuals & couples.

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Over the past 40 years my inquisitive soul has studied many spiritual & metaphysical subjects in my own quest to understand the nature of life, love and the universe! As an astrologer I have learnt of the many great cycles that underpin human & global evolution. As a therapist I have learnt of the causal link between our emotions and our mind & body. As a metaphysician I have learnt of the ‘Science of Mind’…the invisible energy systems that we can tap into to manifest creative outcomes. As a teacher I love to inspire & motivate my clients and students to learn how to step into their power by understanding our highest true potential as human beings.

Business Profiling

Companies or Businesses have ‘psyches’
and inherent tests & potentials so can also
be psychologically profiled…just like people.
You can also ensure the success of your
business by ‘electing’ the birthdate for your
business, then checking in regularly to use
cycle development timing.

Smart people in
business use Astrology!!

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Family patterns are a fascinating component
of Maggie’s work where she draws extensively
from the ‘Family Systems Model’. By learning
how our kids carry our ‘unlived’ shadow + their
own true potential we can become conscious
parents. Maggie also draws on her own experience
as a mother who ‘re-parented’ her daughter
during her training as a psychotherapist many
moons ago, with whom she now has a loving
friendship & amazing Grandson to light up her life!

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