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Welcome to the Remarkable Profound Life Changing World of Astrology!

Astrology is the ultimate ‘model’ as it interweaves the SCIENCE of energy with the PHILOSOPHY that there is an inherent ORDER that drives the CONSCIOUSNESS of creation. It reveals that everything is INTERCONNECTED and driven by CYCLES.

It offers us a tool for accessing the history of our Soul, and the purpose for our coming here in the first place. The Natal Birth Chart or “HOROSCOPE” contains this knowledge plus

  • the complete story of who you are as an Ego and personality

  • the psychological themes that drive our beliefs and behaviours, natural creative gifts and potentials, and our life challenges

  • and primary Soul evolutionary patterns so we can heal issues blocking our power.

Why is The Universal Astrology Course Unique?

  • Maggie’s 30+ years as a Counseling Astrologer and teacher has pioneered the synthesis of Astrology, Metaphysics, Psychotherapy and Emotional healing modalities! She is a qualified teacher with the Federation of Australian Astrologers.

  • It provides the link between the SOUL and our PSYCHE to reveal how our DNA activates our actions & outcomes.

  • It combines Psychological Astrology to ‘diagnose’ our unconscious patterns AND tools from Psychotherapy to ‘re-program’ and heal them.

  • So every step of the way you have the opportunity to learn how your psychological ingredients drive your ‘nature’ AND to empower any areas that are limiting your creative power.

  • It also provides the ‘big picture’ of human evolution through study of historical cycles during this pivotal time I global affairs.

The course consists of FOUR MODULES that follow each other in a natural progression from beginners to advanced level.

  1. Primary Components Metaphysics, Psychology, History, Elements, Qualities, The 12 Houses, The 12 Signs

  2. The Planets The Path to Consciousness

  3. Advanced “Putting it all Together”! Therapeutic Astrology – Planets in Aspect, Chart Interpretation & Presentation

  4. Advanced Timing Systems - Transits, Progressions, PLUS The Astrology of Relationships & Mundane Astrology

In Module ONE you also receive an additional 250 page -Book of “The Planets in The Houses”…fondly known as the cookbook…so you can look up any planet in any sign or house. This incorporates psychology & emotional healing models right from the start.

Each Module also includes links to Chart Calculation services PLUS hundreds of hours of relevant recordings from Maggie’s files of workshops and seminars.

You are welcome to enjoy Modules 1 & 2 for a fantastic introduction to Astrology but must complete ALL FOUR Modules to receive the Certificate.

The adventure begins with Modules 1 and 2 where we cover the core ingredients of this ancient science at an ‘in-depth’ level.

There are 13 weekly classes in Module1 AND 12 in Module 2 delivered to your inbox… so 25 classes over a SIX month process.

At the end of each class there are questions focusing on YOUR chart so you gradually gain insight about YOU week by week.

There is no ‘expectation of your performance’ or essays for marking, as Modules 1 & 2 are for your pleasure & enlightenment.

You may also attend a monthly webinar with Maggie where she summarizes the previous 4 classes & you may ask questions & gain feedback!

The Adventure continues with Modules 3 and 4 for those who are smitten and want to get more serious and start “Putting it all Together”!

  • There are 9 Classes in Module 3 AND 10 Classes in Module 4 so 19 classes…delivered over a SIX month period.

  • These include fascinating essay questions to complete and send to Maggie for marking PLUS personal one on one ‘Supervision’ time with Maggie during each Module.

  • At the completion of ALL FOUR MODULES you achieve the “Universal Astrology Course Certificate”. Maggie is able to offer this Certificate as she is one of the few A.A.T or Accredited Astrology Teachers through the FAA Federation of Australian Astrologers & was on their Exam Board for 10 years.

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