Full Moon Taurus/Scorpio May 10th + Planets on the move at last!

Taurus Full MoonGreetings friends as we get set for some action at last after recent glacially slow moving times!

Yes Mercury plus Venus retro has been training in patience & preparation but great for holidays…lol

They are both direct now & picking up speed but it’s still wise & cool to wait until after May 21st for major launches & action.

Indeed late May brings exciting connections between Venus + Mars + Saturn  + Uranus! Outcome? Haha sorry you’ll have to scroll down…

And yes it’s Buddha’s birthday on this powerful transforming Full Moon…

Wednesday’s Full Moon @ 20 degrees Taurus/Scorpio brings us an interesting & ambiguous mix of influences, as deep & intense Scorp power themes collide with highly active mental & social goodies! Sounds like a fab night to hang out with stimulating friends & throw around progressive ideas, light a candle & write your ‘invocation’ for what you want to empower in your life from here. And while you’re at it say a prayer for healing & transformation for us all with a big focus on care for our natural world…

The exciting feature here is Mercury & Uranus together in Aries, a combo famous for radical words & ideas. They’ve been coming & going off this connection since late March so now we get the final impulse to be brave enough to act upon our urge for change & re-invention. Downside here can be feeling easily irritated so pick your battles & avoid power plays, as with Pluto holding court on proceedings it’s all about power & control. No doubt we’re also in for another barrage of impulsive words & actions from our esteemed leaders as they continue to distract us from the real issues that are fragmenting our society in so many ways! As Scorpio is all about ‘secrets’ & behind the scenes power systems, I’m also wondering if we’re in for some more whistleblowing with consequences the elite mob can no longer deny? Hope so!

On a positive note Saturn in Sag in positive connection offers supportive structures to underpin the big changes on the way, along with the ‘dissemination’ or spread of the new era innovations & technologies…and this means yours!  This also takes the ‘people power’ movement into greater expression internationally. 2017 is the YEAR OF AWAKENING my friends so jump on board any opportunity you have to speak the TRUTH so we can get past the propaganda & lies they continue to feed us. I’ll have more to say on this in my June Gemini letter.

As we are now in Taurus time which is all about values & wealth this doco is fascinating tracing the story of the rise of the ‘trickle-down economics’ from the Reagan/Thatcher years in the early 1980s to our current point of seriously iniquitous wealth/poverty. Current economists now get that this system DOES NOT work (except for the 1%) and has so badly eroded middle class wealth that capitalism is at risk of destroying itself. And then there’s this classic Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis | Full Documentary

OK now it’s time to talk about the sacred festival known as Wesak  or Vesak & informally called “Buddha’s Birthday” commemorating the birth, enlightenment (Buddhahood), and death of Gautama Buddha who is universally acclaimed as one of the greatest benefactors of Humanity.

As Taurus is all about the VALUES that underpin our actions I hope his ‘teachings’ may inspire your intention as you bask under the loving rays of this Full Moon – which BTW will be extra beautiful with Jupiter bright & clear.

Enlightenment, Ascension & all that stuff… Enlightenment in Buddhism is associated with the perfection of insight into the Four Noble Truths to bring about the cessation of suffering, stress & dissatisfaction. So here’s the formula my friends & off you go!!

The 1st  is translated as “Life is suffering“  or  “incapable of satisfying”

The 2nd teaches that the cause of suffering is craving. We search for something outside ourselves to make us happy. But no matter how successful we are, we never remain satisfied. We grab one thing after another seeking security about ourselves. We attach not only to physical things, but also to ideas and opinions about ourselves and the world around us. Then we grow frustrated when the world doesn’t behave the way we think it should and our lives don’t conform to our expectations.

The 3rd – Buddha taught that through diligent practice, we can put an end to craving. Ending the hamster-wheel chase after satisfaction is enlightenment (bodhi, “awakened”).

The 4th is the treatment plan – the Eight-fold Path.

Right View is also sometimes called Right Understanding.

Right Intention is sometimes translated as Right Aspiration or Right Thought.

Right Speech is communicating in ways that promote harmony and understanding.

Right Action is action that springs from compassion without selfish attachment.

Right Livelihood is earning a living in a way that does not compromise the Precepts or harm anyone.

Right Effort or Right Diligence is the practice of developing wholesome qualities

Right Mindfulness is a whole body-and-mind awareness of the present moment.

Right Concentration requires meditation to focus the mind & clear.

These goodies come from my “Adventures in Consciousness Life Coaching” Program. Over the next few months I’m about to release my Membership site so you can access my “12 System Alignment” e-program, followed by my “Complete e-Astrology Course”. And then the Adventures Program! Yay I am finally doing it my friends as I also join the e-revolution to spread my work far and wide. Please stay tuned for your inbox on this PLUS my invitation for you to join me in the USA in September.

Mars continues his run through Gemini during May and by late month he dances with Venus & Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sag. Quite the busy combo here that can offer completion & release of projects you’ve been slowing developing over the past 6 months. The trick is to stay clear & objective & patient as these guys can also bring the urge to spit the dummy with authority figures & limiting ‘others’, and with Uranus involved there can be exciting & unexpected ingredients that spin you forward into brand new territory.

The New Moon @ 4 degrees Gemini on May 26th opens Stage 3 of the Natural Year. We’ve had a precursor to the busy Gemini communications & networking energies from Mars in Gem over recent weeks so as we head into June it’s time to upgrade our IT solutions, expand our networks and get out and about physically and mentally…more on this in next letter.

Stay positive my friends – keep dreaming & believing that these current crazy challenging times are part of the ‘healing crisis’ that is leading us toward  revolution between the old values that run our world and a healthy sustainable future. It’s up to us to make a difference so this can happen. Blessings & love to all Maggie

LOTS more info & insights re these major shifts in my 2017 Global Report & Horoscopes…

Upcoming Workshops & Trainings

After a nice few months off to rest & restore I’m all set to teach some Astrology!! Saturday 10th June “The Wonders & Workings of Eclipses” Eclipses of the Sun and the Moon are common phenomena within the Cosmic features that regulate natural growth cycles in our world.  So why is it that these visual events more than any other have always held fascination and fear since ancient times?  We will focus on their 19 year cycles in your life, & particularly on the August 21st Total Solar Eclipse in Leo as it hits Mr Trump’s chart and it’s path passes over the USA for the first time since 1642!!

Saturday 8th July The Solar Return or Annual Birthday Chart …is the return of the Sun to its own place marking the start of a new cycle to supply the horoscope with a fresh charge of energy. It provides an ‘overview’ of the themes in play for the year ahead, and yes there is also a cycle to our Solar Returns over 8 year periods! I will provide 8 Return Charts for you once you’ve booked and given me your birth details. Yet another fascinating area to support our conscious activity year by year.

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