April Astro Report – Aries Season & Jupiter meets Neptune in Pisces

Peace DoveApril opens with a bold New Moon in Aries on the 1st driven by Mars in Aquarius for fresh ideas and connections.
With communication planet Mercury in Aries joining the NMoon our mind & mouth is fired up, which is great for brave ideas and words but a big caution here to pick battles wisely and resist sending anger & frustration to others OK?

Now if you’re NOT feeling the urge for exciting new beginnings right now don’t be dismayed folks, as we still have a very big dose of Pisces energy floating about during April, so I suspect it will not be until the big expansive guy Jupiter enters Aries on May 11th that we will feel the urge to action, adventure and enterprise.
The other major event brings us the meeting of Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces awakening a Spiritual upgrade for humanity as it did back in 1856 at the height of the Romantic era artists & musicians whose work celebrated individualism; spontaneity; freedom from rules; the beliefs that imagination is superior to reason; devotion to beauty; love of and worship of nature.
Venus enters Pisces on April 6th followed by Mars into Pisces on April 16th relaxing the pressure on the ‘sudden unexpected chaos’ theme of Aquarius, and adding another dose of all things Piscean to our story until May. Dream big – believe in Magic – go with the flow – connect with the Divine!
Love & blessings to you all from Maggie

My full report https://bit.ly/3qNYoNd

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