The 12 System’ Toolkit


Maggie’s ‘12 System” book and seminars offer heaps of information and some terrific models to help you make sense of WHY the world is changing and WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT.

Our world is currently experiencing the greatest ‘shift’ in human evolution in 26,000 years!

The evolution revolution currently unfolding requires embracing the philosophy of ‘Unity Consciousness’.

It’s time to GET SMART  by equipping ourselves with new ideas and models so we can take advantage of the wonderful freedom and excitement that is also a feature of this new phase in our history. 

‘The 12 System’ Toolkit - Astrology Course

The ‘12 System’ Book

The 12 System’ incorporates a wide range of comparative
philosophies, ideas and concepts to help you make sense
of the revolutionary times currently unfolding on our
‘small blue planet’.

‘The 12 System’ analyzes and integrates
economic, political, philosophical, scientific and creative
systems; the many systems that make up our global system,
to weave the narrative of human history as the unfolding
story of our quest for enlightenment.

You will learn why magnetic ‘shifts’ are changing our
global consciousness & radically altering our current
world view.

This will empower you to step beyond fear
into healthy objectivity, and support you to the transition
from our current broken system into the exciting new
potential of a more conscious world.

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‘The 12 System Seminars

The 12 System Seminars are unique.  They explore ‘big
picture’ ideas and offer solutions by integrating philosophy,
science and psychology in a stream-lined package. 
You will learn 3 powerful and simple models to support
your growth and prosperity.

MODEL 1:  Connect with your Natural Life Cycles
This is a timing system so we can re-connect to our ‘natural
life cycles’. Did you know that there are 5 cycles in your life
that interweave your development? Model 1 introduces
these cycles so you can synchronize your goals successfully.

MODEL 2:  Psychological Wholeness
The 12 System is also a tool for defining the 12 components
of our psyche and releasing limiting beliefs that have impeded
you in the past. Then you can empower your potential for
success and happiness.  Model 2 shows us how!

MODEL 3:  Plan your Year for Success
The 12 System is a tool for planning your year. It uses 12
developmental stages, so you’ll know just which ingredients
to add at the right time and in exactly the right order!

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By the time you have completed your journey through ‘The 12 System’ you will have taken a major step toward educating and equipping yourself with knowledge, ideas and tools to support your personal transformation or ‘shift’. You can then become part of the collective transformation unfolding right now. You will have transcended the ‘old world view’ and entered the 21st century enlightenment renaissance unfolding right now.

Astounding, inspiring and most of all encouraging! Finally someone has made sense of the chaos that is life as we know it today. This is an absolute must read if you have a desire to make meaning out of chaos, re align with your sense of purpose and possibility so that you can explore your potential and make your difference in the world in this time of need.”
Sue Lindsay CEO Take Action - Queenstown NZ

Hi Maggie, I just finished watching the 12 Systems DVD’s – fabulous, fabulous work!!!!! Such an empowering tool!
Kelly Moore Queensland

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